Report: Bengals bring back Bobbie Williams

Thumbnail image for B. Williams.jpgThe Bengals reportedly agreed to terms with guard Bobbie Williams Saturday, perhaps the team’s most significant deal of the offseason.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news on Twitter.  Williams is coming off one of his better seasons and is a force in the running game. 

The 33-year-old has played his last six seasons in Cincinnati, missing only three games over that span.  The terms of the deal are undisclosed.

UPDATE: The Bengals’ official Twitter account says Williams’ agent is still talking to the team and does not yet have a deal.  We suspect it’s a matter of time now.

UPDATE II: Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer says a deal is close, but won’t be completed over the holiday weekend

20 responses to “Report: Bengals bring back Bobbie Williams

  1. Great news for Bengal Nation …. Gives us more flexibility in the draft. Could it be possible that the Bengals FO is going to string back to back solid off-seasons?

  2. good for the team, good for the city. he’s a good dude, a beast of a run blocker, and a true professional. who dey, son!

  3. Once again, this site should have a direct link to ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s twitter account

  4. OaklanDx510. Trust me, no one wants to copy ANYTHING associated with the Bay Area Butt-Pirates. I bet you’re a serial baby-puncher.

  5. Bengals love to copy what others do . Without actually creating something of their own . Everyone in the league loves to copy the Steelers Terrible towel . Hopefully they overpay for Williams like they did for Bryant .

  6. You are right steeltownpride we do like to copy the steelers. I’ve already asked Carson to sexually assault a 16 year old and Chad to bash his dancing with the stars partner in the head with a glass.

  7. Thanks Ihatethesteelerfans . Can you ask them to finally win a Superbowl as well ? Just 1 ? How about them just win a playoff game . Just 1 ? Long as you dont play the Jets or Steelers in the playoffs you might be ok ?

  8. steeltownpride>Ihatesteelerfans
    steeltownpride wins this one in a rout. Can’t beat 5 Super Bowls to 0.
    Oops, make that 6 Super Bowls!

  9. Ahhh…the old steelerfan safety net. Your team failed miserably last year, missing the playoffs while losing to some horrible teams on the way. So far this offseason, it’s been all about the exploits of pig pen and santonio. When you got your own “SB hero” tellin your fans to kill themselves, there’s a problem. But at least you can still cry as you stare at posters of Bradshaw and Mel Blount right? 2-0 vs Steelers last year baby, and that looks like the beginning of the end for you. BTW- the 49ers were the better dynasty.

  10. Steeltownpride maybe if you where in the playoffs this past year we would have beat you or maybe you would cheapshot our QB beacuase that is the only way you could beat us sounds like you need to keep your QB away from daycares next. OH by the way I think you were 0-2 against us this year.

  11. I dont make excuses for the Steelers . We sucked last season and didnt get it done . True Steelers fans know what the deal is .
    I can take last season and not sweat a drop from it . Why ? Cause the season before we won the Superbowl . You cant win the SB every year . So at times you have a dissapointing season . Thats what last season was . 9-7 isnt anything to brag about . But we did finish the season strong and won our last 3 games . So its a good start for the offseason . Yes congrats on beating the Steelers twice last season . Hell big time congrats on sweeping the division last season . Very impressive feat .
    But last season is past . Everyone is now 0-0 . Its what you do this season is what truly matters . Lets see how it unfolds . But if just making the playoffs and beating the STeelers twice is enough to get you through then god bless you . I and other Steeler fans along with the team have much higher standards . We want a SB win every year . Maybe oneday you will know how it means to finally win something other than hype or the division . Remember every year there are 31 losers and 1 winner . Last season the winners was NO Saints . Everything is mute , after they play for Superbowl wins . Not division titles .
    But we all know and understand that Bengal fans have become accustomed to having lower winning standards .

  12. steeltownpride… GET A LIFE… spend your time doing something else than writing novels about how “great” the steelers were a couple years ago… Can’t wait to see the bengals get Taylor Mays in the draft and knock Big Ben out of the game… That is if he isn’t already serving jail time… Big Ben = Sleezball/Dirtball/Rapest

  13. @steeltownpride
    If I were you..I would be worried.
    Here are the facts..
    Your team had a terrible season last year, and followed it up with a GAWD-AWFUL off season filled with legal troubles for your players..
    You should also be worried because your team has not really done anything to solve its problems in the off-season ( all they have done is just watch new ones unfold)
    Ever since that coach of yours decided to “unleash Hell” your team has been a disaster.
    bottom line.
    Your leader (Big Ben) is not much of a leader at all. Also, the steelers have to make a decision to either go against what the media has portrayed them to be (holier than thou) for so long
    Set them back a few years and dump the DBAG
    and start over.
    either way I like my teams chances against yours
    next year.

  14. @ Steeltownpride
    “But last season is past. ” And yet you drop the 6-Superbowl line? Who’s living in the past here?
    Pick an argument and stick with it. Otherwise you just sound like all the other drones.

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