Reid says McNabb didn't handpick Redskins

One of the most surprising parts of Andy Reid’s Easter night press conference — other than the fact it was happening at all — was that he stressed Donovan McNabb’s happiness as a factor in Sunday’s trade.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter writes that McNabb “handpicked” the Redskins over the Raiders, who thought at times they were close to a deal. 

Thanks to the magic of technology, I read Schefter’s tweet on the subject and was able to ask Reid about it moments later.

“That’s not accurate,” Reid said.

While it may not have been that black and white, Reid made it clear many times McNabb approved of joining the Redskins.  The inference is that he may not have been happy with another destination. 

We’ve read some thoughts that the Eagles “disrespected” McNabb in some way.  If anything, it seems like the team’s respect for him partially drove this trade.

UPDATE: Schefter clarifies: McNabb handpicked
Redskins from the options he had

12 responses to “Reid says McNabb didn't handpick Redskins

  1. What about respect for the best franchise in the NFL? The Raiders commitment to excellence will always keep it above the rest. Long live Al and go Raiders!! Just win baby!!

  2. LOL, you just won’t let the raiders angle die will you Gregg, lol. When Oakland got descent QB play from Gradkowski we were able to win some games. With McNabb, oakland would have done some things, but now we’ll never know. He handpicked washington to stick it to Eagles according to Brian Mitchell

  3. It’s obvious the eagles wanted to trade ncnabb to Buff or Oak but mcnabb wouldn’t sign an extesion with them.Best offer was from skins.Had to take it.Birds may not be better this year but give kolb a year or two with young weapons and this trade will look awesome.D mac thanks for the last 11yrs. but TIME TO GO.

  4. “We’ve read some thoughts that the Eagles “disrespected” McNabb in some way. If anything, it seems like the team’s respect for him partially drove this trade.”
    Ted Thompson take notice.

  5. If McNabb could handpick a team the Redskins seem very likely.
    Boys and Giants have their “franchise” QB’s and you know he is drooling at the chance to face the 0-3gles now.
    Brett Favre 2.0

  6. Of course McNabb didn’t handpick the Redskins. He just would have not played for Oakland or Buffalo that’s all. Can’t blame him. Both teams are quite a ways off from contending, but then again so are the Redskins. As for the trade itself I think that Philly got fair value for McNabb. The 37th overall pick this year plus a conditional 3rd or 4th rounder next year is fair for a QB who will be 34 and at the end of his current contract when the year finishes.

  7. Either Oakland or Buffalo will get Campbell and they will do great things. The Redskins might be looking to win right away. And healthy they will. But the Raiders or whoever gets Campbell will have a quality starter who puts up good numbers with horrible play calling and offensive line. Plus Campbell isnt 33 years old and has a long time still left in the league.

  8. Hey: Where is AndyReidIsABadCoach?
    First off, I posted over the last few weeks that McNabb was destined to be cut, because McNabb held the “hell no” on a trade to a bottom feeder. The poster named and AndyReidIsABadCoach called me an idiot.
    AndyReidIsABadCoach is an idiot.
    So I was wrong in the McNabb gets cut point.
    So why did the Eagles trade him to the Redskins?
    The Eagles were desperate and they knew it.
    Andy Reid knew he had no choice other than to give McNabb what he wanted. McNabb’s willingness to go to D.C. is the only reason this trade happened.
    Does anybody know of the details of this contract yet? Was McNabb and his agent smart enough to get a no-trade clause?
    This smells a little like a possible draft day maneuver. Meaning McNabb to the Rams for the number one pick.

  9. “McNabb held the “hell no” on a trade to a bottom feeder. ”
    Yet that’s exactly where ended up. With a bottom feeder of a team. I’m inclined to believe that if McNabb didn’t want to play for the Bills or the Raiders, he probably didn’t want to play for the Redskins either. That is, if all the rumors of his feelings are true, which I doubt. I am sure he was willing to play anywhere, but just preferred to go to a contender, which is typical of any veteran in the NFL. Reporters like Schefter just like to find any excuse they can to stab the Raiders and their fans in the back even if it means stretching the truth.

  10. How many times are you people going to actually listen to anything Adam Schefter says and actually believe it? This guy has not gotten 1 story right yet. Every time he posts anything about the Raiders it is shot down by multiple sources instantly……yet, PFT and ESPN keeps running with the story. How does this guy still have a job? Can you imagine what would happen if you were wrong this many times where your employed? You have a better shot at getting some accurate reporting from the National Enquirer over this idiot.

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