Sam Bradford thinks it would be cool to play for Mike Shanahan

Sam Bradford isn’t going to pull a John Elway, but he would like to play for John Elway’s old coach.

“If you look at some of [Denver’s] offenses and look at the things that Elway was able to do, I think it’s pretty cool to think that I
might have the chance to one day play in that offense. I think that’s pretty exciting,” Bradford said Saturday in an interview with Rick Maese of the Washington Post.

We don’t take those words as a slight towards St. Louis at all.  Bradford would never say it and maybe he doesn’t even think it.  But there’s no doubt Washington is a better situation than St. Louis.

In St. Louis, you have a defensive head coach (Steve Spagnuolo), an unproven offensive coordinator (Pat Shurmur), and a franchise in transition.  In the other corner, you have the Shanahans and Dan Snyder’s deep pockets. 

Fault Mike Shanahan for other things, but no one doubts his ability as an expert play-caller and as a developer of quarterbacks.

That’s why Bradford should prefer Washington, even if he’s too professional to say it.

44 responses to “Sam Bradford thinks it would be cool to play for Mike Shanahan

  1. The more i hear from Young Samuel Bradford, the more i’m willing to kick JC17’s ass out from under center and replace him with Sam Bradford.
    With Mcscabb gone the NFC East turns into a 3 team division.

  2. And if Sam could somehow let the Redskins know that he would give them “some kind of break on the contract” if the Redskins traded up to get him #1, he then might get to play for Shanahan.

  3. St. Louis Head Coach = Steve Spagnola. Washington is more ideal situation for Bradford. So you are telling me a Native American QB wants to play for the “Redskins.” Awesome reporting.

  4. What for it . Because this is a post about the Redskins, a juvenile idoitic comment will be coming from Boysroll.

  5. Bust. Hardly a first rounder some years. Next years crop will destroy this group.
    You hear rumblings that this is one of the best 1st rounds in recent years. Who is saying such a thing that is causing people who repeat things they don’t understand to repeat it?

  6. Defenses can drive an 18 wheeler through our oline. Bradford has a shoulder consistency of paper mache; You draft this guy and he will be on IR by midseason.

  7. Too bad he won’t get that chance since STL is taking him. He sure would be passing up big bucks if he were to get his “wish” thought.

  8. When he says he would like to be part of the rebuilding in St. Louis it’s not news, but when he says something about the Redskins it makes headlines.

  9. Bradford is part Cherokee and a member of the Cherokee nation… guess Shanahan and money is enough to play for a team whose name demeans his blood

  10. stl,
    That would be because ‘Bradford to Washington’ is the media ‘wannabe’ story of the year. If I’m the Rams GM, and I’m not, but, if I was, I’d swap the #1 spot for the #4 so the Redskins could take Brradford (and pay him $40 mil guaranteed). Of course they’d have to give me thier #4 plus thier 2-7 picks this year + next years #1 and Brian Orakpo, but I’d do it.

  11. bradford is one of the best QB prospects that i have seen in a very long. time. his one fault may be his arm strength, but a boy can always get stronger. he has great anticipation, precision with his throws, very good mechanics, an uncommon understanding for the game considering how very short a period of time he has been playing it and a general calmness about him that cannot be taught by any football coach. not to mention he has good size and will obviously bulk up some as he becomes a pro. i would love to see him go to the skins and be developed properly but i see this kid as an excellent NFL QB if he does not get beaten up by the shortcomings of a poor offensive line. i would be absolutely ecstatic to have sam as my QB of the future.

  12. Why can’t he just be like jamarcus russell and take the money and suck big c@ck! All southern quarterbacks blow goat cheese!!!!!

  13. With the skins line, glass shouldered Bradford should last at least a couple games before his career of being injured becomes very obvious.

  14. He would get killed in Washington behind that offensive line. I’m not saying the rams line is great but at least St. Louis has #2 pick from last year LT Jason Smith who should be much improved along with a solid center and Jacob Bell at guard. Sure they need help on offense but at least their offensive line has some talent. Oh wait the skins signed Artis Hicks so their offensive line is set.

  15. The biggest problem in Washington is not the O-line. I know everyone likes to say that if you don’t have a great line, it doesn’t matter who you have at qb. Bullshit. You mean to tell me that every team in the league with a good qb has a good O-line? Please child. The good qb’s in the league are guys who can make plays, especially when things aren’t going perfectly. Guys who are instinctive and can improvise. These are simply not attributes of Jason Campbell (a projected 3rd-4th rd pick with a 16 Wonderlic score, who was inexplicably traded up for by Joe Gibbs). And this big arm that Jason has is nothing more than a big windup. How many deep balls has JC hit? Very few. Even though he’s throwing to Santana Moss! Shit, even that turd Mark Brunell could find Moss from time to time. So stop making excuses for JC (different OC’s, bad O-line, receivers, yada yada) and deal with the fact that he’s just not very good. Bradford, Clausen, Tebow, McCoy, anyone, but JC.

  16. I wish the dat gum draft was tomorrow so all this crap would come to an abrupt halt. Sooooooo tired of this already. 19 days can’t go fast enough.

  17. “things Elway was able to do”
    You mean things like, taking 14 years to get to the Super Bowl? Pffft, yea, that’ll go over well with Danny and every Redskins fan. If that’s the case, keep Jason in, he’s only got 10 years left. Super Bowl LIV MVP Jason Campbell. It’s got a nice ring to it. I can’t wait!
    P.S. “☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc”, you’re an idiot. Replacing JC with Bradford doesnt make your 4-12 team a playoff team, nor better at all.

  18. # Benjamin C Klein says: April 3, 2010 3:47 PM
    “Bradford is part Cherokee and a member of the Cherokee nation… guess Shanahan and money is enough to play for a team whose name demeans his blood”
    Geeze, look, I’m from Oklahoma and happen to be part Cherokee too, but I could care less what the team in DC calls itself.
    Some people have better things to do with their lives than get upset by petty bullshit, obviously you don’t.

  19. Hey Bradford,
    You think you’ll be the next John Elway? I mean, if you can take more than one hit without sitting out 12 games, that is.
    You know Sam, John Elway took a lot of hits playing for Shanahan. You know that, right? You are going to have to actually play through injuries for the first time in your life. And people might be mean to you, and yell at you, and try to hurt you, and spit on you, and poke their fingers in your eyes.
    Hope you don’t get your feelings hurt too much out there pal. Of course, you could just do like Brady Quinn and take that big NFL money, and then just sit there like a turd for years and do nothing while you cash the paychecks. Tweak your hammey once every two months, and you will never have to actually play in a real game.

  20. # oaklandx510 says: April 3, 2010 3:58 PM
    Why can’t he just be like jamarcus russell and take the money and suck big c@ck! All southern quarterbacks blow goat cheese!!!!!
    Super Bowl XLIV
    Peyton Manning – born in Louisiana
    Drew Brees – born in Texas
    3 out of the 4 QBs in the conference championships were born in Southern US lol

  21. The price from 4 to 1 is too steep. In a year when they say many big boys are available: Set the table. Draft o-line. Find the steal. Act like you’re starting a wheat farm. Hail!

  22. Of course he prefers to play where the money is. I’m sure if Jerry Jones was in the mix he’d want to go there too. And Washington obviously wants him. The question is how much is Danny boy willing to give up. The Rams will make this deal if the offer is sweet enough.

  23. Defensive minded HC or not, Spagnuolo is an intelligent football guy. Although, Suh maybe the safest and closest thing you get to a surefire draft pick here, I would be shocked if he did not draft his QB here.
    Bradford will be a Ram come 4/22!

  24. The guy just doesn’t want to go to St. Louis! I wouldn’t be surprised if him and his camp pulls an Eli on draft day.

  25. @Boofer T Justice:
    How many 4th qtr comebacks does JC17 have? 1 maybe 2.
    How many playoff games/victories/TD passes has JC17 led the ‘Skins to?
    you’re the idiot. Shannahan and an impressionable young QB is a recipe for playoff runs for years to come.
    JC17 was overrated at Auburn and mediocre at best the league.

  26. Boofer T Justice says:
    April 3, 2010 4:42 PM
    “things Elway was able to do”
    You mean things like, taking 14 years to get to the Super Bowl?
    You my friend are the idiot.

  27. ItalianArmyGuy, most fans know that Quinn’s contract doesn’t pay him much if he just sits there and does nothing. HE has to get 70% of the teams snaps to trigger decent money. He has been playing for NFL ‘minimum wage’ for his time in the league thus far.

  28. Redskins, draft Okung. Fix O line, start Campbell. Draft QB next year. And when the Redskins used to play the Cardinals there would always be a big native american fan presence. I believe they were mostly Pima Indian.

  29. hmmmmmm… It looks to me like you wanna prop this guy up.. and throw another QB prospect under the bus all the time. I’m betting if JC said the word “cool” in any of his comments, you’d be planning on a way to grill his ass again, but with Bradford, it’s allllll good…. what a douche

  30. Matt Cribbin,
    That would be the wise approach. Addressing the offensive line this year and then draft a QB next year would be the best way to go but Dan Snyder hasn’t made a big splash in free agency as usual so he will want to draft a QB at #4 rather than take Okung. Hey at least they still have Colt Brennan who redskins fans were declaring a superstar two years ago.

  31. As a skins fan I know the whole saga. We need to replenish our coffers in terms of offensive linemen in the worst way and this draft is the perfect draft to do it with.

  32. @☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc
    Bradford obviously has zero everything in the NFL. Which is less than Campbell. I never said JC was the answer. I’m saying the only time you’ll see Bradford on the field during a Redskins game next season is when the ‘Skin visit STL.
    Get to and win… is what I meant. Next time you might want to give the excuse for calling someone names rather than blurting out something as if you have tourettes. Besides, I already know I’m an idiot.

  33. hey Bradford, unless you have Elway’s arm and legs, you won’t be doing anything in Shanarat’s system.

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