Sheldon Brown, Chris Gocong could be Cleveland bound

As the football-following world watches and waits for Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to move to a new team, a trade could soon be occurring in Philly — but not involving McNabb.

Clark Judge of reports that the Eagles are close to sending cornerback Sheldon Brown and linebacker Chris Gocong to the Browns, either for a draft pick and a player or two draft picks and a backup.

Per Judge, the deal hinges on Brown getting a new contract.  Judge also says the deal was expected to be completed by now.

Gocong, a restricted free agent, recently signed his tender offer, making him eligible to be dealt.  Brown has wanted a new contract, ever since the team extended cornerback Joselio Hanson, if not earlier.

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  1. Sounds like Browns want to get their CB situation upgraded prior to draft so they can take a Safety (either Eric Berry or Earl Thomas) at the 7th pick, instead of CB Joe Haden.

  2. Really nice deal on Cleveland’s part. Always thought Gocong was better as a 3-4 rush backer, and Sheldon Brown is still a decent starter, which would help shore up the secondary a bit. They have a lot of picks, and they might as well start making some moves, because the chances of all those picks making the roster would be slim.
    Not sure what to think on Philly’s part until we see some of the other dominoes fall. It’s a fairly stacked team, though. They could probably use another DE. If they move Brown, CB help is needed. LB is a position that could be upgraded.

  3. great!!! get out sheldon…solid player but just like Sheppard a winer…if you think you deserve more money don’t sign the contract…its the risk you take when you get an extension young…but if you played like crap could we pay you less than your contract? Would you complain about getting paid to much for your production? NO so smarten up and play out your rookie contract first before signing an extension of that length if you want to take the risk that you wont get that kind of deal in the future or risk injury bringing your value down…The eagles obviously don’t have a problem with signing 1 year contracts haha

  4. Am I the only one who sees the Eagles completely re-making their team this year? It is evident management believes the Super Bowl window of opportunity closed on the legacy group of starters.

  5. great move after great move in Cleveland….give us about 2-3 years fellas!! I guy can dream can’t he.

  6. Why are the Browns not interested in McNabb? Are they really going with Jake Delhomme? Really?

  7. I like Sheldon Brown, but it has been obvious that the Eagles were not going to extend him for the past few years. It is a nice upgrade though for the Browns whose defense has be awful. Gocong may help the browns a little, but I think he is more of a backup. Obviously Reid being friends with Holmgren is going to help this deal out.

  8. great move brown was not that great for the last two years and seems to be slipping with injuries.he also spoke out about the team in the past.gocong has been a bust,a workout warrior but a bust.any draft pick that equals a one or a two the eagles should jump

  9. no wait why!??? sheldon brown is one of the best players on our defense why would we trade him away?? if andy makes this deal but keeps mcnabb its official, hes a dumbass

  10. Sheldon wanted a pay increase the moment the birds signed Asante “I love avoiding tackles” Samuel for buko bucks… and i dont really blame him for that.

  11. Eagles moving Brown and his contact…may be setting up receiving Asomugha from Raiders in McNabb deal…
    Brown looked bad at times last year anyway…Gocong may do well in a 3-4, never did work out as a OLB in the 4-3…

  12. Just where was Shaun Rogers heading when he was arrested at the airport? Maybe to Philly for a physical?

  13. love ya sheldon and thanks for all the solid years.
    Birds have a 1st, 2nd, 2 3rds, a 4th, a 6th, and 2 7ths. Plus whatever we get for 5. plus what we get for sheldon and gocong. draft weekend should be extra fun this year.
    every position on Def other than DT and RDE. Even Mikell is starting to hit that age where he is no longer wanted in Philly. Stewart is solid but coming off injury. CB isn’t really a need, but you can never have enough young corners.

  14. Sounds like a win – win for both teams…hopefully the Eagles can snooker Heckert for a 2nd rounder and 3rd. A deep draft + the Eagles are rebuilding anyway.

  15. My thoughts are that the Browns will have to get D’Quell Jackson to sign his tender before they can trade him as part of the deal. Maybe that’s the hold up? I don’t believe he’s big enough to play inside LB in the style of 3-4 the Browns play, plus they have two or three good “leadership” type guys who will play inside, making Jackson expendible. He’d be a great fit for a 4-3 team like Philly, athletic & a good attitude. Only problem is that I don’t know how Philly is set at MLB.

  16. You can laugh, but the Browns will become a force in the next few years. Stay tuned………..

  17. @ wryly,
    Keep dreaming if you think those to mid tier starters are going to get you #7.
    More like a 3rd and a 4th since Cleveland has 2 of each.

  18. not a surprise, with the tom heckert connection. Gocong belongs in a 3-4. I like Sheldon Brown, but he seems to be more and more banged up as he gets older. he couldnt cover anyone at the end of last season. But, healthy he cas still play. I wonder if this ties into the asomugha rumors with Mcnabb??

  19. McNabb isn’t part of this deal?!? I thought you said a few weeks ago that Cleveland was a likely destination?!?
    @ Toonster: I agree re: CB and LB. DE is set for now. They may draft, in later rounds, to improve depth or if someone falls to them ala Macklin. I am curious, though, as to what else they have in the hopper. This seems as though it’d be only step 1.
    Very sorry to see Brown go, very good player and solid guy. Don’t agree w/him wanting a new deal as if you factor in his signing bonus, he was one of the top 20 or 30 CB paid in the league.

  20. The one position that I thought wasn’t an issue (CB), apparently will be. WTF, why do we wanna lose such a good corner. No Eagle fan can forget the hits that Brown puts on cats. Ask Reggie Bush how it feels to have his chest collapsed. I’d hate to see Brown go. Gocong shoulda been a DE the whole time. THIS SUX.
    If they are serious about letting go of Brown then they are prolly serious about AWESOMEugha & the trade to Oakland. Either that or they are impressed with the Boise corner. They’d have to move up too far to get Hadden.
    The only person I could see the Eagles interested in is the OL Alex Mack/ he was scouted heavily by the FO and would be able to play on our interior. // but really who else is wortha damn??? Rodgers ? maybe for our 7th rounders, cmon.
    And if all this eagles/browns talk is happening how in the hell did they let Wimbley get away from them? LB is a serious concern for the Eagles club. Fokuo is a decent backup/special teamer, but as far as being a starter goes, he’s tiny & loves to get trucked. I feel we need this Weatherspoon cat..He’s a junior RayRay
    again, WTF

  21. Provided the Browns don’t give up Harrison or Matt Roth and retain their 1st and 2nd round picks then I think this is a solid but not spectacular trade. Brown is 31 and Gocong only has 4 career sacks while the guy he replaced, wimbley, had 26. However, scouts claim Gocong is a good fit for Clevelands 3-4 and Sheldon is coming off a nice year and would solidify the browns corners along with Eric Wright. Compensation will probably be a 3 and D’Qwell or a 4, 6, and maybe Brett Ratliff which would free up McNabb for trade.

  22. Mr Krinkle says:
    April 2, 2010 8:58 AM
    Can Sean Jones play corner?
    Sean Jones is in tampa now

  23. Moose – the Eagles extended Sheldon Brown right as he was hitting his stride. He took lower dollars for more years, then when he became a fixture he thought better of it. Too late.
    He’s been unhappy with his contract for over a year, and the rumor was that he was told to come and play in 2009 and the team would deal him after. That is what happened.
    Another good guy who plays hard is going, we’re left with a team of prima donas who can’t or won’t play hard (Asante, I am looking in your direction).
    And, yes, the fan is right – we are in FULL rebuilding mode. Why anyone thinks McNabb is back given this fact is beyond me.
    And don’t be surprised if Gocong turns out to be a very good situational player for you. He was miscast here.

  24. @ braindead
    “You can laugh, but the Browns will become a force in the next few years. Stay tuned………..”
    a force where? the nfl? nice statement; very synonymous with your name I must say.

  25. this front office is a disgrace. idiots like joe banner and andy reid get extensions but mcnabb, dawkin, sheldon, get pushed out.

  26. I’m guessing Eagles get a 3rd, 5th and a backup player or DQ Jackson and a 5th…
    There is simply no way the Eagles get a 2nd rounder out of this…

  27. Brown was on the field with a pulled hamstring at the end of the season JERKY. Macho shoulda been the corner in those games / Everyone else was injured. Brown in a badassMoFo. keepem Philly

  28. I hope this happens. Whatever the Eagles get for those two will be well worth. Gocong isn’t a 4-3 linebacker and Sheldon Brown is pretty bad now. If anyone watch the Eagles all year, he constantly get beat on slants and double moves. The Eagles could have lost two to three more games solely because of him getting beat. The Bears and Giants game immediately come to mind, he got beat deep at least twice in each game but the balls were overthrown. He cannot play cornerback anymore, and was one of my main worries going into next year.

  29. fuhgyou says:
    April 2, 2010 8:48 AM
    “Brown is a Pro Bowler.”
    What year did he make the Pro Bowl? I can help you here – none . . . Brown has always been on the cusp of being a Pro Bowler (even deserved it in a couple of the years he played with Lito Sheppard), but has never gone to the Pro Bowl . . . so he isn’t a Pro Bowler.
    Mr Krinkle says:
    April 2, 2010 8:58 AM
    “Can Sean Jones play corner?”
    If he can (which I doubt because he doesn’t have the cover skills to play safety) it will be in Tampa Bay . . . he was signed to a one year contract last offseason and allowed to walk this year (rightfully so) . . . has since signed with Tampa.
    Mandingo52 says:
    April 2, 2010 8:13 AM
    “great move after great move in Cleveland….give us about 2-3 years fellas!!”
    Sheldon Brown is 31 years old now in 2-3 years he will be a 33 or 34 year old cornerback . . . not sure there are a lot of those that can perform at a high level . . . this trade doesn’t make sense if the Browns are thinking they can win in the next year or two . . . unless they still plan on drafted a CB this year . . . giving him a season as an understudy for Brown and then moving Brown to Safety.
    Brown is one of the hardest hitting CB in the league and could extend his playing career by moving to FS in the next year or two . . . the biggest problem the Eagles have with that plan is that he wants the money of a good starting CB now, and will have to move to FS in the next couple of years . . . the money won’t match the position at that point.
    As for Gocong . . . I couldn’t agree more with the suggestion that he is better suited for a 3-4 rushing LB position. The guy played his college football at cal-poly and set the Divison 1-AA record with 23.5 sacks his senior year . . . that 23.5 saks is his senior year total not his college career total. I actually think this trade is as much (if not more) about getting Gocong than it is about Brown. Brown is the nice to have for the next couple of years . . . but Gocong could develop into a really nasty outside rush LB in a 3-4 defense.
    As for whether this trade is good for the Eagles . . . I am not sure how anyone can make that judgement given the fact that no news has been reported as to what the Eagles would get in return . . . other than draft picks or a player or a player with draft picks . . . well no shit . . . what else can the Browns give up in a trade?

  30. I would agree that Shaun Rogers was headed to Philly when he was arrested at the airport.
    That explains the need to pack a gun…
    Just sayin’…

  31. you all overrate Brown. He’s slow now, can’t play press coverage, and must play 10 yards off the ball at least. Eagles value corners and they’re willing to him go for probably nothing. Gocong can’t play.

  32. In response to the person who asked why Philly would trade Sheldon Brown….its because he’s unhappy with his contract and the Eagles choose not to renegotiate. Besides that, Brown is on the wrong side of 30 now and the Eagles routinely jettison such players, thinking that they’re on the downside of their career.

  33. guys we dont have to worry here…I’m hoping that this trade goes down and we can pick up a 3rd and 5th with a backup LB for depth…that would open us up to trade Mac to Oakland for AWESOMEway…we will have upgraded at corner, solved or QB issue, and cleared room for our new corners contract…not to mention picked up a few nice draft picks…which lets be real here we wont use…they for whatever reason have brought in Eric Berry the top Safety in the draft to work out and a no question top 10 (if not top 5) pick. I can see the eagles moving way up the baord giving up their first and second round pick if he slips outside of 5 (possibly with seatle) to try and grab him…nothing would surprise me come draft day…hype for it

  34. Sheldon Brown got a pro-bowl invite last year but he turned it down. He’s a great CB and everyone who disagrees doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He’s 31 but should have 3 good years left. He has good man to man cover skills and is great against the run. Huge loss for Philly, so we better get something back.

  35. Sheldon Brown is an excellent player to have on your team. He has never missed a game since he was drafted in 2002, he plays through injuries, and hes a great leader. Eagles better hope someone else steps up as a leader this offseason, Stewart Bradley maybe.
    The only reason we would be getting rid of him is because hes been underpaid for a few years now and the Eagles have him locked up for 2-3 more years and know he wants a bit more money.. We’re assholes for getting rid of all our experienced players.

  36. This makes sense – the only good player in our otherwise weak secondary and we trade him. Another cost cutting move by Lurie so he can afford his debt payments when the lockout occurs!

  37. The Eagles owner is a cheap cheap SOB. Its not the worst tactic, but almost any player over the past decade who needed to re-sign with the Eagles has been underpaid or traded.

  38. Gocong probably fits The Browns defense better than The Eagles. Brown is a good starter who still has value and the draft is apparently stacked with defensive prospects. This is The Eagles transition year, it really started last year but no one wants to actually admit it. Andy has a football program in place that should keep The Eagles competitive during this time.

  39. I agree with Mooch, I think the deal with Brown was – keep your head down and play hard in 09 and we will “try” to deal you before 10. But I really expected them to keep him this year as they decide of Harris is better fit at safety or corner, will Jackson work out, etc.
    Hope Gocong works out for the Browns, he was a stretch (for a fit in Philly) from day 1.
    Reloading for another run. Enjoy this year East foes while (if) we are down, it won’t last long.

  40. sheldon was great, but he was horrible last year….some games could be blamed on an injury, but he looked completely lost out there well after he was supposedly healed.
    with that being said, he is still a “pro bowl” player. him and gocong, who will be much more effective in the cleve’s system, packaged together should yield a 2nd rounder.

  41. sounds like the eagles are in rebuiding mode…it makes no sense to keep mcnabb at this point…with all the payroll the eagles cut this summer, you think they could give fans a break on ticket prices?

  42. Mooch says:
    April 2, 2010 9:39 AM
    Another good guy who plays hard is going, we’re left with a team of prima donas who can’t or won’t play hard (Asante, I am looking in your direction).
    As a Pats fan I still cannot believe Philly signed him. That smacks of something a desperate and foolish team would do (overpay for a guy who makes about 5 plays a year and gives up exponentially more…as well as won’t tackle ANYONE..EVER…not even with the threat of the death penalty over his head) …not Philly.

  43. Gocong is a 3-4 backer and was never a good fit in philly. Should do better in Cleveland’s scheme.
    Brown is a hard hitter, but he’s slowing down. I see more tweaked hamstrings in his future. Dump him now while he still has trade value.

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