Lions acquire Rob Sims in trade with Seahawks

Rob Sims is heading to Detroit.

Sims, a guard who recently signed his restricted free agent tender with the Seahawks, has been traded to the Lions. Adam Schefter first reported the news on Twitter.

The trade is no surprise; the new Seahawks coaching staff had said Sims wasn’t in their long-term plans, and we noted yesterday that Sims was likely to be traded to either the Lions or Bears this week.

In 2009 the 26-year-old Sims started 14 games for the Seahawks. In 2010 he’s likely to be the starting left guard for the Lions.

UPDATE: Schefter reports that Detroit will send a fifth-round pick to Seattle.

41 responses to “Lions acquire Rob Sims in trade with Seahawks

  1. Good trade if they didn’t give much up. A starting 26 year old LG will certainly help. Hopefully it was a 6th or something.

  2. Great signing! Hope we gave up a 5th at best!! Draft Suh!!! Sign Pac Man and trade for Gaither

  3. Oh boy…I guess the braintrust in Detroit feels comfortable enough with Backus at LT as this trade seems to mean that they’ll insert Sims at LG.
    This move almost certainly means Suh is going to be a Lion…let me be the first to apologize for the Lions mushing this young mans career!
    Before the bashing begins, I AM a lifetime Lions fan!!! I just don’t understand how the Lions don’t make protecting their 70 million dollar investment the top priority.
    Guess we’ll have to sit back and hope that the wheeling and dealing isn’t concluded with this move…

  4. Are the Seahawks even going to be able to field a team this year? All we’ve done is trade away players for crap.

  5. great who did we give up now? trade all are pics away mayhew thats how u win in the nfl…. damn we r dumb…. ithought millen was gone

  6. Bears will be within reach in the NFC North… hell of an offseason.. we still have a lot to do.. but the OL , DL (upon SUH signing) are now stablized…

  7. @Milky32
    Backus is not the only reason the Oline is bad it’s the oline as a whole and with this signing it will help Backus out tremedously

  8. What a joke! Rob Sims is terrible. Look at the Hawks line the last few years. He was a big reason why they were so terrible.

  9. severs28: Lions don’t have a 6th left this year. If it was a conditional 6th for next year I would strip naked and run around my office building with joy.

  10. even at 0-16 (no hope) always a Lions fan…
    milky32 I don’t understand what you mean on not protecting Staff…Sims will protect Stafford you have an EXPERIENCED 26 y o powerful Olman… what more need to be said… the biggest weakness on the line has just been filled… for the first time in … forever?
    I’m sure more will be done… we definitely need a RB….. (hopefully he will put less pressure on Staff too if he is good) to be determined…. the core will be set… a HUGEimprovement over the last 8 years!!!!! FINALLY

  11. The play in which Stafford injured his shoulder occurred when everyone else was blocking except OG Manny Ramirez who just stood there like a house by the side of the road and watched Cleveland DE CJ Mosley smash Stafford into the ground. That wasn’t the fault of Backus.
    Additionally, if I’m not mistaken, Stafford’s knee injury was also the product of an OG being beaten like a drum, not one of the OTs.
    So, upgrading the LG position makes sense given that there was a turnstile there last season, i.e. Ramirez, Loper, Gandy, and for one game, Jon Jansen.

  12. every single year, people say ‘watch out’ for the lions…

  13. As a Packer fan, this is frightning!! The Lions may now lose the division by single digit games rather than the typical double digit games back.

  14. Awesome! I’m very stoked for the changes in Detroit!
    Draft Suh, get Jahvid Best at the top of the second round and then we can start talking about not just competing but winning too…
    Gotta love the offseason…best time of year to be a Lions fan!

  15. Great trade. Of course, Sims isn’t without question marks, but go look up his film grades at . . . a strong starting LG, just entering his prime? For a fifth-rounder? Yes, please, absolutely.
    Along with DT Corey Williams and CB Chris Houston, Mayhew’s done a phenomenal job of adding the talented young veterans that have been completely missing from the Lions’ roster for the past decade or so.

  16. I have to give the early off-season movement award to the Lions. I think they have made smart, low-risk moves.

  17. Hawkfan- no facing the niner defense twice a year is why they were (and still are) terrible.

  18. It all sounds good but @ 2-14 (0-16) unless all of this translated into wins . . . which I believe it should. . . then it all a ‘moo-point’ . . . I do have hope w/ Mayhew and his moves since being promoted to GM.

  19. For those of you that think Mayhew is done on the OL you are mistaken. He will either trade for Gaithers, or he will select a LT in the draft. Maybe not in Round 1, but if he can trade down out of the #2, then yes that 1st pick will probably be LT. I doubt any longer that he can get out of #2, but we will know more after April 9.

  20. 33 responses. See what you get for not working the Vikings and/or Packers into this post somehow?

  21. I think this move actually confirms with me that someone wants our number two pick, and a deal is already done.
    We’ve now got one first, one second, one third, one fourth, one fifth, and three seventh-rounders.
    I’ll take a fifth……Of Jack!
    I think we can get four starters out of this draft as-is. If a trade is made, look for more offense to be drafted!
    I can see Okung being drafted after a trade-down, and picking up Spiller in the first round as well.
    Personally, I would prefer Suh, but with the players we have right now at DT – Hill, and Williams, I can’t see them taking a DT!

  22. @ TrueLionsFan — I didn’t say Backus was bad…imo, he isn’t a good LT, he’s average at best. Seems to be a better run blocker which, to me, would make him better suited to play LG…I think drafting a solid pass blocking LT like Okung would have been the best move given that we spent a king’s ransom on Stafford.
    @ DINO — Another life long Lions fan, I feel your pain brother. I can’t say anything too critical of Sims because I don’t know what kind of player he is…what I do know is that he was traded for a 5th round draft pick. If he was truly good at his craft, wouldn’t he have commanded more in return? 26 years old and strong, yet they (Seahawks) let him go for a 5th rounder…doesn’t scream top talent. I’m firm on my stance that the Lions should have drafted Okung (I DO realize how great Suh COULD be) and moved Backus to LG. THAT would have solidified our Oline more effectively than we have.
    All I say is don’t drink too much of that kool-aid they’re selling out of Allen Park…

  23. FREEBIRD –
    Yes, you are exactly right! The guard play and the center play was where the Lions were getting killed. The ONLY person on the line that was even close to a starter was Backus at LT….I don’t want to call it the blind side, because, since the movie, people think that is the only position of importance on the line.
    Our Right Tackle position (Cherlibust) is a bigger liability than our LT and we get NOTHING out of our guards and center. Our line is HORRRRRRIIIIBBBLE! I have pointed this out year after year but apparently the most important positions to “upgrade” continue to be wide receivers, kick returners, and running backs. Oh, and now tight ends seem to be important.
    They just don’t get the importance of the line play in Allen Park!
    If we get Suh, maybe a moment of clarity happened with Old Man Ford. If not, his insanity continues along!

  24. The Lions are quietly assembling one of the best group of mediocre players ever. If coached to their full potential these players could elevate the team to medicre status where WE were in 1997 when the fans walked away from a robby gould 50+ yarder that knocked them out of the playoffs. Thus beginning the coaching carousel and dawning the Millen era.
    I can taste back to back 9-7 years like it was yesterday. The drive for 5….hundred is back.

  25. I can’t believe Detroit fans are so excited to get Sims. Every time Hasslebeck got sacked, Sims was the guy getting blown up on the replay. I hope Stafford makes it through an entire season

  26. LOL … azdetroitfan your sarcassim is duely noted and even appreciated but would back to back 9-7 years (like the good ol days) be wayyyyy better than what we’ve been punished with for the past 10 years?????

    The Lions have done more to improve their roster than ANY, repeat….ANY other team.
    Draft Suh. Pick a CB (Patrick “The Stud” Robinson, or Kareem Jackson (Sorry, McCourty will be gone by the 34th pick) in the 2nd round. Draft an OL in the 3rd round. OT Jared Veldheer (If available), or reach (Slightly) for OG’s John Jerry, or Jon Asamoah. In the 4th round the Lions will take a RB. A guy like Dixon, or Hardesty will be there.
    Good job, so far Martin Mayhew.

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