Lions trade Robert Henderson to Seattle

We noted this morning that Seattle sent guard Rob Sims to Detroit for a fifth-round draft pick.

But the Lions and Seahawks weren’t done there.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Seahawks also traded a seventh-round draft pick to the Lions for defensive end Robert Henderson. Add it all up, and the Seahawks end up with Henderson and a fifth-round pick, while the Lions end up with Sims and a seventh-round pick.

Henderson was drafted by the Giants in 2008 but spent his entire rookie season on injured reserve after suffering an ankle injury in the preseason. He was waived by the Giants in 2009, signed briefly to the Jaguars’ practice squad and then acquired by the Lions. He has never played in a regular-season game.

29 responses to “Lions trade Robert Henderson to Seattle

  1. Wow…we are gonna need a “Get To Know Your Team” day at Qwest field so we can get introduced to all these no-names…i mean future special teamers and practice squaders.

  2. Thanks Pete! Lol, why would someone want to trade anything for someone who couldn’t crack the DE rotation for the Lions?

  3. Flipping brilliant!! We get a starter and give up a 5th….then pick up a 7th to replace it and give up a player who has never played!!! Brilliant!

  4. “He was waived by the Giants in 2009, signed briefly to the Jaguars’ practice squad and then acquired by the Lions. He has never played in a regular-season game.”
    And you gave up a 7th rounder for him?????

  5. I officially believe that Mayhew has connections with the mafia over has incriminating of every GM in the NFL.

  6. Seattle fans feel the same way about Sims. The guy has been nothing but a frustration since signing with Seattle. “Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” comes to mind.
    The guy is big and strong but virtually every time some defensive player broke into the backfield to put a hit on Hasselbeck the replay showed the guy blew right past Sims.
    Good luck with that, Detroit. Seattle fans are happy to have ‘stolen’ an early 5th for him. They wouldn’t have been unhappy to hear we got a 6th for him.

  7. I’m surprised to see Detroit fans excited about this trade. Seattle has had major O-Line issues for the last few years, and Sims’ inconsistency was one of the main problems (along with Spencer’s back, Walter Jones’ injuries, Unger’s youth, etc). Sims has been good at times, had a few good blocks, but this guy is generally TERRIBLE – we call him the “human turnstyle” here in Seattle. For a reason. Sure, watch his highlights and you might see a few pancakes, but watch ALL the downs… you’ll see this guy was a major reason why Hass has been struggling with injuries. On most plays, he just lets his guy right through, doesn’t even look like he’s trying to block anyone.
    Detroit fans, ask yourself this: if Sims is so good, why would a team with one of the worst O-Lines in the NFL (yes, worse than yours even!) be so ready to cut the guy for nothing? You just gave up a 5th rounder for a guy you could have picked up off for nothing had you waited a bit. Seattle made out like bandits on this. Guess that makes me feel a bit better about them getting a deal on Burleson (major steal for Detroit on that one).

  8. Now if they just draft Okung they will have had one of the best offseason’s of any team.

  9. @Barnstomer:
    Hardly. There’s a reason this team has sucked since ’06, and Sims was one of the major reasons. In fact, I think Carroll/Schneider have really been good at picking up value for guys who haven’t produced anything for the ‘Hawks and were going to get cut anyway. But hey, if they’re making other people look good while ripping them off, then that makes me even happier as a Seahawks fan. I still can’t believe anyone is willing to trade for our cast-offs. This team, regardless of record, was nowhere near as talented as the Lions last season.

  10. As a Lions fan I can say that DE is one of our weakest positions. We still lack quality depth there even after signing VandenBosch. I barely recall hearing about Henderson, but he apparently has some value.
    More than anything I think this means an offer sheet to Hargrove must be imminent. You don’t clear a DE off the roster when you need to improve at that position unless you anticipate bringing in a better DE.
    Come on poison pill. BTW Florio, the guys think a poison pill is highly unlikely.

  11. Great move Lions! Sims needed a change of scenery. He did not fit Seattle’s zone blocking scheme. Sim’s performance last year underscores that. He became expendable.
    Now, he has his best chance to excell. The Lions use the Man Power block scheme. That’s where Sims belongs.
    Now, get SUH, and a CB in the 2nd round!

  12. ECS-Brougham Boys 74:
    I don’t agree with the assessment of “if we had just waited we could have gotten him for nothing when he was cut”. This guy just signed his tender last week, which means he was going to be held onto.
    I think both teams made out very well. If you guys wanted rid of him, great. Then you got a 5th rounder for him. Because we grabbed him now we can feel set to say we’ve improved the O-line enough that, even though Okung would be nice, Suh is looking like the player.
    In the end it works for everybody. Very happy to see the moves the Lions have made.

  13. For those that think Sims is a bad guard ask yourself this. Why would Chicago want him also?? Walter Jones’ injury left Sims out to dry because his replacement sucked. If Sims could have fit in MARTZ’ system our offense will be MUCH easier on him.

  14. Ha- Trades between 2 teams that doesn’t matter.
    1) Pete Carroll will ruin Seattle before bolting back to the NCAA (3yrs).
    2) Lions, I like what you’re doing at least on paper, putting it on the field against the rest of the North at least this year will be a task.

  15. Mayhew is the anti-Millen. I don’t know why people give him a bad rap. He basically learned what NOT to do as a GM under Millen.

  16. @Beave,
    Throw the pipe out the window, and listen up! DE a weakness? The rotation of KVB, Hunter, and Avril will be solid.
    Hargrove? He’s signed with the Who Dat’s. He was not a major upgrade. Even though he plays all DL positions, he would NOT make me forget Suh, or McCoy. The “Poison Pill” has been flushed down the toilet.
    With Corey Williams, and Ndamakong Suh providing the “Push” in the middle, KVB, et al, will be much more successful off the edges. The guys who REALLY benefit from these moves are the LB’s, and secondary. They will look much better than they actually are.
    It’s all about the trenches. Win the line of scrimmage, and pressure the QB. Ask any QB, Offensive Coordinator, or OL coach about dealing with a DL comprised of Suh, Williams, KVB, and the speedster’s Hunter/Avril. A very tough job!
    The Lions dealt Henderson, a guy who has never played an NFL game, for a 7th round pick. Ding, Ding, Ding! They picked up Rob Sims for some OL love.

  17. Hopefully, in a new system Sims will be better, but hasn’t done anything since being in Seattle. Sucked for Holgrem, sucked for Mora(who brings suckiness to a whole new level). Maybe a straight ahead man on man scheme will work better for him. Hawks picked up a another fifth to add to 2 fourths and gave up one of 2 sevenths for a guy who may or may not make the team. How many 7th rounders stivk around anyway? At least they added someone with NFL experience. Not a bad move at all.
    As for why would Ruskell in ChiTown want Sims? Because Ruskell is the marooon responsible for Seattle’s current situation. Picking up good guys who are bad players. I could do that much.

  18. hey VA they didn’t add anyon with NFl experience Henderson has never played in an NFL game. ECS , don’t blame all the o-line problems on Sims, the whole line sucks and these idiots have done nothing to improve are major defincies. They’ve actually made the d-line worse and I didn’t think that was possible

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