Rogers officially pleads not guilty

S. Rogers.jpgBrowns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers was back in Cleveland court Saturday morning, pleading not guilty to concealed weapons charge after the airport security found a loaded handgun in his bag.

The maximum penalty for the charge is 18 months.  Rogers has already apologized for the incident, saying he didn’t know the gun was there.

I don’t know enough about law to understand how you can be “not guilty” by using the “whoops” defense, but perhaps Florio can explain it later.  Rogers plans to fly to Houston Saturday.

His lawyer says Rogers will make sure to “check everything” in his bags before he leaves.

41 responses to “Rogers officially pleads not guilty

  1. Wow he really is an idiot. This is pretty much the definition of “open and shut case”.

  2. In his defense, I once was on my way to the airport getting ready to check in. I forget for what reason (I think I was looking for my boarding pass), when I found an old small hunting knife tucked away in one of the zippered compartments. I probably hadn’t used the bag in years and just totally forgot about it. Now, this is not the same as forgetting about a loaded weapon. And had it been discovered, it may just have been confiscated (we’re talking about a very small and dull blade–almost like a pocket knife). But, given the times we live in, maybe not. My point is simply that it’s feasible that he didn’t know it was in there. The loaded gun incident happened to a friend of mine (who like me discovered it as he was in line to go through security–called someone to the airport to come get it from him). Yes. It’s careless. But it’s not as shocking as the anti-gun MSM pansies will have you think. Just because they’re petrified of the very notion of guns or owning a gun, for those who do and are used to being around them, sometimes you just forget and in a “rush” to the airport, it’s feasible he forgot. He’s never struck me as a “Norman Einstein” type 😉

  3. hmmm… how do you plead not guilty? Either you have the gun in the bag = guilty. Or no = not guilty. What an idiot.

  4. I’m not guilty, my mother put that loaded 45 in my bag. A lot of these freakin players are getting like politicians, thinking they are above the law and the common folk.

  5. I give Shaun Rogers props for personally addressing the media after his release from jail. Most guys would have their lawyer read some b***sh** statement (yeah, that means you Mike Vick). I’m sure there will be a bunch of haters commenting on how the guy is a thug. But Barry Switzer did the same thing…

  6. Maybe his lawyer will realize the “whoops” defense won’t work so they’ll try the “chewbacca” defense.

  7. steelerfanjj says,
    “Takes away from all of the Steeler-bashing though!”
    Yep, this is just as serious as rape, or assaulting(allegedly) a woman like Santonio Holmes did. Whatever it takes for you Stooler fans to still support Big Ben right? She wanted it right? Losers, all of you.

  8. Its such a scary thought that someone would just “forget” about a loaded gun being in their luggage. In this case forgetting is more irresponsible than ignorance. Throw the book at him, lock him up for the max term. Maybe he and Plaxico can work on a gun safety and responsibility PSA. Maybe that would spare the next paranoid millionaire who believes he’s going to shoot his way out of a jam.

  9. “I don’t know enough about law to understand how you can be “not guilty” by using the “whoops” defense”
    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  10. Concealed weapons permit is only valid in the state it is issued in. Would think these buffoons would learn from Plaxico’s mistake.

  11. Gregg Rosenthal says
    I don’t know enough about law to understand how you can be “not guilty” by using the “whoops” defense, but perhaps Florio can explain it later. Rogers plans to fly to Houston Saturday.
    The last time Florio used “whoops” in the court room was after having two bean and cheese burritos for lunch.
    Needless to say, the Judge was not amused

  12. This guys either doesn’t give a shit about why we have laws, or he’s a total idiot!
    Another example of a turd that the NFL hires.

  13. The airlines have a right to prohibit weapons and a right to search passengers before boarding. The purpose of the search is to prevent weapons from being carried onto an airliner, not to arrest people. If one takes the fourth amendment to the US Constitution literally, the search without probable cause would mean that Rogers could not be convicted of breaking a law.
    But yes, it was stoopid.

  14. Yesterday he was “truly remorseful”. Today he’s innocent. That’s an amazing transformation.

  15. Like Plax and Marv Harrison and a few others, Shaun was just packing heat in case he “ran into trouble”.
    Can’t be too careful these days, can you dumbass?

  16. Dixon29-
    “She wanted it, right?”
    Of course she did, you idiot. He’s rich and famous- and don’t think she didn’t know that. Damn, you’re dumb.

  17. I think that pro athletes have probably spent a few decades in prison (cumulatively) and paid millions of dollars in fines over gun charges.
    I cannot recall a single incident where having a gun saved an athlete, or anyone around them, from harm

  18. C’mon now. Even more stupid than carrying a loaded gun to an airport would be pleading guilty/no contest to a felony right off the bat. Give his lawyer some time to talk to the prosecutor, and he’ll probably cop to a lesser charge and stay out of jail.

  19. “I forgot I had a loaded gun in my luggage so I am not guilty!” What an idiot. I guess if he knocked up some chick he would say, I did not think she would get pregnant so I am not the father! Typical Brown player, a waste!

  20. Seems like his lawyer’s plans including submitting his wonderlick score… and saying two things.
    “My client is not so smart… and he’s really really sorry.”

  21. He pled not guilty because the law probably states “with the intent to go armed” or even something to effects of “with malicious intent.” That is why he is saying he didn’t know it was there. The prosecution then has the prove he did know it was there and intended to take the gun on the plane. A similar thing happened to Barry Switzer when he was coach of the Cowboys and he got off pretty lightly.
    But yes, as a gun owner, he should know where all loaded guns he owns are located and he is an irresponsible gun owner if that is the case.

  22. I told all you Ted Thompson lovers that Rogers was no good. His goody-goody act was all for show. Now we really know what a bad guy he actually is. If we had just kept Brett as our QB and cut Rogers we wouldn’t be dealing w/ this embarassing situation ……oh, wait…never mind.

  23. He’s only pleading not guilty until he’s offered a deal. He’ll get his slap on the wrist and do public service of some sort. Unless the prosecuter has something to prove, or unless the government tries to make an example of him, he won’t do any jail time. The NFL will slap him for 4 weeks max, and he’ll be rushing QBs by October.

  24. I dont know if it’s the increased media spotlight and this stuff just wasn’t reported as much. but what’s going on with NFL players? We use to rip the NBA for their athletes doing stupid stuff, and in my opinion that is why it’s lost so much popularity. A lot of people that use to be NBA fans now feel that the league is run by “thugs” The NFL is getting closer to that perception as well.
    Athletes have never been choir boys. But the league has got to do something more severe as far as punishment is conderned. If people see these guys playing a year after they have been charged, done jail time, or performed some other act completely void of judgement, fans will begin to feel the same level of frustration. In turn, the NFL will feel the same kind of venom. SAD

  25. Maybe he is an undercover airplane marshall. It’s the best way to explain his story….don’t want to blow his cover.

  26. Maybe Mangini had one of his goons plant the gun, so he could get rid of Rogers. Ever think of that???Huh???

  27. I think there should be some sort of size limit attached to gun permits. Anyone over 6-3 and 300 pounds does not NEED a gun.

  28. thank u, ace 4 tellin these bunch of tools.. u never plea guilty right of the bat.. y’all go watch some law & order reruns.. geez..

  29. Like others, I completely understand what Rogers did.
    I was going to the airport last month and completely forgot that my grenade launcher was still in my carry-on bag.
    Then last weekend I was flying to DC when I forgot that my magnum-40, glock 93, and super-awesome-stealth guns were all in my pockets.
    How am I supposed to know when and where they are?

  30. Lawyer says he “will be sure to check everything in his bags next time”….
    O.K., lets see….
    22 pounds of turkey drumsticks….good
    1 dozen packages of Oreo cookies…good
    portable gaming console….good
    freezer bags of pot and cocaine…meh, maybe leave behind.
    steroids and rig……yeah leave behind.
    48 pack of condoms…..O.K…..
    Glock and ammo….Oh Yeah! Leave behind this time for sure.
    Porn and Snuff DVDs…Should be good, maybe take out the underage stuff and the bestiality.

  31. Pretty easy to forget something like that if you’re baked. Dumb, but he’s no Ben Rapistberger.

  32. Much ado about nothing; it is not like Rogers was going to hijack the plane. People forget that for hundreds of years, people always traveled with guns, and no one thought anything of it.
    Anyone that has a carry permit is so used to carrying a gun, it loses some much of the “shock” factor the posters seem to associate with it. And someone like Rogers is always on a plane going somewhere unlike most of the posters.
    After all it is simply a tool not a delicate, dangerous entity like a bottle of nitro. Modern guns are almost impossible to fire accidentally.
    While he made a mistake, he would have been an idiot if he plead guilty because he then loses any leverage he has at all with the prosecutor.

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