PFTV tries to fix the Seahawks

When it comes to getting better, any team in the wide-open NFC West should approach that challenge by considering an immediate trade for Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Short of making a move that would instantly make the team that gets him a contender to win the NFC West each of the next five years, the Seahawks can do some other things to get better.

PFTV takes a look at a franchise that has fallen on very hard times only five years after its first-ever Super Bowl berth.


11 responses to “PFTV tries to fix the Seahawks

  1. Hey Florio, what year did Fresno State join the Pac 10?
    And your thought of the NFC West being “wide open” is based on your dislike of the Cardinals and not actual facts/truth.
    Good reporting.

  2. You really think Leinart’s gonna lead the Cardinals to the playoffs?
    He couldn’t lead the Cardinals to a win over the Titans, the 31st ranked passing defense last year. He came in vs the Bears when the game was won, and they had to pull him again.

  3. “And your thought of the NFC West being “wide open” is based on your dislike of the Cardinals and not actual facts/truth. ”
    Yes LGC…much like how your disagreement with that statement and general optimism about the Cardinals’ chances are based on the fact that you’re a fan.
    Their roster has been GUTTED and if you seriously think that Porter, Leinart and Breaston are anywhere near good enough to replace Dansby, Rolle. Warner and Boldin…well then you need to double your dosage.
    Look AZ had a nice 2 year run but it’s back to mediocrity this year. Sorry.

  4. PFT and Florio have developed the reputation of being a hack site. Florio attacks the people he doesn’t like, and kiss the backside of those he does. Much of it probably depends upon who will bother to talk to him. Florio knows nothing about Pete Carroll except from past history. Florio is obviously not an insider in Seattle, because he reports nothing about recent changes since Carroll arrived. Forio’s criticism of Seattle QBs doesn’t even account for – HELLO- the recent Charlie Whitehurst acquisition. PFT is a hack site, nothing more.

  5. The NFC West is wide open. It has nothing to do with “liking/disliking” a team. There are no clear front runners in that division.
    Hell every team in the division needs a QB.
    This is an actual fact.
    So what is this guy “LGC” talking about? Just another guy jumping on the “bash Florio” bandwagon.

  6. Mora a good head coach? Really…He drove the Falcons into the ground, drove the Hawks secondary into the ground, then drove the whole Seattle team into the ground. He threw players under the bus after games, teams were never prepared for games, he just sucked.

  7. That was pretty bad Florio. Stick to your lame-ass east coast teams because you obviously don’t know much about the Pac-10 or the Seahawks. WESTSIIIDE

  8. Mora jr was NOT a good coach period. Running around screaming we need more “dirtbags” did NOTHING for that team.
    At least Pete Carroll is starting to clean house and dump the dead weight. It may take a few years for the Hawks to wipe up the mess, but they seem to be moving in the right direction.

  9. The title “fix the Seahawks” was misleading. Aside from critisizing Carroll, Hasselbeck and the O-line, and praising Mora, what did you suggest? Nada.

  10. WOW Fresno STATE? MORA BEING A GOOD COACH!!!! geez Florio is rediculous… just signed up to this site yesterday and im already realizing i made a mistake… I do agree with his comments about our injuries. This isnt bad luck and something needs to happen. Our players are getting hurt often these past two years. Im not trying to BASH the cards here but they lost A LOT of talent.. NFC West is up for grabs and id say 9ers and Hawks are the two teams most likely battling for the division. Sorry Leinhart

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