Bud Selig tunes out McNabb talk

Once it became inevitable that the Eagles would be trading quarterback Donovan McNabb, the issue then became one of timing.

And, coincidentally or not, the timing meshed with — and overshadowed — the bunting-filled launch of baseball season.  To the dismay of MLB Commissioner Bud Selig.

Asked about the McNabb deal, Selig sounded off, per Mark Viera of the Washington Post.  “Goodness gracious, I’m a football fan —
this is Opening Day,” Selig said.  “If you really want to know I’m going to give you a
brutally honest answer.  I got up at 5:30 this morning and did my daily
workout.  And I was watching an unnamed channel and that’s all they were
talking about.  I turned it off, that was my reaction.  My goodness

Apart from the fact that Selig violated the code of baseball elitists purists and openly acknowledged the sport they regard as pro wrestling on grass, Selig broke out a grossly outdated phrase — twice.

Then again, “goodness gracious” probably is appropriate, since it rose to popularity in the 1960s, the last decade in which baseball could make an arguable claim to actually being the national pastime.

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  1. I don’t really understand why you bash baseball on this blog. There’s enough room in people’s lives for more than one sport ya know.

  2. Bud Selig is baseball’s version of Al Davis.
    Irrelevent, senile, and thinks he is smarter, and more important than in reality.

  3. Okay Florio. I like football as much as the next guy, but don’t start bashing the sport of baseball. You might be surprised at how many of us follow it as insanely as we do football.

  4. MLB BLOWS and Selig knows it!
    I have not watched an MLB game since 1994 and I think many sports fans are like me!! The greed ruined MLB!
    The NFL and MMA/UFC are probably my 2 favorite sports right now!!
    Sorry to say but Major League Baseball lost me a long time ago! Hopefully the Yankees can buy another world series this year!! At least they still have MLB fans in NYC!! Right??

  5. Hey Bud, news flash but football is A LOT more popular than baseball. This proves the state your sport is in. When an offseason trade can totally put opening day out of the minds of everyone, your sport has issues. So get over it Bud.

  6. Some people should really just not speak at all. That said, who gives a damn about what Bud Selig thinks AT ALL, much less what he thinks about a trade in the NFL. Until Pete Rose is reinstated, I have no interest about anything any baseball commissioner thinks or says.

  7. Opening day of baseball. Can it be any less exciting? Good, only 180 some odd games to go.

  8. Without question most useless article of many useless articles.
    He didn’t mention what he was eating? Or is that the next post?

  9. Yeah, baseball is for people with brains, and without ADHD.
    I love them both, and appreciate them both for what they are, but baseball has much more depth and thinking involved. Sorry that goes over the heads of so many people. Really you look like a turd constantly trying to bash MLB.
    Ever wonder why virtually no MLB players “make it rain” or go off with handguns, or get into trouble so often? The idiots play NBA and NFL.

  10. Baseball is a dead sport unless a team is winning they do not fill up the seats
    NFL look and learn from MLB

  11. How does a trade of Donovan over shadow opening day? As much as Florio wishes baseball and football aren’t competing. Thus being in two different seasons and hardly overlapping.
    Florio you must have the douchiest friends. Or maybe they just don’t like you and try to drive you away with douchy behavior which you instead decide is a reflection on society.

  12. I actually love baseball. It’s a beautiful game.
    However, Bud Selig is the biggest fraud ever. The NFL doesn’t schedule Sunday night games during the World Series. So he needs to shut his face about the NFL overshadowing anything related to baseball.

  13. Tim: because baseball players are grossly overpaid to play a sport that induces comas. Baseball sucks.
    (Unless the Rays are doing well.)

  14. Selig is just an idiot because why else would Opening day for baseball happen on a Monday? Why not make it a day when people can enjoy watching the games? No, instead me and more than half of america are stuck at our jobs! DumbA**

  15. Last time i checked it was 11-1 phils….If you think Lurie Banner and Reid didn’t time this trade with opening day for the phils……..Then you are as ignorant as Selig………

  16. It’s always good to hear what the worst commissioner in all sports and sports history thinks. His opinion is widely respected by greedy owners everywhere.

  17. I guess Bud will nix the unnamed channel “ESPN” baseball contract when it comes around! Bud needs to go on to the Roids and Manacure show, Mike and Mike, and ask them why they did not cover Opening Day! Here would be opening statements”
    Bud: Why did you guys cover McNabb instead of opening Day?
    Greelessburg: Well, opening day was Sunday and the Redsox and the Yanks played an we were not on tv.
    Golic: WAAAAA, A Notre Dame underage recruit got killed! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, We need to talk about how he would have gotten my kids a national championship! Waaaaaahhhh!

  18. This is a joke, I am so glad Selig is going to retire in the near future. As a Twins fan he wanted us gone from the league and for the past 10 years we have been a player for the playoffs every season. The McNabb move to the skins is one of the biggest stories of this NFL offseason, so Bud get off your soap box and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  19. Pretty ridiculous of Selig to expect NFL teams to care about the baseball schedule when making trades. Goodness gracious!

  20. Bud should be concerned (sounds like he’s a little worried) baseball is one sport that could come crashing down upon itself quickly during the next great depression, which I think is starting. (NFL take note)

  21. Florio, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying multiple sports. This whole “us vs them” stuff is insanely childish.

  22. # Tim says: April 5, 2010 5:59 PM
    I don’t really understand why you bash baseball on this blog. There’s enough room in people’s lives for more than one sport ya know.
    Perhaps in your life. If I follow one more sport besides football I would never get anything done. One can only put off work around the house for so long. And right now that time goes to football.
    Now if I lived in my mom’s basement I could follow 3 or maybe 4 sports.

  23. It’s a 162 game season of a 5 team race for the title every single year. I had to force myself to watch the Indians today. All our stars are on the big teams. And even worse, if Sizemore ever has a great season and becomes a star, he’ll be in New York, Philadelphia, or Boston by the trading deadline. It’s pointless for 85% of the teams to even exist.

  24. If Baseball had a Salary Cap then I wouldn’t have stopped watching it back in the 80’s. I tell my children the story of how, before my team became a farm club for the Yankees and RedSox, the Kansas City Royals went to the playoffs 6 times in 10 years, went to two World Series and won it all in 85. Now I have absolutely NO interest in watching the 200 million/yr all star teams take on the other 26 teams in the league. What a joke. Sad, Sad, joke.

  25. Selig is old enough that using that phrase makes sense.
    Would it be better if he called it a travishamockery?

  26. Asked about the McNabb deal, Selig sounded off, per Mark Viera of the Washington Post. “Goodness gracious, I’m a football fan — this is Opening Day,” Selig said. “If you really want to know I’m going to give you a brutally honest answer. I got up at 5:30 this morning and did my daily workout. And I was watching an unnamed channel and that’s all they were talking about. I turned it off, that was my reaction. My goodness gracious.” I then went to my barber and ordered up my usual dufus looking haircut.

  27. –baseball has much more depth and thinking involved. Sorry that goes over the heads of so many people–
    This is not true at all. Football is a more complicated game than baseball, with more strategic depth.

  28. You can enjoy football without bashing other sports. Unless you’re a pinhead…

  29. medic406 says:
    April 5, 2010 6:09 PM
    At least he said it in English, his players aren’t able to.
    Great comment.

  30. The NFL is THE sport in the United States….and 2nd place isn’t even in the same zip code. Boring = baseball.

  31. There are plenty of idiots that play baseball.
    Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for baseball, and Florio’s criticism is probably over the top. But I am glad it is, because I know exactly what elitism he is talking about.
    A lot of more prominent and older sports journalists tend to look down upon football just like many baseball people do. It reminds me of the way snooty British people tend to knock Americans. But the reality is football is way better, more popular, and just an all around more entertaining sport.
    For example, I am from the Philadelphia area. I casually checked out the blockbuster matchup between the Phillies and the Nationals. But its the beginning of April, and the games lack luster. I was way more interested in the Donovan trade. On the other hand, I can’t stop thinking about the NFL draft. And “opening day” for football is like Christmas.

  32. Shut-up Florio. You have got to be the most insecure SOB i’ve ever seen. Your site is fine, it’s not going to go under because of baseball.
    Baseball is still the national pastime regardless of which sport is more popular (there is no way to tell by the way).

  33. PeteM–Well put.
    Wyoff–you are braindead if that is what you think and never played the game, or understood it.

  34. I agree baseball has nothing on football. The baseball purist still try try to claim that this is Americas past time. Football has surpassed baseball in many ways. Whether they want to admit it or not. Football is the sport of America now. Bash all you want florio I’m behind ya.

  35. PeteM
    -Baseball is grassroots –
    Maybe in Latin America, but certainly not in the US. In the US, baseball is for yuppies.

  36. Anyone who considers MMA to be a sport is kidding themselves. Baseball is the #2 sport in this country(professional sport that is).
    162 game schedule, 6 month season, and a tradition that is far superior than any other sport. Baseball is here to stay.
    How about if this were April 22nd (NFL Draft) and the Yankees announced they traded Alex Rodriguez? The NFL would be fuming. Give old Bud a break. By the way, when in the hell is Major League Baseball going to get a Commissioner who isn’t also an owner?

  37. maybe bud should think about letting pete rose in the hall of fame. instell of football. or maybe he should

  38. . . . buy me some andro and H-G-H I don’t care if it’s Sosa or Mac; so it’s juice, juice, juice for the home team if they don’t win they’re inflamed. . .
    I’d rather watch the grass grow at Augusta than a bunch of cheating juicers

  39. Yeah, baseball is for people with brains, and without ADHD.
    I love them both, and appreciate them both for what they are, but baseball has much more depth and thinking involved. Sorry that goes over the heads of so many people. Really you look like a turd constantly trying to bash MLB.
    im not going to defend florio’s bashing of another sport, but this is obviously a statement from a person that knows a lot about baseball and not even close to as much about football. it took me a long time to recognize how much like a game of chess football is, but since then have found it to be a very intelligent game. perhaps that is why football has such a high ceiling, for the most part it has been organized and run by men of lesser intelligence. if, however, you look at the intricacies of football and the strategy involved, there is no sport that rivals its true depth of need for intelligence. i am not talking about the “action,” i am talking about the preparation and game planning, the strategy, the mind games, the innovation and execution that goes into winning a football game. i read somewhere that the average game has about 10-12 minutes of “action”…there is a lot going on besides that though.

  40. I am a bigger football fan than baseball. However, I agree with Bud that the media’s coverage of stories like this is like beating a dead horse.
    McNabb got traded, big deal. The NFL is a business. Good players get traded. Great players get traded. Montana was a long-time 9er. Then he was a Chief. The list goes on and on. It gives ESPN producers something to fill the SportsCenter hour. For example, how many times do we have to hear that… “this is SportsCenter… FROM LOS ANGELES” ever since they opened a studio in Los Angeles. Do people know how small studios can be and what is in a studio?

  41. denvergodfather wins funniest and truthiest (real word just ask stephen colbert) post of the day

  42. I hate to agree with the commish, but I have to. Not only was it Easter sunday, but it was opening day baseball. The Red Sox vs the Yankees. That’s supposed to be baseballs big money maker at this point in time and the NFL comes in and just has to make its big announcement? One more day couldn’t have made that big of a difference. Look at the players involved in this, Roger Goodell, Dan Synder, and Andy Reid. How could this not be a ploy to keep the NFL relevant during one of Baseballs biggest days?

  43. Ratings actually say the NBA does better than MLB. Baseball has no young fans and minorities don’t care.

  44. I love baseball almost as much as I love football. But anything that pisses off Bud Selig automatically makes me happy.

  45. Ok, JSpicoli, let’s hear your tedious spiel about how pitch choice and placement gives baseball soooooo much more strategic depth than football. Repeat it enough times and it might even become true!

  46. “goodness gracious” there are a lot of McNabb Posts on this website, “goodness gracious”! Maybe we should call this site http://WWW.DonovanMcNabbFootballTalk.com
    “goodness gracious” will everyone just stop talking about it already, “goodness gracious”, We get it, He got traded to another team……In the Same Division!
    “goodness gracious”
    Oh and……
    “goodness gracious”

  47. I love the Phillies, but other than that I could care less about the MLB. Get rid of the guarenteed contracts in both the NBA and MLB. Two dead sports.

  48. Yoy trend followers always have made me laugh. “The color blue is in this year”, “Hats are in”, “Hats are out”.
    All you people are is a bunch of followers. I have to laugh when someone you think is cool, oh they do not use that word any more do they lol. Some wack you think is cool walks out with a rat sticking out of her *&^ with some gaudy outfit and all of a sudden the followers go nuts and it becomes popular.
    Maybe if this country started to get back to being individuals rather than a bunch of sheep all looking to come off as cool the country would not be so *&^%$# up.

  49. I don’t know who the two best players in baseball are but just imagine if they were traded for each other on NFL College Draft Day.

  50. FLORIO, IF i’m going to fast for you let me know…a couple weeks ago, someone on your site predicted that McNabb would be traded April 5th, b/c, [and here’s the key part…] that coincides w/the opening game of the Phillies, and the Eagles are growing increasing irrelevant, one team is trying to win a World Series, the other is slashing payroll & rebuilding, where do you think the passion & excitement is??? come on, FLORIO, think!

  51. I agree that MLB is nothing compared the NFL….but, I have to say that nothing compares to the passion of college football and its’ fans!!

  52. Baseball sucks. Period
    Until MLB ever wakes up and imposes a salary cap, it will continue to lose more and more relevancy.
    woohooo. gotta love a “sport” where the same 5 teams are the only ones that have any chance of winning the World Series.

  53. And what idiot scheduled Opening Day the same day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game? As in the biggest day of the year for NCAA Basketball?
    Tune that out you out-of-touch, self-absorbed moron!
    Have a nice day,

  54. For football fans trying to trash basaeball I wouldn’t make fun of steroids or HGH. Most baseball fans already hate Bud Selig so feel free to bash him all you want. He is the worst comish in sports. Although Goodell could make a run if he doesn’t handle the labor crisis.

  55. Why is football more popular than baseball? Hmmm…I wonder…
    ESPN Baseball Schedule
    April 4, Red Sox at Yankees, 8 p.m.
    April 12, Yankess at Red Sox, 7 p.m.
    April 21, Red Sox at Yankees, 7:30 p.m.
    May 3, Yankees at Red Sox, 7 p.m.
    May 18, Red Sox at Yankees, 7:30 p.m.
    April 5 – Royals, Pirates, Orioles, Blue Jays, Mariners, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Nationals, Tigers, Indians, Braves, and Padres eliminated from post-season play.
    What a joke!

  56. “Goodness Gracious” is from the Jerry Lee Lewis hit, “Great Balls of Fire”. 1957, not the 1960’s. Get your facts straight, Florio.

  57. Selig is baseball’s version of Al Davis? Are you fricking nuts? Davis is an oddball, sure enough, who hired the first black coach, the first hispanic coach, the first Madden coach, an owner who has won superbowls, who was in the superbowl in the 2000s! Forgot that one, didn’t you? That’s right, Raiders in the Superbowl this decade, fact. Selig is nothing, has done nothing, has won nothing, has not advanced his sport beyond nothing. You may not like Al Davis, but puh-leez, don’t call him a Selig.

  58. WOW. You “NFL is the only sport” guys are gonna be some real sad sacks if there is a lockout. Are you all gonna stop watching the NFL when the “greed” destroys your beloved NFL in exactly the same way it supposedly did MLB?
    Gonna go back to watching “Idol” or “Real Housewives of Orange County” or whatever your moms and/or male life partners watch while you all pretend to be men by bashing anything not NFL related?
    You all sicken me. People like you Star F’ers and frontrunners are what is really killing the sport.

  59. I still cannot get over the brainless poster who equated Davis with Selig. Idiot. Look at the sweep of Davis’s career. AFL commissioner. He’s run the Raiders longer than anyone else has run an NFL team. One AFL championship. Thirteen division championships. Fifteen playoff appearances. Three Superbowl titles. Played in the Superbowl in four different decades. Member of the HOF. Nine of his players, NINE, have asked him to speak on their induction into the HOF. Davis must be a real SOB if nine great players choose him for their induction. Davis is hit with endless criticism, including nonsensical stuff, like the claim from Tim Brown, that Davis didn’t like black players from Notre Dame. Yikes. Davis picked Brown 6th overall and has the most outstanding sparkling record of hiring minorities and women of any single person in NFL management. Brown is the mofo here, not Davis. Has Davis had success in the last few years? No. Did he fire that Kiffin dude? Yes. Firing Kiffin qualifies for reinduction into the HOF. Look, the NFL is allowed to have a kinda crazy uncle rattling around the attic. Why not? Davis has earned everything he’s got. Compare to Snyder, just as one example.

  60. Football>baseball>>basketball>”futbol”>wsop>>hockey>march>april>may>june>july>august

  61. Screw Selig, he ruined the game. If baseball ran an operation like the NFL maybe ESPN would show a little more of it, but for now its a 10 team league, boring.

  62. Stupid ass…most people have buried the lead here but why wasn’t the imbecile watching MLB Network anyway? Not like it’s owned by MLB or anything. Probably not a whole lot of McNabb talk there.
    What a douche…throwing your own entity under the bus. And what kind of workout is he doing? I’ve seen the guy, he’s built like a slug.

  63. Gotta love the WWE style fandom of a lot of fans on this site. 13 year olds at heart (or, more likely, in mind)
    Go tuck yourself into your NFL sheets and put on your NFL nightlight.

  64. Bud Selig can take a great deal of credit for football’s surpassing baseball as the country’s favorite sport. Not that the same wouldn’t have occured anyway, but Selig helped it along as being the worst modern era commissioner of any sport. Selig inherited the DH rule but has not managed to bring the leagues together on the rule – and that and Selig’s own interleague play have greatly damaged the World Series. Selig called one All Star game a tie, and in response to the backlash from that knee-jerked an even more ridiculous ruling that the All Star game would determine home field advantage in the World Series. Under his commissionership baseball struggled with the steroid era worse than any sport – which was most damaging to baseball due to its heritage of statistical comparrison. This Bud’s for you, because I want nothing to do with him.

  65. Some of you get it…some of you that list the MLB teams that are eliminated already are dopes. And Florio ummmm baseball in the 70’s was quite popular. And still is. Please get a clue. Oh and April 5th: Lions, Bills, Seahawks, Browns, Rams, Raiders, Chiefs, TBay… no chance and the draft hasn’t even happened. And even better 2011 no NFL…no scabs…just court apperances by half the league for DUIs and child support hearings.

  66. And love the commenter who claims NFL and UFC are his favourite sports. Real sign of the apocalypse.

  67. Having worked for Bud Selig I can tell you he’s a huge football fan. He also is shockingly well aware of the lines on the games.

  68. MMA is not even a sport, its sports entertainment.
    Thats why a guy who is 1-1 in the UFC gets to fight for the title. Because he is from the WWE and its not about representing as a sport, its about getting as many 13 year old kids watching as possible. The UFC even uses WWE data to determine what new markets to go into.
    Was a big MMA fan for about 4 years before I really started to take a serious look at it.

  69. @SJsports66
    Dude, I usually hate anything Philadelphia….but that was the most spot on post I’ve read on this subject.

  70. He is a big football fan. He was shown attending a Packers game during the strike in 94.
    ps. He also sucks.

  71. Well I’m watching a championship game right now that is 10x more exciting than any Super Bowl.
    March Madness is America’s favorite sporting event. Put that in your smarmy pipe.

  72. This whole debate is ridiculous. If MLB was anywhere as close to being as popular as the NFL, the sports media would be spending more time covering the MLB opener rather than the McNabb trade.
    The poster who stated that there are only 5 or so teams that are serious contenders for the World Series was spot-on. Who do you think will win it all in 2010? The Yankees or the team that plays them?

  73. Your an idiot Florio do you know what Pass time means?
    It means it is used to pass time.
    Each year 30 MLB teams play 162 games. Which usually last 3 hours at a time. While on the other hand in the NFL 32 teams play 16 games a year. Its pretty obvious which one passes more time.
    If you look at how many hours of baseball is watched per year compared to football in the U.S. its not even close its a land slide in favor of baseball.
    Anyone who doesnt realize that is either an idiot or they are so self absorbed they cant realize that there favorite sport isnt the most watch in the U.S.
    All you idiots probably still dont realize what Im saying. Im not saying baseball is the most popular sport in America b/c it isnt football is. I am saying however that baseball still is the national pass time because its the most watched. And it always will be because of the length of the season.

  74. @GoBrowns19
    What accusation? I didn’t say he bet on games. I just said he was aware of the spreads.

  75. “Goodness Gracious” pretty much sums it up, Baseball is an antiquated game for antiquated people. Can’t say much for a game that peaked in the 1920’s.
    I’m reminded of the old simpsons episode where homer didn’t realize how dull baseball was until he gave up beer. The game is B-O-R-I-N-G!

  76. Okay, one last comment for you morons who think that baseball is less competitive (although this post is so old I doubt any will read it).
    Over the past 10 seasons, MLB has sent 14 different teams to the World Series with 8 different winners. The NFL has sent 14 different teams with 7 different winners.
    2000 New York Yankees over the New York Mets
    2001 Arizona Diamondbacks over the New York Yankees
    2002 Anaheim Angels over the San Francisco Giants
    2003 Florida Marlins over the New York Yankees
    2004 Boston Red Sox over the St. Louis Cardinals
    2005 Chicago White Sox over the Houston Astros
    2006 St. Louis Cardinals over the Detroit Tigers
    2007 Boston Red Sox over the Colorado Rockies
    2008 Philadelphia Phillies over the Tampa Bay Rays
    2009 New York Yankees over the Philadelphia Phillies
    2001 Ravens over Giants
    2002 Patriots over Rams
    2003 Bucs over Raiders
    2004 Patriots over Panthers
    2005 Patriots over Eagles
    2006 Steelers over Seahawks
    2007 Colts over Bears
    2008 Giants over Patriots
    2009 Steelers over Cardinals
    2010 Saints over Colts
    So, to say that only about 5 teams stand a chance in baseball is about as idiotic as ignoring the same fact in the NFL.

  77. Everyone that’s bashing baseball just lives in a city where either they have no team, or their team absolutely sucks.. If you live in a city where you have a team that competes, you care a little. So basically if you live in a city like Pittsburgh, you probably hate baseball..

  78. medic406 says:
    April 5, 2010 6:09 PM
    At least he said it in English, his players aren’t able to.
    that’s pretty funny considering that 75% of people in the nfl are borderline illiterate
    Someone who came from the Dominican Republic likely grew up with no education in absolute poverty, violence, and squalor the likes of which people in the USA’s worst inner city ghetto’s can’t even comprehend.
    Sure, they might speak broken english with a heavy accent. But they are billingual and speaking their SECOND language they had to learn on the fly in a foreign country.
    Sorry, but they get a bit more of a pass then someone from the USA who graduated high school, attended a college with a prestigious academic history like Michigan or USC, and thinks it’s okay to say ” I aint be having none” insted of ” I don’t have any.”
    There is a reason why baseball doesnt have as big of an issue like NFL has had recently with player behavior off the field. That’s because typically (not allways) a MLB player works their way through the minors, riding the bus, playing in front of no one, and spending months on the road before they get to the bigs, so they know how hard they worked for it. And a player that came from a ghetto in a foreign country (that is much worse than anyhting in the USA) knows that they are lucky to make millions of dollars to play a game, and they appreciate that.

  79. Used to love Baseball when the Orioles Mattered and before the Entire League came down to a discussion of the evil empire vs. the redsoxnation. How can you call it a league when all the games seem to boil down to Yankee’s/Redsox.
    Last year was the first time in 33 years I didn’t attend a baseball game and I missed nothing. Football is a MUCH better value of time and money. Each game actually matters and Sunday afternoon in the fall/winter makes for a good time to watch on TV.

  80. Does Mr. Selig really think the Eagles & the surrounding Philly media market isn’t going to release news of their star QB for the last 10+ years being traded to a division rival, just because a baseball game is going to happen that day? Give me a break.
    Selig’s beef is with the public at large preferring to hear news about football, not with the timing of the report. the NFL didn’t pick the time to do the deal….
    This has nothing to do with baseball versus football. In this day & age with so many distractions and so much news, anything can & will steal attention from other stories. Deal.

  81. Mocking baseball is all fine and well, but it is and has been working its way back to the top.
    Football is king now, but if the players and the owners continue to act the way they have it will go the way of hockey and basketball.
    Selig is a bit of a douche to be sure as fas as commisioners go, but I’m a hell of a lot happier attending a handful of baseball games with the family, as opposed to going to a single football game for the same price.
    I wouldn’t be suprised if ticket sales and TV audiences are growing for baseball again this year, I don’t expect to see the same sort of slump that NFL ticket sales did.

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