Redskins will face "very tough decision" if Sam Bradford is available at No. 4

The decision of the Redskins to trade for quarterback Donovan McNabb has prompted widespread belief that Washington won’t take a quarterback with the fourth overall pick in the 2010 draft.

But what if Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford slips past the Rams, Lions, and Bucs? 

According to Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in D.C., the McNabb trade doesn’t rule out the selection of Bradford with the No. 4 pick.  Russell cites a high-level unnamed source with the team, who says that the Redskins would be facing “a very tough decision” if Bradford is available when the Redskins use their first-round selection.

As we mentioned earlier in the day, one extremely viable option would be to trade down, allowing someone else to get Bradford and, in turn, picking up some extra selections in the draft.

The riskiest move would be to take Bradford, a move that would be no different than the Eagles’ decision to acquire Kevin Kolb with the team’s first pick in 2007.  From McNabb’s perspective, picking Bradford will do nothing to help McNabb get any closer to winning a Super Bowl.

85 responses to “Redskins will face "very tough decision" if Sam Bradford is available at No. 4

  1. Trade down or draft him and trade for established players to help win now.
    Imagine ‘Skins would be thrilled if he is still available.

  2. Read my lips, Redskins are not taking Bradford at #4 because he won’t be there. If he is, we trade the pick for a later 1st and 3rd, at least.

  3. St Louis released bulger, if they don’t go for Bradford now, I’d be shocked. However, if Bradford is there at 4 and Okung is gone you gotta consider taking him. Sit him for two years behind McNabb because you never know what might happen in 2011, and then find another answer at LT, maybe Flozelle Adams? Or Trade picks from the 2011 draft to get back into the 1st Round late to get someone.
    Personally I think some team will be knocking the door down if bradford is there at #4 to trade up.

  4. The Redskins Should Draft Jimmy Clausen And Have Him Learn Behind McNabb For A Few Years!
    The Redskins Should Trade Jason Campbell To A Team That Needs A QB! (BUF,CAR,ARI,STL,JAC,OAK)

  5. Not gonna happen. Bradford, Clausen, Tebow, McCoy. Shanahan already knows that none of them will make any difference now or even in 3 years unless he is incredibly lucky. He also knows there are at least 10-20 Joe Flacco type guys from lesser known schools who are just as good or even better pro prospects. And they will be available in the middle rounds (3-5). And that is where he’ll take a QB project to groom for 3-4 years under McNabb and for a lot less money. I also agree that they may trade down to load up with mid round picks. If so they will find some real gems like Toby Gerhardt from Stanford (a big Riggins type bruiser). They will also get a few choice mid round picks by packaging J. Campbell to the right team. The Redskins could get very good, very fast with this deal. This draft is also loaded with a lot of excellent wideout talent.

  6. Of course they’re saying that. That way if he is available someone will trade up with them to get him, and they end up with a ton of picks.

  7. Wouldn’t the fact that the Rams released Bulger lead us to believe that Bradford will not be there at #4?

  8. Why? McNabb and his contract year aren’t the future in Washington.
    Besides, I can’t imagine they would want to start Bradford as a rookie.

  9. If Bradford somehow is there and they trade down, which they definitely should do. They should be able to get a ton of value for that pick. A team in desperate need of a QB could value that as basically the #1 overall pick. That would be a smart move by the Redskins, so it probably won’t happen.

  10. If the Redskins picked Bradford and somehow flipped McNabb to any other team (not Oakland) I might be kind of okay with the situation

  11. If that is the case then McNabb doesn’t sign an extension and just goes to the Vikes in 2012. He will lead the Vikes to a 13-1 record before, the world will to an end. Eagles and their front-running fans, like Lowell Rikert will be 3-11 at that point. They will be 6-10 next year. Last place losers.

  12. Chris Russell is an idiot. He said after the Redskins lost to Dallas 7-6, that the “loss [was] squarely on the defense.” Yes, the same defense that held Dallas to only 7 points and one scoring drive. This dude couldn’t tell you what happened on a football field or in a back office if you sat down and told him point blank with little picture doodles of every single action.
    Don’t give him any credibility by posting his drivel here.

  13. LMAO…….McNabb is going to take the Deadskinz to the Superbowl? That’s the funniest thing I have heard this year.
    He may be a piece of the puzzle but he certainly isn’t the piece they need to go all the way.

  14. Holy crap. Skins sure up the QB position and you still think the Rams won’t pick Bradford over Clausen. What if Clausen is there? Do they then pick Jimmy? No. They’re picking Okung if available. Can we now drop this Bradford to the Skins talk?

  15. If the Rams skip on Bradford then Detroit get the chance to trade down first and are likely to do that

  16. Umm no the decision to take Bradford would be completely different because mcnabb doesn’t have 4 very good years left in him like he did when the eagles took kolb and Bradford wouldn’t be sittig on the bench for 4 years like kolb did so I don’t see how the decision would be “no different”

  17. Florio you really need to quit using media jackals as sources for stories on team policy. I wonder if this guy was on the air predicting the McNabb trade before it happened. I kind of doubt it. And no, the Skins wouldn’t face a tough decision. McNabb has plenty of gas in the tank to hold off drafting a future QB for at least a couple of years……or at least until a QB draft class comes along that isn’t bottom of the barrel like this one is.

  18. If that happens then trade back to the Browns Seattle (pick 6 or 7) and take whatever tackle is left and address the other needs with additional picks from that trade. I’m available to be a GM on draft day if you need me. Any other tough decisions Mike?

  19. Wow some unknown guy on a local radio station thinks Washington would have a tough decision on their hands.
    WHO CARES!!!!
    Bradford is going to the rams! Washington is going to take a left tackle at #4. Now can we stop talking about McNabb allready?

  20. I agree it would be a tough decision, but why couldn’t they just draft Bradford, let McNabb play out this last year of his contract (and then finally be free to play for whatever team he wants) as Bradford rides the pine and learns for a year, then start next year?

  21. Lets be serious with the realease of Marc Bulger its almost a lock that Bradford will go to the Rams, No Way he falls to Washington.

  22. It never ceases to amaze me what shills the media are willing to be for teams that will feed them “exclusives”. The Redskins were worried that their trade for McNabb might give them less leverage with teams that might be looking to get into that 4 slot to get Bradford if the Rams pass on him.
    So they leak a story to some lemming reporter from a station with no national significance that they still might draft Bradford, knowing that lazy outlets like PFT will take the “exclusive” and run with it.
    They’re playing you like a fiddle, Florio. Not that you care.

  23. They should just get Okung or Berry with that pick. Or trade down and get a tackle and a safety thats what they really need right now.

  24. Picking Bradford WOULD get him one step closer to playing where he wants to play, Arizona.
    If they draft Bradford, McNabb would just refuse to extend his contract and sign wherever he wants next season.
    It would give all parties involved the outcome they want. Washington gets the young guy to learn for a season behind a seasoned veteran.
    Philadelphia would prefer that he’s not kicking their asses twice a season for 5 more seasons and they get to see what their high draft pick, Kolb, can do.
    Arizona gets a season to see if Leinart can get it done, if he can’t, they sign McNabb next off season.
    It’s a win-win-win if I ever saw one.

  25. The Redskins would be well-advised to have a draft-and-trade contingency plan in place in the event that Russell Okung is off the board and Sam Bradford is available at #4.

  26. McNabb is a class act, he will perform in whatever capacity they use him in. Bradford could do far worse than learning from him…both on the field and off.
    Maybe McNabb can transition from starter (2010), sitting out (2011), back up (2012) and finally, a quarterback’s coach after that. Football skills, how to study and work out, leadership, and dealing with A-holes like T. Owens.
    You simply can’t lose with McNabb!

  27. You know who’s going to be there at 4?
    Jimmy Clausen, and he’s miles better than Bradford.
    If Bradford hadn’t put up his 50 TD season playing in a gimmick offense in a joke of a defensive conference that year no one would be talking about him.
    His inability to produce against a real defense in the NCG against Florida should be everything teams need to see about this kid. He can’t read defenses. Oklahoma was constantly cutting it close because Bradford had to have a convo with the sideline every down.
    Plus he seems slightly fragile.

  28. Most of you folks have an opinion but have zero command of the english language. I guess it is just evidence that our education system in the US will pass anyone along!
    By the way, IMO the Eagles are morons and will realize that really good (not necessarily great) QB’s are hard to find…..and you need one to succeed (Trent Dilfer/Ravens, notwithstanding).
    I hope my team can get ahold of J Campbell. He may be a real diamond in the rough if protected and treated right.

  29. Man I thought this talk would die when we traded for McNabb but I guess you cant put anything past the Redskins we should take Okung at #4 if your not gonna do that and your gonna use the 4th pick then take Eric Berry if he’s still there and somewhat replace (though you really never could) Sean Taylor or do the smartest thing and trade the pick to a team that wants Bradford or Clausen Seattle comes to mind since they have the 6th and 14th picks and get a few more draft picks after all we dont have a 2nd or 3rd in this draft Im sure a package with Jason Campbell and the #4 pick would garner a hefty return thought in my opinion it wouldn’t hurt to keep Campbell as a back-up and just forget that we ever signed Rex Grossman and cut his sorry ass but if Bradford’s there and they do take him I wouldn’t be suprised 1 bit I mean is Vinny Cerrato still somewhere whispering in Dan Snyder’s ear?? please Redskins we look like we’re trying to go about things differently now so lets please keep the trend going of course we could always take Bradford and then let the offers start to pour in because Im almost certain they would get 1 that they couldn’t refuse

  30. “But what if Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford slips past the Rams, Lions, and Bucs?”
    I see the fact that the Rams have cut Bulger (on his birthday no less), and cleared millions of dollars off their roster to sign Bradford #1 overall didn’t stop you from posting this crap.
    Also the fact that the source posted this tweet 4 hours BEFORE Bulger was released and made any speculation moot should have given you pause.
    Sloppy as usual, Florio.

  31. Is this story even necessary in light of the Rams releasing Bulger? Bradford will be #1.

  32. The “tough decision” for Washington is who to trade the #4 pick to. They don’t need Bradford anymore. I want them to build the O-line regardless of where players are picked.

  33. O line O line O line dammit. They have a QB for 3 good years then if not campbell then Colt Brennon.

  34. Can anybody update us on the total number of McNabb and/or Eagles posts in the last week?

  35. I really don’t think that the decision will be that tough,…………..”The redskins draft Eric Berry”

  36. “From McNabb’s perspective, picking Bradford will do nothing to help McNabb get any closer to winning a Super Bowl.”
    From McNabb’s perspective, being traded to the Redskins will do nothing to help McNabb get any closer to winning a Super Bowl.

  37. You can have 20 quarterbacks… and if you have no line to block, then it does no good.
    The pick has to be offensive line, or traded to the Ravens for Jared Gaither.
    Those are the only two options for the Redskins.

  38. “From McNabb’s perspective, picking Bradford will do nothing to help McNabb get any closer to winning a Super Bowl.”
    From McNabb’s perspective, being traded to the Redskins will do nothing to help McNabb get any closer to winning a Super Bowl”

  39. “The riskiest move would be to take Bradford, a move that would be no different than the Eagles’ decision to acquire Kevin Kolb with the team’s first pick in 2007. From McNabb’s perspective, picking Bradford will do nothing to help McNabb get any closer to winning a Super Bowl”
    I disagree with that. Mcnabb was 3 years younger when the Eagles drafted Kolb. So the Redskins signing a qb now to groom for the future would be totally different then what the Eagles did. The plot is the same but the viables are different.
    If the Redskins sign a qb early and do the 3 year grooming process, that is used regularly when a team has a veteran starting qb, by the time Bradford or Clausen is ready to step up 6 seasons would of went by since the Eagles drafted Kolb.
    No one in there right mind thinks Mcnabb will still be playing in 5 years. So I believe its irresponsible for the Redskins not to prepare for that. Yes they could draft a guy a year before Mcnabb retires but that is taking a risk they dont need to take.

  40. Bradford falling to the Redskins means McCoy, Suh and Okung are all probably gone. Thus the fakery, entice somebody to trade into the top 3 for Bradford, and you get one of those three players. Simple as that.
    Better question. If Bradford is available to the Chiefs, do they go for him? After Cassel’s performance last year? Tough call.

  41. I think everyone and their mother has Bradford going first overall to the Rams. Highly doubt he slides to 4.

  42. Sam Bradford will not be available at #4. The release of Marc Bulger echoes these sentiments.

  43. What happens if it snows in July?
    Both situations have the same likelihood of happening because if he slides past the Rams, some team will trade up.

  44. Redskins are going to take Dez Bryant or Okung. McNabb needs so receivers to throw to and he needs some protection.

  45. Since aquiring McNabb, the skins should try and trade down from 4 to gain more draft choices. That’s the only decision they have to make.

  46. If St. Louis does not take Bradford another team – probably any one of the teams in the #5 to #10 slots – will swap places with either Detroit or Tampa Bay in order to draft Bradford. All those teams need a QB, while the Lions or Bucs could still pick an elite player and at the same time get a much needed additional pick.

  47. LOL, poor Donny!
    What if this does happen.
    It would not help McNabb at all.
    He could use a good Left Tackle.
    He has not played with so little talent since 2000.

  48. Redskins will face a very tough decision…………..that’s news or rumor, that’s stating the obvious.
    Personally, if he’s there, i say take him…. a potential franchise QB can’t be allowed to slip by in the hopes that an 11 year vet will bring you to the promised land, given that said 11 yr vet hasn’t been able to get there yet and was summarily dismissed by his old team because they thought Kevin Kolb gives them a better chance…………….that’s a big hint right there……

  49. That’s why you don’t buy a 33 year old qb. If they pass on Bradford and he becomes an all pro it will hang over the franchise forever.

  50. You idiot, there is absolutely NO WAY Bradford will be available at #4. If the Rams pass on him, someone WILL trade with the Lions at #2 to get him. PERIOD!

  51. So the Skins are going to INSULT McNabb by drafting his replacement!!?!?!?
    What do the Skins and their fans HATE Donovan? Why do they UNDER-APPRECIATE him by looking to draft a QB?
    They’ve NEVER WELCOMED HIM, nor have they fully EMBRACED HIM.
    He DESERVES BETTER than this.
    McNabb already needs MORE WEAPONS, why not draft some more. He always needs more.
    If they take a QB with that pick, McNabb should seek a FINANCIAL APOLOGY. I expect Warren Moon to get on and cry about how they are putting #5 in A BAD POSITION by all this talk.
    He deserves MORE RESPECT than this.
    So thankful this baby is someone else’s problem. Dealing with McNabb is like dealing with a sulking child. Skins fans are like the couple who saw us yelling at our kid in the parking lot for not getting in his car seat. They tsk, tsk…but one day they find themselves doing the same thing with their kid.
    Enjoy!!! Now you can be the haters that victimize poor old Donovan every 5 minutes. Enjoy being lectured by Lions and Rams fans about how “real fans” should treat a star player.

  52. Mike Florio would also face a “very tough decision” if Meghan Fox offered herself to him for one night of anything goes.
    But it ain’t gonna happen.

  53. Florio they’re going to give McNabb a big new contract, no need to draft his replacement for the next couple years I would think. Seems quite unlikely they would take a QB with their 1st round pick.

  54. Yo Mooch he was just brought to DC yesterday. He is being announced at noon tuesday today! Did you not see him come to DC on “Redskins Airways” and the Limo with all the media and fans awaiting his arrival? Shut up! The Redskins fans have been backing Campbell and most QBs for the most part the fans in Washington are some of the most loyal fans in the NFL!

  55. I dont see Bradford going to the Skins, Shanny isn’t that stupid. I don’t see him going to the Rams either. I see Cambell going to the Rams. Spags has seen Cambell up close running the Giants D, and knows the kid can play, and at a much cheaper price I might add. Maybe Buffalo pulls the trigger on Bradford, but I still see some big health questions with Bradford. A few slams on the ground and the shoulder goes to hell, he winds up a rich millionaire on the bench.Then Bradford has time to go to Vegas with Russell and Leaf. lol

  56. This is a story about nothing. The Rams are taking Bradford with the first pick and if they are not then someone is trading up for him. In the very unlikely scenario that the Rams pass on Bradford, a team like the Bills, Raiders or Jags will trade up with Detroit so that they can take Bradford. Detroit by all accounts woould welcome the opportunity to move out of the second spot.
    Must have been a slow day for stories…..Bradford will not be there at 4.

  57. Who really expects the Skins to compete for a SB…………Gimme a f&*king break……Maybe .500 ball at best…….
    Anything new on AlledgedAssaultberger and Santurdio?

  58. Redskins are gonna take a tackle or least they should. Their line is going to get McNabb killed.

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