Report: Jets still not interested in Brandon Marshall

Last year, the New York Jets supposedly were interested in adding receiver Brandon Marshall.  The talk died down after the Jets traded for former Browns receiver Braylon Edwards.

But it has resurfaced of late, despite the ongoing presence of Edwards, who has signed his one-year RFA tender.  According to Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News, the Jets are not interested in Marshall.

To get him, they’d have to send the 29th overall pick to Denver, or work out some other deal with the Broncos.  The Broncos have applied a first-round tender to the troubled (at times) wideout, who has become a solid on-field performer in his four NFL seasons.  And the Broncos reportedly won’t part with Marshall for anything less than a first-round pick.

Absent a pre-draft or during-draft deal, our guess is that someone will send a 2011 first-rounder to Denver for Marshall.  And we think that the Bears should be the first team in line — especially since coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Jerry Angelo may not be there in 2011 if the Bears don’t get the most out of Marshall’s former quarterback, Jay Cutler.

22 responses to “Report: Jets still not interested in Brandon Marshall

  1. Jets should take the headache and make the move, Marshall by himself can result in 2 more wins each year, he is huge difference maker.

  2. The Redskins should trade Santana Moss and the 4th pick to Denver for Brandon Marshall and #11. Then draft Trent Williams or Anthony Davis.

  3. It is a (almost) a win/win for my Donks. If we get a 1 pick in 2011 that’s fine. If nobody wants him (wonder why? [eye roll]) then we get a beast of a receiver that never helped us win anything.
    So–not a win/win but a wash? The dude IS good. But drops passes. And is a lady hitter. And gets his ass kicked by paper bags.

  4. GoCaps8 says:
    April 5, 2010 11:45 AM
    The Redskins should trade Santana Moss and the 4th pick to Denver for Brandon Marshall and #11. Then draft Trent Williams or Anthony Davis.
    I bet Denver would go for that too. Especially if Suh is available at the #4.

  5. Leave the Bears out of the story. This is the Eagles and Redskins day of glory. Cant we get another 30 McNabb posts already?

  6. The Jets don’t need Marshall. I’d be afraid of him letting loose and enjoying the New York nightlife a little too much. If anything the Jets should target Sanchez’s old no. 1, Damian Williams, in the draft.

  7. Bill In DC–nice classic SNL reference!
    Great talent, great physical specimen, like a brother in law with a size 23 neck & size 4 hat. “If I only had a brain….”

  8. Denver will NOT take a first round pick in 2011 with a lockout looming. It’s either picks this year or they keep him.

  9. @BroncFanOr: I’m saying the Redskins should swap WRs and first-round picks this year. Denver gets to move up to #4 and the Skins move down to #11.
    It could make sense for both teams, depending on how the teams rate the WRs. The Skins could move down to #11 and still pick up a quality, starting OL – whether Williams, Davis or even move down again and draft Iupati and another 0-lineman.

  10. Thank god! If we got Marshall, we wouldn’t be able to pay Revis, Mangold, D’Brick, or Harris.

  11. Any team would be stupid to give a 1st round pick for Marshall. But, there are stupid teams all over the place.

  12. if the Bears do send them next year’s first round pick, the next GM will go bonkers over the lack of top picks in the draft lol

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