Jared Odrick is the latest player connected to Browns

J. Odrick.jpgWith most draft boards largely established, we’ve officially entered the silly season for NFL draft rumors.  So keep this one in perspective.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer cites a league source that the Browns are “right on” Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick as a potential pick at No. 7 overall.  The intelligent, versatile lineman was originally pegged as a late first-round pick at best by the draftniks, but that always seemed too low.

Odrick is a tailor-made 3-4 defensive end known for his great work ethic.  Guys like that don’t fall far, even if they aren’t flashy.  Just ask Tyson Jackson.

Then again, this news may just be floated to counteract the growing Eric Berry chatter in Cleveland.

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  1. You never know. I know a lot of mocks had Tyson Jackson to the Steelers last year when they were picking in the 20’s and all the sudden they’re talking about (and were right on) Jackson being a top 5 picks.
    All that said, I like Odrick but the Browns gotta go BPA with all their holes and Berry might be the BPA in the entire draft.

  2. Jared Odrick is the spitting image of Richard Seymour. So the question is, would you use the #7 pick on Richard Seymour? Well if you’re the Raiders, definitely.
    I don’t see how the Browns pass on Eric Berry at #7, but stranger things have happened. I see Odrick going to the Pats later in the 1st.

  3. A Penn State player taken in the top 10 of the NFL draft. A la Ki-Jana Carter and Curt Enis. We know what busts they were.

  4. # jimmy_b says: April 5, 2010 2:05 PM
    A Penn State player taken in the top 10 of the NFL draft. A la Ki-Jana Carter and Curt Enis. We know what busts they were.
    No arguing the fact that these two guys were busts, but let us name a few other ones from that era that had good careers, not HOF worthy, but respectable by any count…e.g., Kyle Brady and Kerry Collins (taken in the top 10 along with Ki-jana). Lavar was a top 10 pick that could be labeled disappointing save for a few years early in his pro career.
    Penn State, as well as almost every other school, has had some big first round busts. Think about LSU, are you going to imply that they produce crap top 10 draft picks because of how ol’ fatass is doing out in Altopia?
    In any case, I would like to see this guy in a Steeler uniform. Smart, non-thuggish, hard working individual who will add character and youth to our D-line. He can fill a need in two areas the Steeler’s need to address immediately.

  5. He is compared to Seymour a lot. Seymour went # 6 overall.
    If he can tie up to blockers, he’d make some OLB look awfully good. (Vrabel – Colvin).

  6. # CapsLockKey says: April 5, 2010 3:14 PM
    “When was Rasham Salaam (sp) taken?”
    I thought he played at Colorado?
    he did

  7. This draft is loaded with DEs and DTs damn it. Don’t pass up talents like Berry or Earl Thomas at a position of greater need or even Haden or Clausen. I firmly believe you could trade back and pick up Odrick but 7 is to high.

  8. Odrick at #7 ???? Only the Raiders or the Browns would reach for a dope like this so early in the draft.

  9. johnny1979, can’t argue with past admin’s making dumb moves, but I do believe if this FO takes him, it will be the right move.
    Got a lot of respect for both Heckert and Holmgren, if you had any sense, you would too.

  10. TRADE DOWN! If Berry is gone you have to trade down. There will be no one on the board for the Browns worth the big bucks if Berry is gone at number 7. And please don’t say Clausen. The Browns have been down that road before and it didn’t work out very well.
    Drop a couple of spots and get McClain. Drop a few more spots if you’re sold on Earl Thomas (and I’m not). Drop into the 20’s if you want Odrick but DO NOT spend top ten money on him. The Browns simply cannot afford huge contracts for average players anymore. The salary cap comes back next year and we’ll be paying Delhomme 7 mil. Need I say more?

  11. I have a strong feeling that Eric Berry will not be available at 7 overall which may leave Cleveland drafting Odrick.
    I don’t have any sources it’s just an idea I came up with myself.
    The Eagles have a lot of picks with little needs. The Seahawks want Brandon Marshall but at a reduced price.
    Seattle trades their 1st round pick (6) to Philadelphia for their 1st (24), 2nd (37), and one of their 3rd’s (87).
    Seattle then sends their 1st round pick (from PHI) to DEN for WR Brandon Marshall.
    Philadelphia drafts Eric Berry, leaving Odrick for Cleveland.

  12. This is the typical retarded move the Browns would make. If Berry is gone, How about Mcclain? Thomas doesnt impress me. All we need is Courtney Brown 2.0

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