Bruce Allen says Redskins have contacted Flozell Adams

The Redskins need a left tackle.  And Flozell Adams is available.  So it would make sense for the Redskins to be interested.

That said, it’s unusual that the Redskins would candidly admit pursuing Adams.

G.M. Bruce Allen did just that today on Sirius NFL Radio, according to Ryan O’Halloran of

A reasonable (and cynical) mind may regard this admission by Allen as the latest piece of the puzzle aimed at persuading other teams to think that the ‘Skins could take a quarterback with the fourth overall pick, with the ultimate goal of trading down and stockpiling mid-to-low-round picks that coach Mike Shanahan previously has turned into players like Elvis Dumervil, Brandon Marshall, and Terrell Davis.

Adams, a long-time member of the Cowboys, was cut on Friday.

36 responses to “Bruce Allen says Redskins have contacted Flozell Adams

  1. Eggggssscellent.
    Keep ’em comin’ Florio. You’ve outdone yourself over the past 48 hours Sir.
    Give yourself a promotion. A big one.

    Must suck to like any other team right now..Except they Pitt…At least they have a potential jailhouse group to talk about!
    GO SKINS! This is the best part of our season.

  3. DeMarcus Ware is aalivating at the thought. He just has to watch out for the happy feet.

  4. Redskins need to build their OL. Give McNabb protection and he will get you to the promise land. McNabb is a winner and he wasn’t appreciated by those Lowell Rikert front-running Eagles fans. Hell, even Jimmy Rollins accused Philly fans of being front runners. Welcome to last place now.

  5. I just like that the first comment on this article came from a guy named “Floriosadouchebag”. Florio has a pretty sweet hair cut.
    Why wouldn’t the Skins go after Flozell. He won’t break the bank for a 1-yr. deal and you know that he’s gonna be more than serviceable. makes sense to me.

  6. Slowblowzel is not the answer but sign him I can hear it now false start # FAT boy
    And Tuck would love to see him twice a year
    Have the redskins become the junk heap of the NFC East?

  7. Or the Redskins are just being smart and picking up a still above average offensive tackle who used to play for a division rival…. Yeah, I think that’s exactly what theyre doing.
    Bruce Allen is building a winner. Vet QB from a division rival, vet offensive tackle who still has some game left, veteran running backs with just enough tread on the tires…
    Dont look now but this is exactly how he build Oakland into a winner. He got Rich Gannon from KC, he brought in Wheatly and Charlie Garner, and also signed Lincoln Kennedy.
    Those Raider teams went on to 3 consecutive division titles, 2 AFC Championship appearances, 1 AFC Championship, and a Super Bowl appearance.
    I think Allen knows what he’s doing.

  8. Hire Flozell. Tuck him into the left guard slot. Draft Okung. Start him at left tackle. Trade 2011 1st round draft pick for Brandon Marshall and this team is ready to make a run at the SuperBowl.

  9. “GO SKINS! This is the best part of our season.”
    Indeed. Too bad it won’t translate into any success in the regular season. SUCK FAILURE, FREAKS!

  10. Great way to “youth”enize our aging line! Adams is a punk just like Albert. So I guess if Albert goes we’ll need a proper replacement. GAME ON!!!!!

  11. i love all the hype…..2-3 yrs when they go 4-12 every season and weasel boy fires everybody they will have an aging, underachieving and overpaid bunch of losa’s….LMAO.

  12. He’s better than any tackle on the current Redskins Roster so I would strongly agree with this move. If the Redskins sign Adams and get a Tackle in the first round of this years draft then I would have to say the Redskins have a decent OL.

  13. By the way, Al Davis called Bruce Allen and offered Jim lachey for Jay-son Campbell.

  14. I don’t know about this Adams inquiry, but I do know that this new Redskin leadership is worthy of respect and our support !!!

  15. Given that Peters was a flame-out at LT last year, you have to think that Andy Reid and Yiggles have to be in the hunt, and the Bills are a natural. He would stabilize that OL and help the young talent they have there.

  16. Let’s not make Shanny out to be a draft genius with the extra picks. He has hosed way more than he ever got right. Shanahan can coach but not much more. When he got control in Denver, she started going downhill and fast. I have seen the rest of the media world make him out to be the second coming but I would expect Florio to be a little more cynical.

  17. I think I may go leap into a volcano if they sign a lousy f*&^% cowboy castoff after signing the poison that is McNabb……………….

  18. Now I know how Patriot fans feel about all the grilling over the cheating. Danny boy is not calling the shots anymore. He is just signing the checks. The Skins would have never been able to get McNabb with just last years regime. Redskin haters are just jealous that we have an owner who actually spends money. If he has the cash, why not spend it.

  19. You know, I have to admit that I love what the Redskins are doing. After starting the Free Agency period with restraints and determination to build through the draft like Championship teams do, they go for the gold with wild trades and high price re-treads.
    Keep it it Washed-up-ington!!!
    The fans of every NFL team except the Redskins!!

  20. As a Giants fan, I HATE flozell; dude is a first class scumbag. But, will he help protect Donovan and make the Redskins a better team? Unfortunately, I’d have to say definitely.

  21. Baltimore is dangling Gaither, a very good 24 year old LT for I think a second rounder. Sounds like a perfect fit to me.

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