Neil Rackers is a Houston Texan

The Texans are fixing to have an old fashion kicker competition.

Houston signed Neil Rackers Monday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  Rackers and Kris Brown will battle all summer for the gig.

Brown, an original member of the Texans, notably missed a few big field goals against the Colts in a spotty overall season.  Rackers, who was replaced by Jay Feely in Arizona, visited the Jets Monday.

It’s telling that Rackers got better money and chose the Houston job. He thinks he has a better chance of beating out Brown than Nick Folk in New York.

UPDATE: Rackers got $350,000 guaranteed, according to Schefter.  Brown has his work cut out for him.

21 responses to “Neil Rackers is a Houston Texan

  1. The weather is a tad bit nicer in Houston than it is in NY…pretty easy decision for a kicker.

  2. I guess Shayne Graham is the only kicker left without a contract. Unless you count Mike Nugent.

  3. Brown is a much better kickoff-man, But it’s field goals that matter, and Rackers has his man beat in that regard.

  4. # philwauke says: April 5, 2010 9:11 PM
    In other news Jamarcus Russell pooped in his hand.
    but he missed his wide open hand

  5. @ Mooch, good question, I for one liked having Rackers here. He is absolutely amazing at pooch kicks, onside kicks, and even throws his body in there on kickoff coverage. That part is always a little admirable, and a little scary (see Kevin Butler). I will bet a lot of other cards fan agree that he was good. But for us, it is the qb issue. If we don’t have one that can get the ball to the 35 of their opponent or closer, what’s the point?
    We’re all a little offensively challenged out here right now.

  6. @Mooch
    IDK what you are talking about. Cards fans loved Rackers for his intensity on kick off return. He was NEVER afraid to mix it up. Many where sorry to see him go including myself. Evidence can be found on the teams blog at the teams website in the comments sections.
    There where problems with communication between Rackers agent and team management and that is why he isn’t on the team. Arizona had to sign a quality kicker or get left holding the bag.
    Finally, Rackers has missed a few notable field goals like a 40 yarder that would have beat the Bears on Monday Night and of course the shank in the playoffs last year. Rackers was so unreliable beyond 50 that Whiz stopped trying and relied on Ben Graham to pin em deep. Its an upgrade for FG’s and a downgrade or break-even for kick-offs.

  7. As a Texans fan I like this signing. Rackers has been a solid kicker for a long time and that is all that you can really ask. Brown wore out his welcome when he missed too many OT forcing/game winning kicks this past season, in addition to missing the most FG’s in the league in 2009.

  8. Cardinal fans did NOT hate Rackers.. there was a time his was the best-selling jersey on the team. He even outsold Emmitt Smith’s.

  9. @danlinker
    Precisely what the Card FO stated in relation to Rackers. While they love the accuracy that Rackers provides, he was not doing well at the 40+ yard attempts so we started utilizing Ben Graham and his punts inside the 20 instead of Rackers. They are hoping that since Feely appears to have more consistency with longer FG attempts that we will be able to utilize him and put points on the board.
    Rackers agent also played the spot kind of bad with the offers, but thats what happens when they say “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

  10. BirdgangAZ: If you are relying on Feely to hit from 45+, you are going to be disappointed, especially in a big spot.

  11. …missed a few against the Colts and Titans and several others. He missed 11 0n the year. “Spotty” would be a compliment.

  12. Brown should work with Shayne Graham to start a support groups for kickers who choke in clutch situations.

  13. At least playing in Houston means that Rackers will not have to worry about choking in the playoffs.

  14. Rack em’
    I enjoyed Rackers…he went to Houston for one reason ‘indoor weather’…more domes more better.
    350k guarenteed…not bad..but not the $2 mill per the Cards offered that he lost and never got back to. He was an idiot in those deals…he had it all…just sign the freaking paper.
    He’s got a cool signature too…puts the uprights on it with the ball going through.

  15. GPK
    Simple, he played there a long time and was successful. He should have played there for the rest of his career.
    Only fan hatred and a total lack of respect would have led to him leaving.
    Right? You all hate him so the team let him go. It reflects poorly on the fan base.

  16. @Mooch
    You are trying to get under peoples skin or dont know anything about football.
    The fans dont maker personnel decisions and FO dont make personnel decisions based on what fans want. If the FO made decisions based on fans then the league would look very different.
    Rackers key misses and inaccuracy outside 50 yards plus miscommunication between FO and Rackers agent plus Cardinals needing a proven kickers equaled Rackers playing somewhere else.
    The worse reaction from Cardinals fans has been indifference and acceptance of the move. Some are pissed he’s gone some think we have improved at the position. Either way the fan base had NOTHING to do with this move. The biggest goat in Arizona right now is Brian McFadden.
    Your comments reflect more and prove more about your football knowledge, or lack of, than they do about Arizona’s fan base.

  17. Goodbye, Kris Brownstain [or should I say bad-bye?]
    hello Neil ‘cracker-ass’ Rackers.
    too much is credited to Kris Brown for being an original Texan, especially since that’s nothing to brag about. The original Texans were a leper colony with AIDS. Their jerseys and team pictures should be put in a pile, burned, and the ashes put in a rocket & shot into the Sun, just to be safe.
    Here’s a rule for GM Rick Smith, or any other future Texans’ GM : DON’T SIGN DUDES NAMED ”CHRIS’ BROWN’, [OR ANY OTHER VARIANT SPELLING OF ‘CHRIS’]. If we hadn’t had 2 guys on the team with that name, we would’ve won 3 more games, swept the Colts, and made the playoffs last year. Maybe Schaub would’ve gotten some credit for being a top tier QB last year. On a related note, I hope the Cowboys sign Kris Brown.

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