Panthers replace Rhys Lloyd

Last month, the Vikings signed kicker Rhys Lloyd, formerly of the Panthers.  The Panthers have now replaced Lloyd, who has served as Carolina’s kickoff specialist.

According to Steve Reed of, the team has signed kicker Todd Carter, formerly of Grand Valley State.

Carter was out of football in 2009.  He will earn a base salary of $320,000 if he makes the team.  Lloyd will earn $545,000 this year in Minnesota.

10 responses to “Panthers replace Rhys Lloyd

  1. ” 1. Drithe says: April 6, 2010 10:57 PM
    The Carolina Hello Kitties ………. they suck.
    End of Line. ”
    Very intelligent view of the kicking situation in Carolina kicking game…Now let’s see if I understand you. In 2008 the Panthers led the NFL in touchbacks…By doing so the team was basically able to go forward and carry one less kickoff special teamer or a backup position on their gameday roster.
    After the 2009 season, Lloyd’s output dropped and that made him a liability. So, he was released. Since the release a new kick off specialist was worked out and was found consistent of placing kickoffs through the back of the endzone….Now, for that you say the team sucks and then you infuse your amazing quote: “End of Line”….
    You are quite possibly the single smartest person I have ever stumbled upon.

  2. They don’t suck… every team has there up and downs
    But I’m looking forward to the NFL draft and who we will select…
    Whos’ your team?

  3. Dumb move…another dumb move by the front office..using 2 roster spots for KICKERS!!??
    How bout this novel concept? Get 1 guy who can do BOTH jobs!! Duh….
    We are thin across several positions and roster spots need to go to contributors, not specialists
    I’m sure this guy will do well but how bout just letting Kasay go altogether?

  4. Getting rid of Kasay is easier said than done, he’s an OG panther (not that this team has any loyalty anymore) and look at how awful the kicking game was last year…not a good time to be in that market. The Vikings are using this method now so obviously it has a benefit

  5. I like D.R. Universal’s idea, why would they not just go sign someone who can do both jobs, I mean that person exsists right. A free agent kicker that is reliable with FG and touchbacks, what a novel concept.

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