McNabb should have a new contract quickly

It’s not a financial apology, but Donovan McNabb is set to get paid again.

No fewer than three writers say that the Redskins are knee-deep in contract talks with Donovan McNabb.  Jason Reid of the Washington Post writes that McNabb’s agent is “hopeful” and
“optimistic” a deal will happen

SI’s Jim Trotter believes a deal could happen this week, if not in the next few days.

It looks like those new McNabb jerseys will be useful for at least a few years.

33 responses to “McNabb should have a new contract quickly

  1. With everyday this news passes I will grown increasingly aware of the stupidity of keeping McNabb in the NFC East, for the Eagles sake.

  2. For a guy who claims he has “plenty of money” to retire now if he wanted to, it shouldn’t take much to get a deal done then right?

  3. As a fan of neither team I think the Redskins made a great trade and has improved the team by +4 games by McNabb alone.
    I understand a decision having to be made and getting value in return and I do not watch every Eagles games but be careful for what you wish for. I believe that McNabb is still one of the better QB’s consistantly but seems like the fans wanted him gone.
    As a Pats fan I was thrilled has wasn’t traded to Oakland ( 4+ games ).I would like to see Jamarcus Russell at QB this season. 2011 pick could be top 5.
    The Bledsoe trade worked out for New England and will be interesting to see what happens here.
    Washington at Philadelphia MNF.

  4. Eagles are sooo dumb for that trade
    and im waiting for the Premier Jerseys of him to go on presale

  5. Yeah, the Skins now have a QB that can’t beat teams with winning records and is incapable of winning big games.
    They have a coach who washed out with Denver, who hasn’t a single accomplishment without John Elway or Steve Young.
    They have a bunch of RB’s that are all done.
    You just tried to give away the linchpin of your defense to us, and were rebuffed. He sucks.
    “John Elway is not walking through that door”
    When you find a way to transport John Elway back from the past to present day, I will be worried.

  6. Spare me the “OH NOES MCNABB IN THE DIVISION TALK!” The only things on this Earth that should be afraid of McNabb playing for the Redskins are the earthworms at Fed Ex Field. Don is guaranteed to snipe them at least 5 times a game.

  7. Not an Eagles or redskins fan, but this was a damn good move by the Eagles. McNabb refuses to run any more. His running ability is what made him a good QB. Since he refuses to no longer run the ball(even if it means not picking up a first down and losing the game), he is nowhere near as good. He is NOT a pure pocket passer.
    That said, Kevin Kolb will turn out to be BETTER than McNabb. The kid has all the tools, is more accurate, and has the confidence.
    Mark my words, the Eagles have nothing to fear in McNabb coming back to haunt them, and Kolb will have a great season.

  8. I’d like to be a fly on the wall in the locker room when McNabb tries to take over leadership.

  9. Boy, that maroon color isn’t exactly ‘slimming’, now is it?
    He’s gonna look like Ms. Doubtfire in that thing.
    DMac – two shakes and a sensible dinner, my man.

  10. i think he will beat the eagles twice this year,kolb was not as good as andre ware and david klingler coming out of that bogus university of houston offense

  11. I wonder how mad Brett Farve is with all this Mcnabb talk. He better make up his mind soon because they wont stop talking about this MCDONALDS TO THE REDSKINS TRADE! I am hating my own teams QB.

  12. Yeah the skins better hurry up and get him a new deal, because Im going to lmao shen Mcnabb goes down in week 2 or 3 and they both look like idiots. I was waiting to laugh at Al Davis, but Snyder gets my laugh on this one. What a idiot. Al actually was the smarter one and that’s saying a lot. Skins are going to burn again this year. Ha ha.

  13. wwwmatcom,
    you must not remember how mcnabb played when he didnt have westbrook in his prime and a good receiving option.
    he will be average at best, and will be lucky to make it through an entire season without getting hurt. i would also look for him to run more now that he is on a team without a true number 1 receiver.
    i think the eagles got what they could for mcnabb. he never was an elite quarterback though they did make the playoffs many times, and the eagles dont have to worry about him becoming one now.

  14. So now will TO goto the Skins? The only year McNabb had decent numbers >55% completion, QB rating >90 was with TO.
    OH and the SB but McNabb chocked (buckets).
    I am still confused why Reid would trade within division except that he REALLY know McNabb is no good.

  15. And McNabb’s agent had nothing to do with the rumors that helped bring this trade to fruition. He had no interest in ensuring himself of another payday on McNabb, especially with Dan Snyder writing the check. Redskins fans had better hope DMac doesn’t have a serious injury before the season even starts. He has a history of missing a game or two.

  16. Only a specific no-trade clause in his contract with Was would stop me from believing there still is a chance he is traded to St Louis. You’re telling me the “Shanahan scouting Bradford for the over last two years” previous gossip is completely meaningless at this point? Unless Shanahan now thinks his future QB is Claussen, McCoy or some other guy coming out this or next year, there is no way he is banking on McNabb for more than 3 years, tops. If so, he needs a QB to mentor and mold for his multi-year run at HC.
    Spagnola needs to win now, not develop a QB for 2-3 years from now. They have way too many other holes on that team as well. Start McNabb with Stephen Jackson there to help, draft an OT from Was’s draft spot, and draft other needs with their great draft picks. Hell, St Louis would be dumb not to trade down in at least the 2nd, if not the 1st as well. The 2nd day #1 draft pick will be very valuable.
    I just don’t see McNabb staying in the division, there is no way they traded him to a division rival without having some kind of assurances that he wouldn’t stay for long. With Spagnola’s ties to Philly, he could have expressed his interest for McNabb to them and then had Philly seek trade suitors for their best possible return (no way could St Louis give up their 2nd rounder for him, too high, and their 3rd rounder was too low, obviously), at which point the GMs/HCs would only have to relay and confirm the availability of St Louis as a trade suitor for McNabb. In fact, Was was probably already a natural trade partner for St Louis, considering Shanahan’s previous reported interest in Bradford. Now they give St Louis a field ready Pro Bowl QB AND the ability to draft a replacement Left Tackle.

  17. and so should Kolb…..remember how you blasted Gcobb??? Now you’re acting like you saw this coming all along.

  18. Clemenza,
    So they still do the run and shoot at Houston? Really? Ya sure?
    Maybe you should inform Reid and Kolb of that fact.
    Thanks for enlightening us!
    I think Clausen should be the #1 overall, since he put up big numbers in the single wing – because that’s what Notre Dame ran in 1920 we can only assume that it is what they ran last year.

  19. The Vikes the Skins aint. McNabb will isn’t going to take the absolute beating that JC got quite as tight lipped.
    You know I have grown up a McNabb fan, and yeah my resolve was tested during the Super Bowl, but I stayed true. It has however become clearly evident he dosn’t have that “it” to will you to a title victory. I embrace the Kevin Kolb era fully and still remember McNabb with the best of memories. Heck, I’ll even leave my McNabb portrait up in the office.
    Im an Eagles fan in DC so I hate the skins that much more. It will surely sting to see him wearing a Redskins helmet on Sundays. I’ve gotta tell ya though… its all good.
    At least I have reason to watch the local games now!

  20. They better not give him more than 3 years b/c McNabb is done after that
    He is already injury prone

  21. We shall see. I doubt this is the second coming of Mike Shanahon like he did with Elway. Mcnabb is no elway. That division will be fun to watch though.

  22. Stone, whats wrong with you. Do you need a 2 x 4 upside your head to realize Mcnabb is not going to St. Louie

  23. Anybody who runs out and buys a McNabb jersey like a silly teenage girl goes after a Jonas Bros. CD is an IDIOT. Alot of my fellow Skins fans are exactly this group. You know the ones that had to be first to get there Brandon Lloyd, Adam Archuleta and Jason Taylor jerseys. These are the same dumbasses that Dan Snyder caters to when he does his nonsensical big name deals. It doesn’t matter, those McNabb jerseys will be flying off the shelf either way.

  24. Don’t forget about Matt Cassell. The Chiefs signed him to a big contract extension, and now they’re stuck footing the bill.
    Why not let McNabb play a few games, see if he’s going to adapt well to the system, and then start talking about extensions?

  25. i’m not the best at keeping up with the inner workings of pro football teams drafts,trades moving up & down the would someone please explain to me why IF these roumers of dmac being traded again turn out to be true why in the world wouldn’t the rams just worked out a deal for dmac?i really dont get it so if anyone can shed some light on it for me please do so.

  26. It will be great watching McNabb stick it to those stupid geeks running the Eagles organization. They are dumber than my friend Lowell Rikert.

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