Rob Sims could be a Bear or a Lion this week

The Donovan McNabb trade isn’t the only thing happening right now in the NFL, even if we’ll devote a couple dozen stories to it over the next day or so.

Seattle guard Rob Sims, who recently signed his RFA tender, is still expected to be traded by the Seahawks.  Per a league source, it could happen this week.

Specifically, Sims’ new team could be the Lions or the Bears.

In Chicago, the man who drafted Sims — Tim Ruskell — has joined the front office.  In Detroit, they need all the help they can get.

21 responses to “Rob Sims could be a Bear or a Lion this week

  1. how bout the skins? they still have next years picks to spend…. but seriously maybe an older vet that they don’t think will fit the scheme or something….

  2. Who is Rob Sims? How is this related to McNabb or the Redskins? Wait, I thought this site was

  3. We’re seeing more offseason trades in the NFL due to the change from 4 to 6 years for UFA status. It seems like there are some really solid players available for mid-round draft picks to teams who don’t mind the fact they’ll want a long-term deal. It seems like the Lions are actually being quite smart right now going after some of these guys. They’ve already traded with the Bengals for a DT and are looking for an OG. The 3rd or 4th round pick needed to get a starter-quality OG seems like a great deal.

  4. Lions perhaps have the better trade bait for him! I am not saying—I am just saying!

  5. Glad you figured out quickly that it’s actually Tom’s brother TIM that’s working to tear the Bears down with “quality” pplayers that are quality people.

  6. Add the Browns to that list. Need a G with Pashos manning the RT spot. Also, Sims was drafted in the Holmgren era and Holmgren does like him!

  7. your a douche Mike Flo, Lions are one year away from playoff contention, your still 5 years away from being a real writer… bag full of douche

  8. Has it actually been confirmed that Ruskell is indeed working for the Bears? If they get him, hopefully they don’t give up more than a 4th or 5th rounder.

  9. No it hasn’t been confirmed that Ruskell is working for the Bears. I don’t think he’ll be hired until after the draft. This is the only website that thinks he’s working for them currently.

  10. Beave, the Lions’ 3rd Round pick would not be a good deal for Sims. That is the #66 pick. Come draft day, you will see that you would rather have the #66 pick than have Sims. I would have a hard time trading my 4th Round pick for Sims, since that is the #100 pick in this draft. I think you will see Sims traded for less than the #100 pick. Hopefully, the Lions can swing a trade without giving up either pick.

  11. What? Am I to believe any of your post of who goes where? I am still waiting for Pacman. YOU said that he was to be named a Lion by now….

  12. The Lions have more to offer for Sims than the Bears do. I’d trade the #100 pick + a conditional pick next year based upon performance. Deal done.

  13. I’ll happily trade the Lions fourth rounder for Sims. One is a quality, established NFL player who can be start immediately while the other is nothing more than a prospect with potential. Considering how many draft picks never pan out (even first and second rounders), give me the guarantee any day.

  14. First off, anybody who thinks the Lions are close to being a contender……what the Hell are you basing that on…? You have absolutely zero concrete proof to assume your shit hole team is going to be any better than you were the last four years. I’m glad to see true fans stand by a God awful team, but don’t go saying you’re going to be a contender, that’s just ignorant. That being said, Ruskell is currently working for the Bears, and does plan on bringing Simms into Chicago for a third round pick in this year’s draft. Choke balls Detroit, forever an arm pit of the NFL.

  15. dlodown1 it’s always a wise move, that when you’re going to slam someone that you try not to make mistakes in your own post.
    It’s Rob Sims, one S, dipshicht

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