Bucs ask Brandon Carter about Suh and McCoy

There’s a chance that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have to make a decision between Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy with the third pick in the 2010 draft.  In what could be an interior defensive line version of the Manning-Leaf conundrum of 1998, the Bucs may fear that they’ll end up with the defensive tackle version of Ryan Leaf.

So they’re doing their homework.  And their homework includes asking a guy who faced both players to provide some input.

According to JoeBucsFan.com, last week’s visit to Tampa by former Texas Tech guard Brandon Carter included a point-blank question from Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik regarding whether Carter would pick Suh or McCoy.

That’s just between me and him,” Carter told JoeBucsFan.com.  “I don’t want anyone to
have any hurt feelings out there.  One of those guys might be a teammate
next year.”

Still, the man who never allowed a sack against either player shared his general views on each of them. 

“I think Suh was one of the greatest college defensive linemen of all
time and potentially he could be one of the greatest NFL linemen of all
time,” Carter said.  “He has the ability that most other human beings are
not even close to having.  He can move people at will. He is incredibly
strong.  I don’t know him personally so I don’t know if he understands
the game as well as others.  But he makes such great plays, smart plays.  
He is just physical.  I think with him, his [best asset] is his strength.
  He’s able to push linemen into the backfield or shed the block and
throw the lineman into the backfield.”

Carter had a different assessment of Suh’s Oklahoma counterpart.  “McCoy is quicker and faster,” Carter said.  “Whenever I
watched him on film, I can tell he is such a smart player.  If an
offensive lineman makes a mistake, he will take advantage of it.  He’s
one of those kind of players; he’s willing to go around you. . . .  He has great moves and great mechanics.  He
is just a great technician.”

Notwithstanding his success against Suh and McCoy, Carter is regarded as a low-round prospect in the draft.  So maybe Carter will be a teammate of either player — at least until the day before Labor Day.

11 responses to “Bucs ask Brandon Carter about Suh and McCoy

  1. You can’t minimize Carter’s chances for success in the league just because of his projected draft status, Florio. When you look through team rosters across the league you see guys there from all rounds and some went undrafted. Same goes when you look at busts – they come from all rounds.
    How many first-round offensive guards are there in the league, Mike?
    You should delete that last paragraph from the article.

  2. They will still get punished by my Dirty Birds twice a year no matter who they pick!!!!!!!!

  3. The Bengals need another offensive lineman, preferably a guard. If this guy was able to contain 2 of the potentially top 3 picks in the draft, he might be worth a reach in the 3rd or 4th.

  4. sniperskin says:
    April 6, 2010 12:04 AM
    does this even matter,, he will not be there. so its a mute point
    The word is “moot”.

  5. The reason Carter never allowed a sack was based more on Tech’s scheme than his ability. The ball was out of the QB’s hand 95% of the time with a three step drop.

  6. I saw a Texas Tech game and I immediately was impressed by Brandon Carter. He looked like a real ass kicker to me. I’d take a chance on him with a low pick.

  7. Brandon Carter should go round 5 or higher. Obviously being an OG will drop him but he is a giant out there and because of his experience in the spread with the giant splits between OLinemen, he could be projected to RT as well (also due to his size).
    Carter did a great job against Suh for the same reason the Arizona OG did well, he’s huge… and I like Suh but he isn’t going to be able to outmuscle NFL OGs the way he did Big 12 OGs and his struggles against Texas Tech and Arizona are testatment to that.

  8. Have fun looking forward to an early 1st rounder again next year Bucs fans.. LMFAO Bucs are sooooo bad.
    WHO DAT!!!!!

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