Redskins haven't ruled out keeping Campbell

J. Campbell.jpgOn the same day the Redskins radio station revealed that five teams have showed interest in quarterback Jason Campbell, the Washington Post reports that the team hasn’t ruled out keeping Campbell as a backup.

These aren’t really conflicting notions.  The Redskins met with Campbell Monday and will allow him to explore trades, according to Jason Reid. 

They need to keep the door slightly cracked on a possible return just in case they don’t get any offers.  It could take a draft day deadline to complete a deal, but we don’t think Campbell will be difficult to move at all.

There are a lot of situations he would upgrade around the league.

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  1. What are the Vegas odds on McNabb playing all 16 games… regardless of the team he’s with?

  2. what a poor guy. i’m not a fan or follower of the skins, but i don’t believe i’ve ever actually heard anything at all negative about this guy, except for so-so performance on the field. but, seriously, the guy hasn’t exactly had the greatest supporting cast… moss is inconsistent, he’s ok but he’s like 4 foot 2; portis is Mr. Inconsistent himself, and campbell’s had about 37 new offensive coordinators. good luck bro, good luck.

  3. Trying to improve leverage for their compensation…
    We’ll we don’t HAVE to move him, we can always keep him as backup, so yeah, improve your offer by 1 round…..

  4. lol yea im sure Jason will be thrilled to stay in Washington, a team that didnt even have the balls to tell him they hired his replacement in McNabb and he had to find out from a local journalist..

  5. I’m not understanding why they wouldn’t keep the guy. He has handle all the changes in the organization and the trade rumors with class. Actually I don’t even understand why they got McNabb in the first place.
    Shannahan is bringing a tried and proven system into this program. It would benefit Campbell greatly to remain in order for him to get some REAL fundamental help in being a QB in the NFL.
    Besides McNabb hasn’t proved he can finish an entire season without getting some kind of injury. It would benefit the ‘Skins to keep Campbell just in case. At this point I would rather have Campbell coming off the bench for me than that kid Brennan or whatever his name is.
    Honestly I definitely don’t want Campbell going to the Carolina Pampers. He would probably fit in pretty well over there and I don’t want that to happen. I’m an Atlanta fan. The last thing the Falcons need after ‘Ain’ts got a SB before us is for the Pampers to get one too.

  6. The Eagles should have made them include Campbell in their trade. Do they seriously think Vick can run a WCO? The guy is incredibly stupid.

  7. ….From the Desk of Mike Shanahan….
    To-Do List:
    1. Trade Jason Campbell for at least a 4th round pick.
    2. Trade Clinton Portis for whatever I can get for him. Maybe we can get some Snickers for the vending machine…
    3. Trade Santana Moss and the 4th overall pick in the draft to Denver for Brandon Marshall and the 11th overall pick.
    4. Trade Carlos Rogers. Try to get a 3rd or 4th round pick.
    5. Trade Albert Haynesworth. Try to get a 1st round pick.
    6. Trade LaRon Landry for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.
    7. Trade Chris Cooley for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.
    8. Ask players if anyone else has a problem with total commitment to the Burgundy & Gold.
    9. On Draft Day, remember to lock Dan Snyder out of the War Room.

  8. As an owner of Jason Campbell in Fantasy Football, I can tell you that I am crossing all my fingers ( and toes) that he gets traded. St. Louis or Carolina would be ideal landing spots

  9. you would think that a QB’s photo would include throwing the ball instead of him handing it off lol

  10. I’d keep Campbell. I’m not convinced Grossman can be a solid backup at all because I think it’s inevitable that McNabb probably won’t start every game this season. I’m sorry the Eagles traded him away but the fact is he hasn’t been healthy for an entire season since the 2004 season.

  11. trading before McNabb gets an extension is foolish…IF MCNABB wants an extension.. Odds are that Snyder will pony up more than enough to keep #5, but with MN and AZ as options for next year.. McNabb may roll the dice

  12. Great list! Patriots will take Chris Cooley off your hands Washington. And Albert Haynesworth and Jason Campbell for Asomugha and Oakland Pick number 69.

  13. FireJerryJones says:
    April 5, 2010 3:32 PM
    What are the Vegas odds on McNabb playing all 16 games… regardless of the team he’s with?
    Don’t mean to pick on you in particular, a couple people made this same point. McNabb’s health doesn’t impact the Campbell decision because the Redskins have already signed Rex Grossman to be the number 2 QB. While it is debatable who is the better option, They are not going to keep Grossman and Campbell.
    This statement is just posturing on the part of the Redskins to pump up Campbell’s value.

  14. Trade him, there are teams with no QB’s
    1. Buffalo
    2. Oakland
    3. St. Louis
    4. Carolina
    How could you not get a least a 4th round pick for this guy? He has had a different O-Coordinator every year he’s been in the league. With a little consistency in the coaching department, he could be at the very least decent.

  15. @GoCaps8
    1. Ok Brett Favre got traded for a 4th. Campbell a 6th at best
    2. I would give a king size Snicker’s for him.
    3. LOL, so pretty much you are saying is Santana Moss is worth the 11th overall pick?
    4. 6th at best
    5. Better off just trying to find a team to take his contract, instead of getting any picks.
    6. This guy was a 1st round pick a few years ago… You already want to get rid of him? Let him play through his rookie contract at least, lol.
    7. One thing you don’t want to do is trade a player who was on I.R. the previous year.
    8. “Burgundy & Yellow”?
    9. Knowing the Redskins, you might not have any picks left to worry about locking him out.

  16. BTW, on an unrelated note, no love for the Eagles getting more for McNabb than the Packers got for Favre? Anyone think McNabb has any seasons in him like Favre had last year?

  17. I say several of you guys are missing the point about what is happening here. Campbell is the odd man out in this deal. He needs to move on. He is a big, young (20 something) guy, with a great attitude, strong arm, smart and lots of upside. He has learned under fire from a confusing myriad of different coaching changes. Remember, he showed huge promise under Joe Gibbs who drafted him. He is also a better QB prospect right now-even if projected over the next 3 years, than any of the upcoming rookies in this draft! Every GM knows this and that is why he has instantly become the hottest prospect in the NFL (draft & all).
    But the real point is this. Shanahan knows that there are at least 10-20 quality middle round QB prospects in this upcoming draft, from smaller-lesser known programs, who have equal or better development potential than Bradford, McCoy, Clausen or TeBow. Heck, He even believes a couple of those more popular QBs will inevitably slip to the 3rd or 4th rounds as other teams surprise us (like they always do) and snatch up better Flacco/Ryan like prospects, from the lesser known programs, earlier than expected.
    Look for Shanahan to take the top Wideout playmaker with the top pick. Grab a Kolb type 3-4 year replacement for McNabb in the middle rounds and load up in the offensive line in the draft. He may be tempted to bite on a Toby Gerhardt in the 2nd or 3rd if he can get a high pick in a Campbell trade. That’s my take on this brilliant move by the Skin’s.

  18. First of all, anyone that has Campbell in a keeper fantasy league needs to have his head examined……..secondly, this Redskin organization is beyong incompetant. Any fans out there that think it really isn’t as bad as it comes off, I have some sad news for them. …..knowing a few insiders there over the years, I can tell you it is WORSE than what you hear and expect. Dan Snyder is as crooked as he is incompetant.

  19. WhoDey_Man are you dumb? How is Clinton Portis inconsistent? Why don’t you look at this stats, he only has missed the top 5 rusher of the year 2 times in his career, and both times he was hurt and missing a number of games. Portis is one of the best backs in the game. Also depends on how you want to look at this, but in my eyes he is better then LT. LT has only made the top 5 rusher of the season 2 times in his career. Well that sucks I think, because Portis has only missed that top 5 2 times. But yet everyone is all over LT’s nuts.

  20. Why do Skins fans hate Jason Campbell?
    He played hard for them, never had great coaches or weapons, and they just throw him aside.
    Be careful what you wish for, Skins fans.
    By hoping for something better from that position you only reveal your inner monster.
    So hateful!

  21. Campbell is not bad at all. The redskins would be foolish to trade him for a 4th rounder. Look at his stats and production. Talking about inconsitant! WHAT? Hes a top 15 QB he has a better passing completion than Mcnabb, he has only 2 full years under center, last season he passed for 3616 yards 20 tds 15 picks and was in the top 15 in just about anything. so why trade him for just a 4th rounder that would be absurd.

  22. I dont hate Campbell I hate the fact that they are trading him and that the Redskins have a guy that I have grown to hate as our starting QB. Campbell did great as a QB with nothing no running backs and no line. Ok recievers.

  23. I think this site is filled with kids who dont really understand anything besides being a madden GM. This is real life and real life stats. He might be awfull in a video game which from what I have seen and heard on this site. Also the “bum” talk? What is that? Hes no bum hes rich as hell and Portis not good too? Who are you guys and what site are you guys looking at when it comes to stats? He was 10th in the league in rushing when he was injured this season. Whoever said he was a top back in the league is exactly right. Maybe he needs some motivation but hes a top back every year since I can remember.

  24. No, you hate Campbell. That is why the fan base didn’t somehow force Snyder to give him a de facto lifetime contract. A classy fan base who appreciated a veteran leader would have done so. Instead, the haters leave Campbell hanging out to dry.
    Campbell had bad coaches, bad WR’s, an inconsistent line, and defenses that let him down. Really, when you factor in all the guys who let him down, he was a play or two away from a Lombardi trophy. Possibly several.
    I hope Campbell comes back and plays for a team that beats you repeatedly. Then you’ll say “he was such a great player but we foolishly chose to move on to a better option! He was more than we deserved! Oh, can we trade to get him back?”
    You may never win another game. Watch and see. Campbell will go to a team that appreciates him and win 10 Super Bowls. As long as he has a great coach, awesome RB, stellar WR’s, an ALl-Pro OL from tackle to tackle, and a dominating defense.
    THEN you’ll be sorry for hating on this guy!

  25. Mooch – Skins fans don’t hate JC, they just hate his playing…….which makes sense because he is a below-average QB at best………..

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