Redskins offered Albert Haynesworth to the Eagles

As mentioned in the 10-pack we pounded out last night for and by Rosenthal several hours earlier, the Redskins dangled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth as part of the trade talk that culminated in the Donovan McNabb deal.

We’ve heard that safety LaRon Landry’s name also came up during the discussions.

Adam Caplan of (via Sheil Kapadia of has likewise reported that Haynesworth was offered to the Eagles.  We heard in the wake of the deal that the Eagles had no interest in adding Haynesworth to the team.

Bottom line?  The new regime in D.C. definitely seems to be souring on the crown jewel of last year’s free-agent class.

30 responses to “Redskins offered Albert Haynesworth to the Eagles

  1. I think Big Albert could be a revelation as a 3-4 DE, so long as they let him play downhill a la the Chargers, Cowboys and Steelers schemes.

  2. Fat Albert is a lazy, underachieving punk. But he’s an expensive punk. Thanks for out-bidding the Giants for him. $100,000,000. Eat it Redskins… eat it.

  3. With the covert operation now exposed I hope the Skins can come up with a plan to take Marshall off our hands. I’d take a #1 pick next year.
    Come on Shanny–you screwed the Donks up year-in/year-out and i said zilch. Maybe this *once* you could do our organization some good (indirectly)?

  4. Why would they want to add Haynesworth? They are in 100% rebuilding mode, nevermind he makes too much money.

  5. It will be interesting to see if Haynesworth and Landry stay on the trading block. Albert was a disruptive force last year, both on the field for other teams and in the locker room for the Skins. If they can’t get him to buy into his new role, a trade should definately be explored because he will be a problem for them all year.

  6. There is no way the Eagles would have turned down Landry, IMO, unless the offer was something like Landry and a fifth round pick.

  7. Now, everyone knows why the Titans wouldn’t overpay Haynesworth to get him to stay. He has the ability to be a great player but doesn’t always have the want to and he wants to tell the team what the scheme should be and what players they should go get.

  8. Haynesworth could care less where he plays (or doesn’t) ….. just pay him the $$$,$$$,$$$.00

  9. Haynesworth could care less where he plays (or doesn’t) ….. just pay him the $$$,$$$,$$$.00

  10. The Deadskins are stuck with that lazy, fat piece of shit. He’s always looking for a way a mysterious ankle injury or he’s gassed after two plays and sitting on the bench totally winded.

  11. And L’il Danny has announced to the rest of the NFL they’re going to draft Okung. Wonder how much ransom he’ll have to pay the team drafting in front of him so they won’t take him just to spite them.

  12. What? They didn’t think to offer us Albert Connell? What trash players, the picks will suffice.

  13. Open letter to Shanahan:
    Trade Albert Haynesworth and LaRon Landry to the Atlanta Falcons for DE Jamaal Anderson, S Erik Coleman, the #83 pick in the 2010 draft, and a conditional pick in 2011. Don’t think about it Shanarat just do it.

  14. I don’t believe the Redskins would rather give up Haynesworth than a second round pick. They’ve already given him huge up-front money. Makes no sense; Allen and Shanahan are not idiots.

  15. didn’t the skins give $40 million guaranteed? wow. what a fantastic investment!
    let’s just trade him away. forget about that cash.

  16. Yawn; this “story” has already be proven to be false. Nothing to see here….DC media to the rescue.

  17. “Thanks for out-bidding the Giants for him. $100,000,000. Eat it Redskins… eat it.”
    Ya instead of Haynesworth for $100 mil you got Chris Can’ty for $42 mil.

  18. How do you reject Landry? It shores up a spot in our defense and allows Jackson to line up opposite Samuel if his knees permit. Even if we put Hanson in for the first couple games to give Jackson time to fully recoop its better than Hanson or Patterson full time!

  19. I think a trade for Haynesworth would be easy. Any team that takes him won’t have to pay him very much because HE’S STILL GONNA GET $42 MIL FROM DANNY BOY!!!!!!!!!!
    Honestly, how hard is a guy going to play when he has already banked that kind of cash? I’m surprised he doesn’t just sit on the sidelines in a lounge chair drinking Pina Coladas and having a couple ho’s servicing him during the game!

  20. Shocking. They sign him to a ridiculous deal and realize it 5 minutes after he signed it

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