Donovan McNabb may want to have a talk with Colt Brennan

The good news for Donovan McNabb is that the Redskins have not retired No. 5.  (Only Sammy Baugh’s 33 has been permanently set aside.)  The bad news is that Colt Brennan currently has the rights to the number that McNabb has worn throughout his career in the NFL and at Syracuse.

It remains to be seen whether Brennan gives up the jersey voluntarily, whether the team tells him to surrender it, or whether McNabb makes a tangible offer in order to wrest the number free.

Coincidentally, Redskins running back Clinton Portis was sued by former teammate Ifeanyi Ohalete in 2005 after Portis allegedly failed to pay the balance due on the $40,000 payment that Portis promised when Ohalete coughed up No. 26 after Portis arrived via trade from Denver.  Portis apparently welshed because Ohalete had been cut after the first installment of $20,000 was made and before the next payment was due.

In this case, the transition should be simple.  Brennan wore No. 15 at Hawaii, but when Brennan arrived in D.C., No. 15 already belonged to Todd Collins, who was cut in early March.

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  1. Colt can wear No. 17. I assume that should be free’d up real soon. Although, he might not being wearing anything if he can’t beat out No. 10 for the right to sit on the bench as a third stringer.

  2. You mean they didn’t retire #5 after Heath Shuler? Boy they have high standards there in DC

  3. The option you didn’t mention is that Brennan is waived early on. Obviously with McNabb coming in someone has to go.

  4. The Reason Colt Brennan Has The #5 Is Cuz When He Was Drafted #15 Was Taken By Todd Collins!
    Todd Collins Isnt On The Team Anymore!
    Colt Brennan Will Witch To #15 And McNabb Will Get His #5!
    Seeing McNabb Wearing A Different # Then The #5 Would Be Really Weird!

  5. @raidersteve413
    Why don’t you learn to speak, write and read english. Maybe if you haven’t devoted your life to the 10 day a year orgy of bad costumes, public intoxication, and illiteracy that is the “black hole” you would know how to spell words like “already” and know that “is now a Oakland Raider” should actually be is now AN Oakland Raider. Also caps lock isn’t needed for every word. The rest of us can read this small print just fine.
    Back to the actual article, Colt will clearly be giving up 5 to get his old number of 15. He probably would have done this with or without McNabb’s arrival. I hope Colt can sit under McNabb for a few years and get his shot when he is ready and McNabb is ready to retire.

  6. @dolphinfeagle99.. what the hell is wrong with you? You should just never be allowed to type anything for others to read.
    Besides..everything you wrote was allready in the post.

  7. I love how PFT generate these mini controversies in the off season to distract us from the fact that there is no football. Pop quiz.
    When Colt Brennan first heard of the McNabb trade did he first think…
    a) I’m going to have to give up #5, hight get some cash.
    b) there are now too many QB’s on the roster and I’m a big chance to get cut.

  8. OK lets talk here real quick. donovan mcnabb. colt brennan. well, we’ve talked about one of those names in the NFL before. before brennan has any rights to his number he should accumulate some stats in the league. or actually be the starter. the number only even matters if you’re on the field for people to see. mcnabb shouldn’t have to pay anything, the redskins should be laying out the red carpet for the man who could potentially save the franchise from the miserable play they’ve had the past couple seasons.

  9. jason when are you going to use your inside to find out.. get on the tv and spread this around.. this needs to talked about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I was reading some of the comments and it seems like some people are just flapping their jaws with out any facts. Just look at McNabb’s stats and it proves he is a winner. I am a Bronco fan but still wish Mike Shanahan well and I know he will turn the Redskins into winner’s. I just can not believe that the Eagle’s traded him to a team with in their own division. I do believe it will come back to haunt the Eagle’s. Good Luck Redskins!

  11. Maybe he’ll want to make a video with Dolt Brennan where they make fun of Romo. You know, because they’re both so good they can afford to waste time on stupid crap like making videos about another player, like Brennan and Chris Fooley did.

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