Bengals lose practice squad player to basketball injury

A torn Achilles tendon suffered in a charity basketball game will likely cost Bengals guard Jason Shirley the 2010 season.

Geoff Hobson of reports Shirley underwent surgery Monday.  HBO’s Hard Knocks chronicled Shirley’s conversion from defensive tackle to guard, where he spent last season on the practice squad.

Shirley was a fifth-round pick in 2008 from Fresno State.  His injury occured in a game with many other Bengals players, although how Shirley got injured could potentially cost him money.

The Bengals could have the option to place Shirley on the non-football injury list.

13 responses to “Bengals lose practice squad player to basketball injury

  1. Keeping pay from a practice squad player seems like a pretty crappy thing to do since he was doing the game for charity.
    It’s not like he was out riding his motorcycle without his helmet or anything.

  2. Keep ya head up shirley at least you were at a team celeb function for the community..I applaud your class….. Work hard and you will return…

  3. Wow this is really digging. A practice squad member. Not a member of the team, not the team, we talking about a member of the practice squad man, the practice squad.

  4. Surely you can’t be serious?
    – I am serious… And don’t call me Shirley!!

  5. O wow. This is what we get today?
    Steeler-bashing has gotten old (lived in Pgh all my life and some of those comments were really funny) and we’re still waiting for the draft so we get to read about Marc Bulger’s unemployment, Favre having a grandkid and some bungal practice squad player getting hurt. Oh, and McNabb’s presser about how he wanted to stay in philly but Dan Snyder is going to put some Benjamins in said qb’s thong so he came to D.C.
    Will this season ever start? Please?
    Even the comments (including my own) suck today…

  6. 6, you’re right about one thing.
    you do suck, and so do your steelers. congrats on taking over the lowest class franchise moniker.

  7. Same thing happened to their pick Ki-Jana Carter way back in the day, except he was number one overall. Hopefully Shirley’s comeback will be more successful.

  8. lol @ “Steeler-bashing has gotten old…”. Haven’t you and your Pissburgh brethren been slinging those same old Bengals criminal jokes for a few years now? You’re going to have to listen to this for quite some time.

  9. 6goingon7 – yes your comment sucks.
    Go away if you don’t want to read about this stuff. Come back at the draft. Shirley is well known to Bengal fans and it is news worthy… like it or not. Sucks for us to hear this happened.

  10. Shirley will be relieved to know this is actually a break (no pun intended). Now maybe he can get off that crap Bungles team and move on with his career elsewhere. My God, who in their right mind would want to play for the Bungles.
    At least the Steelers are a consistent winning franchise.

  11. I assume there is some kind of insurance in place for someone injured in a TEAM charity event.

  12. …winning franchise? At what cost? Protecting serial rapists? Harboring known abusers of women? You fans of the stinking squeelers should be ashamed of the Looney family and of that sellout loser team you have now. Everyone should support their team, if the team is worthy…but the classless bunch of money-grabbing idiots in charge don’t deserve anyone’s loyalty.
    His wheel may be busted, out for the season…but at least he’s not a f**king Squeeler. I’d rather snap my ankle in a pickup game too than suit up in that ridiculous bumble bee outfit every sunday.

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