Silva takes another crack at a mock draft

Our Mock Draft 3.0 has Russell Okung going to the Redskins.

Now that Donovan McNabb is in Washington, the Redskins have gone one from the biggest wild card in the top-five to the most predictable.  They will take a tackle, it’s just a matter of which tackle.

Florio did the first version of the Mock before Silva took over.  Silva remains for version three.

Still, we can safely expect a few commenters to call Florio an idiot for the latest Mock Draft anyhow.  Old habits die hard.

13 responses to “Silva takes another crack at a mock draft

  1. You’re getting lazy Florio.
    You suck for not writing your own articles anymore.

  2. Why don’t we save our time and just call you the idiot? How about the scenario of Washington trading McNabb and their pick to St Louis for Bradford, selected 1st overall? I don’t think they are definitely the most predictable pick, don’t be so cocksure son.

  3. Florio’ s draft is bad enough, but what about this crappy weather we’ve been having?
    Geez Mike, it’s friggin April already and I’m being pelted with freezing rain and buffeted with hurricane force winds out here on the coast. Get it together.

  4. ” the Redskins have gone one from the biggest wild card in the top-five to the most predictable…”
    Do you even read what you type, Gregg? You’re begining to give Emmit a run for his money.

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  6. How about not calling someone an idiot considering this is a excellent prediction. The Skins could have had either Bradford or Clausen depending on what the Rams do. It would make ZERO sense for Shanahan to trade for McNabb in order to try and trade him to the Rams. The skins will take a OT as this article predicts and keep McNabb for a few years while they either develop Campbell or draft a QB in the coming years. There is a lockout looming so logically Shanahan traded for McNabb for immediate results not to try and trade up for a QB that could lose an entire year of development.

  7. Kareem Jackson at 18 is very high for him but he could end up as the best corner in this draft. He would be surefire first rounder if he would have stayed at UA. I hope the Bills take Clausen because I would be interested in seeing who the Jags take at 10 if Dan Williams and Rolando McClain are on the board. I think they really like both and hope they get to make that decision on the 22nd.

  8. What ever happened to, “The Redskins have traded the #4 pick in the draft to….”?
    If they can move down a few spots, still get a solid tackle and add a few picks, it makes sense to me.

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