Bobbie Williams' contract will be for two years

After many stops and starts, Bengals guard Bobbie Williams’ deal is finally final, according to the team’s official Twitter account.

The long-time guard got a two-year contract.

He’s a key to the team’s running attack.  We could say more, but we said it two days ago the last time we thought Williams was signed.

7 responses to “Bobbie Williams' contract will be for two years

  1. it’s a killer. drafted by the Eagles, this guy was abominable on the field. Penalties ga-freakin-lore. I don’t blame the organization for letting him move on, but it’s proof that a change in scenery really can do wonders. (this was back before the Eagles’ O went pass-maniacle)
    Maybe HE’S the reason Philly’s running attack is so anemic.

  2. The best lines in the NFL are the ones that know and trust eachother. Glad to see some continuity on the Bengals front 5. If they can give #9 some time maybe he will regain some of his lost accuracy and that would make the Bengals a legit title threat.
    As far as the draft goes I think this is the first time in 20 years we are not looking for 2-3 starters in this draft. In a perfect world I would like to see Earl Thomas fall to the Bengals at 21. That being unlikly I think you could make a strong case for about 5 or 6 guys at that 21st pick. Pass rushers even with baggage are alwasy valuable so Dunlap is a possibility and i suppose a D tackle is a solid choice as well. Greshem the TE from Oklahoma would be a great weapon but it might be too soon to give up on Chase Coffman. Taylor Mays is a freak and I think she add 20 pounds and move to linebacker but thats just me. I think I am only kidding but not sure yet.
    Regardless they should be able to get good value with both of their selections in rounds 1 and 2. If there is a player they really like I hope they use their 2 thirds and 2 fourths and go get the player they think fits because with so many players returning from last year I dont think any more than 4 or 5 rookies make the team.
    WHO DEY!!!

  3. It is strange to see that the Bengals might just be able to take the best player available in the draft.
    I am still on the Taylor Mays bandwagon and i think the 1 year re-signing of Roy Williams proves that Zimmer is interested in a guy like Mays.
    Hard hitter, fast, great potential to be a Safety for Cincy!

  4. Agreed, heavyj39. I would love to see a playmaking safety taken at 21. Both Crocker and Williams went down, and we will need the eventual successor. Iupati would also be a steal at that spot, but if he drops, I don’t see him getting by the Steelers. I have seen Dez Bryant falling in a few mock drafts, and wouldn’t mind him if some of the other favorites are gone, but for the love of Jehovah, we do not need Gresham.
    I am happy they got Bobby Williams back for a few more years. He is a cornerstone. Hopefully the Bengals can find his replacement in the next few years, if he isn’t already on the roster.

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