Rams release Marc Bulger

M. Bulger2.jpg‘Tis the season for unloading expensive veteran quarterbacks.

The Rams announced the release of quarterback Marc Bulger Monday on his 33rd birthday, ending an eight-year run with the team that began brilliantly but fell apart the last three seasons.

The decline of the Rams’ franchise can be traced in Bulger’s W/L loss record.  His first three years he went 26-10 in starts.  His last three years: 5-32.

Bulger was scheduled to make $8.5 million in 2010 and was never expected to remain with the team.  We’re trying to figure out why they dumped him now instead of one week ago or after the draft.  (UPDATE:  Duh.  Mort writes that Bulger was on Washington’s radar and his presence kept St. Louis’ options for trading down open.)

Arizona was believed to have interest in Bulger previously, but appear fully stocked at quarterback now.  Chicago makes a lot of sense as a destination.

66 responses to “Rams release Marc Bulger

  1. Because they just shipped Donovan McNabb and Haynesworth to St. Louis for their #1 pick.

  2. Why do the St. Louis fans hate Bulger?
    They ran him, and every other star QB, out of town.
    They did the same with Warner.
    They never appreciated them.
    Be careful what you wish for, it could be worse.
    He won a lot of games for you, and you are gonna roll the dice with an unproven QB!?!?!?!
    These classy QB’s are better off without this fan base that hates them.
    See how easy it is?

  3. well this is just the Rams trying to make waves in a white capped ocean…..no one cares.
    Bulger will prob go to Cleveland, Seattle, Buffalo or maybe even San Fran…He’s gonna get picked up.

  4. Bulged wasn’t the problem but he will go to buffalo. He’ll be a backup but if he gets a chance and a line blocks for, he’s deadly.

  5. “We’re trying to figure out why they dumped him now instead of one week ago or after the draft.”
    I’m sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the timing of Sam Bradford’s pro-day or a Donovan McNabb trade.

  6. he’d be a good pick up for a team as a very solid #2, or even a starter in places like oakland or buffalo if he’s truly healthy.

  7. “We’re trying to figure out why they dumped him now instead of one week ago or after the draft.”
    Release him now so the Skins have a harder time dealing Campbell. Perhaps the Rams were counting on trading 1st round Draft places with the Skins… but now the Skins don’t need to!

  8. jasncondit says: April 5, 2010 3:55 PM
    Because they just shipped Donovan McNabb and Haynesworth to St. Louis for their #1 pick.

  9. I agree with Emoney, we now know who the overall #1 Draft pick for 2010 will be QB Sam Bradford, poor kid gong to get beat up with no O-line to protect him…..LOL. I can’t wait for the upcoming football season.

  10. Classless move by an organization that is losing the faith of thier local fanbase.
    Very good point about the timing.
    This honemoon with Bradford and Rams leadership will have a VERY short shelflife. If I were Bradford, I’d avoid this mess at all costs.

  11. The timing of this really is strange. Bradford is scheduled to throw for them later in the week right?
    There is no way the Hams waited until his birthday to do this. Dropping Bulger isnt something they need to do to clear room for the rediculious trade rumor suggested by jasncondit above.
    this is just weird

  12. I hope St Louis targets Jason Campbell and passes on Bradford. Their OL isnt ready for the pressure of the #1 pick of a QB.

  13. As long as he’s cheap, Chicago should jump on him. He knows Martz and should be fine for a few games if Cutler gets dinged.

  14. Because they just shipped Donovan McNabb and Haynesworth to St. Louis for their #1 pick.

    Why would they ship Haynesworth, their 1st and also Mcnabb (who was a 2nd) to move up 3 spots?
    Haynesworth, a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd/4th next year to move up 3 spots? Doubt it.

  15. Why not the Raiders? Bulger is a clear upgrade over any QB on their roster…and Oakland has been looking at guys like Sage Rosenfels….Oakland would be a perfect fit for him.

  16. Why wouldn’t they keep him until Bradford signed? Unless they do not plan on signing a QB, they really hurt their pimp hand by doing this

  17. O.k., so you’re going with Sam Bradford……
    Being a Lions fan, and having learned from numerous failures on how to bring a rookie quarterback along, such as our current situation with “The Contract”, I think it was a bad idea to release Bulger.
    You should have kept him, sit him down and said “Look, you’ve been very important to the success we’ve had here in the past. The future is with a rookie QB that we’re taking with the first pick. we want you to be the guy to help teach him how to be even more successful than you’ve been!”
    Who’s going to teach him now?

  18. If Kurt Warner weren’t such a class act he’d be laughing his ass off right now.

  19. He’s too good of a citizen to play for the Steelers. Poor Marc doesn’t have the rap sheet.

  20. @prinzcharlez
    Bradford is used to getting beat up once a year when he played Texas, now he will just have to get used to it during a full NFL season.
    In other words: AJ Feely get warmed up, you’re getting some playtime this year!

  21. I actually would really like him for the Eagles for insurance if/when the Kolb disaster finally hits

  22. The Cards are F’ing stupid if they don’t sign him. He’d start over Glam-boy and do what Kurt Warner had been doing the last few years.

  23. I never understood the fascination with Bulger anyways??? He sucks, and he’s fragile

  24. This guy still has something. He’ll find a home. Just not a big paycheck.
    Money, money, money. It why anyone does anything in this league.

  25. Guys. Guys ….GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey…yeah OVER HERE! It’s the RAMS! FYI, WE”RE GONNA DRAFT SAM BRADFORD! Yeah…SAM BRADOFRD! Yeah, that’s right, the kid from Oklahoma. JUST MAKING SURE YOU ALL KNEW!

  26. Mimi Taro says:

    Why would they ship Haynesworth, their 1st and also Mcnabb (who was a 2nd) to move up 3 spots?
    Haynesworth, a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd/4th next year to move up 3 spots? Doubt it.
    There’s one in every crowd. It may not be April 1st, but the fools are still out.

  27. The Rams are horrible and I feel like they are kind of blaming it on Bulger. Dude is a good QB, if you can keep him upright. Get ready Sam Bradford, ready to count the ceiling panels in St. Louis.

  28. He’s lost his confidence and at 33 appears to be done. He will end up in Chicago because it’s a system he knows and they will offer him competitive money for a vet backup cause that’s all he is at this point in his career. In hindsight they never should have gotten rid of Kurt Warner.

  29. Bulger is nervous in the pocket and most importantly – he’s not a leader. He doesn’t inspire players and shows no confidence – and he’s terribly slow. On a practice field with perfect conditions and no pass rush, he can still deliver a ball. Otherwise, he’s a shell-shocked waste of a quarterback and a bad guy in the locker room.

  30. jibfest – it’s the fans, they don’t appreciate Bulger. The team has nothing to do with releasing him. It’s all on the ‘bad’ and ‘negative’ fans.

  31. He’s going to Chicago. He knows Martz’s system, he could help Cutler adapt to it, and maybe he gets enough exposure to make another run as a starter. Or not and he stays comfortable. It’s a perfect fit.

  32. You guys don’t even have your “BULGE” anymore. What a sorry ass franchise.

  33. Maybe they are doing the right thing by Bulger by cutting him as soon as possible so he can shop himself to other teams rather than waiting for the draft when he has less choices. Most guys would rather be cut sooner rather than later if they know its gonna happen anyway.

  34. You also hated Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce and Marshall Faulk.
    So none of this should come as any surprise. You people don’t appreciate any of your stars.

  35. Bulger was never a good leader!!! Yeah had Oline problems but always quiet and laid back!! Never a good leader as a starting QB needs to be!!!

  36. No one hated Holt, Bruce or Faulk. All good players have their times to go!!! Faulk retired!!! Get your facts straight!!! Stills loves St.Louis. Bruce OMG!! It was time for him to retire!!! Holt. He did great last season right??? Get real!!!!

  37. As a RAMS fan, I have mixed emotions here on this one. It was time for Marc to go, but it wasn’t all his fault. As bad as our line was, it wouldn’t have made a difference who the QB was. Good luck in your future endeavors, Marc.

  38. If you didn’t hate Holt, Bruce, and Faulk…then why didn’t they finish their careers as Rams?
    The only explanation is that the fan base hated and under-appreciated them? They deserved better that such a rotten fan base.
    Oh, and you hated Kurt Warner and Orlando Pace as well.
    Bruce deserved to determine when he was done playing, not the hater fan base.

  39. Bulger had lead feet, whoever picks him up I hope they have no designs on having him MOVE. The guy could’nt move out of the pocket if his life depended on it

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