Alex Brown tour begins tomorrow

Though no one wanted to trade for a contract that paid veteran defensive end Alex Brown more than $10 million over the next two years, several teams apparently are interested in getting him at a lower rate.

Per a league source, Brown launches his free-agency tour on Tuesday.  He has another visit lined up as well.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the names of the teams.  But we’re working on it.

Brown was cut by the Bears last week after they could find no takers via trade.

33 responses to “Alex Brown tour begins tomorrow

  1. I have to admit, it was weak posting that he is going on a tour but you’re not sure where yet. I agree with the caps locked poster, Carolina makes a ton of sense. As for the other former Bears DE Ogunleye, I think a homecoming to Indiana makes sense. He would play in a rotation and have a chance for a Super Bowl at the end of his career as the Colts drafted a young DE to groom.

  2. he’ll have a team soon. quite a few could use him. bet he even gets 3+ million a season.

  3. Good luck Alex. You deserve a nice contract. I wish you and the Bears could have at least tried to restructure keeping you in house. You will be missed.

  4. Why do Bears fans hate Alex Brown?
    he played well for them and they just throw him aside.
    Be careful what you wish for, Bears fans.
    By hoping for something better from that position you only reveal your inner monster.
    So hateful!

  5. He’s a 4-3 end so he should go to a 4-3 team. That rules out New England, Cleveland, Baltimore, Pittsburgh.
    New Orleans is a possibility, so is Carolina. Tennessee could definitely use him, so could Jacksonville.

  6. A good guy and a solid if unspectacular player who gives 100% on every down. I’d love to see him come back a Bear but whoever gets him gets a guy who gives his all every time he hits the field. I only wish he hit the QB with more frequency.

  7. Mooch-
    Are you just making crap up? Most Bears fans, including myself have a lot of respect for Alex Brown. But unfortunately this kind of stuff happens all the time in the NFL.

  8. Don’t hate him, nor are we casting him aside. He was very average at what he did. Do you know how much the NFL is littered with run-stopping DEs? Well, he fits that bill, and the cover-2 is more predicated than any other defense to get consistent outside pressure on the QB. The Bears would’ve kept him if him and his agent didn’t ask for more guaranteed money and an extension. Make sense?

  9. No, you must hate Alex Brown. Else he’d still be a Bear. For life. For ever, because that is what good appreciative fan bases do.
    I can’t believe how much hate I see from Bears fans who are happy with this situation. Alex Brown is classy and deserves better than you lot of front runners.
    If only the organization had stood up to the hater fans, he’d have the lifetime contract he deserves.
    I hope he goes to the Packers and sacks Cutler 38 times in two games he faces you this year!
    Then you will cry: “Why did we let Alex Brown go. He was more than we deserved. I wish we had him now, let’s go get him back!”
    You’ll see. Mark my words.

  10. MOOCH– you’re out of your freakin’ mind. whatever rock you live under must have a couple f*cktarded “Bears Fans” in there, ’cause there’s no AB hatin’ goin’ on abouts Chi-Town.
    worst move this spring. yup.

  11. “Why do Bears fans hate Alex Brown?
    he played well for them and they just throw him aside.
    Be careful what you wish for, Bears fans.
    By hoping for something better from that position you only reveal your inner monster.
    So hateful!”
    What comments are you reading? Bears fans were the one’s commenting that he was a good guy that gave a strong effort. Not your typical DE, in that he’s not a sack guy, but does everything else pretty well. He’s not worth 5m a year at this point in his career though, and would hope they have plans to pick up some help elsewhere at the multitude of spots they have problems.

  12. Hey the Seahawks just got Henderson so I guess we don’t need a proven player…lol. And Pete Carroll says he wants to win right away…..maybe in 2015

  13. If you appreciated him, why is he gone? Why was he not given a lifetime extension?!?!?
    If the fans supported him, he’d still be a Bear.
    PS – just an Eagle fan (and former DePaul student) trying to prove a point. Nice offseason moves, should be interesting to see how Cutler does in that new offense.

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