Glazer: Redskins among teams to inquire about McNabb

We’ve heard vague assertions lately that there were a few mystery teams to show interest in Donovan McNabb that haven’t been disclosed publicly.

According to Fox’s Jay Glazer, the Redskins have inquired about McNabb.

Since we can already hear the denials and explanations coming, let’s make it clear Glazer doesn’t say what level of interest.  He also discloses the news in a tweet, not a report.

The likelihood of the Eagles sending McNabb to a division rival seems very low unless Washington gave up a truly massive deal.  And the Redskins figure to see if they can finagle Sam Bradford first.

Glazer also says Andy Reid cares about finding the right home for McNabb:

“[The] team is trying to trade him someplace he’ll be happy,” Glazer writes. “Have offers but Andy is trying to do him right.”

31 responses to “Glazer: Redskins among teams to inquire about McNabb

  1. “Have offers but Andy is trying to do him right”
    pop that into babel fish and it will spit out:
    “Andy is doing everything in his power to not trade him”

  2. If i wanted a qb that throws the ball into the dirt, has zero accuracy, can’t take a hit, and choke’s in important situations, I would’ve asked Heath Schuler to make a cameo under center.

  3. Well, they would instantly be a playoff team if this went down; McNabb has always done a lot with a little in terms of WR core.
    Trade for McNabb +draft Eric Berry if possible = Success

  4. Do him right is NOTHING but Lip Service… The eagles will and should do only whats best for the team, and the product on the field

  5. “The likelihood of the Redskins sending McNabb to a division rival seems very low unless Washington gave up a truly massive deal. And the Redskins figure to see if they can finagle Sam Bradford first.”
    When did the Redskins first acquire McNabb? Awesome reporting!

  6. What a baby. Just be happy that another team would even want you. I was all about him going to the Raiders, but if he wants to cry about it screw him. Raiders should draft the best QB available. Muck FcNabb !

  7. ROFL, no way the Eagles trade McNabb within the division, no freaking way.
    Only way the Redskins get him is if they cough up thier first two draft picks.

  8. I hope some of these people who keep calling the Eagles classless take the time to read the last sentence…

  9. The Pack wouldn’t trade Favre within the division. The Eagles will do the same with McNabb – trade him to an AFC team so they won’t have to play against him.

  10. trade him who cares what mcnabb wants this a business not a friendship trade him now before you’re screwed!

  11. Why would they trade him within their own division? I’m sure the Eagles aren’t that stupid

  12. Reid would make McDirtBall the #2 before he would trade him in the division.
    I don’t think he will trade him in the conference. I am sure AZ had an offer out there that if, say Denver, would have offered, #5 would be wearing a horsey and going 7-9 w/ his old partner BDawk.

  13. Why hasn’t a team picked him up already!?? Any team Mcnabb is on he will make 100% better and good for him a new start could reenergize his career!!!

  14. The Eagles arent stupid. The price to get Mcnabb for Washington would be much higher. I doubt they would pay the price.

  15. So what happens if they can’t trade McNabb to a team where he wants to go? What happens if he ends up with Buffalo or Oakland? Does Andy Reid just say “Tough luck, Donovan…we tried”? Maybe Andy will just tell him to tough it out for a year and then go wherever he wants to go, since he’ll be a free agent (assuming that he can’t be franchised).
    Or….do the Eagles take less than they could get from Buffalo or Oakland and send him someplace he’ll be happy?
    This is better than a soap opera!

  16. I don’t think it’s a bad move to trade Donovan to tell you guys the truth. I myself am a die hard Eagles fan, and I feel like its time to move on start fresh at quarterback. I feel this way because we all know how this will play out. If McNabb is our QB, then we all know how the season will turn out. The smart thing to do is trade him while he has decent value. I really have loved McNabb over the years for what he has done, but it’s time to move on. Plain and simple. Even though it would be a tough year with Kolb as our starter, I’m willing to deal with that. You have to give him time to get comfortable. It’s pretty simple to me, just trade him and get it over with. It’s time to move on.

  17. You guys are over thinking this. “The redskins just aren’t a good team.” So says McNabb so why would we want a guy that thinks we stink? keep him Philly 😉

  18. Yeah right Mcnabb isn’t worth 2 top picks! Are you on crack? He is worth maybe a 2nd round pick and maybe a 4th tops. He is too old for a 1st round pick and its probably VERY little interest.

  19. Ok, I get it. If Glazer “tweets” that an explosion just went off in NYC, it shouldn’t be believed unless Fox broadcasts the report. Just clarifying. Thanks.

  20. SICK. Thats what I am of everyone saying Eagles fans dont appreciate McNabb because the ship has run its course. The fans dont trade anyone the teams do. Did the fans of Green Bay not appreciate Favre? Did the fans of San Fran not apppreciate Montana? Tennessee and McNair? So why is it that the team is trading him and somehow thats my fault? Eagle fans are just like every other fan in every other city. Grow up.

  21. as stupid as Reid has been in the last trade, I wouldn’t be surprise if he does something this idiotic

  22. I say trade him to the Skins where McNabb will kill the Eagles while sitting on the bench due to an injury

  23. I think I wuold stop being a Redskins fan if they picked him up..anyone that watches and knows football knows mcnabb sucks. Watch his throws they are always behind his recievers or he underthrows or overthrows..WATCH THE FILM SHEESH

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