Last word on Jim Kelly and Tim Tebow

We’ve posted a couple of items recently regarding Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly’s “recommendation” of Tim Tebow to the Bills, with the caveat from Kelly that he isn’t qualified to determine whether Tebow should be drafted in round one or round two.

And we were content to let it ride until we saw a suggestion from Ed Kilgore of WGRZ-TV in Buffalo (an NBC affiliate) that we believe Kelly is “urging” the Bills to take Tebow.  Kilgore accuses us of not having the facts straight and, in so doing, Kilgore completely misrepresents the facts.

We’ve never said that Kelly is “urging” the Bills to take Tebow.  We’ve only repeated that which Kelly himself said — that he “would be comfortable” recommending Tebow to the Bills.  And then we explained how Kelly shouldn’t be making any player personnel recommendations to the Bills.  And then we shared the quote from a high-level scout who believes (as do many scouts) that the periodic propensity of retired players to pop off about such matters does a disservice to the scouting process.

Kilgore says that Kelly claims he would need to see Tebow work out personally before actually making a recommendation.  Of course, that’s not what Kelly told Vic Carucci of

Bottom line?  We firmly believe that former players should resist the urge to talk about such matters because it undermines the efforts of the folks currently charged with scouting and selecting players.  Though Kelly has the right to say whatever he chooses to say, the best way to help his former team is to say nothing publicly about what he would like to see his former team do.  We say that because the average fan believes that Kelly is qualified to make such recommendations because he played the game at a high level, and the average fan doesn’t realize that the duty of distinguishing between one player and another is far more delicate and difficult.

Also, the average Bills fan who is inclined to piss and/or moan about the Bills’ personnel decisions will be inclined to point to Kelly’s words if, for example, they pass on Tebow in round one and round two — and if the Bills continue to struggle at the quarterback position.

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  1. the y need to fix the line first. If teBlow is there in round 4 then take him otherwise let some other team blow an early round pick on a project player. Also if McCoy is available at the same time as Teblow then the Bills should take McCoy

  2. If scouting is so “delicate and difficult,” how the hell did JaMarcus Russell go #1 and Tom Brady go #199?
    Jim Kelly’s not qualified for much, but he’s just as qualified as most scouts, because the scouting/drafting process is a crap shoot. And the Bills? It’s not like Buddy Nix is a genius. He hired Chan Gailey! So they should listen to somebody, anybody, other than Buddy F. Nix.

  3. I think that this analysis is wrong. It’s not like the scouts are consistently right when it comes to evaluating talent. Usually the scouts opinions will influence the coaches and the GM and result in a draft pick. Many of the scouts will eventually make it to the front office and make personnel decisions. If the scouts were so consistently right then there would be no such thing as draft busts. Why is Kelly’s opinion automatically inferior to that of a scout who is watching a group of players. I would argue that Kelly knows something about quarterbacking. If he thinks Tebow is a player worth having for the Bills then i would take that as one opinion. If the Bills pass on Tebow and he becomes a success or failure, Kelly is on the record with his opinion. People can judge Kelly’s ability to evaluate after that.

  4. There is never a “last word” on this site. You had the “last word” on the D-Mac situation 63 posts ago.

  5. Oh yeah? Well Yahoo sports is reporting that Jason Campbell found out about the trade from a reporter..saying “I didn’t know that, man. I need to call my agent.”
    Booyah, beatcha to it.

  6. your about as useful as jamarcus Russell
    J Mac keeps a lot of Oakland restaurants open in these bad economic times.

  7. Florio – Why is it you feel the need to throw in your opinion all the time? No one cares whether or not you think Jim Kelly is qualified to evaluate players. Besides, he probably is qualified. The guy has probably seen hundreds of players come and go from the league. He has also forgotten more football than you could ever hope to know.
    You also seem to have a chip on your shoulder all the time. Were you picked on a lot as a kid? Write your news/rumors articles and shut up. No one visits this site to hear what you think.

  8. hey florio. go kill yourself moron. get your facts straight before you post your bullshit.

  9. Not for nothin but its not easy to be rational about the Bills personnel decisions so the “average fan” is unfortunately growing…we have to put faith in the new regime to make the right decisions because THEY are the professionals (thats their job), thats a rational thought. Which to Florio’s point, this article is fact reporting…whether right or wrong, Kelly is going to influence ‘most’ Bills Nation.

  10. Because scouts are so often right…
    Ryan Leaf
    Tim Couch
    Akili Smith
    Curtis Enis
    Charles Rogers
    Mike Williams
    Vernon Gholston
    Robert Gallery
    Levi Brown
    David Carr
    Alex Smith
    JaMarcus Russell
    Gaines Adams
    Glenn Dorsey
    and so on.

  11. Hahaha Oakland your a funny dude. And this is a worthless post cuz honestly who cares about this anymore

  12. i got lost somewhere in all that but I think you prove my point…
    i think the players should interveiw the media….
    at least here the average fan can make comments to the football experts
    has that high level scout gotten back to his family yet?.. did he drop Claussen’s stock cos of the “loving & caring” comments?
    file this along with the injury report fetish
    the average fan does not care
    what might interest the average fan is some of the high level scout’s evaluations…hits & misses
    just speaking as an averagefan

  13. “Of course, that’s now what Kelly told Vic Carucci of”
    At least proofread your “reports” I dont think that these “high-level scouts” would like that sentence… What is the problem with one of the best qb’s that played the game trying to help his team get back on track? I think Jim Kelly probably knows more about playing the position than you do. Stop the hatred of Tebow please because we all know after he becomes a great quarterback you will say you always believed in him.
    PS Maybe he’s making a recommendation because he knows that he is going to be the owner of the team soon and he wants tebow on his team.

  14. Kelly is a drunk and Kilgore went crazy three years ago. Nobody mentioned here is qualified to talk about anything. Go get some real stories.

  15. And yet you continue to gloss over the fact that Kelly himself said he isn’t qualified to recommend anybody.
    THAT is why other people cintue to ding your reporting. because you don’t report things that don’t support YOUR line of reporting.
    Stick to the facts please. Less blogging.

  16. Mike, don’t you think the fans might be justified to “piss andor moan” if they pass on Tebow a couple of times and “the Bills continue to struggle at the quarterback psoition”? Particularly if Tebow is successful elsewhere.
    After all, I’m sure there will be someone out there (not to mention names) who will be quite happy to remind Kelly of his words if Tebow turns out to be a dog.

  17. tebow wouldnt be a surprise in the 2nd b/c of the coaches O tendencies. i wont like it and im well aware kelly isnt qualified but he can say wateva the heck he wants regardless of who it incites in wateva way it does that when he feels like doing it.
    i can say this though, hes probably more qualified to say who they should draft then 99.9% of us, so if thats what he wants to talk about then good for him for being opinionated.

  18. well i guess it s a good thing that we dont want to listen to retired players talk about the draft and who they think teams should pick. oh wait isin’t that just what every channel is full of and half the guys on them couldn’t even come close to what kelly has done. or maybe we just need to listen to guys who never played pro ball

  19. Dan Marino fainted when the Dolphins selected Pat White after he told them not to. See, former players do know what their talking about.

  20. You got called out florio and you’re still not smart enough to see the light, so you go ahead and repost your stupid rant-chastising of Kelly for something he didn’t even do. Pathetic. Face it, you’re wrong and you fail.

  21. maybe its time for your scouting sources and scouts in general to stop bitching about former players mcshay and what not and just do there damn jobs…

  22. Kelly doesn’t see him perform but would like to see the bills take him. He should shut up. I all ready think that the front office is suspect why confuse them any more then they are.

  23. Ok, I’ll say it again. You’re really full of yourself. You and your “expert scout.” Ok, so Kelly’s not a pro scout. He does have a TAD more info than the average guy off the street, and he does know SOMETHING about what it takes to be a successful QB in the NFL. So, stop acting like a pompous a$$ and give it a rest already ! People like you are really immature. You think YOUR opinion is the right one and therefore they only one that should count. Well, yours is only an opinon Florio. And until we get that final answer in a phone call from GOD, give it a rest !!

  24. Florio, you are very lucky to be able to predict the future regarding how the average Bills fan will behave, because your ignorance regarding the sport of football is remarkable.

  25. once again you demonstrate your anti tebow bias by dismissing anybody whose opinion on him differs from yours.but of coarse you have nothing personal against him right?

  26. Everybody makes recommendations. Why should former players be the only ones that shouldn’t?

  27. There’s nothing wrong with him having an opinion on a potential solution at qb.
    Jim Kelly is the man!

  28. Do you ever read your ramblings after writing it ?
    your logic is pathetic.Kelly, like anyone else has a right to his opinion whether anyone agrees or disagrees.
    If kelly say something bad about Tim you’d be very happy to report and trash Tebow. Since he like Tebow now Kelly bacame your target.
    You are a proven liar after your anonymous (!!!!) source tebow wonderlic test story became a bust. Now you have another nameless source…… LOL.
    Day by day your hatred for Tebow is making you a psycho .Get out of it before it eats you completely. If Tebow becomes successful in NFL, I bet one day you’ll be running in the streets naked and the government will put you in the asylum.

  29. hehe – he said duty
    so Kelly should keep his opinion to himself because:
    a) scouts are pussies who can’t handle others voicing an opinion about their job (it’s a “disservice”? – grow a set already)
    b) someone who “played the game at a high level” doesn’t know how to evaluate if someone else has the potential to play the game at a high level. (despite the fact many teams hire former players into their scouting dept.)
    c) the avg fan is a moron – (by that logic nobody should ever voice opinions expect about tasks for which they are responsible, because some idiot might believe them)

  30. What makes the Scouts qualified? Some hit the nail on the head, others swing and miss with players they think will be great.
    Also why jump all over Kelly, anytime someone says Tebow will be 2nd or 3rd round, or that he will struggle in the NFL (other QBs in the draft and WRs have said this) No one has pull the “Scout Card” and say those people talking Spit about Tebow and not qualified to talk Spit!

  31. Jeeze Florio…. im a Bills Fan and I want the last 3 minutes i spent reading that back……This is the most incoherent , worthless post ive ever seen you print…..The only person in the media with less credibility than u is Ed Kilgore

  32. The best thing about this website besides football is the comments..eveyone has something negative to say about florio but yet they still keep on coming back for more

  33. lol at the previous comments!!
    I love Florio and his fans!! At least you guys are making Florio a VERY VERY Rich and Famous Man and for that he will be forever grateful!!

  34. Under your rule, is anyone allowed to offer opinions or suggestions about whom a team should draft? Or is it just former players?
    You’ve made your fortune offering opinions and suggestions about what a team should do (often with hindsight on your side). Are you really more qualified? Hypocrisy knows no boundaries, huh?
    By the way, you should give the “average fan” a little more credit. The “average fan” has made you a lot of money, Florio.
    I feel more ashamed checking out this website than I would looking at porn. I’m officially over it. From now on, I’m here for the links.

  35. Jim Kelly offered his opinion and says he would be comfortable with his team picking a player in the second round.
    This site publishes a mock draft, suggesting which players should be selected by which team in the first round.
    Jim Kelly is a Hall of Fame quarterback who probably spent around 20-years of his life studying film, learning offenses, defenses and the nuances of the quarterback position.
    This site is run by a former lawyer and a bunch journalists.
    In terms of credibility I say Jim Kelly has rather better credentials for evaluating quarterbacks than anyone who posts on this site.
    He didn’t come out and tell the Bills to draft Tebow. He didn’t say the front office would be making a mistake if they didn’t use their second on Tebow. What he said is that he would be comfortable if his team used their second on Tebow, but wouldn’t be so happy if they used their first. I think he is probably rather more entitled to voice that opinion than any journalist or media draftnik.

  36. “We say that because the average fan believes that Kelly is qualified to make such recommendations because he played the game at a high level, and the average fan doesn’t realize that the duty of distinguishing between one player and another is far more delicate and difficult.”
    How do you know this? Have you taken a poll of average fans? And what makes you more enlightened than the “average” fan? You’re a lawyer with a blog who probably has never set foot onto an actual football field.
    And enough with your rants against the made-for-tv draftniks. What Mel Kiper is to real NFL scouts, you are to real NFL journalists. You’re just a guy with no real journalistic training or dues paying who comments on what other hard working folks report.
    ‘But I get lots of clicks!’ you may protest. Yeah, well, Mel Kiper has lots of followers too.

  37. Another article that fails to cite a single example of a former QB causing a problem for a current team through a public recommendation.
    Come on Florio dig hard…you can find something to back up your anonymous scout.
    Otherwise your opinion on this is less qualified than Kelly’s.

  38. There were 12 teams (not counting the Colts who picked Elway) that passed on Jim Kelly when he was in the draft.

  39. Anyone that has watched Ed Kilgore knows that he is a total and complete tool. He probably read the articles here 15 times and still got it wrong.

  40. With the Fat Tuna coming out to say he “LOVES” Tebow tells me that he would “LOVE” the Bills to waste their first rounder on Tebow.
    He can’t throw… what more does a Bills fan need to see.
    P.S. Jim Kelly, please.. It’s hard enough to take this lousy franchise to begin with, please don’t finish off our horrible Sundays with a Jesus freak doing the excuse making.

  41. Kilgore is a doofus that should simply be ignored any time he opens his mouth.
    But, you need to give up on this. The post is filled with conjecture, none of which is accurate. Fans are no more likely to be pissed when the Bills screw up another draft because Kelly has been giving some of the candidates a public rubjob. Conversely, Bills fans are no more likely to heap praise on Kelly when one of the picks ‘shows us the baby.’
    I’m sick of listening to these scouts spout off about how their so hard done by. Please.
    Put a name with the moaning and I’d be interested to see their scouting record over the years.

  42. Mike, the average fan, of which you are one, understands much more about the game than you think, and isn’t easily swayed by Kelly adding his endorsement to a player as you may think. Fans are for the most part passionate and want to see their team succeed, but it is clear that there is a lot of controversy surrounding Tebow, and if I were a Bills fan, I would pay much more attention to what scouts have said, via news stories, than what Kelly has to say on the strength of nothing more than having dinner with the guy. See, we fans are much more discriminatiing and thoughtful than you think. You used to know that before you became a a big football expert at NBC styled after Todd McShay.

  43. who gives a sh*t???
    Kelly was so over rated as a QB….one over rated QB talking to another….big news

  44. Are these Buffalo scouts the same ones who loaded up the current roster? If so, I might give a bit more weight to the opinion of a man who represents the only success the team has had. But hey, what does Jim Kelley know about being a quarterback in the NFL? I mean these scouts found TRENT EDWARDS and J.P. LOSMAN! Just stand back and let them work Jim.
    I’m noticing a trend here where Florio whines on behalf of scouts. My guess is that scouts and agents feed him the majority of his half-assed rumors. Another trend: pointing out in subsequent stories every thing you predict right no matter how inconsequential (We told you that Alex Brown would start visiting teams Tuesday. ZOMG!!!)

  45. While many people deserve to be punched in the face, nobody paints the target on themselves quite so distinctly as Jim Kelly. Some of these clowns may in fact know something about scouting, but most of them don’t, but it hardly matters. Saying “I recommend that the Bills take a look a Tebow” is the equivalent of saying “Draft him”. That way, he is covered if Tebow turns out to be a Ryan Leaf. Kelly, next time you open your mouth, pour a drink in it instead.

  46. I don’t get it…why can Kelly NOT give his opinion?
    Why not? Can someone answer me that?
    He is a HOF QB. He played for the Bills. He knows football
    Why are fat, over-weight, douchebag media members mocking someone who played about his opinion of a draft pick?

  47. Florio, this article proves your continued douchbagery penchant for law in that it’s all about the wording. It’s not what you say but the words you use, right? Ed Kilgore’s assesment of the intentions and meaning of your article is correct. Look at the comments attached to those articles and you’ll see how the words you choose to use can influence the reader to believe you mean something you didn’t actually say. Your words implied that Kelly was able to influence the Bills into taking Tebow and was recommending to them that they take him. Possibly with urgency. It is correct that you didn’t say that that “Kelly is “urging” the Bills to take Tebow.” in your article. Ed Kilgore is a sports guy turned reporter. You are a lawyer turned sportsguy/douchbag. I would expect you to win a war of words, but that doesn’t mean you’re right and Ed was wrong. You’re awfully quick to defend yourself against a little Buffalo reporter for someone who has nothing to defend.

  48. First of all Kelly is entitled to his opinion, the fact that the new GM decided to sleep as free agency started proves they need major help, if the codgers dont like what that whipper-snapper thinks then they can turn off the miracle ear, second, Kim Kilgore hasn’t said anything of importance since the ’70’s, and is a complete hack as previously stated. Ahmad Rashad drooling over Michael Jordan cannot believe how far Kim had his head up any bflo athletes arse, GO AWAY, p.s. I have a glass coffee table for sale!

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