McNabb will face the Eagles on Monday, October 25

During the Monday morning SportsCenter on ESPN, anchor Sage Steele offered up a juicy morsel that deserves far greater attention.

Steele said that Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb will face the Eagles for the first time on October 25, in a Monday Night Football game played in Washington.

And so the league apparently has provided ESPN with a tiny glimpse at the closely-guarded 2010 regular-season schedule.

It’s unknown when McNabb will return to Philly; but like Brett Favre in 2009, McNabb will see his long-time team at home in prime-time.

UPDATE: ESPN has retracted the report.  They were looking at last year’s schedule.  Really.

22 responses to “McNabb will face the Eagles on Monday, October 25

  1. I can’t wait until Florio does another post about McNabb!!!! He even wiggled Favre’s name in this one. Speaking of Favre, I bet this is pissing him off since he’s not the most talked about QB right now.

  2. Kevin Kolb drops back to pass, he throws it down the sideline to desean jackson…INTERCEPTED by DeAngelo Hall…

  3. Should make for interesting drama although that’s pretty late in the season for the first meeting between the Iggles and Skins, almost 1/2 way through the season, right?
    I wonder if McNabb will still be upright by then?

  4. @ warren
    Are you implying that Deangelo Hall can cover? Or even more that he can intercept passes?

  5. So now we’re torn between deciding whether Florio is making up the news or made one of his typical mistakes in his posts… I’m betting the latter.
    Either way we know McNabb is great under pressure in prime time…
    Eagles better shore up that oline or they may actually lose to the redskins… I know they almost did with McNabb under helm! But then again Kolb proved he could beat crappy teams when McNabb lost to the Raiders!

  6. Haha serioiusly, wouldn’t you at least check the calendar first? I’m sure they will be on MNF — week one!

  7. Jesus Florio haven’t you learned that ESPN can’t be trusted when it comes to factual information. The fact that you just run with anything they say proves you don’t know much either!

  8. So sad to see a broken down horse on the field playing for the Redskins. He will be torn apart like tender roast beef

  9. If I read more McNabb talk, I might puke…you know, like he did in Super Bowl XXXIX.

  10. Sage Steele just said on ESPN that the October 25th game is wrong; That game was last season.

  11. Yep, this info is incorrect. ESPN corrected themselves on air. Someone was looking at 2009 for some reason. No one’s 2010 schedule has been revealed as of yet.

  12. McNabb back to pass, he looks for Moss, *INCOMPLETE* and the turf racks up another reception!

  13. Dustin Chandler says:
    with the first pick in the 2011 draft.. the Philadelphia eagles select…

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