"Parcells loves Tebow"

parcells-clicks.jpgRosenthal has reached his Tim Tebow quota for the day.  I haven’t.

So now I will.

Pat Kirwan of NFL.com, in a recent effort to identify the teams that potentially will draft Tebow, writes that a former NFL head coach said of Dolphins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells, “Parcells loves Tebow.”

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald thinks that Tebow is a “bigger, stronger, better” (but slower) version of Pat White, a second-round pick in 2009.  And Salguero thinks that, if Tebow is available when the Dolphins use their third-round selection (No. 73 overall), Parcells and company will pounce.

But Tebow likely will be long gone before pick 72.  And the Dolphins, who have invested no fewer than five second-round picks on quarterbacks since 2004 (trade for A.J. Feeley (2004), trade for Daunte Culpepper (2006), John Beck (2007), Chad Henne (2008), Pat White (2009)), would be unwise, to say the least, to use anything higher than a third-round pick on Tebow.

Actually, we believe that Parcells was duped into taking Pat White in 2009 due to the widespread belief that Patriots coach Bill Belichick would select White with one of the umpteen second-round selections that New England had — just as we believe Belichick’s rope-a-dope in 2008 cajoled the Jets into taking Vernon Gholston at No. 6 overall, when Belichick actually coveted the far superior Jerod Mayo.

Though we’re not prepared to suggest that Parcells is trying to get someone to reach for Tebow before the Dolphins use the eleventh pick in round two (No. 43 overall), we’d be shocked if the Dolphins were to use a sixth second-rounder on a quarterback.

Finally, let’s not overlook the fact that Parcells and Tebow share an agent — Jimmy Sexton.  So even if Parcells’ experiences with Pat White have taught him that limited-role quarterbacks may be a mistake, Parcells would have no reason to profess anything other than love for Tebow.

Remember, this is the time of year when teams that love a given player will spread negative info in the hopes that the player slides through the cracks — and when teams that hate a player will try to help build buzz in the hopes that someone drafting earlier will burn a pick on on the player, pushing one more step farther down the board a player that the team really wants.

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  1. Can you say “trade bait”?
    Why would anyone believe the Dolphins want Tebow with Chad Henne looking like a hugely promising QB?

  2. Why would the Dolphins have any interest in Tebow?
    Henne was fantastic for them last year.
    Chad Pennington lost the first 3 games of the season for the Dolphins. Henne damn near recovered them into the playoffs.

  3. Does he “LOVE” any players that will actually help the Dolphins? ‘Cuz he’s overseen quite a few free agent signings and draft choices so far that he also may have “LOVED,” who Dolphins fans aren’t quite so enamored with.
    I “LOVE” Ernest Wilford, Gibril Wilson, Pat White, Patrick Turner and the rest of the stiffs they’ve brought in as much as the next guy, but…………..

  4. I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of parcells that he actually hates Tebow.
    So who’s right?

  5. Kirwan said “parcells loves football players & tebow is one of those” not that he loves Tebow.
    Read the article on NFL.com

  6. jaggedmark:
    Tebow gets a hard time for his slow delivery, but he is actually a far more accurate passer than Pat White. For proof just look at any (and every) known passing statistic. Completion pct., qb rating, passing efficiency, td/int ratio… the list goes on. There’s been so much (justified) talk about Tebow’s mechanical shortcomings that people forget he was a pretty accurate passer in college (over 60% completions every year) and Florida threw down the field a lot more than, say, Texas.

  7. Florio says: “Actually, we believe that Parcells was duped into taking Pat White in 2009 due to the widespread belief that Patriots coach Bill Belichick would select White with one of the umpteen second-round selections that New England had.”
    And, I thought you were gonna say they took Pat White because “he foolishly took as credible the words of some internet hack who overrates all things West Virginia.”
    BTW, “Parcells Love Tebow”? Do you have Dez Bryant writing your headlines now?

  8. Minuteman says:
    April 4, 2010 4:44 PM
    Can you say “trade bait”?
    Why would anyone believe the Dolphins want Tebow with Chad Henne looking like a hugely promising QB?
    So Tebow can run the wildcat offense.
    But I don’t see this happening. They have Henne and Pat White. They already invested many early round picks on QBs, as mentioned in the article. And Henne recently kinda threw Tebow under the bus by saying that he doesn’t think Tebow is an NFL quarterback. That would make for an awkward situation with those two QBs after such a comment.

  9. Parcells’ analysis is SO FRESH – that is if you hot-tub time-travel to 1989.
    Honestly – could anyone give a rat’s a$$ what Parcells thinks about anything?
    Look at how much better Wade Phillips has done with Parcells own players than Parcells himself could do. When Wade Phillips is laughing down at you, it’s NOT a good thing.

  10. Florio, you were all over Pat White’s nuts expressing your man love for the guy for months after the draft. Now you’re reaching, and you sound like a guy who got told to “Kick rocks.”

  11. I think you were duped into believing that the Jets and Dolphins drafted somebody simply because they were afraid that Bill Belichik would.

  12. Jesus loves Tebow as well…wish he would ‘draft’ him…
    What is wrong with you losers?
    You’ve already been drafted.
    Dead and too dumb to know it.

  13. Two things are pretty funny here…
    #1 We are supposed to be listening to a guy (Kirwin), who Parcells made it one of his first priorities with the Jets to fire (Kirwin)…
    #2 Florio thinks Parcells would draft a guy soley because Belichick thinks he’s good…that’s rich.
    Hey money, why not check out Parcells track record in drafts versus Belichick’s…then you might realize just how dumb that gum drop detective theory of yours is…

  14. Pat White:
    # Has started a total of 40 games during his 4 year career.
    # Starting record of 34-8 is unmatched by any quarterback in WVU history and sixth in the NCAA in most career victories as a starting quarterback.
    # Is the only quarterback in FBS history to win four bowl games as a starter.
    # His 4,400+ yards rushing are the most among any quarterback in FBS history
    # He has accounted for 100+ touchdowns, which is a Big East record for any position.
    #Also, first in NCAA career quarterback rushing list in yardage – 4,385 yards
    # Fourth player in NCAA history with 40+ rushing and 40+ passing touchdowns in a career
    # Second player in NCAA history with 4,000+ rushing yards and 5,000+ passing yards.
    # One of five players in NCAA history to rush for 1,000 yards and pass for 1,000 yards in a season. (Accomplished twice, 2006 and 2007)
    Yeah, but the Dolphins got duped right Florio? D-Bag. He was an F’n rook who played sparingly.

  15. Both the writers & the posters on this site have this situation all wrong.
    I think Florio’s WVU bias has blinded him when he says, “So even if Parcells’ experiences with Pat White have taught him that limited-role QBs may be a mistake,” It’s not ‘limited-role QBs’ that are a mistake. It’s Pat White that was a mistake. I said from the beginning, that White would fail as a wildcat QB because he is a finesse runner, not a physical runner. He can’t put his head down & gain tough yards. He needs open space. Space that is not available from the wildcat QB in the NFL.
    Tebow is different. He is a physical runner. He will be effective from the wildcat.
    What the posters here fail to understand is that he has great value to the Dolphins as a wildcat QB. He can run similar to Ronnie Brown, and though he can’t throw like an NFL starter, he can throw MUCH better than Ronnie Brown. The added threat of the pass out of the wildcat is something the Dolphins coaches can take big advantage of.

  16. Oh lordie..I can’t believe Parcells would be psyched out by Belichick…no way that happened. And I am a Pats fan.

  17. The Tuna may love Tebow, but I don’t think that he means as a football player It’s well known that Parcell’s a little light in his loafers

  18. To TheGuyWhoToldTimTebowToShutTheFup
    You gave all those great stats about Pat White. All those awards. All those yards he ran or passed.
    Remember Andre Ware?
    Heisman Trophy winner (1989)
    COMP 212 ATT 356 YDS 2507 TD 25 INT 8
    COMP 365 ATT 578 YDS 4699 TD 46 INT 15
    Complete bust in the NFL.
    NFL Stats-
    YDS 1,112 TD 5 INT 8
    See also;
    Klinger, David
    Dorsey, Ken
    Wuerffel, Danny
    Frazier, Tommy
    Leinart, Matt (maybe now he’ll get his chance)
    Flutie, Doug
    Greene, David (2nd on all time NCAA wins list)
    College stats mean squat most of the time. Even Mike Florio knows that! (sorry, Mr. Florio!)

    I’m not talking about if he’s going to be a bust or not or if Pat White will even make it in the NFL. I’m talking about the Dolphins decision to pick Pat White. Florio claimed the Dolphins were duped. His college credentials and the fact that the Dolphins wanted someone like him in the Wildcat, was the reason the Dolphins picked him up.

  20. JaggedMark says:
    April 4, 2010 4:43 PM
    Not only is Tebow not as fast as Pat White, but he also isn’t as accurate.
    Pat White career passing Att, ,783 CP, 507 64.8% 6,049 YDS 56TD’s, 23 INT
    Tim Tebow career passing Att, 995 CP, 661 66.4% 9,285 YDS 88 TD’s, 16 INT
    Dude, you are an absolute genius… just think, if Tebow had Pat Whites numbers Tebow would never had won a Heisman. Hot Damn! How did this world get in such piss poor shape with such brilliant cats as yourself running around… Frick… jaggedmark… you are cheating Ronald McDonald out of a fry cook.

  21. Xpensive Wino, you’re right. He’s not batting 1.000 so Parcells sucks. Way overrated…

  22. I loved Bill to death and if you’re talking about the defensive side of the ball, I’ll take his evaluation any day of the year and I’ll take it for the Ol but let’s not forget that he wanted to start Scott Brunner over Phil Simms.

  23. You think Tebow is a more accurate passer than Pat White? I’ve completed the same number of passes as him in the NFL. He really looked clueless out there in week 17.

  24. By the way ICEWALKER, you should get a job stating the obvious, because you’re good at it. I love it when a guy logs in, and thinks he’s teaching the world something everyone else knows as common knowledge. Yes, there are busts in the NFL who were great in college and I’m very impressed by your vast knowledge of the obvious, but take it some where else.

  25. They already have 4 QB’s Florio
    And you are the smart one?

  26. Lol, first sign that Pat White is gonna equal bust. We tried to tell you Florio, all you wanted to do was sniff him. Better learn how to return punts or something.
    Unless of course, Parcells loves Tebow as a tight end.

  27. Flutie, Doug got results as an NFL player when he was given a chance.
    In his first go with the Patriots, he had a winning record as a starter. Inexplicably, they didn’t keep starting him.
    Later he got Buffalo to the playoffs, and inexplicably, they started that stiff Rob Johnson instad of Flutie and got dumped in the first round.
    From a distance, I say the guy seldom got a fair shake because he was 5′-10″ and didn’t fit the mold.

  28. I’d be okay with them picking Tebow in the 3rd but PLEASE, NOT IN THE SECOND. We blew a 2nd round pick last year on Pat White and have too many needs. Draft Bryant and either a FS or NT in the 2nd.

  29. Oh, how I look forward to the time when Tebow fades into Danny Wuerffel land, aka deep obscurity, so that Pro Tebow Talk can go back to being Pro Football Talk.

  30. I don’t think it’s really fair to write off a QB after 5 NFL pass attempts. Brett Favre was picked twice in his 4 pass attempts for the Falcons. Obviously, Pat White won’t ever be Brett Favre, but I think it’s a little early to write him off yet.

  31. We don’t need another QB slash type of player unless you are picking in the 6th round.
    Address the needs (WR, OLB, NT, S, TE) first unless you are going to play Pat White in the slot and Tebow at TE.

  32. they both suck.
    the specialty of the wildcat is that the guy is a TRUE threat to run the ball most of the time with maybe a few passes to keep defenses away.
    pat white cant run between the tackles whatsoever.
    Tim Tebow can run between the tackles but not like a running back. He did draws all the time in college.
    Pat White got a standing slow clap from me when he got knocked out by Ryan Clark(?). He’s just a clueless guy when asked to throw.
    Frankly – Thigpin fills their wildcat needs just fine. ha can actually pass, and run pretty well. even though im sure he doesnt want to do it.

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