Asante Samuel reacts to Andy Reid's remarks

Recently, Eagles coach Andy Reid said that cornerback Asante Samuel needs to play better.

Cornerback Asante Samuel has responded, sort of.

“The whole team needs to improve from the front office, to the head coach to the players,” Samuel told Derrick Gunn of


We can’t really blame Samuel for reacting to the fact that he was called out by Reid.  And Samuel showed some restraint.  But there’s a problem in Philly, apart from the future of the team’s long-term starting quarterback.

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  1. jesus, i dunno how you get paid florio, but you do.
    impressive to get the big bucks to blow shit out of proportion, isnt it?

  2. i see nothing but truth in this comment. Once again Florio is making something out of nothing.

  3. This team is going to be a train wreck after this off season. Asante doesn’t realize how overrated he really is. He refused to listen to his defensive coordinator last year and as a result he got dominated. You can’t have players like this on your team. Especially ones that aren’t as good as everyone makes them out to be.

  4. I suppose 9 INTs isn’t that impressive for Big Red. Maybe he wants Samuel to tackle more instead of pick passes off? I certainly don’t understand why Reid would call out his best defensive back.

  5. The Eagles just aren’t very good. They have a long long way to go before they reach the super bowl again. The team seems to be falling apart lately.
    The Cowboys, Giants and Redskins continue to get better in that division while the Eagles self-destruct.
    I wonder how long Andy Reid keeps his job?

  6. NON-NEWS!! Stop trying to make something out of nothing Florio. Did you not get enough peeps in your easter basket this morning?

  7. Brilliant job, Andy. Every other year he just kept his big fat mouth shut. I don’t understand why all of a sudden, this year (probably the most crucial offseason for the Eagles since 2006 after the TO fiasco), he decides to start publicly speaking about all this stuff. He should just use his typical company line, “I’m not gonna get into all that”, instead of calling out star defensive players.

  8. If Big Red had just shut his mouth about McNabb and Samuel the Eagles would be without all these problems..
    When ever he is about the open his mouth there should be a guy to shove a cheese steak in his face..
    He should figure out a way to win the Super bowl instead of yapping of about everything and creating problems..

  9. Tomorrow’s headline:
    Eagles trade Assante Samuel to Browns for a bag of Cheetos & a conditional pick.

  10. Florio’s comments more often than not belong on TMZ but you guys are more dramatic here than he is.

  11. Happy Easter Mike Florio. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’. These guys that seem to get pissed off by your stories OBVIOUSLY can’t wait to come here and read them. You ARE their life. The Asante Samuel story was terrific. Good for him. Andy Reid must have some dirty pictures of Jeffrey Lurie hidden somewhere…otherwise he would have been canned long ago.

  12. The media is having a field day this year with The Eagles, deserved or not. Seriously, it ridiculous at this point and PTF is right in the mix. My feeling is, as long as there are asses filling the seats and they remain competitive they don’t need to actually win a Super Bowl.

  13. Can you Philly fans, for once, stop acting like whiny pussies whenever something potentially negative gets posted about your overrated team? Its a site for NFL info, and if that info isn’t posted, then whats the point? If you dont like it, GTFO or simply stop clicking the links.
    Keep it up, Florio. It’s funny for the rest of us to see them cry

  14. Florio you’re really reaching for this one. Big time. A lot of players say something along the lines of what Asante said. No big deal

  15. for you cowgirl fans whistling past the graveyard, you have won a total of HOW MANY playoff games in the last decade? How many times have the Eagles been in the playoffs when you guys were deciding how to waste your #1 draft pick. So for oyoy84 – laugh clown laugh. As long as Jerrah Jonz is your owner and Wade Phillips is your HC your probability of making let alone winning the Superbowl is ZERO. Now maybe if Jerrah finally decides he doesn’t know shit about football and hires a real front office instead using nepotism like he is a freaking King, maybe you got a chance. Otherwise STFU because you, your team, your city, and your billion dollar complex are vastly overrated. And btw – I’m a Ravens fan. Not an Eagles fan.

  16. oyoy84 says:
    April 4, 2010 11:11 AM
    44-6, dont forget that one hoss.
    Asante needs to stop acting like his ish dont stink, he played like garbage last year. Trade him and Stupor 5 for Asomugha and a pick, and we can finally have the shut down corner like we thought we were getting with Ashanti.

  17. Asante cant be no righter…andy should be calln out mcpoop too..everytime mcpoop does bad andy puts it on himself..

  18. Yeah this is just weak Florio… Everyone involved with every team needs to constantly get better. This wasn’t a shot at all at anyone. If anything Reid was showing he thinks of Samuel as a leader by calling him out, and this is him saying what any player would say.

  19. What a dope! The head coach makes a comment and he attacks everyone in the organization? The only reason Andy Reid said any of this is is because the trans fat has finally invaded his brain. Think about it, hes replacing his boyfriend Mcnabb? If he thinks a probowl corner needs to get better maybe Lito Shepard and Sheldon Brown are actually still good defensive backs…..Everyone knows the only reason Andy moved to Philly was to get the cheesesteak. He had grown tired of only eating cheese. Hmm meat and cheese. thats what it says on Andy’s underwear lol

  20. Sike-1 says: April 4, 2010 11:02 AM
    jesus, i dunno how you get paid florio, but you do.
    impressive to get the big bucks to blow shit out of proportion, isnt it?
    He gets paid for catching the attention of people like you. Any other of life’s mysteries I can clear up for you?a

  21. Trade McNabb, That ought to up your teams time of possession, and in doing so, REALLY help out that Defense. LMFAO.

  22. The Cowboys, Giants and Redskins continue to get better in that division while the Eagles self-destruct. ”
    the Redskins are a joke. Worst owner in football, and since Andy Reid has been coach of the Eagles, how many coaches have they had? How many times have they made the playoffs?
    The Giants have serious holes. Their SB win was a total fluke and their coach isn’t popular with his players and might be on the hot seat this year.
    Dallas has stood still. In the NFL, when you stand still you fall behind.
    Samuel is just stating the obvious for any NFL team except the one that just won a Super Bowl. A young, talent laden roster loaded with draft picks, which has made the playoffs 8 out of the last 11 years with 5 NFCG appearances and came withing 3 points of winning a SB against a team that may or may not have cheated hardly qualifies as a mess.

  23. really? the eagles are a mess? theyre rebuilding? When has this team ever rebuilt? How many teams make the playoffs and go pretty damn far 70% of the time? Look at Reid’s numbers for a minute. His teams go to the playsoffs 72% of the time. Ever since he was made executive vice president of football operations on 2001, his teams go to the conference championship game or better 56% of the time. 56%?? That’s outrageous… I’d also mention at this time that he did it with the following QBs….
    Koy Detmer
    It wasn’t just McNabb. In fact, they probably should have let Feeley play in the playoffs against Carolina. If it ain’t broke…
    Even my fellow Eagles fans want Reid gone. And just think, I’m carving my Andy Reid statue as we speak in my basement.

  24. I see no problem here. Same thing used to go on all the time at the Reid home before his sons were sent “away”.
    Reid’s communication skills are diminishing.

  25. Sounds like the egals are falling apart
    No #5 piss off the rest of the players what did Asanti eat the last dounut?

  26. They’re both right.
    I’ve got to agree with WingT and Reginald. To me it seems like a cyclical thing which a number of teams have experienced (e.g. Pittsburg, Dallas, San Fran). They’ll have a great run for a decade or so and then fade. The difference for the Eagles is that their run of success was relative because they didn’t win the big one. I think it will be a while before the Birds will be consistent contenders again.

  27. Asante is a chump who jumps routes, gets half his interceptions leaving his responsibility to free lance and he gets burned more than those 5 plays he made, he can’t/won’t play press man coverage which is why brandon marshall caught 15 screen passes and the main reason the Dallas debacle happened. To top it off he tackles like Betty White. The D’s identity has changed to soft thanks to Samuel. Sheldon was the best corner on the field last year by far. He doesn’t take time off for stingers every time he actually tries to make a take. Trade Asante now, he’s a BUM

  28. At least Andy did’nt say i have to do a better job
    and finally called out some of these players

  29. OYOY ; i hate you ; but thats the raw deal. ;
    Asante needs take his skirt off and play football.
    Reid needs to drop Mornhinweg, for a new Offense of coordinator.
    The front office needs to stop being such 539s
    They need to get bigger on the DL across the board.
    or next year OYOY will be saying the same shit. and none of this off season drama will matter.

  30. Samuals needs to understand he is paid to be the on and off the field leader. The people are paid the most deserve the most attention. They also need to understand that extra scrutiny come with the ton of extra cash. Good for Reid going after Samuals. He forgot how to tackle last year. Reid and Co. need to improve their draft and in game management, however Samuals is not in a position to say those things. Why is it so hard for players to understand the business aspect. Most of us can be openly criticized about our job performance. Most of us realize it is not OUR job to call out management. Samuals needs to suck it up and play better.

  31. I think he’s telling everyone he don’t agree with what is going down. The team is cutting huge chunks of money off their payroll and not spending a penny on anyone. The team is in worse shape than it has been in 10 years. They trying to play for the #1 overall pick? That is what it seems like to me.

  32. Any team that didnt win the super bowl needs to improve, from the head coach, the front office, to the players. Florio is making a story out of nothing. He knows that any article involving the Eagles will get plenty of feedback so he makes stories when there shouldnt even be a story. And to OYOY84, what about 34-3???? Remember that one?? Remember when your boy Brooking was crying about the Vikings running up the score??LOL. I thought Brooking and the cobwoys defense were going to “hit ’em in the mouth!” LMFAO!!

  33. Maybe all the meatheads in NE, whobeefed heavily about letting Assante go to the eagles, see why he was let go. He’s a good player, but not worth the cabbage that Philly is paying him.

  34. ninjapleazee, yisser, JFRESH, VoxVagina, Memp!, Poopdollar, mann1976, Sike-1.
    DO YOU ALL REALIZE YOUR MORONS! Honestly, full blown, darp-de-darp-darp friggin retard morons.
    You guys piss and moan about the journalistic intergrity of this website, crap on Florio for pushing angles of stories.
    Again, ARE YOU ALL RETARDED! This is a football RUMOR (important word there), website.
    I hate all of you, go get a life or something instead of sitting on PFT all day, crapping on the stories, and trying to act like this site isn’t your whole life.
    If you don’t like the stories, go to, or espn.

  35. jan van flac says:
    April 4, 2010 11:36 AM
    The Giants have serious holes. Their SB win was a total fluke and their coach isn’t popular with his players and might be on the hot seat this year.
    The win was a Fluke well I will take every fluke I can get
    And were the other two SB wins flukes as well?
    We have been to the dance 4 times and won 3 we shut down the unstopable NE team Fluke you !!!

  36. The cowboys will win the east again. There biggest competition
    will be the giants who will not make it easy. The eagles and redskins
    will be lucky to win six games each.

  37. I like how eagles fans bring up the only history they want to count. Jerruh Jones has 3 super bowl rings. The cowboys have 2 nfc east titles and a playoff win against the sorry eagles in the last 4 years with jerry’s team and HC wade phillips. The eagles are losers of nfc championship games, they go down as the 2nd biggest losers ever to the buffalo bills who lost every super bowl they went to. Hey eagles fans, bringing up history is not your strong suit. Especially if we look back at last season how Big D tore into you 2 weeks in a row when it was all on the line. F U Florio and your stupid posts, you might as well write Cowboys VS Eagles or any other 2 teams that hate each other and you probably would get more hits and comments.

  38. And people say the Cowboys organization has problems…the Eagles are just f’d up
    I think every team NFL (in general),are going into the problem area.
    sad times … when the NBA is a stable-example
    let’s go Phillies

  39. I’m a Patriots fan, and I still miss having Asante. What I don’t miss is his lack of toughness when making a tackle!

  40. “The whole team needs to improve from the front office, to the head coach to the players”
    It doesn’t matter if he’s “right” in what he said, or wrong.
    Players who say shit like this are history, and before you ask about what Reid said, he’s the HC.
    You can try and figure out the rest.

  41. In 11 years, Andy Reid has taken the Eagles to the playoffs 8 times. Including 5 NFC Championship Games and 1 Superbowl. Pretty good for a guy who most of you think doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    In comparison, Dallas has won a SINGLE playoff game during those 11 years. Albeit against the Eagles.
    I’m just trying to figure out how the Eagles are “falling apart”. They’re one of the youngest and most talented teams in the league. Granted, they may very well experience some growing pains next year, but the Eagles FO has primed this team for one hell of a future.
    And for the record, Samuel isn’t a part of it. His interceptions don’t add up to the amount of times he got burnt last season.

  42. But there’s a problem in Philly, apart from the future of the team’s long-term starting quarterback.
    Paying $5 mil to a 3rd string QB is smart.

  43. Yeah and in 2007 Tom Coughlin was going to be fired and Eli Manning was going to be traded…I remember that.
    Reid made a public comment…which isn’t like him and Asante answered him back, publicly, with an off-handed remark…it’s fair. But as a fan you don’t like to see that.
    But I don’t think the season hinges on this exchange.
    Reid has been here for a long time and has been the ‘final say’ of this organization for almost as long. He’s made some unpopular decisions…let some guys go that really had strong presences in the locker room (Dawkins, Trotter, Westbrook, Owens, Buckhalter, Sheppard, Tra Thomas, Runyan etc.) and yet has never lost the locker room…not for a minute.
    We’re OK. I trust Reid he has given me no reason not trust him in the personnel decisions he has made in the past…
    I think that Reid felt that the game film in the meeting rooms wasn’t hitting home with Asante like it should have…the constant bubble screens thrown underneath his 15 yard cushion wasn’t enough…it was time to make it public, hurt his pride a bit…because maybe he will do the things now when people think that he can’t.
    I trust Reid.
    This site used to hear about rumors from around the league reported by others and post it here in one convenient, easy-to-read forum…now it’s become a shit starter

  44. Zeke Im an Eagles fan but are you delusional? Name me one leader on that team. I dare you to find one.

  45. @bigbluefan,
    The giants blow. Please keep in mind the eagles dominated “your” team last year. The same offense is back.
    We dont care about the super bowls from the 80’s. Your team sucks NOW.

  46. “44-6, dont forget that one hoss.”
    Really. Well don’t forget 5 Super Bowl trophies to 0, jackass.
    I love it. The complete lack of leadership from the owner on down to the trainers has the 0-3gles sniping at each other yet again.
    20-16 in Philly to take their pride
    24-0 to take the division
    34-14 to make them completely implode

  47. jan van flac says: April 4, 2010 11:36 AM
    “The Giants have serious holes. Their SB win was a total fluke and their coach isn’t popular with his players and might be on the hot seat this year.”
    you eagles fans are very stupid “a fluke” lol no we just beat a way better team than what you guys faced and won a ring. our defense held that great offense to under 20 points and eli and plax finished them off say what you want about the tyree catch but eli put that ball right on the money there is no flukes its the better team that wins obviously you idiots dont seem to understand this cause you guys cry whenever things dont go your way. it must suck to have never experienced what it feels like for your team to win the superbowl. i actually feel for you eagles fans. your team is crumbling and as long as fat reid doesnt establish a dominate smash mouth running game mcnabb will never get you to the promised land

  48. A.Samual is a ballhawk. he was before he got here and will be after we cut him. What Fat Jabba the Reid said was said to motivate A.Samual. Thats the problem isn’t it, these athletes today can’t take anything and build on it. A.Samual is right but you don’t go public and take a shot at the coach. During the season Andy almost never throws a player under the bus, players have no respect for authority until its to late. There alot like todays man. Can’t take shit and then whines about it instead of correcting the problem. I don’t like when “leaders “throw coaches or managment out there like that. It gets destructive for young players on the team. Young players who the Eagles may want to be there next group of leaders. Should have kept BDAWK, that was Andy’s single biggest mistake in the last 10 years.

  49. For all the flack McNabb gets from Eagles’ fans, I’m surprised Reid doesn’t get even more. He’s a blowhard who has done as much to wreck that team as he’s done to lead it. Personally, I think the sooner he’s gone, the sooner the Eagles will excel.

  50. In today’s game, a head coach can only have complete trust and control of his team for a short time. In my opinion (which isn’t worth anything) Reid is pushing all the wrong buttons trying to motivate his players.

  51. i cant believe what i hear from eagles fans on this sight lol it seems like you guys are happy with your nfc championship games that you lost except for one which you lost anyway in the super bowl are you guys serious ? i would trade all of that for just one ring any day. eagles organization blows and i dont care how good your team of the future is you still wont win a super bowl anytime soon and i cant wait for mcnabb to be traded so you can fall to the bottom of the nfc once again and see how stupid and wrong you people feel after you realize how much more important mcnabb really is to your gay ass organization

  52. @ vox,
    Not before dominating your team for the last decade 14-7. 1 playoff win and many horrible draft picks.
    And please you werent even around when they won in the 70’s. I know this because we had our borders closed then. You couldnt have climbed that wall.
    Cowboys blow.

  53. Its funny how all the giants fan come out running thier mouths after an 8-8 season….congrats!!

  54. cool reporting
    from the article: “(and it was not in response to a question regarding Reid’s comment)”

  55. It’s funny how everyone gets mad at Florio for posting information…remember the name of the section guys. It’s News and Rumors. I like profootballtalk because it provides me with “information” about NFL teams, whether it’s news, or rumors, or simply opinions. If you only want “news,” go to ESPN or another site that only posts official facts.

  56. hey pay me. im happy that ball went threw your hands that cost new eng a superbowl you overrated bum! but your killing me with your lousy coverage! go eagles!

  57. “And btw – I’m a Ravens fan. Not an Eagles fan.”
    Hey ppdoc13, how many Super Bowls have the Ravens won? The Eagles? You may return to this board and
    have a slim chance of being taken seriously when your
    pathetic Ravens win more Super Bowls than the
    aforementioned pathetic Ravens, Jets, Buccaneers,
    Saints, Chargers, Falcons, Titans, Panthers, Bengals, Vikings, Eagles, Bills, Seahawks, Cardinals,
    Lions, Browns, Jaguars and Texans have COMBINED.

  58. Vox, oyoy….
    Since Reid took over as HC only the Giants have a winning record against the Eagles @ 11-11. Against the Redskins and Cowboys Reid is 14-8. That means in 10 the Cowboys have ONLY beaten the Eagles 8 times do the math. That’s recent history.
    For anyone to say that the Eagles are in turmoil obviously has not been watching football. IF, the Eagles trade Mcnabb Kolb will not be called upon to pass the ball 40-50 times a game as Mcnabb has been his WHOLE ENTIRE CAREER. A running game will be installed to take the pressure off.
    Just think if the Eagles had a running game over the past 10 years?

  59. “I think Asante knows he needs to have a better year than what he had, even though he was a Pro Bowler,” Reid said. “As good a player as he is, he can be even better. And I think that’s the way he’s handling the off-season.”

  60. “I think Asante knows he needs to have a better year than what he had, even though he was a Pro Bowler,” Reid said. “As good a player as he is, he can be even better. And I think that’s the way he’s handling the off-season.”
    way to make something out of nothing, wait thats all u do

  61. I think Samuel should chill the F out. The Eagles are in a good position and they are making the right moves. It’s easy to start criticizing everything once the team drops from its formerly high perch. Hell it’s to be expected. But it is during these moments that you realize whether you have good organization or a bad one. A good one will make the necessary sacrifices and changes to ensure longer term success. A bad one will not. Samuel, and every other member of that Eagles team, should take some comfort that they are playing for an organization that will keep them near the top a lot longer than most. And it’s at times like this, when the hard decisions need to be made by the organization, that Samuels should realize running his mouth ain’t the kind of support you give to the team that gives back to you. Even if there is validity to it. At times like this you rally behind your team when it needs you the most.

  62. Man…….I’ll admit like any SB winner the Giants got hot and a bit lucky.
    Yet, I guess 2008 never happened????
    12-4 number 1 seed……..ran for over 300yds on the Ravens that year, beat the Steelers at home, 12-1 before Plax shot himself
    They were the most complete team until that point
    Lets see what they do this year…..if healthy on defense and with anyone other than Sheridan……..I like their chances at 10 wins

  63. There’s no problem. He made a correct statement that applies to any team that did not win the Super Bowl.
    Asante should know he needs to play better and can play better. Any Eagles fans know that he made some great plays and that he also left a ton of plays on the field. With a better dline and LB play he would have looked a lot better last year. At the same time he needs to at least be a slightly better wrap up tackler instead of gambling on 90% of plays.

  64. To compare Dallas and Philly is ludicrous.
    Dallas has had 33 post season wins and 5 SB trophies.
    From 1966 through 1985 they made the playoffs 18 times and won 2 SB’s.
    They went to the playoffs 6 times from 1991 to 1996 and won THREE more SB’s.
    It did not take Dallas 40 years to win their first title like Pitt or NE. Or 35 years like SF.
    They have not gone 44 SB’s without a win like Philly.
    Yes, we are all aware of the current post season dry spell with only the one win since ’96, but it doesn’t seem so dry when you compare it to some other franchises who think they are “winners.”

  65. The media inflated egos of these front-runner Cowboy fans is amazing.. Not an Eagle fan, just can’t stand this teams fans, they are a lot like Packer fans.

  66. “Just think if the Eagles had a running game over the past 10 years?”
    LOL. And if my grandmother had testicles, she’d be grandpa.

  67. “but you don’t go public and take a shot at the coach.”
    and you dont go public and take a shot at a player, either. If done early in the offseason, its a direct hint that he may be traded.

  68. whocaresaboutdallas says: April 4, 2010 1:03 PM
    The giants blow. Please keep in mind the eagles dominated “your” team last year. The same offense is back.
    We dont care about the super bowls from the 80’s. Your team sucks NOW.
    Unless they were Philly Super Bowls from the 80’s. Then Eagle fans would be bringing them up in every post. Too funny…

  69. Samuel’s one-dimensional play and general stupidity will make him very expendable once his game drops off one iota.
    Belichick knows this.
    Now Reid does too.

  70. It did not take Dallas 40 years to win their first title like Pitt or NE.
    Yes, it’s obvious Dallas only won titles when there was no salary cap and they could outspend 90 percent of the teams in the league.
    Not doing so well with a level playing field though, are they?

  71. Bigbluefan says:
    No #5 piss off the rest of the players what did Asanti eat the last dounut?
    What the hell??? Are you really that ignorant lil blue?? Do you even read the crap you post?? Unbelievable.

  72. The Eagles are a mess
    They have plenty of talent and leadership but their HC allows them to continue being medocire

  73. Even if the team won the Super Bowl, I would say he was correct. There is always room to improve in all areas, no matter how well you did the season before. Anyone who thinks any different, will lose in the long run.

  74. The Eagles got exactly what they paid for. A.S. is the same player in Philly as he was in NE.

  75. Asante is what he is. He is a ballhawk who jumps routes, nothing more. He has never been a great cover corner. Everybody should have known that when he hit the FA market and the Eagles shelled out top $$$$ for him. Don’t these guys watch film of players they will invest tens of millions on? They should have called me. I would have told them this for free. The Pats didn’t let him go because he was the second coming of Mike Haynes.

  76. Samuel is an average DB who created a PAY DAY for himself by jumping routes. The standard play in the NFC East is now to tempt Asante into a pic and then throw behind him. The not-so-subtle way he tried to reflect the blame back to Reid shows that he is uncoachable, which is why NE didn’t pay him. Like the gap tooth DE who makes many of his sacks in garbage time when the opponent HAS to throw, sometimes statistics DO lie.

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