T.O.-to-Redskins chatter begins

Four years ago, when the Cowboys were the only team that wanted to give receiver Terrell Owens a contract worth significantly more than the league minimum, the only other team that gave T.O. a sniff was the Broncos.

The Broncos were coached at the time by Mike Shanahan.

Now, with Shanahan in Washington and former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb there as well, too, the initial reaction/speculation by many is that the Redskins could make a play for Owens.

Sure, McNabb and T.O. had some serious issues in Philly.  After Owens decided that he wanted out, he decided to become as disruptive as possible — and that included targeting McNabb with a patent-pending passive-aggressive quarterback attack.  Since then, the two have reconciled, most recently taping a segment for Spike TV’s Pros vs. Joes.

And now that McNabb has been exiled to Washington, Donovan surely must be intrigued by the possibility of reuniting with T.O. and sticking it, Brett Favre style, to the Eagles.

For now, it’s all speculation only.  Whether it becomes anything more than that remains to be seen.

39 responses to “T.O.-to-Redskins chatter begins

  1. The only reason the chatter begins is because you start these rumors Florio.
    Ive seen less gossip in a womens hair saloon.
    (although it does make sense)
    Redskins love adding old has beens to their team

  2. I’m thinking Brandon Marshall with Cooley going to Denver. T.O. would probably be cheaper but Marshall would be a better fit.

  3. WOW, if TO could contribute his ‘honeymoon” 1st year and Thomas and Kelly could keep their vag’s from injury, could be a pretty beast year…if they grab Okung at #4…

  4. “For now, it’s all speculation only”
    IOW, you just completely pulled this outta your ass.

  5. McNabb would be better off hooking up with Brandon Marshall than dealing with T.O. part Deux.

  6. As an Eagles fan, let me say please sign him. McNabb is an average qb who chokes when it counts, and TO is washed up. There is a better chance TO and McNabb implode together in Washington then there is they hurt us.

  7. @power808.. That would be funny, but it’s not happening. T.O. and Donovan had “problems”, but Westbrook Really hates his guts.

  8. If I were McNabb I would not want it. TO is one attitude away from a nightmare. If you are going to bring in a disgruntled receiver, why not go for Brandon Marshall? He is young and more talented than TO is at this point. I think being with Shanahan will make him happy again. I know the Skins need help on the o-line, but their weapons (McNabb, Marshall, & their RB’s) would make that o-line better. Just a thought.

  9. there IS no chatter.. just because you post it up on a blog doesn’t mean other people are talking about it. it only means you wrote it in a blog you dummy.

  10. Ryden has hit the nail on the head here. Brandon Marshall should be the real target, not To Old (T.O.). If the Deadskins really offered up Haynesworth for McNabb why wouldn’t they offer him up for Marshall and a pick?
    I’m sure Denver wouldn’t turn a blind eye towards the possibility of Haynesworth if the pick wasn’t absurd.

  11. Well the Skins were sort of like a real franchise at least for a month or two. If there’s anything the skins have proven recently, its that acquiring big name players is the key to winning. At least they defended their offseason super bowl championship for the tenth consecutive year!

  12. ninjaneer says: “The Cowboys will again rule the NFC East.”
    Dallas went 0-2 against a Giants team that had over half it’s defense on IR or badly injured. Unless you’re claiming the “again” part relates to the 1990s. Then, you have a point. Of course, if Dallas actually does “rule” the NFC East, we can all sit back and enjoy them losing in the playoffs to any team that isn’t from Philadelphia while their players pose and preen across the field and then whine afterwards that the other team “passed too much”.

  13. next florio will report the rumor that the Skins are talking to Antonio Pierce, Flozell Adams, and signing a deal for Plaxico when he gets out………………unnamed sources, of course………….and maybe westbrook………

  14. love to see it.. TO is not A BAD GUY.. YEAH HE’S OLDER but he can produce enough to be a threat… They could stick it to Dallas and Philly

  15. “Dallas went 0-2 against a Giants team that had over half it’s defense on IR or badly injured.”
    It’s the NFL, not the “Giants/Cowboys FL”. Last time I checked, the Giants didn’t make the playoffs.
    Congrats on beating the Cowboys twice, guys. Get a heart transplant and maybe you guys will make the playoffs after this season. Quitters.

  16. “Deadskins need a WR. Devin Thomas can eb a threat, but that is it”
    Why does everyone say the dumbest things!!! Devin Thomas can be the only threat!!!?? watch the Malcolm Kelly 84 yard catch on youtube, Moss is a good slot guy and Marko Mitchell could surprise. Add to that this, in Philly, besides Celek, has McNabb EVER had a stud tight end?? how about 2 of them??? the Redskins have two stud tight ends in Chris Cooley and Fred Davis, everyone can bash the line, but if the Lions take Suh, well lets just say that Russell Okung will be protecting McNabb’s blind side.

  17. .Vox Veritas. says: “Get a heart transplant and maybe you guys will make the playoffs after this season. Quitters.”
    That’s the most asinine comment you have ever made (which is really setting the bar sky high!). After Dallas’ performance against the Vikings in the playoffs, you DARE to question another team’s heart? Your team quit before they even hit the field and then whined afterwards that the big, bad Vikings ran up the score. Brookings proved to be a bigger bitch than you are – which, again, is setting the bar sky high. If it wasn’t for Philly, you assclowns would still be waiting for your first playoff win since the 90s. You let a team beat your ass when you closed the old stadium and when you opened the new one. Say what you will about Aikman’s sexual preferences and Emmitt’s illiteracy, they had more heart in their pinkies when they played than the ENTIRE Dallas organization has now.

  18. Why doesn’t anyone realize that TO just isn’t very good anymore?
    Because there are people out there who know talent when they see it and they leave their racial lenses at home.

  19. Hey Washington, sign T.O. ASAP & stick it to our front office so they can know what a mistake they made by trading your franchise QB!!!

  20. Why doesn’t anyone realize that TO just isn’t very good anymore?
    Because there are people out there who know talent when they see it and they leave their racial lenses at home.
    Where in his comment did he come off as a racist?

  21. Are you crazy? You think DC and McNabb want any part of an over the hill TO?
    Why do you make things up?

  22. I can’t see Shanahan wanting Marshall after all the talk before last season that if Shanahan had stayed in Denver he plaaned to release Marshall. I just can’t understand the logic of being willing to get rid of a player for nothing and then deciding later not only do you want that player your willing to give up draft pick(s) and/or players as well as giving him a huge contract. That’s a swing and a miss Florio

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