Marty Hurney has extension offer

We noted earlier this week that Panthers G.M. Marty Hurney’s contract runs out in June, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be going anywhere.

ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas reported earlier this week that Hurney has had a new contract offer on the table since last season.  The offer still stands.

Hurney’s delay in signing the deal has to do with his buddy coach John Fox’s status.  He wanted to see what happened there.  Nothing has happened, but Hurney is expected to “get around” to signing his contract soon, if he hasn’t already.

Yasinskas notes that the Panthers don’t announced front office contracts publicly, and last time it took months for Hurney’s last extension to go public.

So whether John Fox is in Carolina in 2011 or not, it appears Hurney will stick around. At the very least, he’ll be getting paid by the team.

13 responses to “Marty Hurney has extension offer

  1. Stupid move here. Hurney needs to be out of Carolina. Danny Morrison is beginning to worry me. I really thought he would come in and fix things but the longer Hurney is the GM the longer it is going to take to turn this team around. They need MAJOR changes throughout the personnel department and especially at the very top with Hurney and Fox.

  2. I am a Panther fan who likes the move. You don’t overhaul the car when the front end is knocked out of line. Hurney has a knowledge of talent, the cap, and his moves have been good. Come on, since he has been in Carolina, all of his first round choices are starting-Jordan Gross, Julius Peppers (now gone-not sure if Hurney was GM then), Thomas Davis, Jon Beason, Chris Gamble, Jeff Otah, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart may as well be a starter. Several of them are pro bowlers, and a few others will be. No Sherrard Andersons in that list.
    Now look at the other end of the spectrum-the 7th round. Mackenzie Bernadeau will start at RG this year. Captain Munnerlyn will be the nickel or start. Geoff Schwartz looked good when Otah went down, proving that he is a key backup who could start other places. Hilee Taylor could be the second speed rusher Meeks needs. Not bad.

  3. Huge Panthers fan since the expansion here. I am not a big fan of Marty Hurney, the talent evaluator. However, I am a big fan of Marty Hurney, the salary cap specialist. Hurney and Fox have done a great job drafting in the 1st round, but have really struck out in the 2nd round.
    I don’t have a big problem keeping Hurney around based on his ability to structure his team salary cap wise. However, I would like to see the franchise bring in someone who can compliment Hurney as the chief talent evaluator, similar to what the Dolphins and Browns have done by bringing in Parcells and Holmgren respectively.

  4. Hurney has made some good moves but has failed to produce a back to back winning team since being there and has proven he fails on most of his 2nd-4th round picks. He has gotten lucky on a few 7th rounders and it looks bad when you have 2 7th round picks who have fared better than any of your 2nd-4th rounders have. Any idiot should be able to hit on 1st round picks. If you can’t get a starter in the top 32 picks then you are just plain pathetic.

  5. Drithe and Saintsbucspanthers have officialy been crowned the douche’s of 2010.. why the hate for Panthers, fellas?? haha, yall crack me up..

  6. What happend to all the morons saying Hurney was getting fired in June?
    Hurney is better than you morons realize.
    Fox and Hurney will be back after next year…guranteed.

  7. How has Hurney done a good job? He franchised Peppers last year costing the team being able to provide depth, he traded away this year’s number 1 pick for a second rounder in a weak draft, and has never complemented Steve Smith after all these years. I’m not a Panther fan at all, so I hope he signs the extension.

  8. How much do people really care about carolina? Move them out to Los Angeles and bring all of those North Carolina fans back to Redskins fans.

  9. Under Hurney .571 record and 4 playoff appearances. Stability in organization.
    A lot of franchises wish they could have that record over the last 8 years.
    I like a guy that sticks with his coach during tough times.
    good organization there at the Panthers

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