Rams waiting for "tremendous offer"

Rams G.M. Billy Devaney hasn’t talked to any teams about trading down from the No. 1 overall pick yet, but he’s willing to listen.

“If we get a tremendous offer for the first pick . . .” Devaney said to the Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, failing to finish his thought while thoughts of future draft picks and players danced in his head.  (We’d hold out for a tremendously tremendous offer.)

“If at the end of the day somebody makes an offer where we think, ‘My
gosh, we can really stockpile some players,’ if we think that’s the best
thing to do we’d be willing to do that also,” Devaney said.

Are you listening Washington?

With Seattle out of the Sam Bradford game, and Cleveland seemingly too far away at pick No. 7, the Redskins are the only team that could conceivably afford to move up.  They aren’t afraid to consider a bold move.

We know: Devaney wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t say he was listening.  But we suspect the Rams mean what they say.  Talk about a possible Bradford deal seems likely to keep us busy until draft day.

Even if it winds up being more pre-draft hot air.

20 responses to “Rams waiting for "tremendous offer"

  1. Yawn. 95% of the predraft rumors never come to fruition….its all hot air and melodrama. Wake me up on Draft morning.

  2. Given that the media is the only one ‘talking’ about it, it s a pretty sure bet its ‘pre-draft hot air’.
    This is the media ‘dream story’ for this draft.
    Better would be Washington taking Russell Okung in the 1st and Colt McCoy in the 2nd. I mean seriouslt how many temas have two Qbs with the same first name, much less that name being ‘Colt’?? Now there’s a story.

  3. Hmm, trading away an entire draft to move up three positions in a year where the draft is as deep as it has ever been?
    Yeah, Washington… get on that!…

  4. The rams (or any team) need to build a solid running game, and ofensive line before drafting a fragile QB like Bradford. Put the oft-injured QB behind a weak line, he’ll be on IR sooner (power pun) or later.

  5. I can definitely see Washington giving up way too much to get that one QB they think is a the franchise one. Sure they’re doing their homework on the other QBs, but no one is gonna convince me that Shanny doesn’t have a hard on for Bradford.

  6. Hey Bun. Not sure if you noticed it or not, but the NFL took away my draft day tradition by making it a prime time event so that they could make more money. I’m pissed!!! But we’ll wake you up Draft evening ok?

  7. Washington would stupid to trade for Bradford. They can get a great player at the 4th pick. They have too many needs to give away draft picks. Too much of a gamble.

  8. Hey McSticky – Please the rumors are what makes it fun. If you really didn’t agree with that, than you would not be reading this site. Oh and draft morning is now Draft Primetime. The NFL might as well make it 7 rounds in 7 days. The NFL is very close to (ok I am going retro) jumping the shark with this darft thing. What they forget is that people/fans may allocate one day to the draft, but dedicating parts of 3 days gets harder to justify, especially if you are married.

  9. Be careful what you wish for Washington fans. Snyder finally seems to have let some “football guys” make the decisions. Well, here’s one where their decision just might be one you don’t want to oblige.

  10. I think the team trading away the number one pick should have to give something up in order to trade down. Instead of the team with the 26th pick givng it along with the 48th overall, for instance, it should be the other way around. With the first ten or so picks, a team is paying a premium that is totally disproportionate to the perceived increase in value. The teams are dealing with unproven commodities to begin with, which makes the amount of money being thrown at the first few players drafted even more absurd. So a team with a high first round pick is being penalized.
    A free market tends to iron out such inequities on its own. I wonder why it isn’t happening here.

  11. Washington flops 1st Round picks essentially and throws in next years 2nd or 1st plus Andre Carter …. make it happen 😉

  12. Oh, and one more thing, I think Washington is more than happy to take Clausen at #4 or Okung if he falls, but I suspect if he’s there Detroit takes Okung, Tampa takes Suh if St LOuis doesn’t (or possibly McCoy or Berry)…. Either way Washington doesn’t have to deal so St louis if they are asking for the moon (moon being more than 2 picks including this year’s first + one next year and a player then I think they are crazy lol. Noone will give up that much for Bradford, not in this draft.
    Besides, the rams can draft the 75 Million dollar man in Bradford, Cause that’s what I think it will take to sign him 😉

  13. LOL @ teams who every year think that their first round pick is actually coveted. First of all, no GM wants to deal with those kinds of negotiations, have that much money to commit, and being responsible for a potential first pick bust.

  14. Bad title…since when does “IF” mean “WAITING”.
    Greg , Tulane called they want you to take freshman English. Maybe ‘Logic and Language’. Maybe they want you tell people you went to LSU. Something. Post after post. Even Blutarsky is shaking his head right now.

  15. Let me correct many of you who have not been paying attention to football since the end of the season…From your comments on Washington shows you have not been.
    First …Washington has not said they wanted Bradford anymore then they have with the other QBs they continue to work out. Just because this guy writes his OPINION on here does NOT mean that’s what Washington is going to do!
    Secondly, Snyder is NOT making any decisions any longer. They have hired a football GM and a pretty good HC. So the comments people keep making about the Washington and Snyder no longer apply…..
    3rd…If you think for second cause you have heard from the “media” that the Washington needs to completely rebuild and that they are in complete chaos..you are about to be surprised at what a difference bringing in good coaching will do.

  16. I can see someone wanting to trade up to get Suh but outside of that, there is very little reason to trade up

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