Kyle Orton welcomes competition with Brady Quinn

Addressing the media for the first time since Brady Quinn arrived in Denver, Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton said he’s more than happy to compete with Quinn or anyone else for playing time.

But Orton also said he’s confident that he’s the team’s starter, and that he really thinks of his situation as competing with himself.

“I told [Broncos coach Josh McDaniels] I’ve never backed down from competition so it won’t really change my mindset going into the season at all,” Orton said. “My focus is on getting this offense where it needs to go.”

Orton also said he views his biggest challenge as becoming more of a leader in Denver.

“I think I can take my leadership to a whole new level,” Orton said. “To have a great offense you have to have a guy that demands it from everybody, starting with yourself, so I’ve got to demand perfection out of my play. I’m going to expect that from everyone on our offense as well.”

Orton is a restricted free agent and hasn’t signed his one-year, $2.261 million tender offer. But he said he’s participating in the Broncos’ offseason program without a contract because he thinks as the team’s leader, he needs to be there.

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  1. My sister also welcomes competition from Brady Quinn… for the QB competition not what he does with his frat brothers… Apparently he is a lot better at holding onto their balls than his own.

  2. An NFL player doing something they’re not contractually obligated to do????
    Holy sh*t it’s 36 degrees and dropping in Hell….

  3. Orton translator says “Quinn has been a black hole of suck since he got into the league, I’m really not too concerned about the little twerp.”

  4. He’s done in Denver and if they don’t keep Marshall no ones going to look good at QB in Denver this year.

  5. Look Orton isn’t going to have a bust in the Hall of Fame, but the guy isn’t bad . . . he is just average . . . given that Orton is an average NFL QB can you really refer to Brady Quinn as “competition”. No wonder why Orton feels like he is competing with himself . . . Quinn isn’t realistically a challenge.

  6. Both these guys are awful. If Orton gets beat out, then Orton is the worst QB in the league. McDaniels won’t be there for very much longer. Going 6-0 to 2-8 and missing the playoffs was ridiculous. They could have went 8-8 with Shanahan.

  7. Competeing with Quinn in a QB competition is like competing with a squirrl in a pissing contest. Not much to worry about.

  8. Brady Quinn is no competition; it’s Orton and nobody. All he needs is a little arm-strength.

  9. From Crocodile Dundee:
    “Like two fleas arguing over who owns the dog they’re riding on”.
    Orton is average at best, Brady made all the wrong moves coming into the league, e.g., accepting ads that were suited for a guy who’d won something. Brady Quinn has won nothing. Because “something” would be a title. Pretty-boy, pouting at the draft, that image is tatooed on my brain.
    Woody Paige, ESPN and Denver Post writer says Josh McDaniels has 3 years to do something. Good luck with that, Mr. Bowlen.

  10. Neckbeard vs. Joe Buck’s Dream Date for the battle of QB starter. Wow. Denver is not going to the playoffs anytime soon, are they?

  11. If I were Orton and going up against Quinn, I too would welcome the “competition” since there is no way Brady wins the job. None.

  12. as a bears fan I don’t have anything against orton other than he is what he is which is guy who manages games and doesn’t make alot of mistakes. that’s nice if you have a great d like he did his first year with the bears. but he is not the guy who will make big plays when you need them either. let me know when he completes 1 more than 2o yds. used to think it was just turner’s offense but he played about the same in denver so that’s as good as he for quinn he is just a product of the dame hype and that’s all. I will take cutler over either one them so please don’t start that we got the better deal argument again.

  13. This is a good situation for Orton, McDaniels and an opportunity for Quinn. McDaniels will find out if Quinn can play – and that could make Orton better.

  14. Brady Quinn won’t win a competition with *anybody*. The only reason he “won” in Cleveland was because Derek Anderson was already so hated and on such a short leash- and the Browns felt like it was now or never to try this guy (Quinn) out for real. They “settled” for Quinn as starter. He was so bad, he got pulled in the middle of his third game. That alone should tell you how bad Quinn is— They finally hand him the reigns and he stinks so bad they immediately change their mind.
    Unfortunately, Anderson didn’t help his own case once he got the chance to start, either. He sucks, too. Has more potential and raw athletic talent than Quinn, but it never was gonna work out for him in Cleveland, so… goodbye.
    The problem for Brady Quinn now is that Kyle Orton is not Derek Anderson. While Orton is no NFL Superman, he *is* at least a bona fide NFL QB. If Quinn was gonna be able to win a QB competition against, it would have been against JaMarcus Russell in Oakland, ha ha…

  15. In a similar story, I told my wife that I have never, ever found another woman to be attractive.

  16. Brady Quinn is a career backup. Kyle Orton is marginally better, and he will win the starting position. He shouldn’t even have to break a sweat.

  17. Just don’t go golfing with him, Kyle. If he offers to play the “back nine,” he isn’t talking about golf. He might give you a reach-around, though.

  18. Hey Encinitasraider :
    I assume you’re a raider fan based on your screen name. What exactly are you LOL about? Orton and Quinn are not twin hall of famers to be sure, but with your fat boy Jamarcus already on his 4th meal of the day (and it’s not even 1:00 yet!) you are literally the LAST team that should be giggling about quarterback play.
    Have fun with that this year, maybe they can convert him to guard

  19. If it was Cutler it would sound more like, “Seriously? What the…? Why do they need another QB? I’m the greatest quarterback in the league. My mom and dad said so. This isn’t fair. *sniff* Nobody here likes me. I don’t want to play here anymore. *sob* I’m going home and not talking to anybody from this stupid team anymore. I want to be traded to the UFL, they’ll appreciate me.”

  20. Orton gets to compete with Quinn for the starting job. Nice work if you can get it.
    If the Josh McDaniels and the Broncos had ANY idea what they were doing Orton would be competing with Bulger or Campbell.

  21. Wasn’t Brady Quinn dating AJ Hawk’s or Bobby Carpenter’s sister? Or was it just AJ Hawk or Bobby Carpenter?

  22. TryTheVeal says:
    April 6, 2010 3:07 PM
    It’s like Ali vs. Frazier…….Or not
    Lol…more like Ali vs. Flava Flav
    or Frazier vs. Federline

  23. wait..I just used the names Ali and Frazier in reference to Kyle Orton. Yuck. What was I thinking?
    Boo this man.

  24. Kyle Orton 2009 stats
    Comp Pct 62.1% (14th in NFL)
    Yds Passing 3802 (11th in NFL)
    TDs 21 (Tied for 15th in NFL)
    Ints 12 (Tied for 17th in NFL)
    Passer Rating: 86.8 (14th in NFL)
    Kyle Orton was an average NFL QB for 2009. He’s not nearly as bad as some people think he is. No way Quinn wins the starting job this year. Next year and so forth, who knows? Kyle has the right attitude though, all NFL players should realize they are always competing to keep their jobs.

  25. Orton’s stats were not that bad last year for a team that really had no running game. 3,800+ yards passing, 21 tds against only 12 ints. I know he didn’t throw deep much but is that a problem of McDaniel’s schemes or Orton?
    As Woody Paige of the Denver Post wrote a while ago, other than talking about “bubble screens”, I am not sure Coach McDaniels has much of an offensive scheme…

  26. Can anybody who posted something bashing Brady Quinn give me any actual statistics or proof that he sucks or is a bust? He has only started 12 games for an awful team and only has somewhere around 350 passing attempts. That is less than one years worth of statistics. Who can tell if someone is great or sucks within that time? You are just a bunch of bitter haters. Give him time to suck then gloat all you want about the big raise you are going to get at work for being right about Brady Quinn!!!!!

  27. @Jordon Cooper
    “I know he didn’t throw deep much but is that a problem of McDaniel’s schemes”
    Take a look at what the 2007 Pats did with their offense and you will see its not McDaniels offense which has plenty of deep plays in it. It is also one of the most complex offenses in the NFL and this year Orton should feel much more comfortable and have a much greater understanding of it.
    And to everyone who says he’s just a game manager and only throws short passes that’s exactly what they said about Tom Brady in 2001 when he won the Super Bowl. He could always throw deep, but it took several years for him to develop his accuracy.
    Admittedly Orton is farther along in his career than Brady was at that point, but it doesn’t mean things can’t change for the better. Am very interested to see what the Donks do this year.

  28. Either Orton or Quinn is better than mutt ca$$el, the $63 mill anchor who was largely responsible for mine Chiefs losing 16 games in 2009.
    Clausen to KC – and FIRE egoli & hailme – STAT!

  29. Want to bet that by sheer will the Broncos win more games than either Chicago or the Eagles this season. Orton maxes his talent every game, he may be average but the Broncos start loosing when he gets injured. I see 11-5 in the Broncos future as the D improves

  30. No way does Quinn beat out Orton. Orton has a better arm and everything else. Any idiot who says Quinn has intangibles is full of it. He can’t read defenses and has no accuracy. He won’t even beat out Brandenstater for the back up role.

  31. at 1st glance i thought the headline read:
    “Kyle Orton wins competition with Brady Quinn”
    guess that will be a freudian in a couple of months..

  32. This just in: Bruce Gradkowski welcomes competition with JaMarcus Russell and Charlie Frye.

  33. i blame elway!!. i know i know.. but heez my hero and ever since he retiyerd they ve gone to @%$& coulda went 3 in a row he knows it i know it you know it & the leagee knows it!! so ya sorry john but its all your fault! but i still love the broncos. p. s. i made a small fortune off you elway in those 2 superbowls hahaha!!! sure miss you!!

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