Ricky Williams gives back

Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams celebrated Good Friday by giving away more than 300 Easter dinners to needy South Florida families, saying his effort was part of a broader realization, toward the end of his NFL career, that he wants to make positive contributions to society off the football field.

There should be some benefit to us being here, besides entertainment and playing football,” Williams said. “We all make pretty good money, so I think, especially in hard economic times, we should have more of a presence.”

Williams was joined by volunteers including several of his teammates as well as his new agent, Drew Rosenhaus. As we’ve previously noted and the Miami Herald points out, the hiring of Rosenhaus was a strong signal that Williams doesn’t plan on the 2010 season being his last.

But even as he prepares for a future in football, he’s also expanding his focus beyond football.

“I do want to make my presence felt — more than just on the football field,” Williams told the Sun-Sentinel. “I wasn’t sure about doing a big production like this, but when I realized how much help I could get by doing it like this, I jumped on it.”

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  1. Ricky is a class act…you guys need to run more stories like this one here.

  2. For all the flak he’s taken, he’s always been aware that there’s more to life than football. He’s not a saint, but he certainly could be a role model (the flawed kind, stripped of idealism) for many NFL players. Warrick Dunn is an even better example, and there are more, but publicizing his good works without a single snarky comment is something admirable, PFT.

  3. Ricky may not have always made the best decisions, but he has always had a good heart.

  4. hes one of those players that i hope to god retires as a dolphin. ive only truly felt the same for marino, taylor and thomas. dolphin fans know the feeling

  5. Way to go Ricky…yes, you all do “make pretty good money.” Glad to see you’re at least making an effort…

  6. Before the morons start in with the “hey florio this isn’t news dipshit” stuff (guys, it’s the offseason) I want to say good on you, Ricky.

  7. Ricky is a good man! NFL should legalize 420! Weeeeeeed Man DOES NOT Enhance Performance!
    We can shoot them up with all sorts of Pain Killers, but they can not smoke a natural plant?
    Anyways much respect for Ricky, good to see him giving back and helping out his community.

  8. I still like Ricky Williams. What were his big crimes? Smoking pot, like what, 60% of the readers here do? Sure here’s a different brand of guy but I’d rather here about him than Roethlisberger any day.

  9. good for ricky…too much time is spent on the negative and not the positive…he couldve spent that money on a brick of weed…

  10. good job ricky. as a long time fan i’ve seen your great,good,bad & ugly and i’mvery impressed with what i’ve seen of you over the last couple of seasons and i hope you end up in the ring of honnor by the time you are done

  11. You go Ricky!
    That is awesome to hear a pro say he ought to give back!
    I hope more of his peers follow suit.
    You listening you cabbage headed, me-first, me-second and third, selfish pro athletes and other selfish entertainers!
    And given all the bull Ricky has had to deal with from his legal problems and crap about smoking weed, it’s great to see HE GETS IT!!

  12. Good for him.
    He’s done a lot of stupid things, but it’s nice to see him doing something good.
    It’s also nice to see news like this to balance out the arrest ticker.

  13. Considering the took a few years off his age shouldn’t be a big issue yet. Doesn’t have more than a few years left, but aside from sharing a habit with Santonio Holmes he hasn’t been a bad guy off the field.
    Nice to hear a good story about players every once in awhile.

  14. Williams’ career has been one of the most dynamic of any player I’ve ever heard about. It’s all topped off by his ability to remain productive at age 32.
    Yes, I know he missed a year altogether and was on IR the year after that, but he’s still at 9,000 yards for his career

  15. His only problem was smoking some weed…oh no, what about the children!! -Sarcasm.
    Good for Ricky!! I think all of the media backlash he endured has made me like him even more. Once all the anti-weed old generation dies off, nobody will have to feel like a criminal smoking a little pot anymore.

  16. Ricky gets it! I’ve always understood Ricky more than others. When Wandstadt was going to kill him with another 300+ carry season. He cared little about $ and took a holiday in Australia in a tent. (And now he’s still a productive RB in his 30’s) Theres more to life than money!!!! He has been judgeD and ridiculed hard. Did he ever kill someone in a 2ND DUI (St L RAM player) or get caught cheating with a performance enhancing drug (many!) NO!!!!!!!!! Good Job Ricky. Doing something for others-BRAVO!!!!!!

  17. If I had told you two years ago that Ricky Williams would be a better role model than the entire Steelers team combined, you would have said “put down the blunt you tree hugging hippy”. And I would have said “No”.

  18. Quality guy, pot smoking and all.
    I don’t doubt that a lot of players in the league do work that’s similar to this that maybe doesn’t get published but it’s great to see a guy like Ricky, who’s had his problems (Which aren’t problems for me, but I guess rules are rules) really getting stuck in with this sort of thing. These guys are privileged to earn the money and respect that they do and for Ricky to come out, when dozens of other players are wanting new contracts, and do what he’s doing, is truly awesome to see.
    Despite being a Jets fan, I hope that Ricky has a few good years left in him. Class Act.

  19. Ricky has come a LONG ways in his life, keep up the good work and thanks for all that you do in the community!

  20. Say what you will about Ricky, but he “gets it”… Good for him to realize that life isn’t all about money, woman, cars, and going to clubs…..
    As for signing with Drew R., he obviously wants to have the best agent negotiate his last contract…Again, another smart move by Ricky…..
    Good Luck Ricky, You will always be welcome in GB..

  21. Good job Ricky, strong running back who I hate to face twice a year, but we all know who the new kid on the block is for the AFC EAST, JETS BABY JETS, see ya New England…

  22. I was liking this story, but a little wary that his freakin’ agent was present…kind of stunk up the story a little

  23. Way to go Ricky!
    It should be noted though, that a lot of players from every team give back to their communities. They all deserve a pat on the back for their efforts.

  24. Mr. Florio, I have been on this site for many years. Since you were a snot nosed lawyer, since before Dookie crapped in dorm rooms and Tatum stole luggage.
    I felt compelled to sign up to respond to this.
    I come to this site, 6 to 8 times a day, and God Bless you guys for all the year round football, your the best site on the internet.
    But you always, always gave Ricky a hard time. Now I’m a DIE HARD Buffalo Bills fan, so Ricky hasn’t always played for my favorite teams, but he has always seemed like a very nice, humble and harmless guy.
    I really appreciate, from a fan stand point you showing Ricky not as a criminal or drug addict but as a humanitarian. He always seems like a class act, and I would be proud to wear his jersey or have him on my team or in our front office (even though he won’t go that route post-football).
    Nothing but Love for Ricky Williams!!!

  25. He took a lot of flak for it but getting away from football for a while was the smartest thing Ricky ever did. Dave Wannstedt’s entire offensive game plan consisted of “hand off to Ricky 35 times a game, play action on 3rd down, punt”. He would have never survived another 380-400 carry season and would have been on the washed-up RB scrap heap years ago.

  26. All of you guys that are making references to Ricky’s drug times are just idiots. He has completely turned his life around and has become a great guy. So he made one mistake in his life. He moved on and has learned from it. I am a dolphins fan and was furious when he did drugs. You just have to forgive and forget. YOU ARE A GREAT GUY RICKY.

  27. Ricky gives back?
    In stoner world he is called a black-hole. (funny in a number of ways but I digress) Normally when the J gets to him it never comes back.

  28. 300 dinners to the 300 different women that bore him children..and a gallon of dirty bong water..

  29. Good for Ricky, he’s in a better place now. I say he has another 2 years in him as a by committee back trading between Ronnie and Lex Hilliard.

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