Del Rio denies interest in Jason Campbell

J. Campbell2.jpgThe Jaguars were the most intriguing team disclosed as a possible Jason Campbell suitor this morning, but Jack Del Rio says the report isn’t true.

The Jaguars coach said in a text to Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times-Union that the team isn’t interested in Campbell.

It’s not difficult to see how both reports could be true.  The radio report said that five teams showed interest.  They didn’t say at what level. Perhaps the Jaguars inquired about Campbell as due diligence, found out his cost, and quickly closed the matter.

Either way, it looks like David Garrard won’t be facing serious competition from a veteran this season.

29 responses to “Del Rio denies interest in Jason Campbell

  1. No competition from a VETERAN is the key point in your article.
    He’ll definitely be fending off Tebow by mid-season.

  2. Bills, Browns, Steelers, Titans, Broncos, Vikings, Panthers, Bucs, Cards, Rams, 49ers, Raiders, Seahawks should all have called.

  3. Del Rio also said Leftwich was the starter. I don’t see the Jags picking up Campbell unless they can only trade players for him.
    But sending Henderson to the Redskins for Campbell and then trading Garrard to some other team for a 4th or 5th would be fine.
    Campbell to me just seems like a young Garrard and I’d rather the Jags look for a rookie to groom on the bench for a season or two.

  4. Hate to be the one to tell all you East Coast guys that couldn’t find Seattle on a map but the Seahawks aren’t in the market for a QB.
    Hasselbeck is the starter and Whitehurst is the backup/heir apparent. They may draft a QB in the later rounds to develop but the team is NOT looking for any castoff from the NFC East no matter how much better you think your teams are.

  5. Why would they when they just threw all that money at Garrard a few years back? Also Andy Reid said McNabb was his QB and we all saw how that turned out.

  6. Tebow doesn’t want to go to any team that would press him into action this season. His best opportunity would be to go to a team that allows him to hold the clipboard for an experienced and successful veteran. See Seahawks ( Hasslebeck) , Patriots ( Brady) , or Colts ( Manning) as better situations for Tebow. My guess is the Pats might take a stab at him with one of their (3) 2nds cos they need a better backup option.

  7. Poor Jason Campbell. He’s had to learn a new offense almost every single season he has been in the league. Imagine how he feels about Peyton Manning and those guys, getting to use the same playbook throughout their careers.
    He’s a class act guy. I think in the right system he could be a very good QB.

  8. Why does Jack Del Rio hate David Garrard? Why doesn’t he appreciate this warrior who has gone out and won so many games for him?
    I can only assume that the fan base also hates Garrard.

  9. I guess the Jags having 6-year NFL veteran Luke McCown on their roster doesn’t count as veteran competition?

  10. No need for Jason Campbell here. Garrard is much more accomplished and better all around QB than Campbell. Campbell has a hellava deep ball, but that’s it. 2010 is Garrard’s show and prove year or else.

  11. I don’t think anyone believes McCown, though a veteran, is gonna push Garrard for a job..he’s average at best.
    why does Del Rio hate Garrard? Garrard is also average at best. He peaked two years ago. he can’t read defenses, and will never be able to be an elite QB in the league.
    so while hate is the wrong word, Del Rio definitely lost confidence in him last year.

  12. If I was of the river, I wouldnt want Garrard back this year. He just doesnt have it. Hes too nice. Remember what he said about wanting to be as good as Manning in the offseason training? So now all you Jag fans hear is that Garrard wants to be like Manning. Jag fans want to hear Garrard say he is gonna wipe the field with Manning. Bring in Timmy.

  13. And Fred Taylor!!!!! You let go of Fred Taylor!!!! All-Time Great!!!
    How dare you call yourselves fans for making the franchise let him go!
    He always seemed so classy and nice to me, and I should know since I live 12 hours away and seldom see your team.
    Only hatred could lead to such a classless and foolish move!

  14. He peaked? Peaked?
    You should be lucky for what you have, and what he did for you. Don’t try and get better – that’s “hate”.
    Stop hating on Garrard.

  15. “FireJerryJones says:
    April 5, 2010 6:32 PM
    Bills, Browns, Steelers, Titans, Broncos, Vikings, Panthers, Bucs, Cards, Rams, 49ers, Raiders, Seahawks should all have called.”
    Yeah Cowboys have called too. They figure Romo is just as useless as Campbell in the postseason.

  16. Garrard is an ok second tier QB. In the right circumstance, he can guide the team well. He cannot, however, carry a team. Asking Garrard to carry a team is a risk/reward venture…usually the risk results in bad outcomes.
    Campbell on the other hand, is worse than Garrard. He has flashes of brilliance dulled by some really bad decisions. More risk for the same reward than Garrard. If he can get his stuff together before he is cast out of the league, he may make the second tier.

  17. i have always liked what i have seen from campbell, but like alex smith in SF, he has not had any consistency with the program he is trying to run. not going to say he is great or anything, just would like to see him in the same system for a couple years.

  18. why is it you take Del Rio @ his word and summarily dismiss other coaches, etc who do likewise?
    Are you afraid Del Rio will go all “Crowder” on yo’ azz?!?

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