Rumors swirl that Lions want to trade down

Most mock drafts have the Rams selecting Sam Bradford first overall and the Lions taking Ndamukong Suh second. But Detroit fans shouldn’t get too excited about Suh wreaking havoc in the middle of their defensive line just yet, because rumors that the Lions want to trade down are picking up steam.

Until the NFL adjusts its rookie salary structure, there will always be rumors that teams at the top of the draft want to trade down, because teams don’t want to guarantee $30 million or so to any rookie. But the rumors surrounding the Lions seem to be more than just the garden variety “of course they’d consider trading down” fare.

I think they’d like to trade out of there,” NFL Network analyst and former Cowboys executive Gil Brandt said, per the Detroit Free Press.

Meanwhile, Peter King of writes in today’s Monday Morning Quarterback column that the Lions trading down is “the best draft rumor at this point.”

King says that the Lions might not view defensive tackle as their biggest need, especially if they acquire Saints restricted free agent defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove before the draft. In that scenario, the Lions would look to move down, pick up some extra picks and take the best offensive tackle they can get later in the first round.

Of course, it’s all moot unless the Lions can find a team that wants to put together a package and move up for the right to guarantee an unproven rookie $30 million or so. But if there’s a team out there that’s absolutely in love with Suh (or Gerald McCoy or Russell Okung or anyone else), the Lions would like to talk to that team.

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  1. And the Redskins didn’t necessarily do much to help them out by eliminating a team that would be interested in Clausen.

  2. Miami will send Justin Smiley, Ronnie Brown and the 12th pick of the draft to Detroit for the 2nd pick…Miami will then draft Ndamukong Suh.

  3. How do you make a trade for Hargrove? The Lions would have to ship a draft pick this year, and a conditional pick in 2011.
    Swap first round picks with the Saints for Hargrove? That would give the Lions the 32nd, and 34th picks. The Lions would need to weasle an additional pick in this scenario to obtain value.
    I don’t like the deal. The “Poison Pill” is off the table. Take Suh, and try to swing a deal in the 2nd round.

  4. As a Lions fan this would be the best thing that could happen. Whether it actually does is something all together different. Man look at me speaking all hypothetical, apparently this site has had a profound effect on me.

  5. Whatever they do, they will screw it up. And for the 3 Lions fans that will get pissed about this remember you are 3 -37.

  6. this isn’t a rumor…the lions organization has been very vocal about wanting to move down.

  7. Of course they want to move down. Every team should want to move down. High draft picks are poison…

  8. And some team can’t wait to spend $30 mill on an untested rookie who may or may not be worth it in the long run. Yep, plenty of suitors for that pick especially with a deep draft where the true value is in the latter part of the first and second rounds.

  9. So, MDS, why did teams trade down when there WASN”T a $30 mil guarantee? I’d say that you got this backwards because more teams will be trading down AFTER a rookie pay scale and the rich will get richer because they will make the better picks at the top while the bad organizations will still piss away the picks that they got (Why do you think that they were bad in the first place?).

  10. IrishGary, just because we are 3-37, does not mean we will screw up right now. Matt Millen is gone. Trading our pick is the best thing for the Lions. But if we draft a RB with our 2nd pick, THAT will be a screw-up.

  11. I’d like the Eagles to trade up and grab an elite safety or D-end, but I don’t think theres anyone that they couldn’t get at say, 7 to 10.

  12. “Asswipe Johnson (Pronounced Az-Wee-Pay) says:
    April 5, 2010 10:41 AM
    Miami will send Justin Smiley, Ronnie Brown and the 12th pick of the draft to Detroit for the 2nd pick…Miami will then draft Ndamukong Suh.

    That is dreaming. The lions would prefer to take a few draft picks so they can waste them on overrated colloege wide receivers that do nothing in the NFL. Speaking of that, the Fins could add Tedd Ginn to that deal.

  13. You should put together a list of possible trading candidates.
    Patriots have 4 picks in first two rounds. They also can’t rush the passer.
    Suh looks more like a DT than a NT in a 3 – 4. Seems like a good fit.
    Cleveland has 10 HIGH picks. With Shawn Rodgers in jail, they need a DT.

  14. I like Mayhew, but think he’s got a near impossible task trying to trade down now…
    Trade for Hargrove with our 3rd round pick, Sims with our 4th round pick, and draft Okung with the #2 in the draft. Then, we may gain some semblance of respectability.

  15. I’ll believe when i see it.. until then… SUH…. with McNabb going to WASH… just about locked the Lions at #2 GO LIONS…. catch the Bears in the NFC North

  16. Dallas is going to trade up to get a Safety

  17. If the Lions dont take suh then once again we screwed the pooch. Dont trade down and get a OT because we have shown that we will blow that pick., beside OKung theres not another cant miss tackle in the draft. Suh will be a star in this league, we just dumped 35 million into Vanden Busch so why not give him help on the d line. U when games upfront. u have avril, and vandenbush on the ends and suh and hill at DT … thats a pretty decent dline. Lions cant trade down or we will suck forever

  18. swap their first rounder with the Redskins for clinton portis and their 4th pick and they could still get mccoy suh or even someone like trent williams or bulaga

  19. @Popeye:
    It’s 2010 buddy.. the whole “Americas team” died a long time ago. I’m not a fan of any of these teams, but the Pats, Steelers, & hell, even the Saints are far more Americas team than the Cowboys. You may be Texas’ team, but Texas is not real America

  20. # Asswipe Johnson (Pronounced Az-Wee-Pay) says: April 5, 2010 10:41 AM
    Miami will send Justin Smiley, Ronnie Brown and the 12th pick of the draft to Detroit for the 2nd pick…Miami will then draft Ndamukong Suh.
    I see your user name fits you like a “hat”
    Any other injury prone players you would like to send to Detroit…maybe Jake Grove…all three might play 16 games between them

  21. # Popeye says: April 5, 2010 11:20 AM
    Dallas is going to trade up to get a Safety
    You are probably right since they don’t really need to trade up to get one. Dallas will do it anyway. My guess is they will trade a 1st, 3rd, and 5th to the Lions…..wait didn’t they already do that?

  22. A story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts.

  23. The Bills are changing their defense from a 4/3 to a 3/4, so they have a couple of solid starters on the D-line that could help the Lions, who just do not fit the 3/4. Also, Marshawn Lynch may want to be traded, after being made Fred Jackson’s backup last year (after 2,151 rushing and 484 receiving in 28 games his first two years, plus a Pro Bowl invitation).
    If the Lions would swap first round picks, they could save the cost of the #2 contract and the Bills could give them DT Kyle Williams (better than Hargrove), DE Chris Kelsay (has been starting at DE since 2004, either starter or backup for Lions) and Lynch. The Lions could still get a top LT with the #9 pick in the draft.

  24. Everyone better pray the Jets do not somehow trade up to get their hands on Eric Berry.
    A defense like they have, adding a safety like that… Mark Sanchez and that offense won’t have to do much at all.

  25. Lions will take Suh and trade him for the first wide receiver taken in the draft. Excellent……its all coming together b*tches

  26. Suh is being overhyped just like Glenn Dorsey, Reggie Bush, Mike Williams, Robert Gallery, and Matt Leinart. Yes, he was very good in college, but the dude is not a sure thing, especially since he’s already had two knee surgeries. No they didn’t affect his college play, but will they hold up over the next 3-4 years? Suh has a lot more bust potential than all you people are willing to admit, and drafting Russell Okung upgrades TWO positions (left tackle and left guard) instead of just one. The trade for Corey Williams and the posturing for Hargrove in combination with Sammie Lee Hill’s good play last year should tell you that the Lions are going Okung, but no one will admit this. I don’t care what the Lions FO said about Jeff Backus, they also said they would move him to guard if the got a better option at tackle.
    Okung to the Lions is happening, you can cry when you are wrong about Suh later. Sorry Redskins fans, you’re probably going to have to settle for Trent Williams.

  27. Dear God the Lions need a LOT more talent on D
    They should take Suh and live with his salary
    He is a BIG upgrade for them…period

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