Balzer: Bulger won't be a Lion

The problem with projecting future moves based on past relationships has one major flaw.  There’s a chance that the player wants nothing to do with the man who once coached him, or vice versa.

And so the fact that former Rams quarterback Marc Bulger flourished under former Rams coach Scott Linehan doesn’t mean that Bulger will land in Motown as a backup to Matt Stafford.  Our pal Howard Balzer of the St. Louis Press-Democrat advises that Bulger doesn’t have warm and fuzzy memories of Linehan.

Said Balzer of Bulger, “Is despise too harsh a word for how he feels about Linehan?”

24 responses to “Balzer: Bulger won't be a Lion

  1. Considering the Lions just traded for Shaun Hill to backup Stafford I have many doubts that they would be interested in Bulger.

  2. Ungrateful–maybe Linehan pushed him too hard.
    Guess Bulger likes the laid back, “I suck now” appproach to coaching.

  3. The hard feelings come from being benched by Linehan… I think he said he wouldn’t play for Linehan anymore.

  4. That and the Lions have their starting QB along with a fresh backup in Shaun Hill who played backup QB for Linehan in 2002, 2003, and 2004.

  5. Bulger wouldn’t be a Lion anyway given the trade for Shaun Hill. Why would the Lions need two over 30 years of age backup veteran QBs?

  6. Is one great year followed by two crappy ones the new definition of flourished?

  7. He probably wants to go somewhere where he can compete for a starting job anyway. Not happening in Motown.

  8. Bulger did NOT flourish under Linehan. Linehan’s offense got Marc killed. Marc’s best years were under Martz. Get your facts straight, Florio.

  9. wryly1 I hope you are right, unless of course Bulger despises Martz like everyone else

  10. Ha! Marc can’t even get a job in Sacramento!? Oh wait, you mean Detroit.

  11. “Flourished”? Linehan was a complete joke as the Rams coach. The guy that got rid of Issac Bruce for Drew Bennett, the guy who drafted tight end after tight end and all they could do was get in bar fights…”flourished”? No one will confuse Bulger for a Hall of Fame quarterback, but he was a solid guy who got killed in the Linehan scheme.

  12. Bulger also got killed because Orlando Pace was injured, in general decline, and his replacements at LT were awful to below average.

  13. What?? I saw the earlier story and my jaw dropped that Florio could think that Bulger would play for Linehan. The general public out there is still in the dark regarding the truth about the Rams fall from glory. Bulger flourished under Martz, a great coach and a great favorite among his players. “Flourished?” Bulger was the Pro Bowl MVP, for crying out loud. In 2004. When Martz was coach.

  14. You all know Tory Holt. The most professional, open-minded, fair player you could find. Remember his meltdown on the sidelines with Linehan? Holt, Bruce, Bulger all came to HATE Linehan. It’s really amazing when you think about it. These are fair-minded people who all were pushed over the brink. The Rams’ demise from 2005 on is all about Linehan and the management people who put him in place.

  15. This article is kind of funny in an unintentional sort of way. Mr. Balzer is apparently a sports journalist who seems to know less about the current rosters of sports teams — in this case the Lions — then most of the posters at this site.

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