"Truly remorseful" Shaun Rogers released from jail

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers was released from jail today and stopped briefly to talk with reporters on the way out, saying he was sorry about his arrest Thursday for preparing to board an airplane while carrying a loaded gun.

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to my family and friends for having to endure all the phone calls and the questions,” Rogers said. “Second of all I want to apologize to the Cleveland Browns, my fans and the community for this unfortunate incident. I’m truly remorseful.”

Rogers didn’t get into specific details about what happened on Thursday, but he did say he wasn’t trying to carry a gun onto a plane.

“By no means did I intend or willingly or knowingly take a firearm into the airport,” Rogers said. “That’s not something I would do.”

Rogers, who played for the Detroit Lions from 2001 to 2007, said he’s licensed to carry the gun in Michigan.

“I’ve had a concealed handgun license for several years now in Michigan,” Rogers said. “I’ve owned a weapon for several years and I’ve had no incidents up until this point.”

It’s arguable whether Rogers can truly say he’s “had no incidents.” A stripper who accused Rogers of forcibly groping her said he had a gun in his waistband at the time, which could be construed as “having an incident.” In fairness to Rogers, however, no charges were filed against him in that case.

In this case, Rogers has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, a fourth degree felony. His attorney says Rogers plans to plead not guilty.

“Really, I’m just truly remorseful and I just can’t put into words how unfortunate this incident is and I’m completely sorry to the community and the Browns for having me embarrass anybody with the nature of these events,” Rogers said. “And that’s just not my character.”

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  1. so according to the plaxico burress rules he should go to jail for 2 years… of course i’m not sure if clevelands rules are as harsh as NYC

  2. I sympathize with him in most respects. He seems sincere. My problem is the last sentence: that it’s “just not my character.” That’s exactly where he needs to do some re-thinking.
    And as an aside, can we please stop using this ubiquitous phrase “First and foremost”?

  3. First of all, I’d like to make a special announcement…
    Now, back to the topic.
    They are only remorseful AFTER THEY’VE BEEN BUSTED.
    Cleveland. Land of thugs.
    LeBron James is overrated.
    Pervy sucks @$$.

  4. They Put Bazzie Away for a three day weekend in Miami following arrest for drunken disorderly conduct… Missing Cowboys Miami game.
    This Guy gets out of Jail in a day trying to board a plane with a Gun…
    Federal Offense you would think… But then again Obama is in Now…

  5. “By no means did I intend or willingly or knowingly take a firearm into the airport,”
    At least he sounds better than Dez Bryant and didn’t say “what do that got to do with football”

  6. I have to believe him, he cant be stupid enough to take a gun on a plane. I can see how it would get lost in the bag when you are packing it.

  7. Shaun Roger did not pass up a Rhodes Scholarship or Fulbright Fellowship to play football.

  8. I’m not the lawyer, Florio….but it just seems crazy the guy will plead “Not guilty”….at the end of the day, you were caught, in a freakin airport, with a conealed, LOADED weapon, did I mention an AIRPORT!? There’s a million pieces of evidence tying you directly to possessing this weapon in an airport, surveillance footage, etc…yet you’re telling a court you did not do this, by pleading “not guilty”!? rediculous.

  9. How do you not know what’s in your luggage? Complete moron! If the average joe brought had this happend to them you know they’d be screwed. Cant’ wait to see how the justice system lets another pro athlete off with a slap on the wrist.

  10. Remorseful my ass. He’s sorry he got caught. What kind of a moron would try and sneek a loaded gun on a plane…Rogers of course. He needs to give a logical reason for having the gun in his carry-on bag. I haven’t heard that reason yet. Admitting that he’s the dumbest piece of shit on the planet would be his best excuse.

  11. he should not have been released! Only terrorist and cops carry loaded gun into airport and he is not a cop! Lock him up and throw away the key!!

  12. I’m sorry I’m so incredibly stupid. I wish I weren’t so dumb, but I am, so there you have it.

  13. There is no excuse for a guy not to know that he is carrying a loaded firearm. There is no excuse not to know that carrying a firearm on a plane is illegal everywhere on Earth if you are not legally authorized to do so. Five year for the firearm. Ten years for being a dumbs**t. Is there anyone out there who doubts this guy will be lining up on a football field in the fall?

  14. @Big Stretch
    It doesn’t have anything to do with “Cleveland’s rules”.
    It’s a federal offense. Big Baby deserves whatever he gets from both the feds and the NFL.

  15. He better see some real time for this, it’s f’n impossible to believe he didn’t know the gun wasn’t there. I feel bad for browns fan because this is their second best player behind Cribbs. Maybe the walrus in the front office can turn it around but given he couldn’t get it done in Seattle, with better talent on the roster, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  16. In the luggage compartment is okay.
    In the carry on luggage not okay.
    If you had to work in Detroit and Clevelend you would want to exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights also.
    Just wait for the story about how someone else packed his bags. The person that packed the bags will claim they thought he was going to check that bag.
    Just a misunderstanding. No harm as security caught it. A year of unsupervised probation will work for everyone.

  17. How does he stay out of jail with this? If they let him off, how could they prosecute someone else sneaking a weapon onto a plane?
    This seems to be much more serious than the Gilbert Arenas fiasco.
    I would suppose that the “not guilty” plea is only the first step in the “let’s make a deal” game. No way can he say he didn’t do this, I mean talk about a tight case!

  18. Pauli The Hook says: “But then again Obama is in Now”…………Which is so true because if any of us non-millionaire athletes try to board a plane with a loaded gun we would be dragged off to jail….go to court….found guilty instantly….be researched for terrorism…..and locked behind bars for who knows how long.
    Even being a browns fan this is bull I can’t take the stupidity of these players anymore just running around lawless……Why can they make millions and possibly get off of felony charges….What a joke!!!!!

  19. So much hate!
    Concealed weapons permits from Michigan are accepted by the state of Ohio, so he can legally carry in Ohio.
    Obviously you can’t bring it on the plane (and probably not even in the airport), but no harm was intended or done. He has most likely already learned his lesson.
    Focus your angst somewhere more useful, like on the 140 million drunk driving incidents every year.

  20. He lives in Houston in the offseason and was in town working out. So how did he get the gun into Cleveland? If it was in his checked baggage coming in that’s where it should have been going out.
    The whole idea of a 350 pound man carrying a gun for protection is rediculous. Protection from what? Does he think that anyone who means him harm is going to walk up to his face and pull a piece? What is Rogers involved in and where does he go that he needs a .45 caliber at that?
    Another example of a guy who has more money than sense. He probably wears $50K in bling everywhere he goes and thinks the gun is going to keep someone from trying to take it from him. Wrong. It won’t. And he will be dead if he pulls it on a real live badass.

  21. This is nothing like the Plaxico incident. He took a gun into a club and the gun accidentally fired. That is obviously a dangerous situation in a public place. This incident had no gun fire, just a gun. Wake up, do some research before you post dumb shit people.

  22. What a “PUNK”!
    If you’re going someplace where you think you may need a “piece” you’d think that maybe, just maybe ya just shouldn’t go?

  23. Even if he is telling the truth…he should not have a weapons permit in any state if he has no idea where his loaded gun is at all times. Does he have kids?

  24. First thing that needs to happen is the revoking of the concealed weapon permit.
    If you are not sharp enough to know where your gun is located at all times, do everyone a favor and get rid of the firearm.

  25. If he used to pistol-whip a woman, maybe the Steelers would sign him. They need a new DT anyway.

  26. First of all you shouldn’t need a permit to carry a gun.
    Second, you can not compare this to Plaxico Burress, cuz his gun actually went off.
    Third, I have a CFP and I know at all times where every one of my guns is, whether or not it is loaded, holstered, locked etc. He is a dumbass.

  27. To Rasta,
    Oh, you the man. Having a permit. We’re all very very impressed. Well, guess what? I have some shampoo, and tooth paste, and I’ve got scissors. And I know exactly where they are. Oh, you bet I do. Not in the evidence locker from airport security, no doubt about that! Oh, no siree. I could tell you some other stories, too, oh yeah. But I’m not manly enough.

  28. how dumb do these guys think the average Joe is? didn’t know he had a loaded gun in the airport. geeeeezzzzz.

  29. Of course it isn’t something you would do….except for the part where you were arrested for it

  30. who cares? theres a reason there are metal detectors and such at airports and they worked if he was actually trying to bring it with him hes a idiot but if it was an accident thats all it was. hes got enough money to buy his way out of jail i think the biggest problem for him is getting suspended from some games and if coach holmy is gonna take it

  31. If this guy wasnt so strong and big, he would be digging ditches for a living….gotta love professional sports, “Keeping idiots out of prison…for as long as they can stay out of it”.

  32. Wait, didn’t Akron counselman Marco Summerville do the same thing at Akron Canton Airport? All he got was a slap on the wrist. Rodgers should get Donny P has his lawyer.

  33. I logged on in order to really jam this guy about being “remorseful.”
    But then I read the entire article. He is pleading Not Guilty, but he is not trying to distribute any of the political heat. He is absorbing it entirely while he is pleading not guilty.
    Okay, so far this is a textbook example to the rest of the NFL on how to handle situations that arise.
    I don’t know what to make about the arrest or his past, but I know he handled that perfectly.

  34. I do believe it was a stupid mistake, it’d have to be…there was no way he was getting past security. Maybe he thought he packed it in the other bag.
    Clearly he’s guilty of having it, but I don’t think there was malicious intent there.
    Sounds like a slap on the wrist and probation. And honestly, I think that’s all he really deserves.

  35. He should have told them that he was hit with a beanbag in the eye. It’s way better than “whoops”.

  36. He was obviously well coached by his attorney before making a statement because he used key verbiage “Knowingly and willfully”. Federal statutes have elements to crimes and read as follows ___insert name___ willfully and knowingly committed _insert crime__ etc. He will plead not guilty because the prosecution has to prove that he knowingly and willfully possessed said firearm in the airport.

  37. I think legally the only crime he is guilty of is carrying a firearm in an airport. IF he has a valid Michigan permit, he can carry in Ohio. EXCEPT IN THE DAMN AIRPORT! I don’t know what is so hard to unload the gun in the parking lot, put it in an approved airline case, and check it. I do it all the time. Put the magazines and spare ammo in another piece of checked luggage and go about your day. It takes 5 extra minutes.

  38. Let me guess…. “I just had it in my bag and totally forgot it was there.”
    Anyone who would forget where their firearm is at simply isn’t responsible enough to own one, let alone be able to carry concealed.

  39. Going to lose his concealed weapon permit at a minimum.
    Impossible to forget you have it in your possession unless you were “waked and baked.”

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