Five moves that should be made before the draft

The Eagles and the Browns have done a pre-draft deal.  More should be done in the next three weeks.

Here are some that we’d do, if we were calling the shots in the relevant cities.  (And fans of the teams in those relevant cities should be glad that we aren’t calling the shots.)

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  1. “But if Roethlisberger ultimately isn’t available and Dixon gets hurt, Leftwich would be a much more viable alternative to Batch.”
    If Ben can’t play and Dixon gets hurt we might as well play Batch in hopes for a high draft pick in 2011… Because Leftwhich isn’t taking the Steelers anywhere if they were to even make the playoffs.

  2. Florio – your Sporting News picture looks like Opie Taylor. Kind of cool, actually, to look so young.
    Steelers should not just go grab Byron Leftwich. I have called for it before, but with their draft position, they should go ahead and get the better of the two between Jimmy Clausen and Tim Tebow that are left on the board at the time.
    Why? Read today’s article by Ron Cook in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette: “Or maybe Roethlisberger will be convicted, surely meaning the premature end of his days with the Steelers after two Super Bowls in his six seasons with the team”.
    Ron Cook has been writing for decades in Pittsburgh, is a very trusted reporter, and has sources very high up in the organization. If he says Ben Roethlisberger is going to be dropped by the Steelers if convicted, then I take that as a very serious sign that we may be seeing the end of the Ben Roethlisberger era as quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    If that is true or could be true, then no use wasting a move on Byron Leftwich. Grab Jimmy Clausen or Tim Tebow, and start the new qb era in Pittsburgh.

  3. I was cold on McNabb to Arizona before but after thinking about it, they should pull the trigger. And part of the deal should send Leinert to Philly along with the Cardinals first round pick. The Cardinals can’t afford to lose the fans that they’ve gained in the Warner era, and this helps they stay at the same level they’ve been at.

  4. I think Ken Hamlin got cut.
    kenhamlin26 I would like to say to all of my fans that I appreciate all the love that you have showed me in Dallas. It was a good run….. Thanks

  5. do you really think McNabb has 5 good years left in the tank????
    maybe 2 years, 3 TOPS and that will be with Fitzgerald carrying the load

  6. Not a chance in hell the Bears give up another 1st rounder pick for a malcontent. It’s much more likely they try and trade or sign Atogwe- FS is a greater need than WR…by far.

  7. Phreak,
    There’s no way the Eagles would take Leinert – we’ll already have a crappy backup quarterback with character issues (unless they trade Vick, too).

  8. C’mon Mike, we need DNABB more than arizona does, lol. We someone who can complete a pass, maybe 2 or 3 in a row

  9. Bears and Marshall don’t make that much sense. Marshall isn’t a WR fit for Mike Martz, who demands precise route running. Add in that the Bears, as of now, have bigger needs on the OL (OG or RT) and FS, along with needed depth on the DL, while having enough WR’s that look to fit the Martz scheme, and spending so heavily on Marshall makes zero sense. If the price is right, maybe.

  10. Kevin: I know, the value is the pick. I would hope the Eagles would take Leinert frmo us in Exchange for giving them a late 1st rounder instead of a middle second rounder. 😉

  11. @ItalianArmy
    Nice screen name… My Fantasy football team has been “Franco’s Italian Army” for about 5 years now.
    But on your comment, OF COURSE ben will be released if he’s convicted. If he’s convicted he could be facing something like 4 years in prison.

  12. ItalianArmyGuy and fellow Steelers fan, I agree and disagree with some of your points. On one hand, I think the Rooneys and Tomlin have had enough of the diversions that Ben and now Santonio place upon them. I wouldn’t doubt that when all of this is said and done, if there is any negative aspect at all that Ben’s days are numbered. I am also going to doubt Santonio’s contract being renewed.
    A couple of thoughts in line with that: you look at a kid like Brandon Marhsall—born and raised in Pittsburgh and twice the receiver Holmes will ever be–a guy who said in TSN he’d like to come back to town and rebuild dying areas of our town–and you wonder why the Rooneys are playing him like they did Marino and Dorsett. The guy loves his hometown–but can’t play here. We sign a washed-up wide out who left 5 years ago and have a crack head who can’t stay out of trouble.
    Secondly, Leftwich is not the answer. I like Tebow, but he’s not going to get them to prominence in a year. Claussen is overrated. Really, Dixon is their only option.
    Third, how could they not sign linemen and DBs through free agency? Are they actually watching what goes on in games?
    Finally, give me a break about Ron Cook. The man doesn’t have a clue. Here’s a guy who waffles in incredible fashion. One look at his view about the Pens at the Olympic break and now tells you all you need to know. Sportswriter, what a great gig.
    We used to have some great reporters in town. Cook was never one of them.

  13. Why would the Cards want McNabb. They’ve got great recievers but catching the ball after the first bounce doesn’t count as a completion.

  14. Big problem with suggestion #2. Martz won’t tolerate pretty boys with bad behavior. Look what Martz did to Harrington, and Kitna became star for a year or two. Florio hates Martz, but the record is clear. Martz needs smart players who are not too sweet on themselves, and who aren’t screwing over citizens out there in the real world. Warner, Faulk, Holt, Bruce, etc etc etc. Brandon? No way. Martz has strict standards of behavior and responsibility.
    Think about it, Florio! Think! Martz good. Just admit it. Yes, he pounded the crap out of your beloved Vikes. Get over it.

  15. IND isn’t known for making splashy moves in FA. They needed to beef up the run game and they brought in G Andy Alleman and T Adam Terry.
    SD would likely match any offer anyway.

  16. I agree with all the Bears fans saying that Marshall isn’t a fit for their team. They should stick with special teamers and converted corners as starting WRs. But seriously folks…
    what cracks me up is the belief that Marshall HAS to be traded. The Broncos don’t have to give him up if they don’t want to, and if no one matches the desired price, they’re not going to. This puts the Bears out for sure since they have no #1’s and no player equivalent they’re willing to part with. Add to that the unlikelihood of Martz wanting him and it’s just staggering odds. Sorry Mike, but this one is just too far out there.

  17. Florio, stick to reporting the facts!!! Have you not learned from being endlessly mocked here on your own sight for bringing your “insight” and that awful sense of “humor”? You’re no Peter King pal. Nobody wants to hear what you think about what’s going on in the NFL. Stick to what got you where you’re at, numbnuts…REPORT THE FACTS.

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