Clinton Portis takes presence of Larry Johnson and Willie Parker in stride

During a phone interview with ESPN’s SportsCenter regarding the Donovan McNabb trade, running back Clinton Portis also talked about the addition of Larry Johnson and Willie Parker to the backfield.

“I think L.J. and Willie are great backs,” Portis said.  “You know, they’re proven backs in the NFL.  I think it’s gonna make the competition side of things exciting.  I’ve been in this position before with a loaded backfield with Willis [McGahee] and Frank Gore in college and in the NFL with Terrell Davis and Mike Anderson and Olandis Gary, so this is a situation I’m familiar with.  I think for Larry and Willie, whoever gets the nod out of the three of us, we’ll always know there’s another guy pushing, there’s another guy eager to get on the field.  The competition’s gonna bring a lot to this organization.”

It’s a surprisingly positive attitude from Portis, and we’ve got a feeling that the arrival of McNabb has prompted Portis to be a lot more optimistic about the situation in D.C.

The fact that Portis will be getting $6.5 million guaranteed this year regardless of whether he’s at the top of the depth chart, the bottom of it, or not on the team at all doesn’t hurt, either.

13 responses to “Clinton Portis takes presence of Larry Johnson and Willie Parker in stride

  1. Its not Clinton’s team anymore- it never really was though. He can’t bully McNabb from behind like he did Campbell. Portis sees the future of the Redskins and it does not include him past this year.

  2. Why don’t you quote Portis phonetically, like you do with Emmitt? It would have been more like “I been in this position befo’ wif a loaded backfeel wif Willis” etc.

  3. Portis was definitely complacent under previous regimes, that seems to have changed. Lets hope this crowded backfield brings the best out of him; Although I think the only real competition is LJ. Fast willie will be a change of pace guy, probably topping out around 5-7 carries a game.

  4. look what shan did without talent when he built Denvers running game. He made undrafted cats look like all stars. Now his running game has 3 real good backs. this bothers me more than DonnyMc goin to Washington.

  5. LJ and parker were, in the words of Steve Spurrier, “cheap and available”…I don’t blame the Skins for picking them up. But to pay the 37th pick for McNabb????really bugs me…. Portis should keep up the positive talk, so he can land work this time next year somewhere…………….

  6. its imperative that they have the best record in their division anything less would be a failure

  7. I think it was a great move to bring in LJ and Willie and have the three RBs compete for the job. It should really like a fire under these guys, but I wonder if any of them have enough left on the treads to be an impact player.

  8. Was the entire offseason plan to acquire broken down old players?
    If so, Keith Brooking is available.

  9. yeah, because there’s no chance any of our offseason acquisitions can do anything behind and competent O-line and a coach like Shanahan. HTTR.

  10. Yeah, because Shanahan is so awesome.
    Maybe he can get a time machine and go get Elway in his prime. In the absence of that, he’s done little.
    Coach and QB incapable of winning unless they have every single factor possible going for them. Sounds scary. Good luck with that.

  11. Shanahan might be every bit as good as that other over-rated, tired, unimaginative relic you pulled out a few years ago – Joe Gibbs. He was gonna win a SB and kick our asses too. Same with Spurier.

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