Donovan McNabb is headed to the Redskins

So much for the Washington Redskins’ quiet offseason.

In an insanely gutsy move, the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to trade Donovan McNabb to Washington, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  This is not a belated April Fool’s joke.

The Eagles have quickly confirmed the move.  Philadelphia will receive the No. 37 overall pick in the 2010 draft and either a third or fourth round pick in 2011.

We heard some big name veterans mentioned in rumors Saturday like Albert Haynesworth and LaRon Landry, but the deal didn’t turn out that spicy. Jay Glazer first mentioned the Redskins’ interest in McNabb Saturday.

The move is reminiscent of New England’s trade of Drew Bledsoe to the Bills.  Not only do the Eagles not want McNabb, they are confident they can beat him twice a year.

The Redskins were clearly offering the best deal, but Philadelphia’s amazing confidence in Kevin Kolb made this deal possible.  Andy Reid and G.M. Howie Roseman better be right.

This is going to be fun.

400 responses to “Donovan McNabb is headed to the Redskins

  1. The Eagles will hate this trade for the next few years. I hope Donovan comes to Washington and hands Philly their ass!

  2. Wow, I wasn’t sure he was going to be traded at all and I never thought they would trade him within the division.

  3. hahahhaha. Stupid move. Gonna laugh so hard when Mcnabb leads the redskins into Philly and whoops ass. Eagles may be the worst in the divsion now. Redskins took 2 steps forward with that move, all they really lacked the last couple years was a solid franchise QB.

  4. Stupidest move the Eagles have ever made. McNabb has got a lot of football left in him. I hope he beats the Eagles twice a year for the next ten years!!

  5. Traded him to a division rival?
    Skins ought to beat the Eagles twice this year if McNabb’s motivation counts for anything.

  6. Nice, they have a whole bunch of old has beens behind the worst O-Line in the league.
    4-12 maybe?

  7. OMFG!
    This is the second time I’ve said this after a signing this season, why did this have to happen AFTER I bought my season tix????
    Good lord, any other old fogeys who’s teams don’t want them anymore wanna come to D.C. for the geriatric parade in Fed Ex Field 8 weeks this fall?
    Cripes they might as well go sign “the debacled one” at this point.

  8. WTF… this can’t be true! say it aint so… we are trading our 2nd rounder for a 34-35 yr old QB?!?! please tell me we didn’t give them anything else?

  9. I’m all for giving Kolb a shot. But trading Donovan to the Redskins? Are you serious Eagles? Better be getting some serious compensation…

  10. Wow when was last time a team traded a starting QB to a divisional rival?
    Wild move on the Eagles part. Gotta agree that the Eagles appear to have decided to reload this year.

  11. OMG. I don’t believe the stupidity. Welcome back to the playoff Washington. I don’t undertand the Eagle FO. He is going to torch us twice a year

  12. Holy shit!!! Why?? He is gonna own the pathetic Eagles D twice a year as Kolb sucks it up in the spotlight. WOW!! Goodbye McNabb and thanks for the great memories

  13. YO PHILLY!!! Those Philly fans who couldn’t wait to see McNabb run out of town are trully going to regret this!!!

  14. Hahahaha.
    Eagles 2nd biggest blunder in the past two years, they still haven’t figured what to do about the 1st one.
    Hint: Both involve QB’s.

  15. This is unbelievable. I hope its the 2nd rounder and someone good. I hope we screwed over the Skins….

  16. That is very gutsy to trade him WITHIN the division to your rival. I’d do that if I thought McNabb was through. This guy has some good years yet-I hope the Eagles don’t come to regret this move!!!! WOW!!!

  17. There goes the Gaither to Washington rumor if they indeed trade their second round pick. Skins will prob take Okung now(or they should, anyway)

  18. Good thing they delayed releasing the schedule. I suspect that somehow Washington at Philly will suddenly materialize on the opening week primetime schedule.

  19. What ?? Schefter had em going to Oakland…..and he had Cable being fired….He should be a weatherman….. Never have to be right.
    Welcome to Hell:
    The Black Hole

  20. As an Eagles fan I am not sure when I’ve been more shocked- them signing Vick or trading McNabb to the ‘Skins. Never thought they would trade within the divsion. I like McNabb but his tenure was up in Philly. Seeing him twice a year will be interesting.

  21. Wow. This one would come back to hurt Philly. Washington instantly becomes a 10-win team and might be outside looking in for a playoff spot with the kind of defense they already have !!!!

  22. Wow! This move is beyond gutsy! Knowing they will have to play a super motivated Mcnabb twice a year is something you rarely see in NFL trade scenarios lately. Shanahan is rolling the dice. You can’t help to think that Philly knows something everyone else doesn’t. This move can easily blow up in their faces!

  23. Eagles trade a 1st round pick to the Cowboys and it turns into Felix Jones. Hmm, how has he done recently against the Eagles. Now McNabb to the Skins? After 10 years of enduring Philly fans, myself included from time to time, he gets to oppose the Birds twice a year. He gets to stick it to Lurie, Andy, and every person who ever criticized him. No one can ever predict how trades will turn out, but this may finally be the one that causes alot of changes in Philly the next few years. I can’t wait to see who/what we got in return. Hope its worth it.

  24. Not yeah; but Oh Heaaaaallll Yesss. The Silver & Black didn’t waste anymore lucci. I’d rather stick with Bruce Almighty and continue to build through the draft.

  25. Wow.
    Within their own division?
    To Mike ” Mr. Offense” Shanahan?
    Those are 2 games a year that Reid has to win, or he’ll be hangin’ from the Rocky statue by his tighty whities.

  26. I thought the Redskins liked JC? Why trade for a guy that’s only going to play for another few seasons and demand a high contract?

  27. Unbelievable. They just allowed the Redskins to leapfrog them in the division. So stupid. So damn stupid.

  28. Shocker… i thought he was a Raider for sure.
    Damn Shanahan keeps being a thron in Al Davis’ side…

  29. First Sonny Jurgensen. Now this.
    The Eagles are so stupid. They never appreciated the guy and now he’s going to carve them up twice a year.

  30. whawhawhat? Bad move by the Eagles. Shanny will be able to work wonders with McNabb.

  31. WOW
    So he gets to see the boo birds twice a year
    I think Andy has been hitting his kids stash what a dumb move
    I hope he kicks green ass twice a year for the next 5 years

  32. I called this – not that it matters.
    But I’m from DC (hate the Skins’ and their fans) and was in Pittsburgh on business last week..
    There’s a cabby in Pittsbrugh who got in a heated discussion with me regarding this prospective acquisition (which I called – he was a Campbell supporter) and the fact that Big Ben will be prosecuted and won’t play this year – that one is much lesss likely – but I wanted to anger the Yinzer..
    If anyone wants to veify call a cab in Pittsburgh – apparently they’re few and far between.
    Eat your heart out Schefter
    Go Chiefs!!

  33. WOWWW The Eagles trade Mcnabb to the only team in there division that has a weakness at that position. genious! Good for the Redskins they are a quality qb from perhaps even being a contender for the division in my opinion. Im lloking forward to seeing how this pans out.

  34. Trading within the division? Exactly why the Iggles are always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Stoopid.

  35. little late on the report there gregg…tell florio to wake up, ESPN had this in 30 min before you guys

  36. wow…..can you even imagine 2 division rivals and 1 of the biggest names in the division in the past 10 years. AMAZING.
    theKING must think about this for a day.

  37. I Bet Jason Campbell Will Want A Trade Now And He’ll Get Traded To A Team That Needs A QB! (BUF,ARI,OAK,CAR,SEA,JAC,STL)

  38. Wow….Wow….can’t beleive they kept Mcnabb in their own division good job Eagles now when the Redskins beat you this year the fans are going to shet bricks

  39. wow………. in the division!!!!! philly is insane they have to face this guy twice for possibly the rest of his career…………..he may finally be able to give philly the opportunity he has owed them since his draft day……the opportunity to “kiss his a**!!!!”

  40. What the hell? Why trade him within the division for a 2nd and 3rd round pick? That was the best offer they got? I am glad I am not a Eagles fan. Poor McNabb will feel so much more hate from Philly when he walks in there next season.

  41. Thank you lord NFC East look out HAIL Skins HAIL… Campbell will learn from him and now we will draft an Olinemen.. Life just gets better and better for the Skins and their fans

  42. *sigh*
    You’ve gotta be kidding me… As if this offseason hasn’t been bad enough, we trade McNabb to a division rival…
    The Gold Standard, my ass.

  43. Boom goes the dynamite. I guess that they are thinking o-line with the first pick now…

  44. Now do they still go QB with the 4th or have the other QBs learn behind McNabb?

    In the division? For a SECOND ROUNDER??

  46. Stunned. Absolutely stunned. Never thought I would see the day when a starting QB was traded from one NFC East team to another. So, McNabb gets at least two shots at the Eagles every year. Wow. I’m a Giants fan and I don’t know what to think of that. I can’t imagine what’s going thru the heads of the Philly and Skins fans right now.

  47. …and the Raiders have officially been eliminated from the playoffs on April 4th.

  48. OMG I love it now everybody can see that mcnabb doesn’t have the clutch in him and we get to see him twice a year. Incredibly gutsy but I’m excited for a new beginning with kolb!

  49. Thanks Philly!! Hope to see you in the playoffs when Donovan does what Farve has done to GB…Idiots


  51. Wow. Can’t believe they’d want to see him twice a year …in the same division.
    Ultimate dis…

  52. DAYUM!
    I was hoping that he was going to the AFC. Guess i’ll still be seeing him twice a year.

  53. We should have gotten their second and Laron Landry a 3rd or 4th next yr doesnt do much for me this year. Were clearly rebuilding trade away my fav eagle Sheldon and then my fav remaining eagle in the same weekend not too happy here.

  54. Wow. That’s some brass balls there. If McNabb has anything left, the Philly fans will be calling for the front office’s heads.

  55. Perhaps we will gun for that ‘Baller’ TEEEEBBBOWWWWW!!!!!
    Say what you wish; but like Big Daddy Kane ‘He Gets The Job Done.’

  56. This is insane! I can’t even picture him in a ‘Skins uniform.
    Gonna take a while to sink in…

  57. They will treat him a heck of a lot better in DC than they did in Philly…As a skins fan, I am ok with this!

  58. So much for them drafting Bradford or Clausen… guess they are holding out for Locker.

    So now the NFC East has a worthless team with a good QB, and a talented team with no QB?
    -Cowboys fans

  60. Wow, philly is taking a huge risk. This will come back to haunt them. Couldn’t they get a similar deal from an AFC team, Philly got hosed!

  61. Wow! Can’t believe the Niners wouldn’t have offered better. And really can’t believe the Iggles want to play vs. McNabb 2x a year! Unprecedented…

  62. for their 2nd and a 3rd or 4th conditional, not nearly worth it for the eagles

  63. Well at least we know that as a Redskin we’ll never see McNabb throwing up in the huddle of a Super Bowl game again. I wonder if this means that the Redskins may trade Jason Campbell to the Bills or if the people at Campbells and Chunky soup will do something with those two quarterbacks for commercials, it practically writes itself.

  64. Wow, that takes some guts. When the Patriots traded Bledsoe to the Bills, at least the ‘backup’ had a larger sampling size. I guess this goes to show what the Eagles think of McNabb and The Redskins.

  65. …Trading your star-franchise-QB to a team within the division? Interesting.
    I hope McNabb obliterates them.

  66. Ooooh! That’s gotta hurt Iggles fans! Laughing my F’n a$$ off. Enjoy mediocrity for the next few years ’cause Kolb ain’t it!

  67. Unbelievable! finally it looks as though the Redskins are getting some sense and you see this $@(_)$@, are you kidding me?

  68. Giants, Cowboys and Eagles fans must be upset. I’m sure everyone thought he’d be traded out of the division. Now they have to deal with him still, but on a different team.

    I gave them the benefit of the doubt with Brown trade thinking they were making a small move to allow them to make the big push for Nnamdi but apparently they think McNabb is only worth a 2nd!? YOU GOT A 4th FOR BROWN!
    Roseman your head is going to roll if you keep this up.

  70. Bout time , the drama is finally over…….no wait….we still have the press conference to look forward to !

  71. Eagle get the best of this deal, now they only have two crappy QBs instead of three.

  72. Just how stupid or ARROGANT is Philly? Really, why trade him to a division rival, knowing that he’s going to have it in for them. Do they believe that Kolb is so good and Washington is so bad that this won’t mean anything when they meet? This is a great deal for the Skins, who can still take a QB and let him sit behind McNabb or build on the OL with someone like Okung.

  73. Philly fans rejoice…. until you get asses beat twice
    a year for the next few years. UNBELIEVABLE !!

  74. wow bruce is putting together the over the hill gang just like his pop. can we please go get a few old lineman to protect our old qb and open a few holes for our old rbs(3 that is ?)


  76. Brilliant move, Eagles! Mcnabb will make you hate this trade.. twice this season!

  77. Eagle get the best of this deal, now they only have two crappy QBs instead of three.

  78. It isn’t too hard to figure out who the redskins are going to target in the draft coming up. Can you say “left tackle” ?

  79. Ok everybody on here, what should I do? I have Kolb and Vince Young as backup QBs in my fantasy keeper league. My starters are Big Ben and Matt Ryan. There are guys willing to give a lot up to trade for Kolb and VY. What do you guys think. I also have Ryan Fitzpatrick on my roster and there are no other QBs available in free agency, and remember this is a keeper league so age matters.

  80. Hope he’s ready to scramble behind that awful o-line. Plus, theres no one to throw to. Oh, and the running backs are dinosaurs.

  81. I predict both teams go 8-8.
    Redskins will take Okung with #4 no question now.

  82. WOW!!!!
    The last thing I would have guessed is that the Eagles would trade him to a division rival……. The Eagles must not view McNabb as any sort of threat to their chances of winning out that division….
    The Packers obviously wanted to keep Favre out of their division…. A lot of good that did!!!

  83. This is huge for the skins…gives them many options in the up and coming draft…McNabb is a heck of a QB….Skins are going to be the surprise team of 2010….they”ll draft Tebow at 37th if he’s still there

  84. I was fighting an argument that the Eagles would not release McNabb because then the Redskins would sign him.
    This is surprising. Shows how little the Eagles actually think of McNabb’s ability.
    Let’s hear it from all those people who said the Eagles were not trading McNabb and the media was making it up!

  85. wow, this is absolutely retarded.
    “Here, team we play twice a year, take the best quartebrack we’ve ever had and give us pretty much nothing in return.”

  86. Its hard to believe that the Redskins make anyone look foolish, but they did in this deal.
    I hope this comes back to bite Philly right back in the yambag!!

  87. Wow Andy Reid, this is gonna make or break you. We in Philly all know you think your smarter then everyone else, looks like we’re about to find out.

  88. As a skins fan I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. A good QB that chokes in the biggest games. Maybe we will finally find out if it was Andy’s playcalling or Mcnabb being a choker that lost so many playoff games.

  89. I don’t think that the Eagles would have traded mcnabb within the division…I HOPEFULLY will see a trade to the rams, with the number 4 pick, for number one so they can seal Bradford?

  90. Well, we all knew it was going to happen — just didn’t know which team. Seems the Birds are betting that McNabb is on the downside and has benefitted from the system. If right, they will look like geniuses. If wrong . . . .

  91. I thought we could of gotten more. I think the Eagles have become the Raiders of the East Coast. What’s going on with McNabb.

  92. Dumbest move ever by Philly! Why trade him in division? Philly just made sure they finish 4th in the East.

  93. Wow! This is a stupid move. Sending a franchise QB to a division rival?
    If you are going to do this, you need to get a bountys return. If it was for their 1st plus some, then I might understand. But for a second and 3rd/4th next year, which in value terms is a 4/5th this year?
    I have understood all of their moves so far but this is ridiculous. Howie needs fired now. I miss Heckert.

  94. Kevin will now be faced with the highest expectations for a young QB…ever.
    Go Kolb.
    You better be f*cking amazing.
    Or else

  95. Only surprise is that he was dealt within the division. Shows you how far the Eagles feel McNabb has slipped.

  96. Wow the Eagles have no balls to the Skins they are doomed McNabb is gonna kill them every time they play

  97. Redskins most likely got some reliable information that Bradford will be gone before they pick at #4. Rams will be choosing him with the first pick. Still, I can’t believe the Eagles are dealing him to a division rival.

  98. If nothing else the skins get a LEADER ! They get Okung at 4 this team is brand new.

  99. Campbell is out as starter but if they don’t draft another QB, McNabb may be a good guy to learn from.

  100. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I truly try to be an Eagles fan, I really do, but this Front Office is retarded. Why the F*ck would you trade mcnabb in the division. And for only a second round pick!!!! Even if this is the best draft ever assembled in the history of the NFL, this trade still makes no sense. All we get is the 37 pick in the draft plus a pick in next years draft which might not even exist.
    Also, AJ Feely was traded for the 34 pick in the draft. And what did the Eagles do with that? They drafted Reggie Brown. If the Eagles screw this draft up again, were done. This might be the worse trade ever, but it has competition from the Brown/Gocong trade. I truly have no idea what the eagles are thinking this offseason.
    And BTW, this now makes Washington a good team. WTF!!!!!!
    How do the Eagles expect to compete in this division now??!?

  101. Wow. Im shocked. I guess Philly doesnt respect McNabb at all. To want to play him twice this year..? The Skins just became competitive, and still have the 4th pick in the draft…? wow. Shanny is gonna make the NFC East tough this year.

  102. Typical Eagles style. The day before Phillies opening day. Heaven forbid they do not have the front page for a day.

  103. I really wish they would have traded him out of the division, I am gonna hate to see him twice a year. But he has always been a class act and taken everything the city of brotherly love could throw at him, good luck to him and best wishes, now the Eagles better win those games or look like a** holes

  104. As a Giants fan I am going to enjoy watching him beat the Eagles twice this year. Eagles pretty much gave him away for free.

  105. Interesting move by the Redskins. Now they can use the #4 pick on Okung, who they should have taken all along.
    I think the Eagles got fair compensation for McNabb but now the question is: What happens to Jason Campbell?

  106. Mr. Rosenthal, I know Drew Bledsoe. I worked with Drew Bledsoe. Drew Bledsoe was a friend of mine. Mr Rosenthal, Donovan McNabb is no Drew Bledsoe.

  107. Interesting deal. I guess this means that Shanny believes he is only a player or two away for getting somewhere in the next 2 years. Where can I get glasses like that?

  108. I guess no QB at the 4th.. not sure if this is a good trade..unless there is a plan to trade down to get a qb later in 1st round.

  109. 2nd round pick is too much for a washed up QB, who was never really that good to begin with.

  110. not sure if they’ll be proven right on this or not but man do the iggles have balls of steel! WOW!

  111. Well, McNabb haters, you got what you want. Way to downgrade your QB position. The Redskins just got a lot better.

  112. Holy crap. Worst move in the history of the league for the eagles. They will regret it for the next 5 seasons. WOW

  113. Makes perfect sense. They get a good QB for one year while Bradford is groomed. Remember, mcnabb only has one year left on his deal.

  114. i just made an account to post that this is the worst bullshit i have seen in my lifetime. die hard eagles fan football fan sports fan in general and a realest. absolutely the dumbest, most obnoxious insanity.
    why am i surprised…i dunno maybe because we contend every year because of him and i was one of those that believed he would stay. i hope he wins a superbowl and goes to canton as a redskin. andy reid and co. will put themselves out of the division the playoffs and out of their jobs and deservedly so.
    young QB with no run game and no defense doesnt look contending to me. dont get me wrong im an eagles fan for life but in no way do i support this. mcnabb asked for weapons every year and finally got them without defensive help. in a way this is respect for sending him somewhere he can win with that defensive and 3-headed monster at rb with former pro bowlers that could very well produce in splitting roles, but disrespect by keeping him in the conference let alone the division with shanahan. shanahan is trying to win another superbowl while reid is trying to get assassinated.

  115. They better hope Kolb is the real deal. This trade is epically stupid! Why trade a franchise QB within the division? They couldnt eek a 1st out of the Redskins? A 2nd and a measly 4th next year? Awful job by the Eagles FO. Andy Reid must be smoking some tainted ganja.

  116. How in the hell did this happen? I wake up from the perfect nap to get my year ruined

  117. First sheldon and now donovan… and just like that we are in a rebuilding year. Being a perennial contender was fun while it lasted.

  118. Greatest trade in NFL History! LMAO the 0-3girls are now the 4th best team in the division! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  119. What’s with the family-friendliness? “Gutsy,” while not far off, probably refers to the wrong body part.

  120. Wait! I thought he was going to the Raiders? Isn’t there some way you can make this story about the Raiders and their failure to land him?
    He was never going to the Raiders.

  121. WOO!!!
    Not only does he get a great coach that knows how to win Superbowls with a veteran HOF gunslinging mobile QB, but he gets to shove it in the face of the haters in Philly, who have no idea what a great QB they just gave up.
    If my hatred of that racist team name didn’t bother me so much, I’d jump on that bandwagon more. I really hope Shanahan gets it done with Donovan.

  122. Wow. Pretty shocking. As a Raiders fan I would’ve liked the major upgrade at the QB position, however I do like Bruce Gradkowski and I’m curious to see what he can do.
    I always thought McNabb was a bit of a dork so there was that aspect of having to root for him that would’ve bothered me some. I’d really like to add Troy Smith now and have another viable option at what is by far the most important position in an NFL organization. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us draft John Skelton in the 3rd or 4th.

  123. Eagles have the ball that Ted Thompson never had. TT wouldn’t trade Favre to the Vikings even though he could have gotten a first round pick from them instead of the third round pick he got from the Jets. Favre ended up in Minn anyway a year later to steal the Division away from the Packers. Eagles smartly figured out, that no matter where they traded McNabb, he could very well end up at the Redskins a year later any way.

  124. Wow….
    Why do I think the Eagles are going to regret this, even if Kolb pans out. McNabb really improves the “Skins at QB….
    This really changes things in the NFC East.
    What will Jerry do?

  125. sounds good to me. almost the same value as a late first and third next year is pretty good value for a guy that really is nothing but downside in the near future.

  126. As an Eagles fan, if I think D Nabb does not have the talent to win I am ok with an in division trade.

  127. WOW bad move for both teams… Living in DC area and not being a SKINS fan this moves seems pretty crazy to me. Skins cant win the division with only MCNABB. NFC East is to competitive and the eagles took a step back in the short term but could have made a nice move for the future… KOLB era in PHiLLY.

  128. YES!
    Snyder takes another step towards total chaos and disaster.
    Punk a$$ b1tch!

  129. Its gonna be tough to see mcnabb go, i have been a huge mcnabb fan since he played at syracuse. Looks like this team is really trying to rebuild. At least they didnt trade him to oakland. I know a lot of fans are going to be happy too see him go. Who is everyone gonna put the blame on next year or the year after if kolb turns out to be a bust. Tough move that the team felt they had to make, just have to wait and c how the season turns out

  130. u gotta be kidding me. the eagles r screwed. we need mcnabb he’s the only thing keeping the team together. the eagles go 6-10 this year. kolb is not a starter. vick is fast but cant throw for shit. what good are beasty receivers if we have no one to pass them the ball

  131. Let me the first Philly hater….Kolb Sucks! Get some one in here who does not throw a pick in EVERY Game they ever started!!!! Really….look back….he started two games and threw picks in both….HE IS A TURNOVER MACHINE! Also he throws his players under the bus and never gives anything in press confrences! Man, I wish we had McNabb back!


  133. E ! A ! G ! ,,,hahaha, I cannot finish….what idiots. This is going to come back to bite Philly.

  134. Wait a minute you can trade an aging QB who keeps failing to win the big game to a hated division foe? And for a couple draft picks?
    Hmmm, that doesn’t seem right. Shouldn’t they have traded him to a different conference for a year first and then watch him go to the hated rival to get revenge, meanwhile letting the rival improve their squad with their draft picks?
    Seems to me like Philly totally dropped the ball on this one.

  135. Nice job, Washington. Now Philly fans can hate McNabb for completely different reasons.
    Pretty ballsy by the Eagles brass. If I were an Eagles fan I wouldn’t feel very comfortable with this despite the compensation being on par with what was expected from other teams.
    Schefter is reporting this year’s second and a future pick based on incentives… not much for a franchise QB.
    Now that I have digested this info I am somewhat surprised this deal didn’t involve London Fletcher, seeing as how the Skins are converting to a full time 3-4. Skins fans: what do you see London’s role in the 3-4 being?

  136. what a garbage trade! if that was the best offer, i would rather kept him for one more year and let him walk. now we’re giving him away to a division rival for practically nothing.
    i gotta get tickets for the skins game at the linc this year

  137. WOW i cant believe this! All i have to say is the guy wasnt great, but he was good enough to keep his job. And if we dont make the play-offs, all the philly fans will be like “wow why didnt we keep Mcnabb?” the guy passed for 30000 something yards and was doing just fine. But hey, when everyone starts complaining, this is ALL ANDY RIEDS FAULT!

  138. And when can we expect Florio’s 2010-2011 prediction of the Redskins winning the Superbowl?

  139. WOW! This is crazy but sad and awesome all at the same time. Can’t believe this has just happened but it is true, cus bloghead on philadelphia’s web site posted it also. He will not look good in a redskins uni. But then again who does? Oh well Kolb here is your chance bro…make it happen! Somebody pinch me.

  140. All Hail!
    We’ll actually respect McNabb. Yeah Yeah, twice a year, Philly. GET SOME!!!

  141. My guess here is that the Redskins intend to package Jason Campell and some picks in a trade to the Rams in order to move up and draft Bradford.
    This would give the Skins a year or two to develop the kid.
    May not be a bad move depending on what they give up to move up… they already gave up their #2 this year.

  142. McNabb + 4th overall = Bradford
    Shanny gets his man and makes Philly fan mad for awhile in the same deal.

  143. Fans wanted to get rid of him for not winning the big one and now they got their wish. The fans are use to winning and not losing. Kolb has some big shoes to fill in a city with no patience. It’s gonna be interesting when the Skins come to town.

  144. So the question is: Is it always sunny in Philadelphia?
    And I thought the Bears reputation was riding on thin ice. This move is beyond gutsy, and lights a proverbial fire under McNabb’s ass. Good luck with that, your going to need it.

  145. I like this move.. McNabb is serviceable at qb for another 2 or 3 years and it lets us use that #4 pick for something else. It also means we can still take the best qb available in round 2. Sam Bradford, aside from injury concerns, is by far the best qb in this draft and it was clear the Rams intend to take him at #1. I like Kevin Kolb but remember Cody Carlson? Carlson was the qb that got Warren Moon shipped out to Minnesota. How’d that work out?

  146. redskins got better for today, eagles will grow through the draft. Eagles may not see this return for 1-2 years maybe three, but it will be worth their while. Skins are just going to get old. not a fan of either team very neutral POV .

  147. Time to buy some sod in DC…cuz McBarf will be upchucking a little further south….raaaaaaalph

  148. Holy.
    They better be right about Kolb. The way the Packers were right about Aaron Rodgers. The way The 49ers were right about Steve Young. Not the way the Oilers were right about Cody Carlson.

  149. It will be FUN to see who has more one hoppers this season. McNabb or the Nationals.

  150. Wow… As an die-hard Eagles fan who tries to always put faith in the FO, I’m completely stunned. Not sure what the heck is going on now.

  151. that is a dumb move. mcnabb can still play. I think Andy Reid is buying drugs from his kid.

  152. Loving this move by Shanahan.
    Shanahan is refreshed, locked and loaded, has a HOF QB to pull the trigger in his offense!!!
    WOW. And the deep pockets of Snyder to boot.
    They need a quality WR to go with McNabb.
    I would not be suprised to see……
    BRANDON MARSHALL to the Skins next and the offense would be complete.
    You heard it here first.

  153. My guess, the Skins intend to package Campell and some picks in order to trade up and draft Bradford.
    McNabb gives them the year or two they need to develop Bradford.
    As a Skins fan, I don’t mind this move depending on what they give up to get Bradford…
    They didn’t give up much to get Mcnabb, that’s for sure.

  154. maybe now the Eagles are doing what all the so called “fans” of this town have been saying for years, and they are just packing it in and raking in the dough. Trade away all the high price talent, and roll over! These idiots will still pay to see it, and they have been saying this for years, so lets give it to them. YOUR WELCOME PHILLY! Hopefully the Eagles will go 0-16 for the next ten straight seasons and constantly trade away that first pick EVERY year. Just to hear these “so called” “fans” Cry and bitch to Angelo and the lesbian everyday! You wanted a shitty team….HERE IS A SHITTY TEAM!

  155. Ok everybody on here, what should I do? I have Kolb and Vince Young as backup QBs in my fantasy keeper league. My starters are Big Ben and Matt Ryan. There are guys willing to give a lot up to trade for Kolb and VY. What do you guys think.
    I’d keep VY and get something good for Kolb, but VY doesn’t put up dazzling numbers….Kolb just might.
    Ben and Ryan as starters, might dangle Kolb and VY for something juicy, Ben has one or two more sexual assaults to go before he is out of the league.

  156. This is quite literally the dumbest move in NFL history. All time. Ever.
    The entire Eagles FO should be immediately fired

  157. Ctrl + F “halladay”
    Not found.
    Then I don’t care. Screw you Lurie and screw you Banner.

  158. Not only do the Eagles not want McNabb, they are confident they can beat him twice a year.
    The 0-3gles shouldn’t be too confident about beating anyone twice a year.

  159. Well who in the hell is Mcnabb going to throw the ball to? Nevermind that really never had recievers til the last 2 years. This is the downfall of the Eagles..

  160. Dumb move by the Eagles. They traded their best QB (in the opinion of almost everyone not living in Philly) to a division rival of all people! For who, for what? Some over-the-hill Redskin vet and a second round pick? This is gonna bite the Eagles in the backside.

  161. Great, now McNabb will be playing the eagles twice this year, both times will be in prime-time of course. During those 2 games McNabb will be playing with a potato farm on his shoulder and would like nothing more than to play his best football against us. This trade is dumb for many reasons but the biggest reason why I hate it is because it levels the playing field for the 4 nfc east team, it is now anybody’s division.

  162. This move is f*cking r*tarded. How the Eagles do a deal for McNabb and not get a single veteran out of it is beyond me. The Eagles defense is a joke right now and they just traded their best asset for a second round pick…who is not going to come in and make a significant impact in his first season. Not to mention the Eagles just pissed away two free divisional wins this season (Redskins at home, Redskins away).
    The Eagles should start reserving their tee times for the month of January and February.

  163. I will bet that as nasty as eagle fans can be, that they don’t “boo” McNabb when he returns to philly like the classless packer fans did with BF. Eagle fans are much smarter than packer fans, they will take their frustrations out on Banner, Reid etc. as just like the BF situation, it is rather obvious that mgmt and coaches are responsible for running McNabb out of town. It’s been 3 years now and packer fans still have not “figured it out” yet.

  164. Wow! Philly is dumb! This guy is going to be a nightmare for them twice a year. They are putting a ton of faith in the unproven Kolb. Be careful what you wish for Philly fans because this league will crush you without a good QB- believe me I know, I’m a raiders fan

  165. Wow.
    As a Philly fan, this makes me a little frustrated. Has Kolb or Vick shown they are really ready for this? To take so little and throw him to a team in your division is bold. Very bold, and you will get to see him at least twice a year.
    As a Cowboys fan, this makes me think that the NFC East just got a lot more interesting. Next year will be very interesting.

  166. Just imagine how much a ticket to return of McNabb next year will go for? Those will be the hottest ticket around philly in 30 years.

  167. Andy Reid has pulled a LOT of unbelievably asinine, unreservedly idiotic, and ineffably stupid moves in his time but this – this is BY FAR the BIGGEST EFF-UP of them all.
    Congrats, Andy, Joe, and Howie. In the cretins’ game of can-you-top-this, you just grabbed the brass ring.

  168. The redskins have an already good defense with a putrid offense. Now their offense has some versatility, the only thing they need is a big wide-out and they nfc contenders. They will probably trade down to accumulate more picks. With this trade they are ready to win immediately.

  169. If I am the Skins, I get on the phone with the Rams now and offer them Campbell for their 3rd next year. And if I am the Rams I would take the deal. For the Skins it would make this deal Bassically McNabb for a 2nd round pick. For the Rams, you get a young QB with some potential for a 3rd round pick. It almost makes too much sense for it to happen.

  170. Shanny just got the 2nd best QB he has ever had. No Bears fans, the best was named Elway, not Cutler.

  171. As a Browns fan I’m a little concerned with this trade. Frankly I didn’t care who McNabb went to, but now this almost certainly means Okung will be taken at 4. This means he will not be available for KC and likely means KC will take Eric Berry who I was hoping made it to the Browns. If things go like this expect the Browns to trade down to pick up their second target later in the first round. Looks like I may be going after Washington receivers in the fantasy draft this year.

  172. I don’t think Reid had anything to do with this trade except maybe to say “Are you f*cking kidding me? To a divsion rival? Are you on crack?”

  173. Thank you for all of the years I’ll never forget between 1999-2004 mcnabb. During those years I felt like no team was better. You’ll always be remembered and missed… And I guess an opponent twice a year!!!

  174. Looks like Adam Schefter struck out again with his reports on the Raiders. Just know now when this jackass reports something the exact opposite is going to happen. Eagles fans, u got what u asked for. Good luck.

  175. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    EPIC FAIL…. Eagles are done!

  176. Eagles could not have made it any clearer than this. A 2nd round pick is clearly the best offer that they got, and they have no fear of facing him twice a year. McNabb has been washed up for some time.

  177. Can You imagine if the ‘skins sign T.O.? it would be the ultimate revenge game Mcnabb & T.O. vs fat andy and the iggles.


  179. Wow great move you just have to love the moves mike is doing first yr and making a complete over HAUL the skins really have a season to look forward to reminds me of last yr with the jets the way ryan change the franchise I don’t think they are going to keep him they might flip him to get sam let’s wait and see!!!!!

  180. Eagles we’re hoping to trade down into the 35 – 38 range to draft Timothy PFTebow.
    What’s that Snyder?? you’ll give us the #37 pick for McNabb?? Done deal

  181. redskins make like a bandit, they still get their number 4 pick and a proven veteran with anywhere from 3 to 8 years left?
    id rather have mcnabb right now than jay cutler, last years big trade, and cutler cost a hell of a lot more

  182. who cares where mcnabb goes hes gone! the eagles wanted to trade him and they did! redskins happened to be the team that really wanted him. eagles will be fine without him. mcnabb is on the decline thats what happens its a business decision 100% The redskins will still suck, no matter what!

  183. So…….Clausen to washington?
    Honestly though, I think this is a good move by Washington.
    It doesn’t hurt Philly a tone either. A win/win IMO.

  184. Next up, Samuels to the Giants for a 3rd rounder and Desean Jackson to Dallas for a 4th 5th and 6th.
    And still Mike Vick waits………….

  185. Nice Philly…trade a legend to a division rival. Maybe you just got sick of contending for a super bowl every year. Let’s not forget that Kevin kolb/marino had 2 300 yds games last year sure…..a blow out loss to the saints, and the hapless cheifs. So good luck hitching your franchises wagon to an unknown….and facing mcnabb twice a year on a bonafide playoff team

  186. Hahahahahahahaha…
    Ask the Pukers how that worked out with Favre signing with MN after they didn’t want him anymore.
    Vikes 2 Pukers 0
    Kick their arse McNabb…

  187. They waited until the night before the Phillies opener and made the most outrageous move they could just to get the media attention away from the Phillies. It has been clear since 2008 that the Eagles think their biggest competitor is across the street, not in the NFL, championships mean nothing to them. With that said, HAHAHAHA

    good way to start rebuilding and after years of asking for it, you’ll are going to get it, off and on the field. maybe philly wants the 4th overall pick next year…..chances are good.

  189. Eagles and Redskins will split their games.
    Jeff Garcia was better than McNabb in Philly anyway. This horse has been beat to death, but Kolb seems to be a good fit for Philly’s offense, he should get a shot.
    Also at least the Eagles got SOMETHING (not much, but everyone knew he was on the way out so who would overpay?) unlike the Panthers with Peppers.

  190. Now it is time to send Campbell and the 4th pick to the Rams for 1st pick. Draft Bradford and develop him in the system for a few years, behind McNabb.

  191. Hahahahahahahaha…
    Ask the Pukers how that worked out with Favre signing with MN after they didn’t want him anymore.
    Vikes 2 Pukers 0
    Kick their arse McNabb…

  192. All the fans that wanted him gone, you got your wish. You are trading a probowler to Shanny. Good move. As an Eagles fan I can truly say this move is flat out stupid. 6 x probowler, 5 title games and a bowl appearence. All the while he was working with a horrible play calling head coach..

  193. I’ve been an Eagles fan for 30 years, and other than losing to the Pats in the SB, this move hurts the most… Kolb better be one HELL of a QB, and that 37th pick better yield a GREAT player!!!
    McNabb, you WILL be missed…

  194. I can’t wait to watch all of those Eagles fans that booed McNabb when McNabb absolutely cleans their clocks. So many fans don’t appreciate the guys they have. The arrogance of Eagles management to trade within the division really takes the cake. Obviously something the Packers tried to do but diva still got his way.
    Go Donovan. I hope you kick some Eagle tail.

  195. No Thrash to hit at WR 5. Who are his WR’s now? The turf will still lead in receptions.

  196. Can anybody say Favre to the Vikings? They might not regret letting him move on in the long run but they sure will this coming season. Just like Favre made the Packers life a living hell this past season.

  197. Okey says:
    April 4, 2010 8:37 PM
    The Eagles must not view McNabb as any sort of threat to their chances of winning out that division….
    EXACTLY. McNabb is one of the most overrated Qbs I can remember. Bledsoe was similar in some of his drawbacks but at least he was a good passer. McNabb is not. And he doesn’t have the athleticism anymore that Shanny likes in a QB. I think this is a good deal for the Eagles whether Kolb is “the one” or not. They weren’t going to have McNabb after this year anyway. It’s kind of like the Seymour deal last year. And they have to find out if Kolb IS the guy. A few games this year when McNabb has his annual games missed due to injury is not going to tell them that. If Kolb is not the guy, the class of 2011 is a better one in which to find a QB

  198. I hope McNabb kills them every chance he gets. I have no beef with Reid or the Eagles themselves as much as I do their subhuman fans.

  199. Goodness, a Good QB gets traded to a train wreck offense and suddenly the WR and O-line of the new team does not matter?
    The Good QB is going to kick his old teams ass. Even after the last few years where he wasn’t going deep into the playoffs with great pass catchers and a sold O-line.
    Have we not seen teams opt to keep a young QB the last few years and seen the young QB do more then fine? Rogers, Sanchez, some fool stuck with this late round pick in NE after only 1/2 a season and fared pretty well. Houston traded for a back-up QB who has done pretty well.
    So why trade McNabb within the division? Because they think their young guy will serve them better over the next 5 plus year then McNabb would. They think Kolb plus their talent and the extra draft picks will serve them better then McNabb will serve the Redskins. OVER THE NEXT 5 YEARS OR SO.
    Plus they believe the drop off in QB play over the next two years wont be significant. If any.
    And if McNabb needs to be motivated by playing his old team in order to be motivated enough to give his all, he damn well should be traded.
    (I dont think that is a factor, I think he is a pro that gives his all. but some fools seem to think that matters)

  200. There’s not just 1 reason why the Eagles would trade him inside the divison.
    1st off the Redskins were offering the most.
    Secondly the Eagles despite populary belief want to do the right thing by there players. The Eagles knew Mcnabb wanted to go to a team that had a chance a competing so they gave him want he wanted.
    3rd the Eagles clearly are building for 2011 and are pretty much scraping 2010. The Eagles are probably hoping they will only have to worry about Mcnabb with the Redskins for a year b/c his contract is up in 2010 and b/c they are scraping that year it really doesnt matter.
    Also the Eagles probably believe they can beat the Redskins with Mcnabb on the team. Which could possibly give the advantage. The Eagles know Mcnabb so they should be able to counter act everything he does while on the other hand the Redskins get better which makes it harder on the Giants and Cowboys.
    I actually like him going to the Redskins b/c all these Cowboys and Giants fans that couldnt wait for him to leave the division still have to deal with him. Its kind of funny.

  201. McNabb won’t beat the Eagles twice a year….he will be hurt by week 6

  202. Basically McNabb is trading getting booed in Philly 8 times a year to only twice. Pretty good deal for the old man.

  203. The happiest team in the division has to be the NY Giants. The Cowboys just released their starting left tackle and starting strong safety, now the Eagles have given Washington what they most lacked: A starting QB.
    I’m of mixed thoughts on this. On the one hand, the Eagles have committed to getting younger across the board, and now have a very talented nucleus of skill players on the offense, with Jackson and Maclin at WR, Celek and Ingram at TE, McCoy and Weaver at RB, and Kolb at QB.
    They got what they could for McNabb. Once the front office let it be known he was available, it was too late for those teams most in need of a QB — Cleveland and Seattle — and the rest knew that they had the Eagles over a barrel. There was no way McNabb was going to remain an Eagle after word got out that they were shopping him, which made it a buyer’s market.
    The Redskins with or without McNabb are no threat to make the playoffs, not with a Swiss cheese offensive line, lack of speed at WR and a suspect defense. They’re a couple of years from true contention; the McNabb trade allows them to put fannies in the seats while they rebuild, but it actually will retard their rebuilding process because they won’t be able to school a QB properly.
    For the Eagles, the extra pick — the 37th pick in the draft — affords them some luxury regarding what they do with their own first round pick, and their own second round pick. By my calculations, they have three areas of immediate need: Offensive center/guard, free safety, defensive end.
    I posit that if Taylor Mays is still available when they pick in the first round, he’s an Eagle; if not, look for Carlos Dunlap… otherwise, one of the two offensive lineman (Mike Iupati or Maurkice Pouncey). They have flexibility. I’d like to see them land two of the three, but that’s not likely — they’re all first-round talents.
    Washington, of course, will select Russell Okung with the 4th pick in the first round.
    In all, I don’t think this was a bad a trade as many here do. If McNabb was a top-shelf talent, he wouldn’t be traded; if McNabb was any good at all against teams with winning records, he wouldn’t be traded. The fact is that the Eagles gave up a moderately-talented QB with a penchant for choking, able to beat up on sub-par teams but not play with the big boys, and who exhibited the leadership skills of a dead hamster. He goes to a team where he will not be asked to be the leader, because they have veterans like Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis around… but conversely, the QB is SUPPOSED to be the leader, which will make for interesting huddle conversation.
    Mike Shanahan’s system is not the best fit for McNabb at this point in his career. A system predicated on short passing and timing are those exact areas McNabb — let’s face it — sucks eggs. He can’t operate behind a weak offensive line because he’s too heavy to run any more. Last, both he and the rest of the offense (with the exception of Portis, who played for Shanahan in Denver) will be learning an entirely new offensive system.
    It will be a long, long year for the Redskins.

  204. Everyone automatically predicting a great season for the Skins- remember this:
    Snyder is still your owner.

  205. Jimmy Clausen, welcome to Buffalo. Wait, where does Campbell go – Oakland?
    But wow, what a trade!! That division is traditionally the most interesting and just got more so.

  206. Wow!
    This is saddening. I’d like to hear more from Eagles fans.
    But if you are Redskins fan, I think you are happy to get McNabb for a 2nd round pick.
    Well Philly, your Phillies have given you a good run. Whatever happens, you have that. But that green gear would look good hoisting a Lombardi. God bless all of Philadelphia.

  207. Ballsy move by the eagles. I don’t agree with it. Why trade him within the division? I would’ve traded him out of conference but that’s why they play the game can’t wait to see what happens this season. NFC East is going to be a tough division once again.

  208. The Deadskins were 4-12 BUT a TD here and there and they could have been 11-5. McNabb is going to make a difference and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t win at least 8 and maybe even 10 games. I’m not impressed by Kolb because his best game came when the Saints weren’t worrying about all the yards that he was throwing for when they were kicking the Eagles’ ass and then there was KC — ’nuff said. Jason Garrett once had a hell of a game for the Pokes on Thanksgiving but no one in the organization was stupid enough to say that it was time to send Aikman packing so they could make room for Garrett.

  209. What happens if McNabb decides to retire? Does the Eagles keep the picks?

  210. Wow thats some pair of balls by both teams. I still feel as if the Eagles should have gotten more for him though.

  211. “So now the NFC East has a worthless team with a good QB, and a talented team with no QB? – Cowboys fans”
    I guess either one is better than having a worthless team AND a worthless QB like the cowboys.

  212. Most of you guys are morons.
    McNabb’s O-line will be swiss cheese this year, Samuels retired, their only decent lineman, they have no RBs, their reciever’s stink.
    Look at McNabb’s track record, health wise. He’s been knocked out almost every year. Now, take away Philly’s line, replace with Skin’s and worse position players, what do you have?
    McNabb put on IR by week 7 or 8. He’ll be running for his life.
    Go BYRDS

  213. Shocking move.
    Curious to see how the inbred white trash Iggles fanbase pisses and moans now that they’ve finally succeeded in running # 5 outta town.
    Of course, it’s one thing move him. Another thing altogether to move him within the division. This guy in particular is obviously going to have an axe to grind, which he will get to sharpen 2x a year. Just an idiotic move by the Eagles.
    No chance in hell Andy Reid is still the head coach in Philly this time next year, btw. Eagles bring up the rear in the NFC East this year, 6-10 at best.

  214. Way too hard to read through all the comments, but this one randomly stuck out to me because I found it hilarious:
    How ’bout that! says: April 4, 2010 8:26 PM
    Not yeah; but Oh Heaaaaallll Yesss. The Silver & Black didn’t waste anymore lucci. I’d rather stick with Bruce Almighty and continue to build through the draft.
    Seriously? CONTINUE to build through the draft??

  215. Wow! From what I gather Redskins fans are not exited about this move. From the outside looking in this looks like a great move for the Redskins but I have the feeling Eagles and Redskins fans know something about McNabb that I dont know. Help me out here Eagles fans what is it about Mcnabb that makes you dislike a QB that has led your team to so much success? And Redskins fans what have you seen from Mcnabb that makes you less than happy to see him on your team?? Is it the loses in big games? The injuries he has every year?

  216. # Noah D says: April 4, 2010 8:40 PM
    Kevin will now be faced with the highest expectations for a young QB…ever.
    Go Kolb.
    You better be f*cking amazing.
    Or else
    Taken your meds lately? keep in mind that I hate the packers, but karen rodgers had a hell of a lot bigger shoes to fill than kolb does, and karen didn’t have the benifit of a couple of starts to get his toes wet.
    F the packers and F idiots like you that like to sensationalize everything, shouldn’t be working as an analyst for ESPN?

  217. I love the trade. Andy knows Donovan better than anyone and therefore its obvious that he doesn’t think Donovan is an elite QB anymore and doesn’t fear playing him twice a year. I just find it interesting that they needed to announce this trade the night before the Phils start their season and steal tomorrows headlines

  218. now the redskin fans will get to enjoy don’s tendency to place the word obviously in every paragraph he speaks. usually when what he is describing as obvious is self serving and sometimes questionable. and they better get ready for mom and dad mcnabb’s opinions. they’re never far from hand, or the newspapers. according to mr mcnabb, don and t.o.’s squabble was the equivalent of “black on black crime”…
    the eagles now have about 8 of the first 130 or so picks. they have also stripped every excess salary (both browns, curtis, don, darren howard, 36west, sean jones, will witherspoon, and probably a few i’ve forgotten). even if they play more cards in the predraft shuffle (which is probable), they will likely have one of the lowest salary teams in the league going into a possible lockout season. coincidence? i think not.
    i tend to agree that philly rode jim johnson as much as either reid or mcnabb. while i think sean mcdermott can be good, i think his talent has been thinned considerably. kolb has a shaky line in front of him at present, so we’ll see how their calculations pan out.

  219. COWBOY FANS AND GIANTS FANS!!!!!….This is the worst thing that could have happened for you.
    For those of you laughing and calling the eagles idiots, use some rational logic here. The Eagles just handed you 4 potential division losses. They made the Redskins better equipped to beat you twice a year. The skins already were already giving your teams fits with Jason Campbell. For the Eagles to make such a move, they gotta know that they can gameplan Donovan well enough to beat him twice a year. So they are not worried about screwing themselves in the process of screwing you. So laugh now Giants and Cowboys…….cry later.

  220. How happy is McNabb that he’s not going to be a Raider? (Or a 49er, for that matter?)

  221. Stupid trade by the Eagles ! They have no respect for him to trade him within the division! lol

  222. As a Giants fan, it’s a win/win. McNabb is going to get hurt playing behind a crappy O-Line and Kolb is going to get murdered if he doesn’t get out to a fast start.

  223. poop-n-scram….. I mean “scoop.and.slam”
    “Seriously? CONTINUE to build through the draft??”
    Ah bitta, bitta, bitta, bitta……. Da did did did I stutter Porky??
    Yes…. I said “Build through the draft.”

  224. this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t view McNabb as a threat, it just means they’re willing to put up with it, and at least they get a 1st round pick for it.
    This was a personal decision, the Eagles and McNabb have been at odds for years and he had to go somewhere. Same with Brett Favre and the Packers. Except the Eagles got a 1st round pick and the Packers got a late 3rd pick plus 2 division title-less seasons. So you can see who the idiots are–GB.

  225. “Eagles trade a 1st round pick to the Cowboys and it turns into Felix Jones. Hmm, how has he done recently against the Eagles. ”
    Errrnt you’re a year off. Dallas got Felix Jones at #22 in the 2008 Draft from Cleveland. In 2007 Dallas got Anthony Spencer at #26 from Philadelphia.

  226. Before all of you Eagle haters comment, lets just see how the 2010 season pans out first. And I think McNabb is due for another injury sometime soon. I wish him the best though, just not against my Eagles. I have faith in Kolb and Michael Vick, no matter what you haters wanna say, is an above average QB who still has the ability to make plays, and he now has a full offseason to get into football shape.

  227. Will Kolb start or will it fall to Vick now? OMG #7 again in the lead? Hey Mo, say it isn’t so!!!

  228. So Philly got a possible(by the looks of it, probable) franchise QB [Kolb] and an All-Pro Linebacker [Bradley] and Dallas got an All-Pro Linebacker [Spencer]. How was that a bad trade? O.o

  229. DTRock78 says:
    April 4, 2010 9:42 PM
    Most of you guys are morons.
    McNabb’s O-line will be swiss cheese this year, Samuels retired, their only decent lineman, they have no RBs, their reciever’s stink.
    hard 2 have good WR’s if you alwayz have a shitty QB I watched this guy kick our ass for 11 years and couldn’t be happier that he’s on our side now this is the best move Snyder has made in his tenure as owner(still not a huge fan of him)
    and if you bothered to look at Clinton Portis’ career stats (almost 10,000 career rush yds) you’d noticed that the guy has been a very effective RB despite his off-field issues but Shanny will fix all of that yeah the O-line is suspect but they’ll address that as well I’m not saying it’s gonna be instant success with McNabb but anybody who thinks tha Skins didn’t get any better by getting McNabb is in fact themself a MORON

  230. I’m not going to slam Donovan, he had some great moments for the birds and when it’s all said and done he will be remembered fondly by the vast majority of Eagles fans. However the Eagles made the move they had to make. First off a second round pick in a draft as deep as this year’s draft is like a first round pick in most years.
    Secondly they traded him to a team that is just downright awful and old in all the wrong places and didn’t change that situation any with acquiring McNabb.
    Thirdly, all of the people that are saying that this is going to “light a fire under McNabb” simply do not understand or have not followed Donovan McNabb throughout his career. Losing 4 NFC Championship games did not light a fire under him, throwing 3 INT’s and losing a Super Bowl didn’t light a fire under him, what makes you think being traded will light a fire under him??? The problem is Donovan doesn’t think he had anything to do with the Eagles coming up short all of those years.
    I am not worried about facing McNabb twice a year. This season he may get 2 wins against the Birds because they will definitiely be in a transition year, beyond that, IF he is still with the Redskins, I have no concerns about him hurting the Eagles at all. He just won’t be a factor, even if he does manage to stay healthy.
    Look at the 30+ guys Reid and company have let go in the past, they usually wind up to be MAJOR busts wherever they wind up, I don’t think Donovan will be any different. So ‘Skins fans, enjoy another Trotter if you choose to re-sign him!

  231. No no no…. And with the fourth pick of the 2010 Draft… The Redskins select… Dez Bryant!

  232. Trading McNabb was the best decision for the Eagles and him.
    Also taking Westbrook out of the team because of his injuries/age.
    Is time for a new Eagles team with fresh and talented young players. Kolb is the key -great selection!
    With Andy Reid and a better run & shoot QB things will get better faster the we expect.
    MacNabb is a very good QB, but not a great one. That’s is why he is now headed to Washigton and it’s also the reason behind his trade.
    For the Redskins to make MacNabb play very good football they need a great team and they are a poor team right now. They need at least two years before becoming a divisional contender again.
    In the mean time the Eagles have Kolb, Vick and a very healthy 37 pick from the Redskins that they will probably trade for a better one to get a top DE, LB, RB or S.
    This is why the NFL is so great. The competition never ends!
    Go -new and improved- Eagles!

  233. Not even commenting or getting excited until they hold a press conference introducing him to the Washington media. Until then I believe he is trade bait to move up to #1 for Bradford. A 1st, second and third to move up to number 1 sounds like something Washington would do.
    I’d like them to trade down from 4 now, pick up multiple picks for multiple linemen. Don’t see the need to pay Okung or Clausen top-5 money. Now if the mocks that go Bradford, Okung, McCoy are true, and they can get Suh at 4……that would be exciting.

  234. To my philadelphia eagles fans, we stand together tonight. The McNabb era is over, and let us thank him for all of the hard years he put in. Tonight, we welcome Kevin Kolb, our new starting quarterback of the philadelphia eagles. It is truly sad to see him go.. but in reality it is the right choice. McNabb has some time left in him, however, many issues do loom.
    1.) The possible work stoppage in 2011. Thats an entire year of no football which might hurt or help mcnabb.
    2.) He is injury prone, and its only one more serious injury that could jepordize his career.
    3.) Kevin Kolb is a talented qb. Eventually the torch had to be handed down.
    McNabb has some time left to try to bring a better meaning to his career. Hopefully.. with this move.. he might be able to do so.
    E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!!!!!!!

  235. At first I was going to comment wtf! Then I saw someone else had already wtf’ed. Then I thought wtf! Wtf!

  236. Yeah, CONTINUE to build through the draft.
    Eat shit.
    Your friendly neighborhood Raiderfan,

  237. Redskins obviously only know McNabb from the two games they see him a year.
    The Redskins offensive line is average at best. The Eagles actually had a better offensive line than them. McNabb isn’t a quick release quarterback which means lots of sacks.
    The receivers are also average at best. McNabb had WAY more talent on the Eagles than he will on the Redskins.
    I hope you enjoy the passes in the dirt.
    I hope you enjoy the smiles and pats on the chest when he throws the ball behind an open receiver.
    And finally I hope you enjoy the pouting on the sidelines, when his team is losing.
    I know the Eagles will enjoy the Redskins 2nd round pick.

  238. Eagles let McNabb go to the Hated Rivals the Skins?
    Nice move Philly, McNabb is going to sift you…..

  239. Well at least Eagles fans got what they have been asking for. I hope Kolb is the answer.

  240. 35 Years as an Eagle fan and I have never ever seen or heard of such a dumbass trade in my life. The FO better hope Kolb can walk on water… or at least be able to fly away after his 2nd or third 3INT game. Eagles fans remeber when the Eagles had a QB that just didn’t throw INT’s?
    Regardless of what you may say about the Redskins and Mcnabb this is a marriage made in heaven. Mcnabb goes to a coach that knows the importance of a RUNNING game. The Redskins running game won’t see 7-8 in the box 70% of the game. Mcnabb won’t be called upon to throw the ball 35-40 times a game.
    I am an Eagles fan and will always be one. But, I hope the football gods shine brightly on the Redskins and their 4th place schedule (read Saints 2008) and let the Redskins win a championship in 2010.
    I will miss being able to talk trash to my my 2 Cowboy fan brothers every year. God #5. Thanks for the memories.

  241. J-Guacamole
    Eat shit.
    Your friendly neighborhood Raiderfan,
    Errrr Ahhhhh…. No thanks Bub.’ I don’t accept Sloppy Seconds. You go right ahead and ahhhh…… Eat your own ish.

  242. F- YOU haters We got a great QB who is now going to be one of the best QB’s to ever play for a more storied franchise. We didn’t give up much, and we haven’t over spent on anything…..
    Why would anyone have something to say that is negative about the skins unless it is pure hate.
    DONOVAN MCNABB we can not wait to have you under center. Shanny, keep his ass healthy.

  243. Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    Run or pass and score — we want a lot more!
    Beat ’em, Swamp ’em,
    Touchdown! — Let the points soar!
    Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!
    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    The original words were:
    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old Dixie!
    Run or pass and score — we want a lot more!
    Scalp ’em, swamp ’em — We will take ’em big score
    Read ’em, weep ’em, touchdown – we want heap more
    Fight on, Fight on — ‘Till you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!

  244. # edgy1957 says: April 4, 2010 9:36 PM
    The Deadskins were 4-12 BUT a TD here and there and they could have been 11-5. McNabb is going to make a difference and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t win at least 8 and maybe even 10 games. I’m not impressed by Kolb because his best game came when the Saints weren’t worrying about all the yards that he was throwing for when they were kicking the Eagles’ ass and then there was KC — ’nuff said. Jason Garrett once had a hell of a game for the Pokes on Thanksgiving but no one in the organization was stupid enough to say that it was time to send Aikman packing so they could make room for Garrett.
    Was this written by someone completely hammered? I couldn’t understand it and I am completely s-faced. Donovan you have the money to absolutely enjoy and love DC and the DC AREA. Not a knock on Lavar, but buy his house and you all can vacation there.

  245. Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    Run or pass and score — we want a lot more!
    Beat ’em, Swamp ’em,
    Touchdown! — Let the points soar!
    Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!
    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    The original words were:
    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old Dixie!
    Run or pass and score — we want a lot more!
    Scalp ’em, swamp ’em — We will take ’em big score
    Read ’em, weep ’em, touchdown – we want heap more
    Fight on, Fight on — ‘Till you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!

  246. I am one pissed Philly fan right now.First you toss Brian Dawkins and Sheldon Brown in the garbage now Mcnabb ?Mcnabb will be missed by the true philly fans that bleed green and this team will be garbage for the next 3 years unless all this collecting draft picks will be productive.All I got to say is F*&$ Andie Reid and his Philly cheese steak.Good luck to Kolb.

  247. But we all know Reid is crying right now whipping his tears off with his Philly cheese steak with a brown papper bag over his head.

  248. If the question was Reid or McNabb I would have kept McNabb. I hate trading him to DC. Skins fans you got a good solid QB, he is a solid person off the feild as well. He gets dogged for alot of stuff in Philly he should get dogged for but I think overall Eagles fans respect what he did for the Eagles for last 11 or so seasons. I don’t think hes top 5 but top 10 QB maybe. Thanks for all the memories DMAC, some of us all ready miss you 5.

  249. @lilrob10201
    I am with you, but why Andy Reid? Didn’t he want McNabb to stay?

  250. Good move by the Eagles. Trading away a guy nearing the end of his career for a 1st round pick is usually smart. And it appears they think Kolb has got game. Their chances of winning a SB with McNabb are about zero at this point anyway. They bit the bullet and did what needed doing. The situation was slowly getting ugly with McNabb there. It was time for a change.

  251. My god!
    Fire that fat incompetent stupid Coach. He is well on his way to making the Eagles the new Lions within the next few years.
    This is the most stupid move ever!
    Draft Tebow or I guest the Eagles will have the first overall pick next year..
    Hopefully they will draft Terelle Pryor..

  252. The birds get a high 2nd and probably a 3rd next year for a soon to be 34 year old injury prone qb in the last year of his deal. now the skins have to give him a 4 year extension, and pay him until he’s fourty. by the time shanahan gets a decent offensive line mcnabb will be elsewhere or just too old. j. campbell had more completions, at a higher percentage for more yards then mcnabb last year. campbell did it with far less talent and a moron for a coach. good luck skins fans, he’s your problem now.

  253. So wait….
    McNabb is going to suddenly “light it up” with what is sure to be a rookie LT and some bum at RT, including a former backup in Minnesota AND Philadelphia at G on the Redskins OL?
    And Moss and Thomas are equal to Maclin and Jackson?
    With Cooley coming off a broken leg?
    And three completely DONE running backs?
    Remember this:
    McNabb is not akin to John Elway.
    Cooley, while a good player, is NOT Shannon Sharpe.
    And all three RBs in Washington don’t even equal Terrell Davis in his prime.
    I’m not going to sit here at tell you this was a good deal for the Eagles. Time will tell on that. But they are SURELY more prepared to handle the transition with Kolb, than the Skins now aquiring McNabb. Any idiot can tell you that.
    Everyone…and I do mean EVERYONE….saw how McNabb was effected when he didn’t have protection in the season finale and the playoffs.
    That’s going to get better in Washington? Please.
    Do you really think they would make this move within the division if they thought that it would have long term effects regarding the team’s chances in competing for the division title and more in the future? Seriously?
    They might be arrogant, but they are not fools.
    As far as scrapping this season? Um..duh?
    This isn’t an NFL roster. It’s a day care center.
    These guys are infants in relation to experience in the league and it’s only going to get younger with the defensive talent that is going to be drafted.
    I have no problem with that, as long as there is progress shown, and I think most fans in this city feel the same way.

  254. McNabb will do to Eagles what Favre did to Packers. Stupid move Eagles…..

  255. DieHardSkinsFan21 says:
    Was this written by someone completely hammered? I couldn’t understand it and I am
    I was sober when I wrote it. The Redskins lost 7 games by 6 points or less and an other one by 8. They had the Cowboys beat dead to rights but couldn’t put the ball into the endzone AND their kicker couldn’t hit the gimmes.

  256. The Numbers work out for Philly. If this were to the Seahawks or Tampa there would be no issue. Its just that they traded him to the effin Skins! But then again we ahve traded back and forth with the skins over and over thoughout history. Trotter, Trash…just to name a few.

  257. Pervy Harvin says:
    April 5, 2010 9:28 AM
    McNabb will do to Eagles what Favre did to Packers. Stupid move Eagles…..
    So you’re saying McNabb’s going to set Eagles fans laughing for months when he throws an incredibly stupid interception at a crucial time in the NFC championship game?

  258. mrEagle says:
    But then again we ahve traded back and forth with the skins over and over thoughout history. Trotter, Trash…just to name a few.
    Trotter was a free agent – no trade and the same goes with Thrash.
    You might want to mention, oh, Sonny Jurgensen. THAT was a trade.

  259. This move definetely makes the Redskins better; a playoff contender, though? I don’t think so. As a huge Redskins fan, I am excited that they got McNabb, but the chances of the Redskins actually fulfilling expectations? Not good. I can hardly remember when a big trade or signing has ever worked out. There has been some really bad quarterback play for years, now, and McNabb is an upgrade over Campbell, but there are still some monster holes to fill. The Redskins defense has the potential to be great, and the two tight end combination of Cooley and Davis could be lethal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it all collapsed…again.

  260. A lot of people simply don’t realize or appreciate how much that the guy accomplished with as little as he had to work with. In 2008, they landed their best WR in years through the draft and then they added another good one this year. At no time in his career has he had 2 WRs that were as good as Jackson and Maclin and then you throw in Celek and you’ve got the best group that he’s ever had and the sky would have been the limit. You can rag on what Washington has for receivers but they’re no worse than what he’s had to put up with in Philly (Like the “immortal” Reggie Brown, James Thrash, Todd Pinkston, etc.). I would expect that the Redskins are working OT on a plan to upgrade their receivers but even if they don’t, he’s worked with worse and gotten good results.

  261. Yaaaaawwwwwwwwn.
    This happens every off season for the foreskins. I even had the pleasure of listening to DC sports talk this morning and callers were legitimately saying that they are going to the super bowl. What a pathetic fair weather fan base. They aren’t even the best NFL team that plays in Maryland.
    Bow to purple.. CAW

  262. @Cruells
    My god you’re stupid. First you blame Andy Reid for losing McNabb. Then you say to draft Tebow with the first round pick, then you top it off by saying you want to draft Pryor next year? I always thought Eagles fans were just as stupid as any other fan base but my god.

  263. # dcowboy7 says: April 5, 2010 12:47 PM
    1 cowboys
    2 giants
    3 eagles
    4 redskins
    Thats Funny! LOL!! The Cowboys and Giants have done the LEAST to improve their team. The NFCE was horrible last year. At least the Skins and Eagles are making moves to better their teams. I think its going to be:
    1 Eagles (If Kolb is what they think he is)
    2 Skins
    3 Giants
    4 Boys
    Eagles will win Division at 10-6

  264. mrEagle says:
    But then again we ahve traded back and forth with the skins over and over thoughout history. Trotter, Trash…just to name a few.
    Yeah Thrash was um..trash and Trotter was past his prime. McNabb still has 2 years under his belt. Now it would make sense if they traded outside of the Division….But not Inside!

  265. The bad Karma that has hung over the Skins since Snyder came to town was also part of this deal. Eagles fans will regret the day they treated McNabb with such contempt. Everything they touch from this day forward will fail whle things will finally click for the skins.

  266. Yeah, sure.
    McNabb could never win with a B+ team in Philly…but he is now going to kick ass with a C- team.
    Wake me when it happens.
    Get ready to hear lots of complaining about your WR, OL, TE, RB, and defense. Poor old Donovan never has enough weapons, it’s never his fault. Everyone else just keeps on letting him down.

  267. McNabb could never win with a B+ team in Philly…but he is now going to kick ass with a C- team.
    Wake me when it happens.
    Prepare for a long Rest…McNabb and Cambell had the same numbers last year and the Skins couldnt waid to get rid of him.

  268. I love how people say Donovan never had weapons. He got to all those NFC Championship games, but they never had enough weapons. How about where they were favored in those games and lost?
    How come McNabb never gets the same guff Peyton Manning gets, for coming up small in big games?

  269. @jibfest
    Are you insane? No one is treated worse for how good they are than Donovan McNabb. Maybe its because he is black, maybe its the fans in Philly, maybe its the fact that he has been in the spot light a lot, but for whatever reason he gets more crap from football fans and (half) the media, than anyone else.

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