Marcus McNeil, Colts chatter picks up

On the same day Florio suggested the Colts should go after Chargers tackle Marcus McNeil last week, a radio host in San Diego said the move could happen.

The report of the Colts’ interest comes from Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton from 1010XL in San Diego.  The fine folks at point out Hamilton may just be looking for attention and phone calls.

The most interesting part of Hamilton’s report is the inclusion of specific contract numbers McNeil would seek. He says McNeil would want five years and $35 million with $12-15 million in bonus money upfront.  (Sounds like a team-friendly deal to us.)

Signing McNeil would cost the Colts a first- and third-round pick, which would go totally against Colts G.M. Bill Polian’s track record.  The Chargers also might match the offer sheet at that price.

For now, we’ll consider this rumor more smoke than fire. We’ll let you know if that changes.

10 responses to “Marcus McNeil, Colts chatter picks up

  1. Really? You’re getting this info from HACKsaw? He’s the biggest douche on radio. Throws shit at a wall and hopes it sticks.
    He said that talks have started on the DAY that the sportingnews article that Florio wrote came out. He didn’t quote PFT or anything, just said it as fact. He, of course, stole Florio’s thunder and tried to make it his own and NOW PTF is quoting HACKsaw as “talks are heating up”?
    c’mon guys, I thought you could do better that this.

  2. Hacksaw is a joke, he probably read the post on here and took it to the air. He reas stuff on the net and then takes it and runs with it on air… all he does is take as many phone calls as posible to have the callers do his work.
    Oh and the station is XX 1090

  3. It does not make sense for the Colts to give up a first and third pick in the deepest offense tackle draft class in years.

  4. You do realize that Hacksaw got this idea from Florio’s column and spread it as fact, right?

  5. Quacksaw is the guy Jim Rome always mocks when he says stuff like “show me your lightning bolt”.
    Guy is a total joke. Always full of crap.

  6. There’s no reason the Colts shouldn’t do this. Indianapolis is one of those few teams without many needs. They need offensive linemen and cornerbacks. It wouldn’t hurt to add a linebacker, and the defensive line will see more play from last year’s pick Fili Moala. The offense is deep in WR and RB. The Colts have the luxury of going for one guy who will move their line from a liability to an asset.
    One more note. I’m a Colts fan, and Polian and company have been great drafters, getting good talent deep in the draft. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out so good lately; Tony Ugoh and Mike Pollak are the obvious examples. The Colts are too good right now to hope they draft well. Go get the sure thing, and we’ll see them back in the Super Bowl.

  7. Don’t know that radio guy but Colts would be dumb not to sign McNeil. LT solved done with, next issue in there quest for back-to-back SB apperances. Hes young enough that a 1st and a 3rd aren’t that bad. Hes better then J.Peters and he went for a 1st and a ton of money, I would love to trade that overrated POS Peters for McNeil any day of the week

  8. Stop the insanity!
    It will never happen – no way Polian gets AJ to drink out of that well. The 31st and 94th picks for a Pro Bowl LT? Only the Jonestown kids would drink that Koolaid.

  9. Id like to wait until draft day to make this deal. If a big tub of glue falls into out laps at 31 then draft him…otherwise McNeil would be well worth the picks!!

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