Dawkins thinks the Eagles will regret dealing Donovan

The young pass-catchers in Philadelphia are saying all the right things about the Kevin Kolb era.   Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Daily News talked to a few veterans that are just trying to process the move.

Safety Quentin Mikell, now the longest tenured Eagle: “I was pretty shocked about the whole situation, but even more shocked it was within the

Right tackle Winston Justice: “You had a feeling he’d be traded, but it’s pretty shocking that he was
traded to a team we play twice a year.”

The theme ran through former players too. Brian Dawkins also called the move shocking, then took it a step further.

“When you have a guy that’s playing at a level he’s still playing at, to
me, you don’t get rid of the guy,” Dawkins said. 

There’s a just line of thinking that McNabb was never truly appreciated in Philly.  Dawkins saw McNabb’s demise as especially cruel.

“He finally gets the receivers on the outside, and a tight end — the
weapons everybody’s always talked about — and then, the next year, they
send him off.”

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  1. Maybe if Dawkins would have blamed himself a bit more for that 1-4 record in NFC Championship games and 0-1 record in the Super Bowl both would be here. But he didn’t. He’s a great player, but to put some blame on himself (and btw, artful editing, Rosenthal) and say we shouldn’t blame Donovan is a bit foolish when he could’ve done that years ago.
    Hindsight is 20/20, Dawk.

  2. keeping with the theme of other news items that have been around all day, it’s opening day for most of the MLB……

  3. The Eagles will regret this move for a long time. The only way they don’t is if Kolb wins the Superbowl. Good luck with that.

  4. Lots of people feel that the Eagles will regret sending their biggest offensive playmaker to a team they play twice a year…….Duh!

  5. Like the Packers, you take a beating in the short term.
    Long term obviously the right move.

  6. Come on B-Dawk! First you leave Philly for a big payday (the eagles offered you a raise in 2009 from what you made in 2008 yet you chased the money), and then you trash the team for trading McNabb? Don’t forget that Donovan got “the best desired outcome” as has been stated on this site. I loved to watch Donovan, but he and you need to realize that they did right by both of you. Now mind your own business in Denver and enjoy those big paychecks.
    P.S. – As a kid my first email address was dawk20db@……..
    You were one of the best Eagles of all time, now shut-up until we retire #20.

  7. Good luck is right!!!
    D Jack was a one hit wonder.. You think he’s getting open like he did last year?
    Every team in the NFC East is building their D to defend that guy..

  8. Kolb doesn’t have to win the super bowl to make them not regret this move because, Donovan will never win a super bowl. All Kolb needs to do is play well, and I think he will. Kolb is a west coast offense QB. He has a quick release, and is accurate on short to intermediate routes. He will do just fine because, unlike McNabb he fits into Reid’s system. He won’t wormball every short slant or crossing route. Yes it will hurt DJax numbers a bit, but the offense will still move the ball very well. Now what they really need is about 8 or 9 LB’s and DB’s. That is where the Eagles will get into trouble.

  9. With respect to Dawkins who is a great player, he’s wrong. Philly needs to go with youth and change things up a little, including their offense. Now’s the time to do that. McNabb and that offense were so predictable that their window of opportunity had passed. You either start new with a young core or you keep McNabb around and have him learn a new offense and hope he’ll have enough time to bring it to fruition. It’s better to go young. It’s a hard choice but an obvious one.

  10. Yeah I am going to miss McNabb calling timeouts when we have none, playing air guitar, huddling up down 10 with 2 minutes to go and no timeouts, choking in the playoffs. McNabb had his shot, about 10 of them with plenty of help around him and he couldn’t get it done. Yeah, the receivers weren’t great, but the rest of the team was very good. And he did have good revievers for 3 years, he didn’t get it done those seasons either.

  11. How long before Eagles fans are calling for Reid’s head? Are you joking? They’ve been calling for his head ever since the loss to Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship game after the 2002 season.
    The war cry just intensified with each crushing season ending loss thereafter.

  12. I think the Broncos will regret signing Dawkins and their other aged defenders by midseason. Denver is headed in the wrong direction, while the Eagles are an ascending team, replete with draft picks. Philadelphia has six of the first 100 or so picks this year, and, quite possibly, four picks in the first three rounds next year.

  13. still lmao!! this is some funny shyt! Eagles and Redskins are Dumb and Dumber! Go COWBOYS!

  14. IMO – In all seriousness – This move switches things from the Eagles making the playoffs and the Redskins missing the playoffs the next two years to the Eagles missing the playoffs and the Redskins making the playoffs the next two years.
    As I posted before – even if McNabb was traded to the Raiders I would have picked the Raiders to make the playoffs and maybe even win the AFC West.
    This move clearly made for the future by the Eagles but I think they don’t make the playoffs these next two years.
    Contrary to what Rush Limbaugh thinks I believe McNabb is seriously underrated and still has three or four Pro Bowl caliber years left.

  15. McNabb won’t finish half the season if the Redskins do not upgrade their offensive line… Even with good to great lines in Philly, he still got hurt every year. I can’t wait to see him go down somewhere around week 5.
    The Redskins won’t make the playoffs. They have like 3 running backs over 30, one old receiver on the downside of his career, one young receiver with a chance to be productive, one young shitty receiver, and they are going to play Cooley over Davis who is obviously the more talented pass catcher…
    They better hope their D plays like the 2000 Ravens.
    1. Cowboys 2. Eagles 3. Redskins 4. Giants(I hate Eli)

  16. I cant wait to see Kolb pass the ball to his “big” targets over the middle and get rocked by London Fletcher. The Redskins are going to take this one more step and make it a Vikings vs packers crap! the Redskins will be backing up Mcnabb for sure 2 times a year and atleast Mcnabb knows the division. It should make for some good games. Hey maybe the Eagles and Redskins do well and 3 teams go to the playoffs from the east?

  17. I think it’s a shoddy deal for McNabb, but clearly the Eagles no longer think Donovan is an elite quarterback. If they did, they wouldn’t have delat him to a divisional rival for marginal picks.

  18. Thank you Coach Reid for being a class act, and yeah Dawkins is right! Them DirtyBirds can suck it twice a year on Sunday, maybe get a third serving if they ever reach the post season again in the next few years. Definition; haters hate, and ballers ball, can’t wait to see you suckers in the fall!

  19. I believe David Akers is now the longest tenured Eagle. Do you work before you rush to post your stories. Another thing, The EAGLES FANS didn’t trade McNabb, The front office did…. and no they never listen to what the fans think or want them to do. The offense will be fine, it’s the defense that need to be rebuilt.

  20. The funny thing about Kolb is he is only 4 years younger than Vick and has only 4 wins, no pro bowls, no playoffs and no Championship games.
    It seems like Vick has been around forever and he is only 4 years older…………..
    Kolb will be benched before the Redskins play the Eagles.

  21. I sure hope Kolb can stand the venom of eagle’s fans …….I always thought the eagles were a pretty smart club but this ranks up there with the cowboys trade for roy williams but worse in that the eagles gave McN. away for little to nothing and to a divisional rival………the eagles will regret this move for years to come.

  22. Remind me again how many Super Bowls have the Eagles won, that would be 0! They are a cursed, snakebit franchise! Kolb will suck too! The real problem is the coach “father of the year”, Big Andy Reid! lmao! Can’t wait until the Redskins beat the Eagles twice next year! lmao!

  23. Remind me again how many Super Bowls have the Eagles won, that would be 0! They are a cursed, snakebit franchise! Kolb will suck too! The real problem is the coach “father of the year”, Big Andy Reid! lmao! Can’t wait until the Redskins beat the Eagles twice next year! lmao!

  24. Eagle fans can dream of Hasselbeck, Schaub and Rodgers when they think of what Kolb can do for the offense, but the fact of the matter is that Andy Reid reached for Kolb in the early second round and none of those guys have won any Super Bowls, either.

  25. Eagles will finish in last place. This is what their front running fans, like Lowell Rikert, deserve

  26. to the goof called the magicman you do realize you are talking about the redskins…’ they are gonna back up donovan’…the cant back up cars they suck so bad.where were all of these redskins fans the last ten years ooohhhh thats right crying from their a@@es being beat down.

  27. could not agree with you more dawk, appreciate someone within finally saying it, even though it will probably mean your ass too.

  28. Nittanyliono
    Schaub and Rodgers have only started for like a combined 5 years, and Schaub missed almost half a year to injuries. Do you expect every QB to get the starting just and immediately win the Super Bowl? Have you any knowledge of how difficult it is to win the Super Bowl? You know only 1 team can win a year right? They don’t just give them out.
    And Jeezy the Cowboys will most likely win the NFC East this year, but don’t fool yourself. You are going no where fast with Wade Phillips coaching, and remind me again how many Super Bowls or even playoff games the Cowboys won while McNabb was for the Eagles? Cowboys fans have to be the dumbest fans in football, and the most fair weather fans too… Just a bunch of cockaroaches

  29. @ jeezy214…..100% correct.
    Forget about that McNabb was never accurate in a system that did not require him to throw the long ball much and lets disregard how bad he choked in his one and only SB trip where he basically gave up yet T.O. with a broken leg and all still outplayed everyone and was let go the following year. Nope! the main problem facing the Eagles is that they don’t know how to sever ties with the one and ONLY person responsible for their FAILURES…yes failure because last I checked, you don’t win jack for appearing in games.
    Andy Reid and his out-dated west coast offense is the person that should have been fired YEARS ago. He’s still living in the Bill Walsh era and thinks this offense still works.
    Parcells knew the 3-4 defense would be able to counter this offense then little by little everyone started doing the same (some teams like the Steelers never changed from it) and while everyone was improving, good old fat-ass Reid was still stuck in the hot tub time machine thinking his offense is the end all. what a joke!

  30. Dawk is so right! This regime of the Eagles front office has nuked the team, scratching off the core group of veterans (many of which still had a lot to contribute). If this Kolb experiment fails, jobs will be on the line

  31. I’m not sure what all this talk is about how McNabb did so much for the Eagles franchise. What great things has he done for them? During his time there they’ve made it to one super bowl and lost it. People write about him like he’s John Elway or Joe Montana. Give me a break. He’s been a good qb don’t get me wrong, but nothing spectacular. How did they disrespect him? The guy makes millions of dollars a year to play a game. Cry me a river. He signed a contract, and unless he has a no-trade clause, they can trade him wherever they like. If he doesn’t like it, he can retire. It’s annoying to hear of these overpaid athletes complaining about disrespect when they’re getting paid millions of dollars to play a game, when there are families out there that struggle to barely eat every night because their parents got laid off from work or something. It’s ridiculous. Reality check time Donovan and any other overpaid athlete that complains about “disrespect” when it’s not warranted compared to feeding your children every night. Give me a break and realize how wonderful you really have it.

  32. A brother speaking up for another brother QB. Getting to be a common theme lately. We’ll call it the Mike Vick Defense.

  33. I love when jerk offs like gradkowski have comments like “I hate Eli so the Giants will finish last in the division”. You sir are an idiot. Any true fan can admit when another team is better than the team they like. And I’m sure Eli has more rings than your teams qb.

  34. Kolb will have to win a Super Bowl for this deal to be a success for Reid and the Eagles. The guy Kolb is replacing took them to 5 NFC championships and a Super Bowl in an 8 year span and they still thought he was a failure. I wish Kolb luck, he is going to need it dealing with that fan base.

  35. Well many Eagles fans hated McNabb for not winning the Super Bowl. Let’s see if a WHITE quarterback is held to the same standards by that city.

  36. No doubt the Raiders are in shambles and will be for quite some time, but, Donavan who didnt want to go to the Raiders was put to shame by the Raiders in Phily during the regular season, the skills are deminishing indeed. The skins had better draft a qb at 4 or they will regret this trade for a awhile. Shanahan up to the same ole tricks that didnt pan out well for him in Denver.

  37. Reid said a couple months ago McNabb was his guy. this seems like a front office move. How many wins does Kolb have in the NFC East? Yeah, he had a couple 300 yard games. The defenses were probably scheming for McNabb. Aren’t they different types of QBs?

  38. Look on the bright side, Vick will be the Eagles QB by mid-season. The ineffectiveness of Kolb or a injury will place the ball in #7 hands. So, when it happens, if anyone of those season ticket holders would like to sell their tix, I’m available.
    All those Vick haters that was ready to jump off the bridge because the Eagles acquired #7, will end up rooting for him.
    Karma is biatch…………..

  39. It’s funny…an Eagles fan posted above that they’ve been calling for Reid’s head since 2002. Yet he’s still there; and McNabb is gone. From what I’ve seen, Reid is the one who should be gone.

  40. Don’t know why my posts aren’t showing up but bottomline, fat coach (andy reid) still in love with 80’s offense (west coast) and hasn’t adapted to teams that have countered it by implementing the 3-4 defense equals reason why Eagles will never win.

  41. I am sick of fans saying that if the eagles don’t win the superbowl than trading Mcnabb was the biggest mistake ever. Mcnabb had 11 good, sometimes great years in philly. Which lead to several Div titles and 1 nfc championship and Zero superbowl wins. So he had a fair run. The eagles had 3 QBs comming off contract at the end of 2011 so something had to give.There can only be one starter and they all want to start. So one gets the job and will recieve an extention (Kolb) one gets traded for more then market value to a team where he will start(Mcnabb) and the other one is the greatest passing running back of all time and will finish out his deal or be traded for trash like he is worth(Vick).

  42. dawk is dead wrong. he should worry about his own teams problems. jason campbell threw for more completions at a higher percentage for more yards then mcnabb did last year. campbell did this with far less talent around him and an inferior coaching staff. mcnabb WAS a dynamic player when he was able to move around. unfortunately in the nfl a qb that moves around cant stay healthy. mcnabb hasnt moved around for a few years now. hes a good qb still, but not a dynamic, game changing player.

  43. will be an interesting season in philly. when teams like the rams, browns, raiders, and lions make decisions to keep them buried in the basement of the NFL for season after season, nobody cares but for their fans.
    when a team like the eagles makes a questionable move, their fan base can be a little more vocal come game day. hope the eagles go 10-6 or better this year, anything less is going to cause blood in the water..

  44. Dawkins should speak with Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins. Hopkins should be the poster child for why the Eagles dumped McNabb. Apparently, he’s been lobbying for awhile to see this happen. I wonder how Bernard feels about McNabb still being in the same division, lol.
    As a Cowboys fan, I wish others would just settle down. Those trophies of glories past are getting dusty up on the shelves. Stop showing them off like the past equals the present. We’re still stuck with that fat bastard Wade Phillips and have only managed one playoff win recently.

  45. Anyone Realize that Campbell and McNabb had a very similar year last year? Campbell threw for more yards had more completions and 2 fewer td’s. McNabb is a Huge “Name” to add to the roster but he is a fading star. The Eagles saw this and decided to go with the Future Star vs the Fading one. Thats all! Good Luck with the Skins Donnie.

  46. Nokoolaid,
    Hopkins is an Ass, he didn’t like McNabb because Donovan didn’t kiss his ass when he came to the practice facility to see them practice, so He felt slighted.
    As for the rest of your post, Thanks for bieng Honest. I know that The Eagles have not won the Superbowl and it’s been a LONG time since the Boys even sniffed it. just lets worry about the season at hand. The cowboys look pretty stacked for this season , but as you said you still have Wade.

  47. Aw oneGIANTloss did I hurt your feelings by ranking the Giants last? But face the facts. The Giants finished 3rd last year even with the cowboys beating the Eagles twice. The Cowboys have retained basically every one of their core players, which is essential for continued success. The Eagles have one of the youngest and most talented set of skill position players that they have probably ever had. Also having seen Kevin Kolb play in college, his two starts last season, and even when he came in against a dominant Ravens D two years ago I feel he is ready for the NFL. The Redskins have a great defense, and just added a skilled QB who has beaten the Giants 13 times in his career. The Giants have an aging line, no LB’s, no safeties, and are the least complete team in that division. Therefore, they will finish last. Is that better jackass?
    Oh and I hate Eli

  48. Let’s keep it real ! First and foremost, I’m a Browns fan!
    Donovan McNabb was drafted in the Quarterback Class of ’99! 5 QB’s drafted in the first round that year! Akili Smith, Cade McNown, Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb and Daunte Culpepper!
    D-Macs numbers for 11 years, 216 Touchdowns and only 100 interceptions! 86.5 Quarterback rating!
    Division Champs ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04, ’06 (5 out of 6 years, 4 years in a row!)
    Playoff appearances – ’00, ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04, ’06, ’08, ’09 – (8 times in 11 years!)
    Conference Championship Games – ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04, ’08 (4 years in a row!)
    NFC Champs in 2004
    Super Bowl appearance 2004 (lost to a very good New England team 24-21, in which the defense let Tom Brady & Corey Dillon kill’em)
    But Philly people are glad this guy is gone!? Bernie Kosar, never even came close to leading the Browns to those numbers and we freakin’ love him!
    D Mac – you are alright with me, Philly Fans are the dumbest fans in the world! You deserve better Donovan – waaaaaaaaaay better!
    Kevin Kolb won’t even get you guys close to that glory, EVER!

  49. Gautam says:
    April 6, 2010 12:11 AM
    Well many Eagles fans hated McNabb for not winning the Super Bowl. Let’s see if a WHITE quarterback is held to the same standards by that city.
    I couldn’t have said it better myself compadre! Couldn’t have said it better!

  50. Can’t disagree with anything Dawkins said. Just as Reid had secured his spot as Head Coach with the drafting and success of McNabb, the same job security should be lost if the Kolb experiment fails. Like someone already said, if this team goes south in the next couple years, you can bet you will see the end of the Andy Reid regime.

  51. Ok. so you just traded a guy with similar numbers to JC’s stats. I can cross the beagles and 4skins off as contenders.

  52. Duan and Gautam
    Everyone makes WAY too big of a deal of what race the QB is. Randall Cunningham never won anything in Philly, and he is considered one of the best QB’s in franchise history. And everyone loves Randall whether they are white or black.
    McNabb is disliked or even hated because his nonchalant attitude, and for never seeming to care after he threw a pick or a wormball or missed a wide-open receiver. He just smile and do his little my bad chest tap. And that does not fly for a lot of people in Philly.
    Andy Reid is white, and hasn’t won a Super Bowl too and guess what! Eagles fans hate him more that McNabb. But by your thinking that can’t be true. How can all those racist Eagles fans hate whitey?

  53. He was never the right qb for andy reids offense. You have to be an accurate passer when you throw the ball 50 times a game. As for the redskins, they can have him and let him puke in their huddle in crunch time………

  54. @ boysroll says:
    April 6, 2010 9:25 AM
    Ok. so you just traded a guy with similar numbers to JC’s stats. I can cross the beagles and 4skins off as contenders.
    I think you need to be eating some of that humble pie homey, because Romo’s playoff record is nowhere as good as McNabb’s – you guys haven’t been good since 1995! You guys haven’t even been relevant! 6 playoff apperances since 1995, to Philly’s 10 playoff apperances!? How many championship games has your stankin’ cowboys made it to in that period! ZERO! How many playoff victories have you guys had in that period? ONE!!!!
    C’mon bruh, like I said – I’m a Browns fan and know that!? I wouldn’t even be talking trash up here, if I was you!
    A typical cowboy fan, talking trash with empty rhetoric! Such a typical Bandwagoneer!

  55. @ Gradkowski(The Polish Pop Gun)
    Grad, maybe you are right – and I’m wrong, but looking @ his numbers and then the aftermath – it’s hard for me to see how you can be sooooooo happy to see a guy leave, that made you relevant for 11 years!?

  56. hey duan…browns fan..enough said as you turd team has won nothing.
    Buddy…we are dominating the NFC east the last couple of yrs. We have just as much talent as anybody else in this league and beat the SB champs. We were the team of the 90’s with 3 SB’s and second most in NFL history. I believe we have the most SB appearances too.
    So get ya G-dang facts straight before your sorry a throws all this crap onto this site you freaking moron.

  57. Birdmancometh: “Come on B-Dawk! First you leave Philly for a big payday (the eagles offered you a raise in 2009 from what you made in 2008 yet you chased the money), and then you trash the team for trading McNabb? Don’t forget that Donovan got “the best desired outcome” as has been stated on this site. I loved to watch Donovan, but he and you need to realize that they did right by both of you. Now mind your own business in Denver and enjoy those big paychecks.”
    God do you even know what you’re talking about? The Eagles wanted to give him $15 mill for 3 years and the Broncos offered him $17 mil. That’s not a big payday.
    Oh wait you’re still annoyed your secondary sucked after you let a great player go to another team. Same way your offense will suck after you let McNabb go. Start crying for the Mike Vick era already.

  58. @ boysroll – check it out,
    Dominating the NFC East ok, 2 years ’07 and ’09, whoopty freakin’ doo!
    How many playoffs wins have you fake a$$ cowboy fans had, you janky joker?
    The team of the 90’s, sure okay – still want to dream about the heyday!
    Since you want to talk facts and the past, fine by me, lets do that!
    Out of 26 games betweens the Browns and Cowboys, guess who has won 15 of them and holds the lead! The Browns!
    Out of the 3 playoff games between the two teams, the Browns have won 2 of them and loss one!
    I can harp on the yester years as well, we are talking about the now!
    My got dang facts were correct, you were just ignoring and riding on empty gas! You still haven’t been to a championship game nor even made it past the first round in the playoffs, but once and that just happened last year!?
    Not another hater, I’m just a real true football fan, that is a Browns fan.
    Cowboy, Steeler, 49ers fans are just a bunch of bandwagoneers beacsuse of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s!
    I call it like I see it!

  59. Duan I am not an eagles fan, but I do live in Jersey 15 minutes from Philly, so I have to see and know everything Eagles.
    I’m not disagreeing with you that McNabb played well in Philly. I was merely playing the devils advocate(I hate that cliche). His main problem was that he is not a West Coast Offense QB. He is not consistently accurate enough to play in Reid’s system. I actually do blame Reid for most of the Eagles implosions. I still think he should of went before McNabb, but for some reason he is untouchable.

  60. Gradkowski… the Giants are the least complete team… yet they still went 8-8. and are playing a 3rd place schedule next year.

  61. Yes nittanyliono the Giants went 8-8, and are playing a 3rd place schedule. And now the Redskins are playing a 4th place schedule with a good QB who knows the division in and out. So yes the Cowboys are still the most talented team, and the Eagles even with Kolb are the second most talented. Now its between the Redskins and Giants, and that is at worst a 1-1 split but I’m feeling a 2-0 Redskins sweep. Your division is very strong, and I’m sorry but the Giants will finish last. Don’t take it too hard pal. It’s not your fault.

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