Brandon Marshall gets married

On March 1, 2009, Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his fiancee, Michi Nogami-Campbell, were both arrested for disorderly conduct after a police officer saw them “engaged in a fight, kicking and punching each other.”

Thirteen months later, they got married.

The Denver Post reports that Marshall and Nogami-Campbell were wed Thursday by a judge in Jefferson County.

The fight happened less than a month after they got engaged in February of 2009. Charges were dropped the day after the arrests.

Marshall and Nogami-Campbell had reportedly set a date of June 19, but they apparently decided to move it up to April 1.

43 responses to “Brandon Marshall gets married

  1. Careful there, MDS. Florio doesn’t like that touchy-feely, loving and caring crap. Wedding announcements are a no-no.
    It’s the old Al Bundy thing. ; )

  2. “engaged in a fight, kicking and punching each other”….I call that rough sex. It’s all good. That same judge will see them shortly for divorce proceedings.

  3. Marshall and Nogami-Campbell had reportedly set a date of June 19, but they apparently decided to move it up to April 1.
    How fitting.

  4. He needs to get married to a football team, he picked a hell of a date to married on….lol….

  5. Getting married on April Fools Day. lol. Very fitting considering we are talking about one of the biggest fools in the league.

  6. Sooo Marshall can get a girl to commit, but not an NFL team. I like Marshall as a player and really hope this doesn’t end up with him falling out of a pickup (too soon?).

  7. This could benefit him, ground him a little… make him a better person and NFL player. Or, this could make him Orenthal James… only time will tell.

  8. Here is more of the bring Brandon Marshall down stories…He got married…be happy for the guy…damn. You want to bring up a story about how he beat her when you clearly pasted what you wanted…You didn’t paste this paragraph about the same incident did u?
    “An off-duty police officer who witnessed the altercation told ESPN that at one point Marshall grabbed Nogami-Campbell by her shirt and pinned her up against the wall, while she continued to hit and kick him. ”
    I guess if someone is punching and kicking your suppose to just let them do it till you get knocked out….stupid…leave the guy alone….last year he was a bad teammate cause he wanted more money…Who wouldn’t want more money after putting up two season’s he put up? God this site is so annoying.

  9. Im guessing the after party wasn’t held at the Golden Arches. No broken foot this offseason.

  10. Run Away Seahawks, Run Away!
    Not because he got married. That normally has positive conotations. But if he’s moved on from his first relationship that was wrought with violence, to another just like it, either he hasn’t learned a thing or he is the problem. Either way, it’s bad news. No team needs a poison pill in the locker room, regardless of how talented.
    When Seattle was evidently pursuing him, I said IF he convinces coaches that he’s matured and moved on and the new city will offer a fresh start and clean break from his posse, then perhaps it’s worth taking a chance. At this point, I wouldn’t give up a 4th round pick and I doubt anyone else will either. He and Denver are stuck with each other, at least until next year when GM’s memories start to fade. Assuming he stays clean for the year, which is probably assuming too much.

  11. —Fonetik,
    Since you believe all this nonsense i bet you still believe in santa too?
    If you feel like hating there are plenty of other people making news all over the place, why keep bringing up things that happened a year plus ago?

  12. Given his legal track record, Marshall’s court frequent flyer miles probably qualify him for a free marriage performed by a judge.

  13. I really hope this kid can grow up and do something special with his life. He has incredible talent, but is pissing it all away. Maybe marriage is the best thing that could happen for him?

  14. Man, this guy is stupid! I hope he got a good prenup, although I doubt he did. With all the trouble these two have been having, money is the only thing this girl married. Look for her to get at least half of it all to herself within another 3-18 months.

  15. I still kinda wish Ozzie picked him up. I don’t really care about the off field stuff so long as he avoids suspension. This guy is one of the leagues best players. It’s business football not high school or even varsity football. Who cares if he fights with his gf?

  16. @jocark:
    You are a moron.
    No, you need not “allow her” to punch and kick you, buy yoi need not marry her either. How about a) keeping your mouth shut so D. Williams isn’t shot, and b) look for a woman who doesn’t kick and punch you?
    I put the over / under first arrest @1 year, even money. I need 2-1 odds @6 months.
    Moron. YOU are what makes this site annoying…and the fact thay ‘lil Napoleon Florio is 4″ 10″ and talks to Dan Patrick like he’s Mel Kiper or something.

  17. Marshall isn’t as bad a kid as he’s been acting recently.
    Hopefully this brings some stability to his life.

  18. Brandon, congratulations on your marriage and on being the best receiver in the NFL. We have problems here in your hometown of Pittsburgh, a place you grew up and still love.
    Come back home Brandon. Tell your agent to do whatever it takes to make it happen. You’ll own this town in no time at all.

  19. Well, which is worse a girlfriend beater or a wife beater? I know the new Mrs. Marshall can not wait for Brandon’s new contract.

  20. I don’t know who in their right mind would marry this guy. I will never understand why women do this.

  21. Actually a wife can testify against her husband if she wants to—she just can’t be compelled to by law.

  22. This guy gets a lot of press for a guy that’s not even worth a first round pick to 31 teams in the league.

  23. Hey joscark7, antone who sticks up for a woman beater, must be a woman beater too!! This guy is a jerk plain and simple!! Once is once joscark7, he has been in trouble multiple times for domestic battery!! Stop making excuses for this scumbag!!

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