Andy Reid will speak tonight

Well, our quiet Easter evening has certainly become a little more lively.

Eagles coach Andy Reid will speak to reporters about the trade of Donovan McNabb at 9:30 P.M. ET.  We’ll also hop on a conference call with other reporters and Reid at 10 PM, so leave any snarky questions you want asked in the comments, even though we probably won’t ask them.

Reid has always been portrayed as McNabb’s staunchest ally in the Eagles organization.  It will be interesting to hear his words about why he’s so confident that McNabb won’t hurt the Eagles when he faces them.

Actually, it probably won’t be that interesting because Reid doesn’t give away much when he speaks.  He’s already released a quick statement.

This was a very tough decision,” Reid said.  “He carried this
organization to new heights. We thank him for everything

58 responses to “Andy Reid will speak tonight

  1. My first post ever on here. It’s a privilege to join such a prestigious and well respected forum.

  2. Ask Andy Reid if Michael Vick spent time on this Easter Sunday holding a bunny rabbit fight, and what he did with the ones who lost.

  3. He is going to cry. I can hear it “He is like my son, only, well you know, whaahh!”
    McNabb is going to cost you your job Reid. He kept you employed since 1999, but it is to the unemployment line with you.

  4. Philly fans are known to be tough on players on their teams in the city.
    Now the TEAM treats one of the best players in the team’s history like dirt.
    Next big name to leave Philly; Andy Reid, end of season.

  5. You should probably remind him that teams in the same division play each other twice a year.

  6. Shanny threw in 2 – 72oz steaks to persuade AR. Also dessert was thrown in. Time is yours.

  7. Did ridiculous comments, like those from Warren Moon make you angry?
    Is Kolb #1 or is it an open competition between he and Vick?
    Hey Andy, speaking of shedding dead weight …

  8. He’s confident that McNabb won’t hurt the Eagles because the Redskins are going to deal him to someone else.

  9. My question:
    Was the offer from the Redskins so much better than any other team’s that the Eagles felt they had to trade McNabb within the division?

  10. ASk Father of the Year ANdy Reid if the trade was approved by his two sons’ probation officers…

  11. My questions: What were you thinking? Was no one offering anything better? (“no one” meaning “outside of the division”)

  12. I almost feel for the guy.
    He was against trading McNabb from the get go, and if this season goes terribly wrong, it will be him who sadly loses his job, not anyone above him in the front office.

  13. SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK says:
    April 4, 2010 9:07 PM
    Ask Andy Reid if Michael Vick spent time on this Easter Sunday holding a bunny rabbit fight, and what he did with the ones who lost.
    Man thats cold, but mighty funny.
    “it’s just a little Bunny rabbit.”
    “It is not, it is a terrible vile creature”
    Monty Python

  14. A shorter version of his remarks
    “I have no clue what I’m doing and I’ll probably be fired after this season”
    People perceive the skins as being lacking talent because they are bad. I think they have a lot more talent than people realize and that a competent qb and decent coach could quickly make them contenders. With a first time starter at qb in a division with Dallas, the Skins, and a likely better giants team I don’t see philly getting more than 5 or 6 wins next season. I could be wrong but it sure seems like Andy Reid has outsmarted himself again. It’s like philly fans think it was because of McNabb they never got over the top. Did you guys ever stop and think that it’s Reid who after 12 years hasn’t made it happen?

  15. Ask Reid if the trade terms prohibit the redskins from re-trading McNabb for higher picks from Oakland, 49ers et al.

  16. And one thing for sure this means is that if Kolb goes down, (and that’s always a good possibility with a QB), Michael Vick will be a starter in the National Football League once again.

  17. So has anyone reported whether the Redskins gave Super 5 an extension, or is McNabb a 1-year rental (with possible franchise tagging next season)?

  18. Does Andy plan on using Vick in the wildcat still?
    Why trade a QB like Mcnabb when he could just change offensive stradegy a bit and run the ball more!

  19. Highlights:
    “This was one of the toughest things that I had to do in my career…
    McNabb has been here with me this whole time…
    We tried to get him over to a team that can compete…
    I respect what he has done for us…
    I feel that we are really strong at that position… Time’s Yers.”

    I just saved you 30 minutes.

  20. What’s going to be great is McNabb coming into Philly and doing the Eagles and then listening to Eagles fans squeal!!!
    They never appreciated him and I hope they get everything they have coming to them!

  21. Question for Andy Reid:
    Why didn’t you trade McNabb a couple of years ago, when you could have gotten much more in return?

  22. Ask him why the Eagles didn’t trade McNabb for more cardiologists. By looking at the coaches,fans, and citizens there, it’s only a matter of time before there is not enough of them to fill the stadium. Take that you cheese-steak sucking morons. This is awesome.

  23. I’m so happy I’m about to cry. This is what it felt like when the Berlin Wall fell. GO KOLB!

  24. Wow, I didn’t think Philly would have the balls to do this. Now McNabb will be highly motivated, Skins need OL to protect him though.

  25. Welcome to last place Philly! Just plain stupid. Just as dumb as my friend Lowell Rikert

  26. Pukers – Favre = Stupid
    Eagles – McNabb = Stupid
    Vikes 2 Pukers 0
    Redskins 2 Eagles 0 coming soon…

  27. Either the Eagles got a nice package of draft picks in trade, or every asshole and his brother (Michael & Marcus Vick) whined enough to move him. I’m curious to see whether Kolb can pull it off as a starter.

  28. McNabb can’t win the big game and is on the downhill slide of his career. Better to get rid of him while he still has value – but not to a team within the same division.

  29. Are people idiots? You can’t compare picks from previous drafts.
    MARKET VALUE changes every year!
    The value is based on WANTS/NEEDS around the league.

  30. Chris Landry just told Fox Sports Radio that the reason the Redskins have made this deal is because they knew 100% that Bradford could not be wrestled away from the Rams.
    He said it’s a done deal that the Rams are taking Bradford, with no chance anyone will be able to trade up to get him.

  31. Liar! Just like Brett! Maybe Brett can play for the Eagles after he tanks with the queens next year!

  32. Is Shanahan going to trade McNabb and #4 to Rams for #1 – Bradford?
    I know it sounds wacky, but maybe?

  33. Mcnabb is going back to Philly to put his cleat in the Eagles asses this season for all the BS those ingrate fans put him through!

  34. Question to all Philly fans: Are you happy now? This is what you wanted right? I’m a Raiders fan and we know how to make bad deals (seymour, moss, Dhall, Javon, etc…) but this one I can’t even comprehend. To a hated rival you give the best QB in the history of the franchise. Your thoughts.

  35. Sounds like they could have gotten more from other teams (oakland) but sent him to the Skins to make McNabb happy.


  37. Damon says:
    April 4, 2010 9:08 PM
    Didn’t we get a 2nd for AJ Feely?
    Yep. As someone who thinks McNabb is overrated, I grin even a bit more at that fact.

  38. Johnnyb612 says:
    April 4, 2010 9:31 PM
    Liar! Just like Brett! Maybe Brett can play for the Eagles after he tanks with the queens next year!
    Favre 2 – Pukers 0

  39. They really must not think he has much left trading him within the division. Lets face it the Vikings know that if Favre does play this year it will be his last and that is if he plays.
    The Vikings couls have jumped on McNabb for a song and told Favre they moved on. The Vikings could have had a QB for another 3 or 4 years with McNabb.
    With the move Philly made sending him within the division and with the move the Vikings did not make speaks louder than words. Old Bruce Allen is at it again by bringing in broken down old relics.

  40. “So has anyone reported whether the Redskins gave Super 5 an extension”
    “Super 5”? Really?

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