Haynesworth trade talk continues to heat up

NFL_haynesworth3.jpgWe were shocked last week when he heard that defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth could be part of a deal that would have allowed the Redskins to move from No. 4 to No. 1 in the draft, setting up the selection of quarterback Sam Bradford.

And we were shocked again when hearing on Saturday that the trade talks between the Redskins and Eagles for quarterback Donovan McNabb included the opportunity for the Eagles to take Haynesworth.

The Eagles didn’t want Haynesworth, but that hasn’t kept the Redskins from continuing the effort to move him.  Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that the Redskins are attempting to trade Haynesworth, and that a deal could be made before the April 22 draft.  Jason La Canfora of NFL.com reports that coach Mike Shanahan’s initial meeting with Haynesworth “did not go well,” and that Shanahan wants to “break the culture of players being too empowered at Redskins Park.”  (In this regard, Shanny may want to urge the guy who signs the checks to quit striking up friendships with them.)

Per La Canfora (as reported Monday by John Clayton of ESPN), the Titans and the Rams are believed to be in play for Haynesworth. 

But what about the notion that the $21 million bonus Haynesworth earned on April 1 makes him untradeable?  The Redskins potentially would get some of that money back from Haynesworth’s new team as part of a trade.  Also, a trade in an uncapped environment would allow the Redskins to wipe Haynesworth’s contract off the books.  Waiting a year or two would result in cap consequences, assuming that the salary cap returns.

Besides, it’s our understanding that the $21 million was backed up by future guaranteed salaries.  Thus, even if the Redskins had dumped Haynesworth before the start of the 2010 league year, the Redskins would have been on the hook for all or part of that money.  Given the high value that teams place on draft picks, the Redskins opted instead to pay the money and to preserve the ability to finagle value in exchange for Haynesworth via trade.

The question then becomes whether the compensation will come in the form of cash, in the form of draft picks, in the form of players, or in the form of some combination of the three.  Either way, it looks like the market for Haynesworth is open.  The question is whether anyone wants to mess with a guy who, as expected, became less of a player once he got paid.

UPDATE:  The league office confirmed on Wednesday that teams cannot include cash as trade compensation.  Thus, any money paid back to the Redskins would have to come from Haynesworth.  However, it would be relatively easy for the new team to essentially be paying that money by reworking Haynesworth’s deal to give him a raise that fully or partially reimburses him for the money he would return to the Redskins.

65 responses to “Haynesworth trade talk continues to heat up

  1. Could it be that the Redskins made a mistake giving this guy more money than god to get injured every other play? No way! Skins fans wouldn’t allow it!

  2. The Rams had better not bail Snyder out on this one.
    Haynesworth is a bum and a prime example why you don’t dish out 100m in free agency.

  3. Let’s be honest here. The guy was a douche before he signed the contract. He didn’t change. Only the Redskins would be dumb enough to pay him enough to kill any chance he would stay motivated.

  4. …..and in another year, we will be back here talking the same “oopsie” the Skins ALWAYS do except it will be referring to McNabb……next man up!
    The 3 constants of the world: death, taxes, and incompetance by the Redskin organization!!!!!

  5. What? “Shanahan wants to “break the culture of players being too empowered at Redskins Park.” ”
    The irony. He left the Donks with two of the largest egos (fueled by EMPOWERMENT) in the league: Cutler and Marshall.

  6. I’m surprised that the Eagles didn’t take him. Their management is dumber than Lowell Rikert.

  7. What precedence is there of one team paying off a bonus that’s already been paid to a player by another team?

  8. @milehiclown
    Gotta admit your right though. Looks like Shanny has figured out he can’t win the big one without a veteran QB, so the McNabb trade makes sense (from the Redskins standpoint anyway)

  9. I could see the Lions trading with the Skins for them to move up two spots-reuniting Jim Schwartz with Haynesworth!! and allowing the skins to replace haynsworth with mccoy or suh…..just a thought!

  10. I would not be surprised if he ends up in Cincy. Though Mike Brown is cheap, his headstone will one day read: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. If the Bengals do get him, I hope he’ll pull an Andre Gurode on Big Ben’s dome.

  11. People Faulting the skins for paying that much money,The Titans were ready to play close to it.

  12. This is what the Skins get for offering this doofus 100M after he stomped on another player’s head.
    Forgiveness blah blah blah. If it’s “in you” to be able to do something like that, it’s a personality defect. It doesn’t mean he’ll stomp on another player’s head in the future, but you can bet your last dollar that it means he has some crap going on in his head that will manifest itself in other ways… That’s some *expensive* locker room cancer.

  13. If this were my team I’d still be hoping for some production out of fat boy instead of hoping to trade him off…

  14. What’s dumb about this is that Snyder had to know this guy was fragile. How do you give somebody a 7-yr/$100 million deal after they tore their knee during the season? Snyder just gets players but don’t look at weaknesses of those players.

  15. its too bad football doesnt guarentee all of their contracts the way baseball does, it would keep teams from pulling these asinine stunts. and seperate asshats like haynesworth from the decent players inthe game.

  16. They would never do it because Harbaugh hates egos and they’re too smart to take on a huge contract like that, but can you imagine him on the Ravens? They need a pass rusher and are looking at DEs/DTs. They trade Willis McGahee, a pro bowl caliber RB on a team without Ray Rice (who was the second best RB in the league last year), and the skins fill a crucial need. In return, the Ravens pass rush then consists of Haloti Ngata, Haynesworth, Terrell Suggs, and Jarrett Johnson to what was already the second best defense in the league, and no team would ever move the ball on them. Or, Ravens trade Jared Gaither for him and a late rounder.

  17. Mike how could anyone be “shocked” that the Skins want to get rid of Fat Albert ?
    They paid a guy with a history of being very unmotivated in non-contract years an insanely huge amount of money and then *surprise* didn’t seem to expect that he would be unmotivated after receiving a stupidly large signing bonus.
    They paid him enough money to last him and his family for the next 5 or 10 generations. Snyder is one of the stupidest rich/smart people around. No other team would pay Haynesworth close to what he was asking with good reason. Now Snyder has to eat the bonus when they dump him and almost certainly will not have learned his lesson.

  18. if shanahan is trying to trade haynesworth he better know what he is doing, if albert doesnt like the news, he might step on shanahan’s head next time he sees him

  19. I swear if Allen can pull this off……I might have to jump back on the bandwagon. Finally a F.O. with common sense.

  20. At least he hasn’t tried to board a plane with loaded, cocked 9mm with a chambered round…it just doesn’t take that much brains to be a fat guy pushing on another fat guy.

  21. “i heard he’s going to be a Detroit Lion”
    As a Lions fan, I’d say–why the hell would we want him. Freakin’ SUH is going to be sitting there gift wrapped at # 2. F*** Haynesworth, someone else can have him.

  22. You gotta be a real bad guy to have the skins wanting to get rid of you after one year. Dan Snyder’s wheel, round and round we go.

  23. I really don’t get why anyone says Haynesworth was a busy last season.
    If anything, he was a bright spot on a horrible team with coaching, quarterbacking, and Portis all causing problems.
    If it wasn’t for Haynesworth, none of you would even know who Brian Orakpo is. And I bet anyone that Andre Carter loves having Haynesworth on that line.
    The defense was the LEAST of the Redskins problems. And on that defense, the defensive line was ESPECIALLY the least of the problems. This is exactly why it makes no sense to switch their scheme, and I understand why Haynesworth would be upset that they are changing it.
    Either way, if the Skins DO trade him… they better be getting starter-caliber players for their offensive line.

  24. Florio you are smart enough not to be shocked by this. he’s fat, lazy, not a team guy. did you watch him play last year? This has been a huge mistake since the start. Shocked? Why?

  25. someone please take this fat turd off our hands…as for everything else…the Skins finally have a real GM and a real Headcoach, Snyder ain’t running the show no more, and frankly everything they have done thus far as made perfect sense. The Skins are making the playoffs next year, the D has been good enough for a few years to make it in, they just couldn’t score..I expect a big year from Davis, and Kelly, and Thomas…I also expect a trade of Campbell for picks at some point’

  26. Haynesworth will be traded to The Rams or Titans for draft picks or players, Count on it. They will get a draft pick for Campbel as well. Good moves for a NEW Shannyallen FO.

  27. The NFL doesn’t allow teams to trade players for cash, so the Redskins wouldn’t be able to recooperate any of that $21 million.

  28. Fat albert should stay in DC
    I do think they made a good call taking mcnabb but he alone will not make the skins the team they used to be.

  29. I don’t like Haynesworth. I really don’t. But I have to ask, did he really become THAT much less of a player “once he got paid”? Or did his production decline because he’s now trying to be a square peg in a round hole on a (currently, at least) horrid team?
    I’m not sure that it really isn’t (more, at least) the second of those two possibilities.

  30. You are all a bunch of morons if you think the Haynesworth is a bum. The guy was the MAIN reason both carter and orakpo got 11 sacks last season. He is still the best DT in the game.. period.
    Weather or not he is worth the 42mil/ 4y or if he a deva is debatable.. but his skill level is not.
    He does not fit in to a 3-4 defense and is not willing to play nose tackle(rightfully so, as his main skills are wasted there) and is too big for a DE. That is the main reason Skins are trying to get rid of him.
    Was it a failed experiment.. maybe esp after the D change.. but not as bad a move as all the Skins haters would have you believe.

  31. He is OK, but not the best. Let’s trade him and get some picks for him while he is worth something. I just don’t see his value.

  32. SHANAHAN and ALLEN ain’t playin……..making more moves than a PS3 Madden Dynasty Owner!!!!!! Don’t we all wish they were running our teams…………1 down (Andy Reid) and who knows how many more to go!!!!!!!

  33. @dolphinfiegl99- Dolphins don’t need a 4-3 DT, we need a 3-4 NT and Haynesworth doesn’t fit the bill.

  34. Shanny has it right, get mcnabb, good move, lose albert, good move. If I were a skins fan, I would be happy about both. The culture will change their immediately. They will contend I think for the division.

  35. Or is it 100 million? I thought after bonuses and incentives it “could” reach up to 100 mil?

  36. A few deals that could make some sense:
    Cherilous and #2 for Haynesworth and #4…this would give the Skins a young tackle and a chance to replace Haynesworth with Suh…The Lions get a player who has played for their coach and been productive and still get a chance to draft a franchise LT.
    St Louis:
    They said on this site that Carriker for Haynesworth may have been offered, if that is the case I don’t know what they are waiting for… Carriker may have potential but hasn’t been able to stay on the field. He may be a better fit as a 3-4 end which would be the case in DC…Haynesworth would give the Rams a force in the middle that demands a double team. For all the talk of Albert being a bust last season, he was a big reason why guys like Orakpo and Carter had good year with all the attention he draws. He would likely do the same for Chris Long.
    He played there all but one year of his career and word is they would have kept him if the Skins hadn’t paid him so much. With a lot of that money already having been paid it might make some sense to take him back. Maybe Haynesworth for a 2nd round pick or similar value might make some sense for both sides. Maybe a deal including Carter who might not fit in a 3-4 either.
    A deal straight up for Seymour? Seymour has shown he can be effective in a 3-4 and has a winning attitude. The Raiders don’t mind a bit of attitude problems as long as a guy has talent which Haynesworth clearly does.

  37. The Titans let him go because they would not give him the ridiculous contract he wanted. What would make them pick up the contract now? That much for a DT is not worth it, even in an uncapped year. If the cap comes back they’d be screwed. I’d believe that the Rams are interested but the 1st pick of even the 2nd round is probably too much for such a high rish-reward trade. I think he’ll be stuck in Washington.
    By the way, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports said 5 hours ago that Haynesworth was unlikely to be traded, so I don’t know who to believe.

  38. they are a busy FO now…. crazy days in Skins land… I wasn’t exactly happy we signed AH but we did have a hole in our line dating back to Gibbs 1.0… C.Griffin came the closest to plugging it… AH for all the crap everyone talks about him… I went to 4 games and watched the rest on TV… he was a force last year regardless of his stats… when he was in there you could def. tell… look at the numbers A.Carter and ‘Rack put up… I mean that D was kind of nasty last year… I hate to bring it up but I always think of him, what if ST21 was still with us…. nasty… 1 other point.. I hope we don’t trade AH to DET for a swap of 1 rd pics and a bunch of $$… I really hope we get something more out of the deal…
    that’s it my 2 cents or rant or whatever
    should be able to put a pic as your avatar, be cool, even if they are profootball only pics

  39. Maybe all Albert needs to resume playing at an elite level is to stomp on the head of another helmet-less opponent who’s lying on the ground… it worked once before.

  40. Al Davis and the Raiders to the rescue. They seem to have done all the other bonehead deals.

  41. @Kazkal
    The Titans final offer to Haynesworth (also their largest offer) was a four-year package worth $34 million total, with $20 million in guarantees.
    That’s not even close to the Redskins offer even if you look at it as a 4 year $48 mil deal.

  42. The Bears should trade Tommie Harris and some 2011 draft pick for Haynesworth with no bonus compensation.

  43. I never saw the Skins play last year, but I read some articles about Haynesworth so I’m an expert on him. He signed a big contract with the Redskins so I know he is overpaid. I sure of this because I read it somewhere. I wouldn’t want him on my team because he’s not a nice guy. Defensive lineman should be gentlemen, not mean people. If the Skins knew he wasn’t a nice guy, they never should have signed him.

  44. This is exactly why Cerrato is unemployed. Thank God the Skins got rid of the worst player personnel evaluator of all time. I wonder if he will ever get a job again?

  45. “Lions:
    Cherilous and #2 for Haynesworth and #4…this would give the Skins a young tackle and a chance to replace Haynesworth with Suh…The Lions get a player who has played for their coach and been productive and still get a chance to draft a franchise LT.”
    Nah…we’re good–we’ll just settle for Suh.

  46. The Titans don’t have a second round pick in this years draft to trade for Albert. They hold the 16th overall…Jim Washburn, the Titans D-Line coach has a history of getting the most out of his players…Just look what happened when Haynesworth went to elsewhere.

  47. i could see a Haynesworth and Carter trade to the Rams for Adam Carriker and a 2nd round pick, Carriker is being talked like he’s a bust as a tackle in the 4-3 and Little is gone and i think the Redskins would accept a 2nd round pick and Carriker (another team’s trash) and i think Spags would love to have Haynesworth, with Haynesworth the Rams and Spags can build a line like he did with the Giants and then they can get Bradford and a tackle whose just as good as Suh would’ve been.

  48. WHy are you giving credence to JLC? THe guy’s credibility where the skins are concerned went out the window a long time ago.

  49. He ain’t going anywhere. Redskins need him on their D. If the team does well, so goes Albert. He didn’t get that rich contract for nothing, He earned it. Plays at high caliber when it means something. And if someone puts $100,000,000.00 in my face, I’m signing.

  50. He is a club-house cancer with a MASSIVE contract and injury-prone
    He is a beast up the middle but his negatives outweigh his positives for most teams

  51. Floriosadouchebag says:
    April 6, 2010 5:35 PM
    I’m surprised that the Eagles didn’t take him. Their management is dumber than Lowell Rikert.
    Yeah the eagles front office proved how dumb they are having the 3rd highest win record of the last decade with making 5 NFC championships and super bowl appear……RRRRRRIGHT! They make dumb moves.
    Clearly your’re a clueless f**king idiot!

  52. I really don’t care where Haynesworth ends up, but if the Redskins give him all that money to lure him away from the Titans only to trade him back there at a discount I will laugh my butt off.

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