DeAngelo Hall has a message for Donovan McNabb

DeAngeloRaiders.jpgWe missed the recent tweet from Rick Maese of the Washington Post regarding the message that Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall has sent to Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.  In light of Jay Glazer’s recent report that the Redskins have made a run at McNabb, Hall’s comments make a little more sense.

Said Hall of McNabb:  “He doesn’t want to go to Oakland, tell him that.  If you have any say-so in the matter, tell him I said that.”   (We noticed that one thanks to Joe Kukura of

On the surface, Hall’s gratuitous commentary made no sense, given that he should want to get McNabb out of the division.  But maybe Hall wants to keep him in the NFC East — by bringing McNabb to his team.

Regardless of whether Hall wants McNabb in or out of the division, Hall should be a little more grateful to a team that paid him $8 million for eight games.

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  1. Hey DeAngelo, it’s not the Raiders’ fault you can’t play man, ya little whiny b*tch.
    C’mon Andy, let’s fleece us some Al Davis

  2. Do you know what ‘on the surface’ means? On the surface it makes perfect sense: Oakland sucks.

  3. Hall is just pissed because he stunk it up big time in Oakland, and got sent packing. The guy got burned by average receivers on a consistent basis. He has no reason to be bitter towards the Raiders. They paid him well, but in the end, he failed.

  4. No, it makes total sense without Glazer report. He knows what it’s like in Oakland and wants to warn him regardless of what teams they currently play for.

  5. Hall sucked bad in Oakland. Its funny how much he has to say now. The dude has always been overrated it is just that playing side by side with a real shutdown CB like Namdi he was exposed because QB’s opted to target him as oppossed to throw any where near Namdi.
    He made Eddie Royal a household name for a few weeks back in 2008
    It seems like these bums leave Oakland and they want to blame the team for their failures once they leave.

  6. all DeAngelo Hall proved in Oakland is that he can make Dwayne Bowe look like a pro-bowler. I think he is the most over rated player in the NFL! and a douche bag to boot.

  7. The difference between McNabb and Hall is McNabb can play QB in the NFL. Hall can’t play CB in the NFL….anyone remember 2 years ago him getting owned by Rookie Royal from Denver on MNF….no cares what Halls says because he is a POS that should be locked up for trying to play CB in the NFL.

  8. Florio, shut up about McNabb already you tool.
    McNabb Watch 2010 is becoming worse than Favre Watch 2009…

  9. Could just be concern for the man. I got no love for the Beagles, but still, McRibb does not deserve going to the Black Hole. Few know better than DeAngelo.

  10. I’d rather go to Oakland rather the redskins if I were Mcnabb. Easier Schedule, more money, no more dumb fans tryin to get him out of town, more money. He would be treated how he should be treated. Now the Redskins..He would have to play 3 good teams twice. Not a smart idea.

  11. Hall would like to blame the Raider organization for his inability to cover his man. The opening day game against Denver was the worst play by a corner I had ever seen. He has to be in a system that provides Safety help deep or he is toast. Say what you want about Oakland, but if you want to play corner there, you better bring your A-Game.

  12. HA HA, I am a Chiefs fan and I follow the AFC West. He sucked at Oakland. That guy got torched all the time. I am sure Raider fans know what I am talking about. I remember watching Monday Night Football and Cutler lit this guy up. And I read in the paper the next day that Cutler said, there game plan was to throw at Hall all the time. Another big mouth overpaid player spouting off. I hate the Raiders, but come on Hall they paid you 8 million dollars, and now your biting the hand that fed you. Dumbass!

  13. No one talks of the 3 and 5 th rounders AL got for Burgess from that PATS……where is Burgess now? Sitting on his couch waiting for the phone to ring. Hall and Wilson where both cut by the Raiders and have not done shit…

  14. Lot’s of Washington DanSnyders talk on PFT today. Too bad none of it means jack

  15. Or maybe DeAngelo Hall simply hated his time in Oakland. McNabb isn’t going to Washington. Trading draft picks and trading your franchise quarterback within the division are two completely different situations. Please don’t continue looking into it.

  16. Hell knows no furry like a woman’s Look at little Deangla Hall crying over his short stay with the Raiders. Get over it!! You got burnt every game and you call yourself the best CB? I believe that if CB means Cry Baby. Last time I checked the foreskins wasn’t any better than the Raiders so why would Mcnabb want to go there?

  17. The only players who want to go to Oaktown are potential Criminals, Draft busts, and ancient vets who want to get payed millions to do nothing. Farve(vre) should go there when he’s 50… probably worth 7 or 8 mil at that point to Davis.

  18. i generally dont agree with what that crackhead says, but on this one , he is dead on, even though it was a pretty obvious thing. going to oakland is where you go at the death of a career, so unless mcnabb never wants to play in a playoff game again, he really should avoid going there (as if he had any say in it anyways).

  19. On the surface it made no sense? What, are you retarded or something? All he means is that Oakland is a terrible place to go.

  20. D’ Hall sucks and is way overrated. He uses the easy excuse that the Raiders is a bad orginization to cover up the fact he was getting torched while he was there.

  21. What?? Hall is just taking a shot at his former team, not lobbying for him to come to the Redskins. Hall has talked about his dislike of Oakland in the past…if any good player was rumored to go to Oakland, I’m sure he would have a similar comment, no matter if they were in his division. I don’t get how you took such a big leap.

  22. Hall is not smart enough to be thinking 3 and 4 layers deep. Hall is saying McNabb doesn’t want to go to Oakland in an attempt to make it appear that his failures as a Raider is everyone’s fault but his own.

  23. This guy got burnt when he played with us. he knows we are a man defense and he would get picked on because nnamdi was on the other side. he was a disappointment from the first game he played with us

  24. What a douche…..How many TD’s did he give up when he was in Oakland? I still remember that game when Royal burnt his ass for 3 of them. Maybe if you could actually cover someone the player/team relationship would have been better in Oakland DeAngelo.

  25. Why da hate on tha Raiders???
    The rebels in black will always be my 2nd fav team…
    Gotta respect everything old Al has done for that organization and the NFL…..He has ALWAYS done it his way, and its sad that it finally caught up to him… You had a great run Al…..

  26. Please DCWhinerFan, enlighten us about all of the criminals on the Raiders.
    What’s that? You can’t? Oh you’re just throwing out tired insults because you have no clue. Okay, have a nice day.

  27. MeAngelo spent too much time around Keith Brooking while with the Falcons.

  28. DeAngelo Fall played opposite Aso and got lit up like a X-mas tree. He was totally exposed in Oakland, and goes around blaming the organization for that??? Stay classy, Hall.

  29. My name is DeAngelo Hall and I wasn’t good enough to make it on the Raiders roster. I really suck !

  30. I have to laugh at this guy every time he opens his mouth. When he was cut by the Raiders all he had was good things to say about them as he told all that would listen that Al Davis told him they were letting him go because of dollars only.
    Since the Al Davis meeting with the Press when he fired Kiffin. Talk got onto the Denver Monday Night game in which Hall was eat alive by a rookie wide receiver and the Raiders were blowed out.
    All Davis said we had a corner who could not cover and Denver picked on. Al Davis did not even call Hall by name. Davis went on to say we cut him loose and put a guy in that could cover in the next game against Denver where the Raiders blew Denver out.
    Ever since that night Hall has had the Raiders in his craw and go’s after them when ever he gets the chance.
    The problem with Hall is he is all mouth. When put on an Island as a man to man corner it showed that he does not have the talent to play as an elite man corner. His skill set is more as a cover two corner which does not require elite type corners to play the position.
    All this guy did was talk in Oakland all the while having wide receiver after WR show just what an average corner he really is. He is all show and no go and is not a very smart guy. He wanted to try and put him on Nnamdis level and found out in a hurry just how lacking he was.
    Both Cutler and the Denver receivers were laughing at his comments after the game that they went after him like a rookie in. I think both Royal and Marshall had half the catch totals they had for the year in that one game, Hall is all mouth.
    What a Bust trade that was.

  31. encinitasraider says:
    April 3, 2010 5:29 PM
    The difference between McNabb and Hall is McNabb can play QB in the NFL. Hall can’t play CB in the NFL….anyone remember 2 years ago him getting owned by Rookie Royal from Denver on MNF….no cares what Halls says because he is a POS that should be locked up for trying to play CB in the NFL.
    Hall was good enough to earn a 72 million dollar contract from Oakland and the following season sign a 56 million dollar contract with the Redskins.
    He was selected to 2 pro bowls while in Atlanta.
    Please tell me who has made a pro bowl from Atlanta since he last played there?
    That’s what I thought.

  32. Hall got $8 million for 8 games in Oakland. It wasn’t their fault he couldn’t cover for sh-t in a man system. All they did was expose him from being a Pro Bowl CB in a zone scheme to a below-average CB in man coverage. Raiders ask a lot of their CBs and they’ve produced some of the greatest of all time (Mike Haynes, Lester Hayes, Nnamdi Asomugha, Willie Brown, Charles Woodson and others who were very very good). The reality is that DeAngelo isn’t even close to being three towns over from that class.
    Hall got exposed as an average player during his stint with Oakland and now he’s trying to distract from his own failings by trying to make it look like it was the Raiders’ fault that he couldn’t cover anyone in man-to-man. Sorry MeAngelo, no one’s buying it. Remember how Eddie Royal beat him for almost 200 yards in Royal’s first game in the league? It didn’t get much better after that for Hall in Oakland.

  33. FrenchyFuqua says:
    April 3, 2010 5:29 PM
    Total loser that supports Michael Vick—Toast!
    Damn right he supports Vick!
    “Real” brothas won’t let “YOU” people do stupid crap without a fight.
    Now take that Trailer Park Thug in Pittsburg who abuses White Women like they are used luggage…………
    Ha ha ha

  34. Even though he was garbage in Oakland, D. Hall does have a point. That franchise is a flat-out dumpster fire. McNabb’s career will go in the toilet if he’s traded there.

  35. Hall sucks and should be greatful Oakland took a chance on him and paid him 8 million dollars. What a punk. He couldn’t play man D and we got rid of him, Get over it bieotch. Who gives a sh*t what deangelo hall thinks

  36. I don’t see why the redskins would want to “get mcnabb out of the division” he is an average qb. All he does is dink and dunk to Westbrook. I bet even tarvaris Jackson could be a productive qb in the eagles system. Throwing a fly route to Jackson every now and then doesn’t make you an elite qb.

  37. Hall sucked so bad in Oakland he got cut in the middle of the season. Thats what happens to scrubs, not premier players. He can badmouth Oakland all he wants. He’s just lucky he isn’t doing time for theft.

  38. Kevin–You bitter little f@g….Why would tell someone to “take their own life”.
    Hey Kev…Get a life and move out of your parent’s basement, you little bitch.

  39. I remember Hall lining up at least 10 yards off the line, sometimes as much as 15, while playing man in Cover 0.
    Dude just couldn’t cut it.

  40. @DcNinerFan, you want to talk about signing “Draft Busts” How about the 49’ers signing David Carr the most sacked QB in the NFL.

  41. This just in from Ike Taylor: “Oakland is not a bad place. Their QB is great. Their wide receivers are great. I stood there in awe as passes went in front of me and over my head. I froze there in double and triple coverage as guys I’d never heard of caught passes over the top of me. I turned a sure win into a loss and don’t feel badly about it. Swaggin.”

  42. LOL, Hall is an idiot who just helped his new team go 4-12. Oakland had a better record than that. And for all you eagles fans talking about what a wasteland Oakland is, didn’t we just beat you??? And newsflash, the Eagles are headed down. The D was already trouble and everybody is leaving, Its gonna be a LONG year in Philly in 2010. Im a raiderfan who lives in easter PA so i watch the Birds, i know what im talking about. With good QB play, Oakland can win their division next season.

  43. Wish someone would have told Hall NOT to come to Oakland! He couldn’t press cover a middle school receiver..

  44. If he does goes to the Redskins, then the Eagles can officially become the worst team in the NFC EAST. They are done now anyway. How many guys are left from their Super Bowl team only a few years ago? It’s amazing how stupid their management is. The only thing that is dumber than the Eagles is probably my friend Lowell Rikert.

  45. ME-Angelo is just mad because JaFatone lasted longer on the roster than he did.
    Imagine how that feels.

  46. John Lynch made a Pro Bowl his last year in Denver, so excuse me if I dont get real excited about MeAngelo making 2 measly Pro Bowls while with the Falcons.
    The dude stinks. The Falcons threw a party when they conned the Raiders into taking him. Raider fans threw a party when Al Davis came to his senses and waived him. Redskins fans will be celebrating when he his cut after the 2010 season.
    The dude stinks as a starting CB. Not a bad nickel or dime guy though.

  47. BlueEyeDevils says:
    April 3, 2010 6:50 PM
    Please tell me who has made a pro bowl from Atlanta since he last played there?
    That’s what I thought.
    WR Roddy White & RB Michael Turner after the 2008 season.

  48. flatstanley – Thats more to do with the offensive line play, my friend. But thanks for playing.
    The 49ers didn’t draft Carr, but the Faiders DID draft Russel, Heyward-Bey, and McFadden. Major busts for where they were drafted. Every team has them, the Faiders just have a much higher occurrence.

  49. Florio, how likely is Al Davis going to search for a way to bring a lawsuit against Hall for such comments?
    And regardless of Reid & Co.’s arrogance and belief that they know better than everyone else, there is no F’N way that they trade McNabb to the Redskins!

  50. SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK says:
    April 3, 2010 10:51 PM
    BlueEyeDevils says:
    April 3, 2010 6:50 PM
    Please tell me who has made a pro bowl from Atlanta since he last played there?
    That’s what I thought.
    WR Roddy White & RB Michael Turner after the 2008 season.
    From the corner back position Einstein…………
    You proved my point……………..
    Ha ha ha

  51. Hall does have a BIG mouth but his comments made dollars because he knows oakland. and think about it… players that go to oakland SUCK Moss Hall are 2examples. hall played 100 times better in washington giving up less than 3 TDs throughout the season so… Those who says he is overrated are not thinking clearly. He USED to be overrated. Now he is just another good not great CB.

  52. PackManFanForever- you didn’t need to say you’re a raider fan, and you didn’t need to make a nickname indicating you’re a Pacman fan. Your spelling and grammar speak for both.

  53. FLATSTANLEY, the 49ers didnt draft David Carr, the Texans did. He was their 1st draft choice in Texans team history. Alex Smith must be the bust that you’re referring to.

  54. FLATSTANLEY, OOPS! I noticed you wrote that the 49ers SIGNED Carr, not DRAFTED him. My mistake. But whats the big deal about the 9ers signing Carr NOW?? Actually thats a pretty good move by them. Its not like their signing him to a big-money contract. Its good to have a veteran QB to push Alex Smith.

  55. Im a Florio fan, but sometimes you act like a high school girl Mike. You know damn well what Hall meant by the comments and you know as well that he is absolutely right.

  56. # BlueEyeDevils says: April 3, 2010 11:25 PM
    SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK says:
    April 3, 2010 10:51 PM
    BlueEyeDevils says:
    April 3, 2010 6:50 PM
    Please tell me who has made a pro bowl from Atlanta since he last played there?
    That’s what I thought.
    WR Roddy White & RB Michael Turner after the 2008 season.
    From the corner back position Einstein…………
    You proved my point……………..
    Ha ha ha
    Nowhere in any of your meandering rants do you even insinuate you are speaking strictly of the CB position genius, so flush yourself down where you belong.
    Hardy har har BrownEyeDevil

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