League looking at Lance Louis situation

674647.jpgWith Bears guard Lance Louis recently pleading guilty to misdemeanor battery, the NFL faces an unusual situation with respect to its Personal Conduct Policy.  The behavior occurred before Louis entered the league, while he was a member of the San Diego State football team.  But charges were filed after he was drafted.

It has been our understanding that, in the wake of the case of Bengal defensive end Frostee Rucker, the league decided that it will not impose discipline for incidents occurring before the player enters the NFL.  NFL spokesman Dan Masonson tells us that the Louis situation currently is being reviewed, which suggests that a bright-line rule of that nature has not yet been adopted.

The distinction arises from whether the Personal Conduct Policy is aimed at addressing behavior, or whether it is intended to respond to the filing of charges.  In our view, the charges are irrelevant; the question is whether the player allegedly has violated the law after he joined the league.  For any pre-draft misbehavior, teams can impose their own loose discipline by passing over him in one or more rounds, or by not drafting the player at all.

Until this issue is settled — and the union should be pushing hard for a rule that insulates players from all pre-draft misconduct — players who find trouble (or vice-versa) in college should push to get the matter fully resolved before the player enters the NFL. 

7 responses to “League looking at Lance Louis situation

  1. Considering it was a misdemeanor battery it is hard to justify punishing him any further. Forgot if he injured the other guy severely or not, serious injuries would change the issue. Regardless he should have a sit down with Warden Goodell.
    If it was an offense related to felony, DUI, or drug usage aside from marijuana, then the league should take a serious look.
    Insulating players from all pre-draft conduct is bullsh*t even coming from a liberal former lawyer such as yourself. You know better than that.

  2. The dude put a whipping on a teamate in college… The NFL will send a strong message to this young man for the brutality of the way he beat his team mate. The NFL wants the players to know that NFL is a privalege.
    They will want to discourage other young men from violent juvenile behavior in the future; thus this kid will be handed a very stiff penalty.

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